Report: John Skelton will start over Kolb Saturday


Skeltonmania lives on.

Even Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt can no longer deny something strange is happening this season in Arizona, and it’s happening when John Skelton is at quarterback.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Skelton is expected to start over Kevin Kolb on Saturday in Cincinnati. Kolb was able to practice the last two days after suffering a concussion last week, and seemed ready to go. But Skelton has won five of six games in which he’s taken the majority of snaps.

It’s a quietly remarkable moment in a quietly remarkable Cardinals season. Arizona gave Kolb $21 million guaranteed in the offseason. Skelton was at Fordham this time two years ago. And now he’s getting the call over Kolb in a Week 16 game with playoff implications.

Six of Arizona’s seven wins have been fourth quarter comebacks. They need a ton of help to get to the playoffs, but we’re not ruling anything out after this wacky run.

47 responses to “Report: John Skelton will start over Kolb Saturday

  1. What Skelton & Tebow are doing is impressive, somewhat shocking… It’s actually good for football.

    Unfortunately these two get all the talk, when really their respective teams are performing quite well. Maybe overachieving?

    – Nice stories… will they win any Super Bowls? Probably not. Teams are looking for Championship Contenders. Not Media Contenders…….. or are they?

  2. Skeltonmania…right.

    Only two of Skelton’s starts were won because of him. The rest came in spite of him.

    Kolb is the superior player and should be out there, health permitting.

  3. trbowman says: Dec 22, 2011 10:01 PM


    Only two of Skelton’s starts were won because of him. The rest came in spite of him.

    Kolb is the superior player and should be out there, health permitting.


    I have never yet seen you make a post that is even 10% remotely accurate. So superior player means a losing record with both clubs you have played for? Or more career picks than TD’s? Maybe it’s that amazing completion percentage? Let’s break this down for you. Size = Skelton, Toughness = HAHAHAHA MOST DEFINITELY Skelton. Arm strength = Skelton, Accuracy = Skelton, Balls to throw the ball up for Fitz = Skelton, NFL Wins = Skelton. Show me where on earth Kolb is better. Kolb is the product of sitting on the bench gaining valuable knowledge and experience with a vastly superior offense, yet Skelton still outplays him. Let’s also take into account Skelton had even LESS targets to throw to in his rookie year than he does now. Sorry, but Kolb is nowhere superior and the proof is in the pudding

  4. Great post goldfish. Yes right now Skelton is the right pick because the Cards are still in the playoff hunt. He is more familiar with the system and he has been winning. The one thing you said that I had been noticing for weeks is Skelton does try to get the ball to Fitz. So many times when Kolb was playing he never gave Fitz a look. Will Kolb be the better qb in the future….possibly but for now he has missed too much time and I think even the players feel more confident with Skelton.

  5. Wake up people, Kolb hasn’t played nearly enough to be correctly evaluated yet. Sure, the Cards bought the hype and he was disappointing so far, but he didn’t even play 16 games in his whole career yet. Let Skelton finish off the season and get Kolb completely up to speed with the offense during the summer and give him every shot to run with the starting job. And tell him to throw the ball to that stud WR he has.

  6. let me get this straight… the cards can win in spite of skelton.

    but they cant win in spite of kolb.

    well then… i’d start skelton.

  7. Arizona has the two worst offensive tackles in the league. Levi (Teflon) Brown and Brandon (Pegleg) Keith. John Skelton is a stud and can take the beating. Kevin Kolb on the other hand is a china doll just like Matt Leinart. Skelton isn’t like Tebow he’s got a great arm and will be a good quarterback in this league once Arizona gets some decent tackles. Look what happened to Aaron Rodgers when his line fell apart. Arizona will have to address their aweful line in this draft or free agency. Their defense has been awesome in the last 7 games. They could contend next year with an upgrade at both tackles. Levi Brown was actually drafted before Patrick Willis and Adrian Petersen. This is why you don’t draft out of need but best available.

  8. Let’s see what Skelton does when he’s being hit every time he drops back. Skelton’s luck is only slighted because god has Tebow’s back. Not to mention it will be cold in cincy and anyone who doesn’t think that’s a difference for warm weather teams is not very smart

  9. The D improved a lot during the season and Skelton benifited from that in most of his wins and played a couple of bad games, so while he has improved a lot in the last 2 games I’m not certain he is the guy. Kolb played well against the Cowboys, so I think the Cards have a pretty good QB situation – but I guess they need that with the play of their tackles!
    And I don’t think you can judge the phillytrade yet – DRC has done nothing for the Eagles and Fitz probably doesn’t sign his extension without the trade…… Kolb might still be the guy next season

  10. The jury is still out…..
    Drc isn’t exactly changing games….
    The mistake seems to be with the sign on bonus

  11. Kolb stinks! Eagles ripped you off. When you give someone 21 mill guaranteed, there should be no Skelton in the pic.

  12. Start Skelton! Start Skelton! Start Skelton! Start Skelton!

    This is great to chant with Queen’s “We Will Rock You” drumbeat in the background!!!

  13. Better (and cheaper) than Kolb is for the Cards. And that 2nd round pick is the icing on the cake.

    bigredjbird says: Dec 22, 2011 10:37 PM

    How’s DRC working out?

  14. I’m an Eagles fan, and I really think Kolb has been getting a raw deal for the past two years. First, gets concussed in the opener of 2010 and loses his job after 2 quarters because Vick goes nuts. Then, he finally gets a starting job in AZ. He has a bad team around him, no OTA’s, and gets injured again. Skelton comes in and wins some games through no fault of his own, and no Kolb “sucks” again. I don’t care…I still say he can be a great QB.

  15. Kolb is a very good QB.Its the team he plays for that is bad.Oh yea they won a couple of games with the Back Up QB that has been there for a minute.Concussions means he keeps getting knock down which is the blame of the OL not the QB.Skelton is and will always be a career back up no matter what team he plays for.All you couch coaches (i’m one also)think we know whats best.But whats going on in Arizona is the old saying if it aint broke,why try to fix it.And right now Skelton is doing all the right things.Watch what happens next year.

  16. Face it Kevin Kolb is a big fat bust. This year he used not having time to learn the playbook and not having ota’s for his poor performance. I am just curious what his excuse will be next year. The guy is a loser and should be locked up for grand theft larceny. He will always be on the sideline holding a clipboard and drinking gatorade, hell its safer there.

  17. No matter how Kolb COULD be we will never know. Everyone keeps saying he’s getting the raw end of the deal well those of you who think that need to think again…the cards are getting the raw end. All the great qb’s in the league played in games i sure as hell know they didnt miss 5 games because of turf tow. If the guy wanted it bad enough he could have had it. Skelton is a big qb and he has confidence in his recievers especially fitz. Yeah he has had some interceptions but he also has some huge plays and thats what happens when you take some chances. Look at favre he always had picks but he won. He also was the toughest sob in the game. Reliability and toughness goes a long way in this league and Kolb doesnt have it. He was out from injuries in philidelphia and he’s out for the same reasons here. Skelton has heart and he will take hits and stay in the pocket. He will prob never be great but he will be good and thats more then the cards have had in a long time. Go Cards!!!

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