Raiders’ Boyd fined $20K for blindside block, two Lions fined $15K


Considering that the Lions and Raiders have more personal fouls this year than any other teams in the league, it’s no surprise that four players were flagged for personal fouls when the teams met on Sunday. And it’s no surprise that all four of them were fined this week.

The stiffest fine went to Oakland’s Jerome Boyd, who was fined $20,000 for an illegal blindside block. The 15-yard penalty was huge for the Raiders, as it wiped out a long kickoff return, and now the fine is awfully big for Boyd, too.

Two Lions were fined $15,000 each for horse-collar tackles: Cliff Avril and Stephen Tulloch. Those penalties were also costly, as they helped march Oakland down the field to set up the Raiders’ first touchdown. Avril was particularly displeased with his penalty because he argued that Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer was still in the pocket when Avril dragged him down from behind, which would have made it legal. But the referee ruled that Palmer was out of the pocket, and the league office agreed.

Raiders linebacker Aaron Curry was fined $7,500 for unsportsmanlike conduct for going too far as he celebrated his fourth-quarter touchdown. Unlike the other personal fouls, that penalty wasn’t particularly costly on the field, as it was enforced on the ensuing kickoff, which Sebastian Janikowski boomed deep. But it will cost Curry in the wallet.

41 responses to “Raiders’ Boyd fined $20K for blindside block, two Lions fined $15K

  1. 1) Not only penalized but now fined for bogus horse collars? That’s the league these days.
    2) Cut Curry some slack, he made his first big play in 3yrs, I think he’s entitled to get excited about it.

  2. Boyd made a great block. He waited for the player to turn so he wouldn’t block him in the back, then pancaked him. Just make it flag football if you are going to penalize and fine these blocks!

  3. Two things

    Boyd’s block not only wiped out the return but it CREATED the return. So no great loss versus if he did not make the illegal hit.

    20k has got to hurt Boyd’s pocketbook more than most guys who get a 20k fine. Ouch

  4. Soulman45 says:
    Dec 23, 2011 3:31 PM
    How can they fine a team that is doing everything right plus headed to the Super Bowl.

    I may not share your confidence level, but you certainly are relentless in expressing it, I’ll give you that! Hope you are right.

  5. Lionsfan here, saw all the plays and these horse collar tackles are really becoming BS. Can’t even tackle a guy from behind without it getting called if they tackle above the waste. Saw Boyds hit and all I could think of was ” Nice hit!” Didn’t have aproblem with Curry’s celebration either. Glad the guy got out of Seattle and hope he does well with the Raiders. The Goddell Christmas fund gets bigger. Hope they put the money to good use.

  6. The fine against Curry is ridiculous. Fining him $7500 for that borders on insanity. What the league is saying is that 2 endzone dances is just as dangerous as a horse collar.

    Curry’s fine provess that the fine art of administrative stupidity isn’t exclusive to government – private sector execs have the same potential for moronic decision making.

    Regarding Boyd’s block – when I saw it live I said the same thing that “blackbeardk” has posted. They might as well make it flag football. A couple of years ago and that hit would have been on a highlight reel.

    Avril’s “horse collar” didn’t touch Palmer’s collar. He grabbed the back of Palmer’s jersey, which apparently is also illegal.

    The refs need to get out of the way and let these guys play football.

  7. Goodell is out of control. Illegal hits hurt people….ok…..but $7500 now for celebrating ?? Not a fan of either team, but this is ridiculous. That’s what yellow flags are for. Why don’t you just start fining players on the field. The can carry mini visa cards and the refs can charge them every time there’s a penalty. Goodell….good riddens. Let them play.

  8. The only reason Curry was in “position” to make a play was because, instead of becoming involved in the play, he was standing there watching his teammates trying to make a tackle two feet in front of him and the ball fell right at his feet. Pure dumb luck in his favor.

    Officiating is getting progressively worse and the fines are absolutely ridiculous. Fine someone for a blatant intentonal hit intended to hurt someone(harrison on McCoy) not for playing the game. Goodell is a used femenine hygeine flush recepticle.

  9. Why wasn’t Suh penalized for removing his helmet? It’s a oneway street with the league. The raiders have been blacklisted for a long time. It’s getting old…

  10. Would someone please ask why Pierre-Paul of the Giants was not fined for his helmet-to-helmet unnecessary roughness penalty on Rex Grossman this past weekend? Pierre-Paul already has a 10K fine this season for a roughing the passer penalty on Ryan Fitzpatrick.

    Why is he able to get away with multiple helmet-to-helmet hits and other players cannot? Inquiring minds want to know.

  11. All of these fines are stupid. Boyd’s block was a good block, Curry should celebrate for making a play. Suh should have been flagged for removing his helmet on the field on the final play. Why wasn’t he fined for unsportsmanlike conduct? NFL is gonna get pretty boring when you cant block, cant tackle and cant celebrate after making a good play.

