Matt Barkley to announce his NFL draft decision today

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USC quarterback Matt Barkley will announce today whether he will enter the 2012 NFL draft or return to college for his senior season.

If Barkley enters the draft, he’d likely be a high first-round pick, possibly as high as No. 2 overall after Stanford’s Andrew Luck.

Reports have been mixed about which way Barkley is leading, with some saying Barkley would be foolish to turn down an opportunity to be a Top 10 pick, and others saying Barkley loves the college experience and wants another year of it.

Barkley threw for 3,528 yards with 39 touchdowns and seven interceptions this season.

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  1. @urfinished

    Bingo. I bet that one of them will actually trade up to ensure they get either Barkley or RGIII. I can see the Redskins doing that. Shanahan has been patiently waiting for a QB to draft. He dodged a bullet last year (Gabbert), but he won’t hesitate to move up and snag one of the stud QBs in this draft.

  2. ” and others saying Barkley loves the college experience and wants another year of it”

    Someone tell him he’ll be able to have sex with just as many women, if not more, as a pro athlete.

  3. At his press confernce, there will be two baseball caps in front of him. One will say “I’m staying” and the other will say “I’m leaving.”

    I predict that he’ll put on the cap that says “I’m Staying”. The crowd will erupt. And then, in a Lee Corso moment, he’ll shout “ahh f–k it” and toss the hat to pick up the one that say’s “I’m leaving”

  4. Luck gets all the love, but Barkely will be a better pro. He is the best QB in the country but no one knows it because of USC’s troubles.

  5. Replay of the 2009 draft, with Andrew Luck replacing Matt Stafford, and Barkley playing Mark Sanchez.

    It’s probably dangerous to emphasize the parallels here, but I don’t have a lot of belief in the ability of USC to produce high first round value at QB, and Barkley could be representative of that thought.

    Further, if I’m right, the league doesn’t need another Sanchez, but badly needs another Stafford or six.

    Let’s hope the Colts don’t drink the Barkley KoolAde this year, and do take Luck.

  6. Just go turn pro!!!

    Besides, you’re framing your decisions like how your coach would; stay for a little bit and then hit the road!!!

  7. Silvernblackpa…agreed. Anyone who doesnt should read the “news” that Sanchez is banging supermodel Kate Upton. The college experience pales to the superstar rookie QB experience.
    Takemytalents…I may agree on Bucs, but it is even likely to soon for them to pull the trigger there and they have a solid backup in Josh Johnson. Bigger issues in Tampa.
    As for St Louis…Bradford was rookie of year last year. If they can keep him standing, he will be their guy. They better hurry or injuries will catch up though.
    And Vikings love Ponder…whether or not it works out long term is another question. But their execs love him.

  8. I expect him to continue the great legacy of USC QB’s in the NFL. Its a factory for mediocre and below average.

    Mel Kiper is probably in love though, just like he was with Jimmy Clausen.

  9. There’s really no incentive for Barkley to stay at USC. He would probably be the #1 pick next year, but even that doesn’t equate to millions of dollars in signing bonus like it used to in the past. If I were him, I’d enter the draft and start honing his craft.

  10. What a fair-skinned lad..
    He can’t be that bad
    He played at USC
    A star he surely will be
    He blows bad gas
    But he knows how to pass
    Matt! – the QB from USC.

  11. The Redskins will most definitely take a QB. I’d be fine with either RG3 or Barkley. We can talk about QB’s that USC has produced and their troubles making it, but what about Baylor QB’s?

    Shanahan has been patient in not reaching for a QB (Gabbert?), and instead building a foundation around the team for a QB to be inserted. Ala Falcons or Ravens.

  12. @ emoney12:

    USC can compete for the title next year. Did you watch the Oregon game? He has two stud wrs and tons of talent all over the place on that team. They will definitely compete for a title next year of he stays.

  13. I remember another USC QB who stayed around because “he loved the college experience” as well.
    It’s not turning out too well for him in Ariz…err.. Hous…err … the CFL?

    While the USC QB hit parade hasn’t exactly been there recently, it seems that timing is pretty critical – both from a “strike while the iron is hot” as well as “who is going to draft me”. Might want to wait a few weeks to see how that second variable turns out.

  14. Before everyone gets all giddy on this kid, lets look at the past few quarterbacks coming out of USC- Palmer, Leinart, sanchez. Umm I sure hope my redskins pass. For that matter who is the last west coast qb that was a great quarterback??

