Bush says Dolphins were the only team that wanted him as an every-down back


After the 2010 season ended, former Saints running back Reggie Bush decided that it was time for a change.  And for good reason.  Though he’s never said this publicly (as far as we know), just look at the box score from the playoff loss in Seattle.

With Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory injured, Bush didn’t bump up to the No. 1 tailback role against the Seahawks.  Instead, Julius Jones had 21 touches on offense; Bush had 10.

So Reggie decided to go to a different team, primarily because he wanted a different role.  He found it in Miami, and he tells Jorge Sedano of 790 The Ticket that only the Dolphins offered him the opportunity to be an every-down back.

“This was the one,” Bush said.  “This was the only one.  I’d love to say, ‘I had this option, I could have went to the 49ers, I could have went here, there.’  I would love to sit here and say that I had all these options, but this was really the only option that was out there because pretty much all the other teams had their running back, their guy.”

Bush says that the Saints wanted to keep him, but the Saints also wanted to continue to use a revolving-door approach.  (This year, it’s Thomas, Mark Ingram, and Darren Sproles — with Ivory ready to step in for anyone who is injured.)

And so as Bush closes in on the first 1,000-yard rushing performance of his career, it looks like he’ll continue to be the guy in Miami.  At least until the new coach (whoever he may be) decides to use a two- or three-headed approach at the position.

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  1. Good for you Reggie. Looks like you finally got yourself into a good position. Past is the past, maybe this can turn into a winning team while you’re around.

  2. As a kid who worshiped Dorsett, RB has always been my favorite position. I don’t like how the NFL has transitioned to the revolving door approach. As a former high school RB I don’t see how they can ever get into a rhythm getting pulled out every other play. Good to see Miami going with a featured back. But did Bush ever give back his ill received Heisman?

  3. Truth is that he’s on a team that runs the ball more than twice a series… that’s the big difference. If you’re the feature guy and you’re running the ball 18 times a game, you’re going to do better than when you weren’t the feature guy and your team only ran the ball 18 times a game (only 6-10 touches for you).

    This was a no brainer. He’s not just a WR out of the backfield, which is what they are doing with Sproles in NO. IF you see Mark Ingram run with the ball, you wonder how guys like PT and Ivory ever see the field…

  4. Though the point is still mostly valid, there’s one small fact here that isn’t entirely true. Bush left the Seattle playoff game in the third quarter. That pretty much only left Julius Jones for the Saints as a healthy running back. I think they put like 6 running backs on the IR last year. Just some horrid luck at that position.

  5. I will be the first to say how wrong I was about this guy. With all of his heisman problems, the last thing I wanted on my team was another case from the University of Spoiled Children in this division (yes, mark sanchez and he sucks). I thought he would come in, be a feature back or bandit back but Bush was so refreshing for the Dolphins. I am not a Thomas fan (I thought we should of taken Mikell), but I hope we select another rb either free agency or draft late, and keep Bush in the role that he is doing now. I don’t see another Great Free Agency pick up this year that was so vital to a team other than Sproles to N.O. Thanks Reggie from a new fan!

  6. When the Fins signed this guy I was excited, but i didn’t expect this. What has been even more suprising has been his health! I hope our new regime keeps Reggie right were he’s at.

    BTW, 27 yds away from 1,000. Not bad…

  7. As the one in charge of player procurement, shouldn’t Jeff Ireland be given credit in this article for the Bush pick up? Bias and slant evident here by the writer.

  8. wawa33 says:
    Dec 22, 2011
    Even Kim Kardashian knows he isn’t an “every down back.”
    Bush has made some mistakes. Breaking off with Kim Kardashian had to be one of his smarter moves.

  9. Well, the thing about box scores is that they don’t tell the whole story. Reggie left the Seattle game injured. He surely would have had more touches if he had actually played the entire game. But the overall sentiment is true – the Saints under Payton are never going to rely largely on one running back. The passing game is the star of the offense and the revolving RB plan keeps the RBs fresh. I think running the ball for Payton is sometimes just an annoying neccessity. I am happy for Reggie that he has had success in Miami. I never doubted he could do big things, I just am amazed he’s stayed healthy the whole season! Good for him.

  10. dont forget that bush had a terrible game before leaving with an injury, dropped pass for TD that wouldve probably changed the whole game in the first quarter too. I still like reggie but sproles has made everyone in New Orleans kinda forget about the Reggie.Sproles was the perfect replacement for him and is doing what reggie wasnt doing here, getting positive yards. Reggie could’ve had 1000 yards but his negative yards held him back. If reggie made a 5 yard run, then he probably ran 20 yards total. Never seen a player run backwards as much as he did. Glad he learned which end zone he had to get to finally.
    Hope he has a great career over there in Miami.

    A true team player wouldnt care if he had 5 or 10 touches a game. As long as they win, and thats just what the saints did. They win baby!
    If he were more a part of the game they had close games or lost. Check those stats out and see if im full of it or not!

  11. Maybe he would have been the feature back if he wasn’t made of glass?

    NO gave him his shots, it didn’t work out. Both helped each other to get a SB win.

    I just seriously doubt Bush will have another 1,000 yard season.

  12. I think its safe to say he’s putting up yards now because Matt Moore isn’t a pansy like Henne and actually throws long balls and actually completes them. So LB’s/Fs’ are stepping back a step for bush to gain room… you can see those results around the time Matt opened up. The interesting thing here is I wonder just how many yards Bush would have if say Matt started the season?!?

  13. You people act like the guy is closing in on 1300 yards. 1000 yards big effing whoop. That is not impressive for a running back. He still is not an everydown back, the dude is what? 200 lbs. If he does it a couple more years I might be impressed. A guy that light cannot withstand the attrition of a 16 game season.

