Matt Barkley will not enter 2012 NFL draft


USC quarterback Matt Barkley is staying in college for his senior season.

Barkley said today that he has decided not to enter the 2012 NFL draft and will stay at USC, even though he thinks he is “fully prepared and ready” to play in the NFL.

“I know in my heart I have not yet finished my journey as a Trojan football player,” Barkley said. “The 2012 team has some serious unfinished business to attend to and I intend to play a part in it.”

That’s bad news for teams near the top of the draft order that were hoping to select a franchise quarterback, and for teams like the Rams, who could stock up on talent by trading down with a team desperate to add a franchise quarterback.

The player who figures to benefit the most from Barkley’s return is Baylor’s Robert Griffin III, who is expected to enter the draft and now appears to be the clear-cut No. 2 quarterback behind Stanford’s Andrew Luck.

And Barkley now becomes the early favorite as the No. 1 overall pick in 2013.

95 responses to “Matt Barkley will not enter 2012 NFL draft

  1. Ryan Tannehill will be the third QB off the board. I’m betting he goes to Washington. Good fit for Shanahan.

    Landry Jones is a fraud.

  2. Barkley is really, really good. Would likely have gone #2 overall behind Luck.

    Don’t be surprised if he pulls the Cam Newton Trifecta by winning the Heisman, winning a National Title, and going #1 in the 2013 Draft.

  3. Landry Jones was exposed. Bad when pressured.

    For some reason Tannehill has been flying under the radar a bit, but he’ll go top ten. He doesn’t wow the box score scouts with numbers.

    I’d take Tannehill over any QB in this class other than Luck.

  4. Leinart being a bust had nothing to do with him going back to school.

    SLOW, is the best word to describe Leinart’s game. Not to mention caring more about the hollywood lifestyle than being a football player.

    Barkley thinks he’s got work left to do, good on him.

  5. Barkely has been using “the Pump” for a while and it still hasn’t added any length to his game.

  6. He’s not losing out on any money. Those USC Boosters have deep pockets, and just tried to buy a NC on thier first year of eligibility.

  7. Barkley won’t end up like Leinart because he’s a better QB with a stronger arm, and has a better head on his shoulders. I’m not even an SC fan and I can see it. If he doesn’t get hurt, the money will still be there, so I’m not sure what the rush is. Kid didn’t get to play in a bowl two years in a row, no faulting him for wanting to come back and play (with every single skill player returning) for a championship.

  8. worldwidebleater says:
    Dec 22, 2011 4:14 PM
    Another USC QB who’s not ready for the challenge of the NFL. He’d rather take ballroom dancing and be BMOC for another year. At least we know what he is now.

    Let me guess – he’s an overly judgemental internet tough guy?

    It’s his life, not yours. If Barkley wants to try to win the Heisman and the National Championship at Southern Cal and put off the NFL one more year, more power to him.

    It’s not something he can go back and try to do five or ten years later.

  9. textexington says:
    Dec 22, 2011 4:10 PM
    Viqueefs lose again:)
    Vikings dont need a QB, they need O-line which will result in them drafting Kalil. By the way, why is a ‘fan’ from a 13-1 team constantly posting on a Vikings thread? I thought the Packers and their fans arent infatuated with the Vikings. Hmm…

  10. I’m actually not shocked about this. I’m pretty sure the NCAA’s sanctions against USC run out this year so he probably wants to make a championship run. I wouldn’t blame him for wanting to do that.

  11. It makes some sense, he had no chance to be the number 1 pick this year and some considered him behind Rg3. Now he is a favorite to be a #1 overall pick

  12. The real story here is that if you assume Washington will take RGIII, the most realistic destination for Peyton if the Colts cut him is Miami. No way in hell he’s going to Cleveland

  13. I find it so amusing that people are dumb enough to think barkley shouldve gone pro. Everything points to him returning as the much smarter move. In next years draft he will likely be the top pick, which won’t happen this year, and he can rack up some nice accomplishments at USC. This has nothing to do with him not being ready or any other bs some of you guys are stating.

