Santonio expects big plays against Giants’ “poor-tackling” secondary

Getty Images

Jets receiver Santonio Holmes is expecting to have a big game against the Giants on Saturday.

Holmes said he thinks the Giants’ secondary is porous and that he’s going to be able to take advantage of it when the teams meet this week, in a battle that has major playoff implications for both New York teams.

They’ve given up big plays,” he said. “They’re poor tackling guys. We know plays can be made over their heads. We’ve just got to be willing to take advantage of them and make them count.”

According to Holmes, the Giants’ pass defense is centered completely on the ability to pressure the quarterback.

“They depend on their front four to get in and get pressure on the quarterback,” Holmes said. “A smart enough defender knows that he has a few seconds in his play clock that the ball should be released and if not, he’s depending on his guys to take care of business and I think those guys just fall victim to a lot of that at times.”

So Holmes plans to exploit what he sees as a weak secondary. If Holmes does make a big play against the Giants, he’d be wise not to pick up a celebration penalty afterward.