  15. blackheld says:Dec 22, 2011 11:00 AM

    It’s probably dangerous to emphasize the parallels here, but I don’t have a lot of belief in the ability of USC to produce high first round value at QB, and Barkley could be representative of that thought.
    Is that just a hunch or do you have any actual evidence? The last 3 highly-taken QBs taken from USC were Palmer, Leinart, and Sanchez. Palmer was worthy of the high pick and could have been even better if not for injuries and being surrounded by a poor franchise. Leinart was a bust. And Sanchez, say what you want, but 2 years and 2 AFC Championship appearances with a 4-2 playoff record. Also on his resume are playoff wins in SD vs Rivers, in Indy vs Manning, and in NE vs Brady. Not too shabby. Oh, there is also Matt Cassel, who isn’t too bad.

    So the last three 1st round QBs taken out of USC have produced one pro-bowler, one bust, and one where the verdict is still out. That’s no worse than any other college out there.

  16. Why stay? You love the college environment? Stay near a campus and throw parties every night. You’ll be able to afford it. It isn’t like women are going to stop throwing themselves at you because you are no longer a college QB. You can keep the college experience while declaring as a pro, but you most certainly cannot roll in millions of dollars while staying in college. This seems like a no-brainer.

  17. Well if RGIII and Barkley decided to stay it sure will make things easier for da skins, because then Luck is the only sure 1st rounder if the Colts take him then we can use that 1st round pick for the best available player hopefully a receiver or O-lineman then pick a QB in the 2nd round. Or trade back as we did last year and pick up more picks fill more holes…

  18. I am a USC fan, but given the success of USC quarterbacks taken in the last few years, it may be in Matt Barkley’s best interest to stay and get his degree. Let’s have a look.

    Carson Palmer – dismal seasons with the bengals, threatened to retire before being picked up by the raiders, will have competition for a starting job by spring training.

    Matt Leinart – lost his job to a man who was literally bagging groceries, then lost his job to Kevin Colb and John Skelton, sat behind Matt Schaub only to be injured and replaced by T.J. Yates, who has shown a lot of promise as a rookie and will most assuredly be the number two quarterback option for the texans in the spring.

    Matt Cassel – well. he is still Matt Cassel, and despite signing a franchise contract with the Chiefs, his job, too, will be in jeopardy come springtime to Kyle Orton.

    John David-Booty – let me start by saying I thought he had so much potential, and he was quick to prove me wrong. his draft stock fell off a few weeks prior, and he slipped to the 4th round, going to the Vikings. I thought he had a chance to challenge Tavaris Jackson within 2-3 years, but they brought in Brett Favre and he was assigned to the practice team. John and his sweet hyphenated last name are no longer in the NFL.

    Mark Sanchez – I never thought he would make an NFL starter. Clearly, Rex Ryan sees something in him, and refuses to let him go. I think that if the Jets miss the playoffs this year, they’re going to look to acquire a quarterback (via draft or free agency) to challenge the awkwardly deemed “Sanchise” for a starting position. I can’t imagine the Jets passing on a talented quarterback as he continues to struggle to manage games.

    Mitch Mustain – the former Gatorade National Athlete of the Year is selling used cars about 45 miles from my house and my roommate graduated high school with him. That serves as no relevance to the topic, but I like to pretend I am in the loop.

    The NFL has not been an easy transition for any of these quarterbacks, and solely based on history, it might be a good idea for him to stick around and have a career path to fall back on, if need be. I do wish him the best of luck (no stanford quarterback pun intended), however it is difficult for me to get excited about any quarterback coming out of Southern California, until they prove their worth on the next level.

  19. @ emoney12:

    USC can compete for the title next year. They are back in the BCS mix. They have a ton of talent on the team, even with the Tackle going pro. He stays they will be in the mix for a title? They beat a good Oregon team this year.

    And last good west coast QB, Tom Brady?

  20. “Before everyone gets all giddy on this kid, lets look at the past few quarterbacks coming out of USC- Palmer, Leinart, sanchez. Umm I sure hope my redskins pass. For that matter who is the last west coast qb that was a great quarterback??”

    Palmer used to be one of the best in the NFL.

    Unlike Leinart, Barkley isn’t caught up in the pretty boy ‘hollywood’ lifestyle.