  14. miami wouldve contended already if it werent for that damn bum shoulder of Drew Brees…So glad the doctors in new orleans are better than Miami though…

  15. Speaking as a Saints fan, I am very happy for Reggie. He was great for our team, helped us get a Superbowl. He was also a real attention getter when he was drafted right after Katrina. He has great talent and he is getting to show it off. Good for him.

  16. I’m glad he’s seeing every down. He went off in Buffalo with 204 rushing. I hate USC but being that I’m from San Diego and he was from here, I liked watching him play. Good to see him doing well.

  17. He has been one good thing for us. Hopefully next year we get some young studs in the draft to build a great O line. We have our lt and center for the future . Would love to see how much better he would be with a better O line! Nice work Reggie!

  18. Well that was starting to fade as well because Thomas was looking good and Bush wasn’t, like always. But Bush turned it around and took that starting job back. I’ve been a Bush hater since day one and I’ll be the 1st to say his playing his heart out this season and I’m shocked to tell you the truth. I’m a Miami fan and I’m just glad his playing this way right now for them.

  19. New Orleans is were running backs go to die. Okay so Darren Sproles is having his best season year yet but will be lucky to get 600 yds this year. Mark Ingram was unfortunate enough to be drafted by them and has almost 200 less rushing yds than Roy Helu who has started 4 games this season. Ingram will be a capable back but will never get the carries to get over 1000 yds rushing. So when his rookie contract is up hes going to get a payday like a back whose never gotten a 1000 yds rushing. Tough Luck Mark

  20. the Saints are 11-3 the Dolphins are 5-9

    Every down back versus winning … hm.

    Sounds like a Reggie Bush comment. He has been a great fantasy contributor though!

  21. Still glad the Texans drafted Mario Williams instead of Bush. I think Bush is too small to be an every-down back in the Kubiak system. He’d have gone the way of Steve Slaton: very good for a season but then beat up as hell.

    Happy to see him turn it around in Miami, though. He was a brilliant college player and ought to be good for a few more years with good coaching.

  22. Reggie is a stand up guy… very smart kid (with the exception of the USC scandal… cant blame the kid for trying to give his parents a better life) After watching him play at Helix and USC, I knew that he had some skills that would make him successful at the next level. I very happy to see him thrive as a featured back… hopefully he will stay healty and become a leader in Miami.

  23. .


    ” draft o-line help ”

    Your comment made me think ; when was the last time the Dolphins had a solid O-line? It’s been a while.


  24. As for run blocking …had to be in the 70’s with Zonka / Morris/ Kiick.. With Marino they didn’t have a solid run blocking line.. So yeah it has been a while , a long while

  25. I would say ’08 was a pretty good line. Makeshift and didn’t last, but Jake in his rookie year, Smiley playing better than his years in Oakland, and a still solid Carey made for a fairly formidable road-grading crew that allowed the WildCat to thrive. Seth McKinney, Shawn Murphy, and Samson Satele weren’t much, but that line made people think Sparano would build a long term successful roster from the OL out.

    …and then it fell apart with injury-prone and flash-in-the-pan FAs, constant tinkering, and late round draftees that didn’t develop.

  26. Why is 1000 yards still the benchmark? Sure, it’s a nice round number, but it quit being impressive when they went to 16 games. Heck, it was really impressive when they only played 12. Now, not so much!

  27. New Orleans is were running backs go to die.


    Dumb post. I can’t think of any other team that uses its running backs so effectively. Just because they don’t have anyone racking up 100 yards a game doesn’t mean they are “dying”. PT is averaging 5 yards per carry and is amazing on screens, Sproles leads the NFL in yards per touch from scrimmage and is on pace to break the single-season all-purpose yardage record, and Ingram has converted more 3rd downs than any running back in the NFL. And Ivory continues to show why’s he’s more of the better power runners in the league. It’s likely the Saints are going to have 3 running backs over 500 yards and are easily on pace to be a top-5 NFL rushing team. But you’re right, N.O. must be a hellhole for running backs. 🙄

  28. “Why is 1000 yards still the benchmark? Sure, it’s a nice round number, but it quit being impressive when they went to 16 games. Heck, it was really impressive when they only played 12. Now, not so much!”

    Because there are really very few elite every-down backs in the game today, just as there are few elite QBs. (Maybe there are more RBs, but they’re just in RB-committee or pass-first systems. Sometimes committee-backs are used wrongly as every-down backs, and vice versa.)

    Reggie still isn’t an every-down back; he is a primary RB. His 1000 yds is of merit because he is making the most of his opportunities (now, in big ways) and has turned around from the negative to 0 yd plays.

    I miss the offenses that could be built around the power run and an every-down back. (Even though Dan Marino made me a football as a kid.)

    It’s odd that Rickie Williams and Reggie Bush (in time) may prove to be the best Miami Dolphin running backs (sorry Kiick, Csonk, Mercury, K A-J, and Ronnie).

    Rickie was an every-down back either forced to carry a team and/or to be in a tandem. But Miami rarely had the right offensive line, playbook, and supporting pass game to always show how awesome he was. Reggie doesn’t actually perform as well. He’s still easy to bring down. But he has performer like a true star and leader of a team in the second half of the season. I hope him the best. And I’d like to see Daniel Thomas work; he seems a bit like Ricky — you need to run him 20-25 times to see him really explode as he wears down a defense. But for now he’s having trouble finding holes as a situational back.

  29. He is having a better year because he saw the writing on the wall. Nobody will pay top dollar for the amount of effort he put out for New Orleans. He is a flop. Scared to put his head down and run which is what he is paid for. Not flips…. Not east and west. The best thing he gave the Saints was an open spot on the roster for Sproles. Bush will never be what Darren Sproles is.

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