Reggie Bush is the AFC offensive player of the week

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Reggie Bush’s decision to bolt from the Bayou to South Beach fairly can be characterized as a win-win.  The New Orleans offense has functioned at an even higher level with Bush’s replacement, Darren Sproles.  And Bush has achieved a level of performance that he previously hadn’t enjoyed in five seasons with the Saints.

Most recently, Bush racked up the first 200-yard rushing game of his career.  And those 203 yards on the ground have given Bush the AFC offensive player of the week award.

Bush averaged 8.1 yards per carry on 25 attempts, thanks in large part to a career-long 76-yard scamper for the end zone, capped by a slide that was mimicked immediately by receiver Brandon Marshall.

With two games to play, Bush has 973 yards rushing this year, only eight yards short of 400 more than his prior career high.  He also has 41 catches for 270 yards.

25 responses to “Reggie Bush is the AFC offensive player of the week

  1. Yes he is having a good season, but so far he still has been a bust. In my books I believe Reggie will need to keep his run and going for the next 4 seasons to make up for those other worthless seasons.

  2. Ireland chose Reggie Bush over Bradshaw and DeAngelo at RB.. At QB, he chose Matt Moore over signing VY, Hasselbeck, Jackson, McNabb and trading for Kolb, Palmer, Orton.

    Write that in the sky.

  3. I got faith in Reggie! He just needed to get rid of that tramp Kim and look at him now. Doing a lot better. Way to represent the 619 Reggie. San Diego is very proud of you. We don’t forget were you’re from and I’m sure you never will either.

  4. Man forget all you Bush haters – I guess a Super Bowl victory (in which he contributed a ton) and a 1,000 yard season (soon-to-be) aren’t good accomplishments anymore.

  5. @ quadisso and Fantasy Football Turd

    Like Reggie or anybody else really cares what your thoughts are.

    If you didn’t write such stupid comments nobody would even know you are alive, much less care about your opinions

  6. Garbage? Are you serious? YouTube the highlight from high school to now. Same Reggie Bush from Helix, his carries has fallen every year after that, until now. Give him touches and he will flash right past your team for a 100+.

  7. As a Saints fan, I’m happy that Reggie is having the year he’s having. He got what he wanted, which was the opportunity to be the top back, and has performed well. The Saints wanted a dynamic x-factor for their prolific offense, and they achieved that with the Darren Sproles signing. Great for Bush, great for the Saints.

  8. That’s now twice this season that Miami has had a player named AFC Offensive Player of the Week.

    Anybody still want to hate on Brian Daboll?

    Gonna be a good year next year.

  9. anyone claiming bush is a bust is pretty ridiculous. any top 10 draft pick would be a “bust” on the saints offense (same with the pats). they have so many players to feed the ball to and run such a systematic offense that theres no way a top 10 pick would be able to contribute traditional top 10 value on those offenses.

    are you guys also forgetting all those punt return tds he had? and that 70 yard scamper in the nfc title game? hes only a “bust” because the saints overpaid for him. but any top 10 offensive draft pick would be overpaid on the saints because so many players on that offense can contribute so much.

    whatever you thought of reggie no longer is true. hes bigger, much bigger, than he was in new orleans and plays in a system that needs his production. not his fault saints paid top 10 money for a dude that would be relegated to a complementary role. hes only a bust so much as the saints made him one.

  10. I drafted both Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas in my fantasy league and I ended up dumping Bush on week 5 and keeping Thomas instead.

    I hope I get the “Owner of the Year” award.

  11. According to Chris Johnson we should all be impressed if Reggie breaks a thousand yards rushing in a season…for some reason.

    Given the number of less-touted running backs who have outperformed him this season and throughout his a career, I find it hard to be impressed with anything he’s accomplished with the amount of talent he has.

  12. also, glad someone pointed out the free agent moves/nonmoves that the fins made this offseason given how much they got bashed by the media.

    over the offseason they got so much heat for stickin with henne and moore instead of going after orton, VY, kolb, mcnabb. HA! henne AND moore performed and still are performing better than all of those qbs this year. Even if you disagree with that, when you take into consideration how much it wouldve costed to sign those guys!?

    the fins made great moves this offseason. aside from patchin the O-line with Colombo (arguably the worst olineman in the league) the fins could not have done any better- especially when you consider how much was paid for our acquisitions—virtually nothing. bush, burnett (our two main free agent moves) are playing great. our #1 draft pick (pouncey), the one everyone yawned about, is doing awesome. Daniel thomas, when given the shot, plays real well (not his fault bush is dominating). for christs sake our 7th round pick jimmy wilson is a special teams freak, already has a blocked punt, AND a pick.

    replace colombo, find a deep threat that can contribute immediately (assuming clyde gates cant), go after a pro bowl safety, and most importantly land barkley in the draft or go all in for peyton. LANDRY JONES WILL TURN THE FINS INTO THE JETS—-barely in contention for a few years, in that same time all the good pieces only get worse, and then, when you FINALLY realize your mediocre mid-first round qb is just that, mediocre, your in rebuild mode.

  13. I’m no Reggie Bush fan but how can you say he wasn’t productive during his tenure with the Saints…we was used more as a recieving back and did well at it. Contributed greatly during the superbowl season especially everytime I took the time to watch the Saints play he was great route runner with good hands…open field he is gone.

  14. You should have paid those guys off to shut their mouth, Reggie. You could have kept your Heisman, and there wouldn’t still be football players at USC paying for you being stubborn. SC should have been in a BCS game this year.

  15. Reggie Bush is having a fantastic year and I think it had a lot to do with the negative motivation he received during the offseason from almost every analyst.

    As far as calling him a bust, you are obviously making that statement to get under everyone’s skin because there is no way Bush could be considered a bust.

    If you want to talk about bust let’s talk about a RB Miami drafted 2nd overall in Ronnie Brown and he was only able to eclipse the 1,000 yard mark one time in his entire career.

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