  14. I dont want any QBs from USC… e.i. Palmer, Leinert and Sanchez… wouldnt want any of these dudes leading my team!

  15. I don’t understand why everyone thinks RG3 will go pro. He just got a taste of what things could be like all year next year. My gut says 90% chance he stays. #1 pick just skyrocketed in value.

  16. Barkley has improved significantly each year at USC, no reason to think he won’t again. He may not improve his draft position and salary a whole bunch by waiting, but he’ll be a lot more ready to succeed right away in the NFL.

  17. Come on. I doubt that Barkley is from a family that needs any money. These are all rich kids already that we are talking about here (Leinart and Barkley) so they are never going to be hurting for money. He’s not a kid that grew up in the hood with parents on welfare and had to worry about being in a gang. If he was, he would’ve gone pro, no question. Same with Luck last year. I have no problem with him wanting to stay a kid and enjoy college and try to win a National Championship before he turns pro.

    These kids anymore are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. He’s done things the right way, played hard and well on a team that had no chance for any championships and he made a decision that he wants to go after one. Good for him.

  18. This site continues to describe guys like Luck and Barkley as “franchise quarterbacks.” It makes my crazy. I like them both, but c’mon man, neither has ever dropped back to pass in an NFL game, never faced a professional defensive scheme, never had to worry about Suggs or Ware, or even Jared Mullet, for that matter.

    It’s accurate to describe them as “probable first round draft choices,” but not accurate to describe them as “francise quarterbacks.” Otherwise, Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell would be superstars. Besides, it’s not doing Barkley and Luck any favors to hype them as the next coming of Brees, Brady, Rodgers or Manning ( either one of them ).

  19. Cleveland has a QB if he ever recovers form his concussion. They wouldn’t of taken Barkley anyway. They need HELP at almost ever other position.

    But, Shanahan just just jumped off the FedEx field press box. Another year without a QB for the skins.

  20. Ryan Tannehill? i can’t believe there are people who actually think that the QB of a 6-6 underachiever should come off the board 2nd after Luck. Did you see the Texas game? he’ll be lucky to go in the 3rd round.

  21. @sikkcaden

    We just got shot with that bullet. One less QB available just drove up the cost of moving up.

    Someone was going to grab Barkley early leaving RG3 still out there.

  22. You’re going back to a place where your degree will be crap anyways and USC is a Top-30 school academically!!!

  23. I am not a USC fan, but USC is going to be serious contenders for the National Championship next season.

  24. annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd another over rated USC football player makes an announcement regarding his status of turning pro or stay in school….I’m sorry, we care about this…why???

    Enjoy two SEC teams playing for the national championship

  25. DUMB

    “The 2012 team has some serious unfinished business to attend to and I intend to play a part in it.”

    Yeah, like never being able to win a title?!~?!?!

    S T U P I D is as stupid does!!~!

  26. All of you people think he’s staying to avoid a team like Cleveland or Washington? Who’s to say one of those teams won’t be picking right at the top again next year? Damn good chance they will be. It’s not every year that a perennial playoff contender goes 1-15 like the colts this year. Whichever awful team doesn’t get RG3 or Luck won’t be taking a first round QB, which will all but guarantee they’ll need one next year.

    The kid lives in LA and is a star on his campus. He has fun playing football. Why not wait one more year before stepping into the business world of the NFL?

    I graduated early and went into work right away. Looking back to 8 years ago I sure wish I had slowed down and enjoyed the college life a little more. Kudos to Barkley.

  27. How is this bad news for the Rams? Fewer quarterbacks mean people are going to be willing to pay more to move up. Before, I think a team would have been willing to “settle” for RG III or Barkley. Now, once Luck is gone there is only one qb left. A team that is needy for a qb this year will have to pay to get that position filled this year, otherwise they have to draft a lower prospect or wait until next year.

