Rams receiver Pettis suspended four games

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Rams rookie receiver Austin Pettis will miss the rest of the season and the start of next season after violating the league’s policy on performing enhancing substances.

The Rams announced Wednesday Pettis has been suspended four games by the league.

“Austin’s situation is unfortunate,” coach Steve Spagnuolo said.  “Obviously, we are disappointed and will miss him during this suspension.”

It’s a rough ending to a disappointing year for Pettis after the Rams took him in the third round. Fellow rookie Greg Salas outplayed Pettis for much of the year before Salas was hurt. Pettis had 27 catches for only 256 yards on the year.

This suspension could be especially problematic for Pettis if the Rams change head coaches. Pettis will already have to re-prove himself to a new coach, and having a suspension hanging over his head won’t help.

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  1. Maybe some of these guys would think twice if they knew that their team will probably cut them. Should be the same for everyone, but we all know really good players will get n=number of chances where marginal guys are out the door pronto! Still you pay, play and train these guys to help you, and they are aware of what they are doing by taking banned substances, they should be cut regardless of skill level. Might make drug enforcement and drug use in the NFL to a new level of effectiveness!

  2. “they are aware of what they are doing by taking banned substances, they should be cut regardless of skill level.”

    Yeah, so if I don’t like the contract I’m under and I don’t want to get the franchise tag, just take some PEDS and I’m a free agent – is that what you suggest?

    maybe they should just increase the suspensions

  3. Mock drafters sometimes.

    WR isn’t nearly as big of a need for the Rams as people would have you believe.

    Brandon Lloyd is a number one receiver that will be re-signed.

    Danario Alexander, when healthy, has all the makings of a #2 receiver.

    Danny Amendola is a stud in the slot, and if you ask me, the most underrated injury loss in the league. Nobody talks about him, but Amendola was Bradford’s favorite target and a great safety blanket.

    Salas had trouble early, but he was coming on in place of Amendola, prior to injury.

    Stop mocking Blackmon to the Rams.

    My guess is they trade down. Someone will be looking to move up for one of the QBs

  4. jackblackshairyback says: Dec 21, 2011 7:42 PM

    Who the hell is Austin Pettis?

    Boise States all time receiving TD leader.

  5. I met pettis at the senior bowl last year and did not take him to be the cheating type. He seemed very mature with a good head on his shoulders. This has got to be some sort of misunderstanding. Him an titus young both were the two nicest guys out of the whole group.

  6. Yes amendola is very good but whos gonna guarantee he will stay healthy? You cant depend on him or you will be in the same situation next year that your in right now!

  7. I think following the suspension, players start over at the rookie wage scale. If they’re a rookie, they should get practice squad rates for the following season.

  8. If you would have told me a Boise State rookie receiver was going to get suspended for 4 games this year, I would have guessed Titus Young. Not for PEDs, just for doing something stupid.

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