  12. Oh and, I thought Curry punching the goalpost was one of the best celebrations I’ve seen in a while.

  13. Thank goodness these actions didn’t cause any head injuries….because PFT would have went into a 1200 word diatribe about how PFT is the be-all-end-all when it comes to opinions on how to protect player safety.

    Go ahead, don’t post this.

  14. dontrunfromme says:
    Dec 23, 2011 4:00 PM
    Why wasn’t Suh penalized for removing his helmet? It’s a oneway street with the league. The raiders have been blacklisted for a long time. It’s getting old…

    Because the game clock was zero. Pretty sure you can take the helmet off after the games over.

  15. adm350 says:
    Dec 23, 2011 3:54 PM
    Goodell is out of control… Why don’t you just start fining players on the field. The can carry mini visa cards and the refs can charge them every time there’s a penalty.

  16. For those whining about Suh taking his helmet off, the game was over and he wasn’t the only one…cheese & crackers, let it go!!!!!

  17. Well to me the Boyd hit on Carey looked illegal; it was a blind-side, helmet-to-helmet hit; very dangerous. I’d rather curtail such hits than have them continue and have more ex-players with Alzheimer-like symptoms. I think most fans wouldn’t mind seeing hits like that get eliminated from the game. The Avril horse-collar was technically a correct call although Palmer was no more than a foot or two outside the tackles, so in my mind there should have been no follow-up fine.

    As for the celebration fines, how about this idea: you can celebrate a touchdown in any manner you choose, with or without teammates, go to the ground, have a synchronised celebration, whatever, as long as you end the celebration within 15 seconds. As a fan, I don’t mind seeing my team celebrate nor do I begrudge the opposing teams’ celebrations.

  18. It’s really getting more and more difficult for me to continue my support for the NFL. Between all the flags and commercials, fines and the BS spewing from Goodell I’d rather just turn it off. Gave up season tix back in 2002 and cancelled Sunday Ticket. College ball is far more attractive to me. NFL is becoming a joke.

  19. Oh, and the reason for no penalty on Suh for removing his helmet to celebrate the missed field goal would be that time had expired.

  20. blaz0037

    Why do you read and post here if you dislike it and don’t think your stuff get’s posted?

    Do you stand outside each day in the snow in a t-shirt and shorts and complain it’s cold as well?

  21. Why Boyd hasn’t been cut yet is a head scratcher. The guy was abused by the Lions, and he’s consistently out of position and too slow mentally to make any adjustments/corrections.

  22. All of these fines for penalties when will they start fining offensive linemen for false starts. The penalty is the punishment why do we need the money taken away on top of it?

    Only in the extreme circumstances should their be fines on top of the penalties. Like Suh’s stomp or repeat offenders.

  23. is what it is, but not sure how you “blindside” somebody on a kick off. To me he just drilled the guy hard. Ref knew he could not call it a block in the back, so they called it a blindside although he hit him from the front.

  24. klunge says:
    Dec 23, 2011 3:21 PM
    1) Not only penalized but now fined for bogus horse collars? That’s the league these days.
    2) Cut Curry some slack, he made his first big play in 3yrs, I think he’s entitled to get excited about it.

    Curry has made MANY big plays for the Raiders already, sorry your butt is hurt but all the guy needed was some decent coaching.

  25. I had the total over/under on fine money at $65.5K
    These teams are no. 1 & 2 in penalties and no. 2 & 3 in criminals (behind Cincy)

  26. All these fines by God-del is going to ruin this great game sooner or later. This is not about safety but the league office has gotten away with all the fines and will continue to do so without any objections from the so called players union.

  27. vanislebob-The only reason their helmets hit is because Carey caved like a deck of cards when Boyd hit him in the chest…if anyone went helmet to helmet it was Carey!

  28. Where is all the outcries of dirty players?? When Harrison received that questionable suspension, I said there will be more fines/ suspensions to come. The bottom line is football is not the perfect sport. When you are trying to make a tackle things dont always line up. This is football and it will never change. There will be fines next week also. The NFL will be the most charitable organization in the world when Goodell is through with all the players.

  29. I’m a Lions fan but Curry’s fine is absolutely ridiculous! $7500 for celebrating! Anyway I think it would be punishment enough to celebrate like that and then actually lose the game…

  30. klunge says: Dec 23, 2011 3:21 PM

    2) Cut Curry some slack, he made his first big play in 3yrs, I think he’s entitled to get excited about it.

    Curry has made some bonehead mistakes since he’s been in Oakland, but he has actually made some good plays. I don’t understand his fine for excessive celebration He didn’t go to the ground or taunt his opponent. I thought Palmer was in the pocket when Avril took him down, too. As for Boyd, he FINALLY made a good play, and it cost him dearly.

  31. What criminals are on the lions team? Really did I miss something…On a local radio show KArsh and Anderson on The Ticket 97.1. They keep track and do parlour bets about arrests in the NFL and no lions make it on there and not on this sitw…….ONLY NFL CRIMINAL that has been in ford field would have to be GOD-DELL when he made his visit a couple of games ago.. And the fine money goes to charities..last big donation was to Haiti for there toothpick and soup can huts getting blown over…

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