Santonio Holmes fined $7,500 for touchdown celebration


Santonio Holmes had a pretty bad day at the office last Sunday against the Eagles and he’s out $7,500 as a result of one part of it.

Roderick Boone of Newsday passes along the news that Holmes has been fined by the league as a result of his touchdown celebration in the second quarter of the team’s 45-19 loss to the Eagles. After catching a touchdown pass that cut the Eagles lead to 28-10, Holmes put on an extended celebration that ended with him flapping his arms while stepping on the ball. That led to a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct, an overwhelmingly negative response from his team for halting their attempt at a comeback and, now, a fine.

Holmes apologized to Rex Ryan for the penalty this week, but that was just one facet of a day he’d surely like to forget. Holmes’ first quarter fumble was returned for an Eagles touchdown and a pass that clanged off his hands became an interception that led to another Philly score.

All will be forgiven within the Jets if Holmes lives up to his prediction of big plays against the Giants on Saturday. Unless, of course, he decides to sabotage the team with an excessive celebration when they occur.

36 responses to “Santonio Holmes fined $7,500 for touchdown celebration

  1. Why do these guys do any type of celebration when there team is getting a BEAT DOWN . Do a celebration after you win the game or when your teams up

  2. A penalty wasn’t enough punishment? The day lineman start getting fined for a false start is the day I stop watching football

  3. Idiot!! Why not just celebrate with your O line and get them pumped up instead of trying to get the entire spotlight on you while leaving the guys who got you in the endzone in the shadow.

    I would expect this out of guys like Stevie Johnson, MJD or Cam Newton but not Super Bowl Hero Santonio Holmes. Don’t taint your career with moves like this Holmes.

  4. $7,500 could have provided LOTS of “WAKE & BAKES. I wonder how this clown will dance on his 1st TD against the Giants. What a joke of a captain he is. Just proves addition by subtraction for the Steelers

  5. theres nothing like getting the stupidest penalty in football and it ending up costing 7 points…

    then fumbling 7 points….

    then deflecting 7 points…

    then dropping a probable 7 points…

    that 28 points probably would have come in handy….. like making the score 47-45 Jets….

  6. It was really stupid of him and he got penalized. How is that not enough punishment though?

    Like someone else said, what’s the next thing? Fining people for holding calls? Fining them for pass interference?

    The NFL is out of control with this fining stuff.

  7. His touchdown made it 28-10 in the second quarter. I can see how he is so excited to do a pre planned TD dance. lol what a joke! Barry Sanders probably just turns his head in disgust with these hip hop mofos. Who cares if you scored, woohoo, now your still down by 18 in the second. Get some heart, not some ego.

  8. Stop fining players NFL. When you fine everyone for everything, it makes the message you try to send when there are truly fine-worthy plays look meaningless.

  9. Santonio is one of the most clutch receivers in the league despite being a bit of a moron, and not having a QB. Wish Pittsburgh still had him.

  10. The number and gravity of the NFL’s fines on their own employees is staggering.

    We’re all so used to it, but my gut says you’d be hard pressed to find another business in America that recoups that kind of money from salaries, by fining employees for breaking company rules.

    The NFL is caking twice whenever they can, pure and simple. They cash in on the act, turn around, and cash in again by fining a guy for the same thing.

  11. Holmes deserved every penny of that fine, celebrate for LOOK AT ME, when the team is getting their BUTTS kicked.

  12. as a jets fan all i have to say about this is good. It should have been his entire game check cause he singlehandedly killed the jets in that game.

  13. Give the guy a break… After all he won the SB twice with these Jets and pulled off a big win Sunday against the Eagles….

  14. I’m sick and tired of ALL the ‘solo-celebrations’.
    I’m totally cool with the fines. I think they should be HIGHER than roughing fines.

    Get RID of the show boats who act like they aint never been in the end zone before….Guys who dis their team mates to finish their dance in the end zone. Take off freaks. It all started with the ICKY shuffle…. ICKY is right.

    You know what, just do your job.

    See Jerry Rice…. he knew cool… AND performance.

  15. This is what self-centered, moronic, low-rent, classless, fools do. Is this really a surprise to anybody? This is exactly who Santurdio is and a fair portion of his teammates are cut from the same “stock”. Cromartie immediately comes to mind.

  16. All of you saying that he should be fined, can you tell me exactly why? I understand it was a dumb celebration at the time considering they were down. But why does he deserve to get fined after having been penalized.

  17. I dont care what you think about him as a person and his celebrations. However, if you agree that he should be fined you’re an idiot. This is waaaay out of control.

  18. kbv510 says: Dec 23, 2011 8:49 PM

    But why does he deserve to get fined after having been penalized.

    Because some guys won’t change their behavior by simply getting a penalty and hurting their team. The pain in their wallet is of more concern to them. Now, you can say 7.5K is nothing to these guys who make millions. But plenty of them manage to stay broke.

  19. Santonio’s one of the best clutch receivers no doubt, but that’s no excuse for that IDIOTIC penalty–especially when his extremely sub-par play directly lead to the Jets being down 28-0 so early. Dumb, dumb DUMB

  20. He was fined because it’s ridiculous and getting out of control. The league needs to handle it.

    I’ve decided that everytime I actually do my job, I’m going to run down the hallway waggling like a jet, then bust a cricket on the conference room floor, then jump up and beat my chest… no matter who else on the team may have helped me.

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