Tamba Hali: Chiefs want Romeo Crennel as their coach next year


Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali says he and his teammates want interim head coach Romeo Crennel to get the “interim” label taken off his title next year.

He’s very motivating,” Hali told the Kansas City Star. “He treats us like men. He does expect a lot from us, but he knows what it takes.”

Hali didn’t say anything negative about former head coach Todd Haley, but his comments, the comments of other Chiefs players and the way the team rallied around Crennel on Sunday all suggest that the players in Kansas City prefer Crennel to the man he replaced.

“I think anybody on this team would agree with me, if we can keep Romeo as our head coach here, it would be great,” Hali said.

At the time that Crennel was announced as Haley’s interim replacement, not many people expected him to get the job permanently. But if the Chiefs play as well for two more games as they did against the Packers, it would be tough not to give him the job.

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  1. Tamba Hali is pretty awesome. He also doesn’t ever say anything to the media, so maybe everything he says should be taken seriously.

  2. Why commit now, GM Pioli has the luxury of watching 2 more games before dertermining if Crenel is a good fit. Pioli has already screwed up once it would prudent for him to take his time because he won’t get a 3rd opportunity.

    KC still has a slim chance for the playoffs let these guys play hard for Romeo again this week. If somehow Buffalo can upset the Broncos, KC over Oak and Det stopping SD we will have a final dream death match of Orton at Tebow.

  3. Heck ya, after what they pulled off last week. Give him a shot. He seriously can’t be worse than that bearded nightmare that just left…. It would also help the team if Dwayne Bowe 9very overrated) remembered what a touchdown is????

  4. .

    The man has 5 Super Bowl rings. Three came as defense coordinator of the Patriots. He should be in the mix on resume alone.

    Tamba Hali – excellent player


  5. “He’s very motivating,” Hali told the Kansas City Star.

    Wow. Things must’ve changed a lot since Crennel was the HC in Cleveland.

  6. be careful what you ask for… there was a coach out west who was very motivating and all the players supported him and wanted the interm taken off his name… and now everyone is better off that Harbaugh is there.

  7. Let’s not forget the recent post pointing out that they can’t just remove the “interim” title. They still have to comply with the Rooney Rule in the offseason and interview for the position, including a minority candidate (which could be Romeo, obviously, but they still have to interview him, not just promote him).

  8. Make sure you look at all possibilities. I was thrilled when Singletary got the job here in San Francisco…great player, great man….poor coach.

  9. Leslie Frazier had a tryout and it didn’t work. Tony Sparano didn’t have a tryout, and it also didn’t work.

    Jeff Fisher (remember him?) was an interim that worked out. Mike Tomlin wasn’t an interim and he also worked out.

    Interim or no interim is no predictor of the future, but three good games as an interim coach is better than just talk, which is what any other coach would have to offer.

    I’d say give him a year. Take interim away from the title, but tell him he has one season as an audition. Win, and you’re in. Lose and you know the outcome ahead of time.

    But wait, they play the Broncos twice a year. Fire the man, fuggedabout him!

  10. I agree Coach Crennel deserves a second shot. However, I recall this time last year everyone on the Vikings hated Childress and they wanted Frazier as their coach. Look at how that is turning out. I am not a strong believer of letting the players decide who coaches them, because they’ll always choose the pushover.

  11. Anyone else think Crennel looks like an English Bulldog??

    He’s a good football coach. That team has a lot of talent that is on IR right now. If they can bring in someone to handle the offensive side of the ball and he can be HC and run the defense, that’s a good combination. Clearly Haley wasn’t the right fit here, but I was still surprised he got fired. Had the team at 11-5 last year and won the division. All kinds of injuries this year. I guess it goes to show you that if your an idiot you don’t get the kind of slack that a good guy might get.

  12. I would advise against Romeo. When he was with the Browns the knock on him was he “befriended” alot of the black players. Anyone who knows the inside situation knows that Romeo is a racist

  13. You kidding? This guy is a genius of secondaries and defense. I know he works with the secondary a lot though and the one they have in kc with berry healthy is gonna be dangerous. Brandon Flowers is so underrated!

  14. Romeo is not only a good coach but he is a good man and well deserving of being the Chiefs new head coach.

  15. Would like to see him get a shot. But the players better pipe down a bit or Pioli will dig his heels in.

  16. They keep him and that is Pioli’s final nail in the coffin.

    Most likely he gets canned anyway in the next couple years, but Crennel speeds up the process.

  17. Players that quit on a coach, any coach, are cancerous.

    Hire the guy they want and they’ll turn on him within 2 years.

  18. A Crennel coached team with Pioli as a GM seems like a no brainer to me. Crennel and Wies were the brains of the operation in KC last season and not Haley.

  19. @johnnydom. last I checked the Browns got WORSE without him. Also, have you seen the Browns rosters he coached? The fact that he got at LEAST 6 wins out of any of them shows that the guy can coach. That’s the equivalent to breaking the top 10 in a NASCAR race with a Ford Escort.

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