  28. Hello people who are still talking about RGIII, and Landry Jones! They too are staying in college, so the Matt Moore’s, Sam Bradford’s, Colt McCoy’s, and Rex Grossman’s of the world will play on for another day. Now it’s all about just picking the best player on the draft board.

  29. Barkley is ready for the NFL from a football standpoint. He is not another Sanchez, who was not ready and has never quite developed, and Barkley is not another Leinart, who spent more time partying than studying film. Barkley has made a commitment to USC and the current coach. In this case the bowl ban has worked to USC’s favor and was clearly one of the main factors in Barkley’s decision. Now he just needs to buy some insurance……I am sure that Luck can give him a good recommendation.

  30. Most fans never heard of RG3 at this time last year, so to talk about where Barkley will rank next year is premature ejaculation if you ask me.

  31. It’s amazing (not really) how so many posters say stupid things like he wouldn’t want to be in Cleveland, Washington or some other high draft pick teams (city) anyway.

    If this guys comes out next year, and you think he’ll be #1, where do you think he’ll go? Hint: the worst team in the league! By definition, who wants to go the worst team in the league?

    So, saying things like that just makes you (the poster) sound stupid. More so, this guy could go #2 overall THIS year. So, waiting a year and risking injury to go from #2 to #1 makes a lot of sence (not).

    These guys are in our higher education system, right?

  32. Though I think he is ready for the nfl and isn’t that far from luck in terms of skill. However I believe he is staying because he can go to a bowl and win a national championship next year, something he hasnt been able to do the last 3.

  33. Matt Barkley returns to USC to win a title, a stupid UCLA tradition is gone, a World Series lineup, and another Billy Deveaney draft bust.

    check it out!

  34. “Barkley is really, really good. Would likely have gone #2 overall behind Luck.”

    wrong. Probably the Redskins or the Dolphins but not #2.

    Don’t be surprised if he pulls the Cam Newton Trifecta by winning the Heisman, winning a National Title, and going #1 in the 2013 Draft.

    Wrong. USC is years away to becoming a title contender. The recruit limit will really hurt them and until they can get full classes in they wont be elite.

  35. Sadly I am not shocked at how many idiots post that he is a fool for going back to school. Money is meaningless compared to an education and life experience. Not that USC provides a decent education, but better than nothing. An education is wise to have as a fall back option when there is a good chance he will get hurt and lose it all. That way he won’t end up like the numerous other morons that lose their career in the NFL and have nothing to show for it except a foreclosed house and 12 kids.

  36. Ryan Tannehill will be the third QB off the board. I’m betting he goes to Washington. Good fit for Shanahan.
    which would lead to Shanahan being fired and Tannehill being replaced in a year. he’s NOT a first round QB or top 1o in my book. i think with Barkley going out, that RG3 goes now. Landry is a question mark, BUT if i were him, i NOW go because, my guess is that Luck goes top pick, RG3 goes to either Cleveland or Jacksonville (which i wont agree with, giving up on a player that soon i mean) then either Colt or Blaine go to Miami and Washington would then get Landry Jones who ALSO fits Shanahan’s offense.

  37. i think all college players should stay in school for the four years.peyton manning also satyed in school one more year.people act like he dosn’t want money.a year is going to hurt his chances at a big pay day? he will just get payed a year later and probably be the clear #1 pick with out andrew luck in the draft………

  38. top 5 QBs in this years class:

    1) Andrew Luck
    2) RG3
    3) Landry Jones
    4) Ran Tannehill
    5) Kirk Cousins

  39. Good for him. Its his life, I think we should let him live it.

    He is a true junior, played as a true freshman. The kid is better then Lionart and in my opinion hes better then any QB that has come out of USC in a long time.

    With the new CBA top picks don’t make anywhere near what they did under the old CBA. If Barkley is healthy he shouldn’t lose any value at all. Even if he gets hurt he may not lose any value, just look at Sam Bradford. Bradford was hurt his last season and still went number 1.