  21. For that matter who is the last west coast qb that was a great quarterback??

    I’ve read a lot of stupid comments but this has to be the stupidest. You know the best QB in the NFL went to Cal right? Aaron Rodgers ring a bell?

  22. @emoney12
    USC’s bowl ban ends this year so they can play for a national championship and if Barkley comes back they will have a pretty good offense

  23. OK, a few things to straighten out here. First of all, @emoney12, USC can win a national championship next year, as this year was the last year of their bowl ban. The sanctions that are left for them to deal with are the scholarship reductions.

    Secondly, if you watch any USC games, you know that they play as close to a pro style offense as any team in college football, and while Palmer, Leinert, Sanchez, and Cassel (don’t forget about him) have been somewhat disappointing, they have all stuck around, and between them have had many great moments and solid careers.

    Because of the pro-style, all the pub that SC gets, and the fact that these guys are usually surrounded by excellent skill receivers / rb’s / O-line that usually make them look better than they really are, USC QB’s get a little overrated. They put more guys in the NFL than just about anyone (look it up), so eventually they’ll get a HOFer.

    Barkley, to me, looks like he could use another year, and I’m sure the allure to go to a bowl game / win a national championship will be high, but there’s no way he’s coming back. His boy Kahlil left, and he’d be stupid to pull a Leinart and risk a certain top 10 selection. There is too much QB need in the NFL right now for him to slip the way Matty Ice did.

    I think he’ll be a good pro, maybe a great one, but it’s not going to happen in the first year or two… it’s gonna take a little time. Maybe the J-E-T-S JETS can take him and he can “study” under Sanchez for a couple years. Their position in the draft ought to be high enough to have a shot at him once they lose by two touchdowns to the Giants this weekend, the real NYC team.

    (had to get that one in there, enjoy bozos.)

  24. facelessman75:

    Who is the last great quarterback from the West Coast? Try Aaron Rodgers. Oh, and Tom Brady is from San Mateo, CA. So, the best 2 quarterbacks in the NFL are from the West Coast.

  25. I think Matt Barkley is a different type of person than the previous USC QBs, and most future NFL players from any college. According to his bio on the USC website:

    “He spent 11 days during 2010 Christmas break in Nigeria visiting orphans, widows, villagers and prisoners, doing construction work, distributing supplies and gifts and sharing daily fellowship. While in high school, he was active in his church (playing guitar in the choir) and in community service (he helped build homes for the poor in Mexico, volunteered at an orphanage in South Africa and spearheaded the Monarchs For Marines program that raised money for the families of wounded and fallen soldiers). ”

    I think that in the right system and for the right coach he will be a quality NFL QB. One other thing to consider, his brother is a freshman on the track team at USC, which may keep him back for another year

  26. Riggz91 good call. ARod is a beast Brady went to Michigan. For the guy who put all those ” success” qb’s let me be the first to say ROFL!!! None of those guys are great qb’s.

    I stand by my statement. Redskins I’m not sold on Landry either. I like Moore, or luck. Or a trade for more picks.

  27. silvernblackpa says:Dec 22, 2011 10:47 AM

    ” and others saying Barkley loves the college experience and wants another year of it”

    Someone tell him he’ll be able to have sex with just as many women, if not more, as a pro athlete.

    SoCal coeds, or what’s available in Cleveland? Your call.

    Sorry, Cleveland. I keed, I keed.

    In all seriousness, he should take a look at Matt Leinart, and then make his choice. The decision is obvious. Strike while the iron is hot.

  28. After the Dolphins started winning their way out of the Suck for Luck. I saw the USC-Oregon Game. I was impressed by Matt Barkley play. I think he’s going to be good in the NFL. I also think Andrew Luck and Robert Griffen III will be good pro Quaterbacks.

  29. I see no point whether Barkley or RGIII or whomever to go back FOR WHAT??? It’s about getting paid now, going back another year could turn against you i.e. get hurt, have a terrible season and really drop in the following draft and if the writing on the wall says you’re NFL ready then go…furthermore what’s with this Lebron move having a press conference to annouce you’re decision call ESPN lol tell them over the phone live hey i’m going or i’m staying…

  30. It’s not about getting paid in the pro level. I’m sure there is a Booster ready to give him a nice payday to come back and play for a NC now that they are eligable.

  31. This is who the Vikings need. Anyone with brains would have seen that Ponder was the 4th round pick that most other teams had him rated. Not Spielman. We pick him at 12 overall. BUST!!!!!

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