Marion Barber expected to sit out Sunday’s game

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Marion Barber’s brain fart in Denver will be the lasting image of his first season with the Bears.

He won’t have a chance to change that image on Christmas night, because Barber won’t be available to play against Green Bay. Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune reports Kahlil Bell will start Sunday, with Barber expected to be sidelined by a calf injury.

Bell’s backup will likely be undrafted rookie Armando Allen. In short: The Bears aren’t in great position to take advantage of the Packers’ shaky run defense.

14 responses to “Marion Barber expected to sit out Sunday’s game

  1. This will be like the fourth quarter of an exhibition game when the back-ups are out there showing what they can do!

    But it will be a lot colder!

  2. I was really hoping for a good game on Sunday, but Chicago…all of their big offensive threats are out. Who’s left? Hester… One almost… almost… feels sorry for the Bears. The team has to be demoralized, their season is all but over. And because of the rivalry the Packers won’t show them any mercy. At least until they are up 35 in the forth quarter.

  3. Technically, he’s going to start, he’s just going to head to the bench immediately after taking the first handoff.

  4. I remember the first game between the cowgirls n redskins, Felix Jones ran out of bounds 10 yards short of the 1st down on a 4th down play .. I was rofl .. I didnt see barbers but I.guess once a cowboy always a cowboy haha

  5. Run D for my Pack should look a little better come Sunday night. That’s unfortunate, because it also says something about us. 😦

  6. What a depressing christmas for Bears fans. Just a month ago Jay Cutler was handing off to Matt Forte and heaving bombs at Johnny Knox, putting up 30 points per game.
    And this Sunday, it will be Josh McCown handing off to Armando Allen and floating passes toward Max Komar, hoping to avoid a shutout.
    Karma, you better hook us up next year BIG TIME!

  7. why the hell is the christmas gamme always packers bears? last time in 2005 when it fell out like this, it was the same thing, the lone sunday game was bears packers.

    the bears put me to sleep. another snoozer sunday night. ill deff watch, but it wont be an exciting game to say the least

  8. Great. Marion Barber was my replacement for Demarco Murray in my fantasy league.

    And I’m in the championship this week.

    Luckily Foster gave me 24 last night. That will make up for my Daniel Thomas goose egg tomorrow.

  9. Heck, the Pack isn’t exactly coming into the game full strength either…
    Should be interesting to watch if Chicago’s 2nd and 3rd string offense can score again GB’s unimpressive defense.

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