  40. 1. Barkley’ s family has serious money that they’ve earned on their own with their USC educations. He did not need to come out.

    2. Barkley’s dream since he was a young boy was to be exactly who he is: the star QB for USC. He’s had to wait two years in order to even think about the postseason. Now, with Lane Kiffin calling the plays and some SERIOUS talent surrounding him at the skill positions, his numbers next year (barring injury) should be unbelievable.

    3. Barkley is a huge favorite to be a top pick next year. He’ll get even more time to steadily and safely develop doing more highly advanced things (like Luck did this year): quickly reading coverages at the LoS, having play options to audible into after diagnosing various coverages, etc. He’ll have the ability to take his game to the next level by working on his arm strength, accuracy, and footwork.

    I do not agree with the decision, as I sincerely believe he’d be a top five pick. He’s wasting an immediate opportunity that could evaporate next year. But, he does gain quite a bit by staying at USC. Having his choice of smokin’ USC hotties doesn’t hurt either…………

  41. That’s bad news for teams near the top of the draft order that were hoping to select a franchise quarterback, and for teams like the Rams, who could stock up on talent by trading down with a team desperate to add a franchise quarterback——————————————–
    Actually, one less potential franchise QB in the draft will RAISE the value of (let’s say) the Rams pick. Wouldn’t you say?

  42. This season two QBs might break the single season rookie yards record. Two. Flaaco, Ryan, Newton, Dalton, Tebow (kinda), Sanchez (kinda), and Stafford have all shown that, in the modern day NFL, drafting a QB at the beginning of the draft, is a good investment.

    Russell may be the last true first round bust at QB. There will always be guys like Bradford (and arguable Stafford) who struggle with injuries, but passing has become so easy in the NFL that plugging in a QB is like finding a 1000 yard rusher. Just draft a guy, and give him the ball enough, and he’ll put up the stats to be considered a solid pick.

  43. Did’nt you hear…he’s not coming out cause he found out the Bills were going to trade up to get him

  44. Take the chance to see your #7 jersey on the peristyle end of the Coliseum. Bring millions of $$ to USC for world class education because of the prime time publicity you’ll bring to the university. Make lifetime friendships and connections. Take your shot at winning a national championship. Make everyone around you better. Take that chance to be the best USC QB of them all. Transcend the position and join Lott, Allen, Polamalu, Seau, Swann, Mix, Yary, Munoz, Wood, and Mathews. Leave it all on the field. Risk being called stupid for not leaving early. Be remembered for the tenacity and leadership you brought to the program.

  45. Andre’s Johnson says: Dec 22, 2011 5:12 PM

    Thumbs up if you think Barkley would have entered the NFL draft if there were no rookie wage scale.

    There were plenty of QBs who stayed in school lately before the rookie wage scale. Matt Leinart, Eli Manning, Sam Bradford all stayed in school.

    These guys didn’t need the money immediately, a concept the goobers that post on this board won’t understand since they have no money. The money will be there next year. Barkley wants to go for the Heisman and the National Championship. He probably will be a lot happier at USC than be on some losing team in a cold goober city like Buffalo or Cleveland.

  46. Well, the ‘buzz’ based upon this thread is that Luck will be the first pick and first QB taken. If RGIII comes out (more likely than not), during the combine and the workouts, his stock will skyrocket. Don’t let the Superman socks and dreadlocks fool you – those are simply part of his personality/persona.

    Many, many reports have surfaced here in N. Texas about his ‘mental tools’ that go along with his ‘physical tools’; and that his leadership ability is simply off the charts. Don’t be a bit surprised if RGIII is not only the first QB, but also the first pick. Even after all of the traits metioned, he has the better ‘long ball’ than any of the other QB’s – and his speed/versatility is world class.

  47. “Matt Barkley doesn’t need the money. He’s already Rich.”

    That’s not really the issue. There’s a thing called competitiveness, and he just showed that he lacks it. When faced with the choice to play vs NFL talent or continue playing vs lesser competition … he chose the easier path.

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