Eagles rule out Asante Samuel for Cowboys game

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On paper, the Eagles have three quality cornerbacks. The Cowboys have three quality wide receivers.

Philadelphia will head into their rematch with Dallas a little short-handed in coverage.

The team announced on Friday that Asante Samuel will miss Philly’s win-or-else game. Or at least it will be win-or-else for the Eagles if the Giants lose early Saturday.

If the Giants beat the Jets, the Cowboys-Eagles game will be pretty inconsequential. The Eagles would be out of the playoff mix, and the Cowboys will still need to beat the Giants in Week 17 to win the division.

Should the Giants win, the only playoff implications will be Dallas’ bid to stay alive for a Wild Card spot they aren’t likely to earn if they finish at 9-7.  The odds on two NFC East teams making the playoffs is very slim.

32 responses to “Eagles rule out Asante Samuel for Cowboys game

  1. joetoronto says:
    Dec 23, 2011 11:31 AM
    He wasn’t going to tackle anyone anyway
    that is a big misconception watch the game instead of listening to the media. in the open field he tackles as good as most corners.

  2. The Eagles don’t use their stud corners effectively anyway, so it doesn’t really matter if Asante plays. I think I remember Jaiquawn Jarrett covering Larry Fitzgerald in week ten. Meanwhile Asante and Nnamdi were on Larod Stephens-Howling and Early Doucet. It worked out real well for them.

    Hate to tell ya Eagles fans, but this late season run is ensuring you another year of Juan Castillo and Andy Reid.

  3. Uhh I am a niners fan, but all these comments are you guys forgetting the eagles gave the cowboys a rectal pounding last game. It wasn’t even close, put haynesworth at cb for the eagles and they still would have beat the boys. Just saying.

  4. That sucks, but I’m excited to check out DRC out on the edge. Hanson is a pretty decent slot guy, so we should they alright there.

  5. Teams familiar with the Ealges take advntage of Asante…like the ‘Boys.

    Not that I wish anyone harm, ever…but, WR screens, swing passes to the RB…screen plays to the TE/RB…Off tackle runs, Sweeps….ALL to Asante’s side….

    Those are the things the Cowboys, and anyone who wants to have success… do to the Eagles.

    I understand DRC isn’t a physical player either…but he won’t run away.

    For a good laugh, go watch #22 when M. Lynch, or M. Turner are coming his way.

    Asante lost this team at least 2 games earlier in the season, he can’t make this team next season.

    No big loss, defense should improve.

  6. The Cowboys and Eagles records could be 1-13 each and this would still be a huge game. Its called a rivalry. .

  7. This is actually a blessing in disguise. Asante does not play man. He does not tackle and he basically can not cover a wr very long. This means the Defense usually plays zone and gets burned sometimes. All he does GREAT is jump routes for ints. DRC can play man, is the 2nd fastest player on the team and is 6′ 2″ in height. He was a probowler in AZ, he’s still young, he has not lost that ability. DRC had a down yr. because he played slot all season. The Defense will play man most of the game and DRC and Namdi will shut down and shut up the cowtreads. 44-6 anyone?

  8. @joetoronto Even if he doesn’t tackle anyone Romo would be scared to throw his way, Asante would pick him off! DRC has gotta step up though, I think he will

  9. What about Nnamdi? He’s been banged up lately.

    If he is still not 100%, the Cowboys might be able to make a game of this one.

  10. 34-7 people. They don’t need Asante to win. McCoy will be in beast mode. Vick too fast for the LBs and the secondary stinks too. Romo will be under heavy pressure all day so an int or 2 is possible.

  11. eigglesnosuperbowls says:
    Dec 23, 2011 12:17 PM
    And the GIANTS will rule the eiggles out of the playoffs
    i do expect that next week when they fold to the Cowboys.

  12. the only way the Giants do anything to effect the Eagles playoff hope is if/when they get spanked by dallas in week 17..

    dallas & the giants do nothing but collapse..

    even with andy as coach,, we have DOMINATED THIS DIVISION for the past 10 years…

    imagine if we had a real coach..

    i look forward to wacthing a COWBOY/GIANT free post season..

    get real fellas

  13. I hate to have to be the one to overstate the obvious, but the Eagles are 6-8 for a reason, and that reason is Mike Vick. He’s a turnover machine.

  14. I love watching the comments slowly turn into the same old slander every single time they mention the Eagles on PFT.

    Conversation starts on topic, slowly moves to the coaches, slowly moves to players potential, slowly moves to our bad record and then finally it lands on Vick for having alot of turn overs this year. Even though this topic has absolutely NOTHING to do with Vick, what Asante Samuel or DRC bring to the table has absolute zero to do with Vicks turnover %.

    This is the part where you start using not-so-clever word play about ‘dream teams’ and SB wins.

  15. Btw just to humor you heres a list of the quarterbacks with more INTs than Vick: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Rex Grossman, Josh Freeman, Philip Rivers, Cam Newton, Eli Manning, Matt Stafford, Ben Roethlisberger, Andy Dalton, Mark Sanchez, Carson Palmer.

    So do these guys suck too or is it a standard that only applies to Vick?

  16. Samuel is decent at off/man coverage. He will tackle if the carrier is already engaged, or not looking. You can find tons of footage where he is either dodging contact or making a pathetic effort. DRC on the outside and Hanson in the slot. If NNamdi can lock up 88, should be a win.

  17. All this hate for the Birds…… Good, they embrace it from you cowards, internet strong-men, and the lowest form of human being…(Cowgirl fans

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