Seahawks executive on 49ers: “We’re going to beat the hell out of ’em”

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Seahawks personnel executive Scot McCloughan knows the 49ers roster well. After all, he drafted many of the players when he was 49ers general manager.

He’s confident that his new team is better.

“They come to our place Christmas Eve, and we’re going to beat the hell out of ‘em,” McCloughan said of the 49ers to Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports.

We haven’t heard a lot from McCloughan since 2010, when he and the 49ers abruptly “parted ways.” McCloughan said he realized football “consumed him” too much while he was San Francisco’s president of football operations from 2005-08 before becoming the G.M. for two years.

San Francisco’s success this year has helped to burnish McCloughan’s solid reputation as a talent evaluator. Silver writes via league sources that McCloughan is expected to be a candidate for the vacant Raiders G.M. job and could be in play for potential openings in St. Louis or San Diego.

McCloughan is helping the Seahawks out in the background, but he clearly wants to get back into the big time.

“If an opportunity ever presents itself, I feel very good about what I can do. I know I can build a team that wins games,” McCloughan said.

77 responses to “Seahawks executive on 49ers: “We’re going to beat the hell out of ’em”

  1. First off, he said ” ’em” as in them and not him. Secondly….while I agree with him, he needs to go back to his desk and let the teams performance speak for itself.

  2. The only thing the Seahawks are going to beat this weekend is their peckers. The 9ers D is gonna smash their teeth in and throw it in his face. It looks like he’s still wishing he was in SF and is bitter for not being a part of this great season. You just made your chances of winning tougher now that you put a fire under the 9ers A$$e$

  3. Shut your mouf, Rex, err I mean Scott. Do we really need to give the 11-3 Niners motivation to kick the tar out of us a 2nd time this year? In the words of C.C., “C’mon man!”

  4. This guy is nobody. Why didn’t he pick up Tim Tebow. Anybody worth anything would want Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow. Just say the name Tim Tebow. That’s talent, Tim Tebow. A talent scout should always notice Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow.

  5. Just like week 1, right Scot, you raging alcoholic?

    Baalke has done more in his one , abbreviated off-season than you did in your entire tenure.

    I hope the Niners unleash hell on the Seahawks tomorrow.

  6. Hey!…here’s an idea. Go to work for Jerry Jones in Dallas. He’ll make certain that all of your abilities, intelligence and talents are circumvented and obviated. You will become a very well compensated puppet with no sense of pride, achievement or accomplishment.

  7. Statements like this have to hurt his chances. How great are you at evaluating if you think the ‘Hawks roster can “beat the hell out of” the 9ers?

  8. Yea right this is the guy who drafted Kentwan Balmer in the first round then Chilo Rachal in the second..This guy couldnt spot talent if it hit him in the face..Glad hes in Seattle now.Goodluck on that win your gonna need it..

  9. Hitting the suace again, huh Scott? Showing up drunk at the combine and shooting off your mouth isn’t good for your career, Scott.

  10. Harbaugh has something special up his sleeve for Pete and his desk jockey GM. I predict a good game with and even better handshake at the end.

  11. LOL, he must have been drunk making a statement like that. Providing motivation and inspiration to a team that was bound to suffer from an emotional let down after playing the Steelers under Monday night lights. WTF was he thinking?

    All the 49ers have to do is blitz the hell Outta T Jackson. Tom Cable does not know how to protect a QB.

  12. Clearly, he’s not bitter about the way things ended in S.F. with a pregame quote like that, which I am sure Pete Carroll wishes never saw the light of day.
    Not bitter. Clearly.
    The Niners’ success this year is mainly due to Harbaugh, the COY for 2011.

    McCloughan’s two coaching hires (Nolan and Sing) were bombs. His record on drafting is spotty, not great. He drafted Balmer in the first round don’t forget, a lazy bust.

    But Scotty will get another chance at a top job, because that’s the way the NFL works.

  13. This is the biggest game between these two teams since the realignment. They’ve never played when both have playoff hopes (Seattle just trying to make it, SF trying to secure a bye week) on the line.

    If you need bulletin board material for this one….damn, you’re soft. Strap on your helmets, this is going to be a brutal, defensive game.

  14. Don’t know if this will happen, but I have to believe just about everybody besides Niner fans hope it does.

  15. Whenever a team beats the Steelers, they often got overconfident and lost the next week. Ask Baltimore.

  16. Very weak article by Silver with some serious issues. And running with the narrative about finding him in a sports bar after he was fired due to alcoholism is well…weak. In fact the guy was such a total mess he left the team in the horrible position of having to ditch him right before the draft.

    McCloughan, undoubtedly did help the team re-build and had some nice picks here and there throughout his run with the team.

    But to say he didn’t bring in high-priced free agents? Jonas Jennings was 5+ million a year a never could stay healthy. That was the very first damn thing he did in SF. Followed by drafting Alex Smith. Nate Clements got $80 million reasons to smile and played league above average corner at best.

    And to suggest that he shouldn’t be given hell for picking Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers because other teams passed on Rodgers too is ridiculous.

    And the cute glossing over the wretched drafts of ’08 and ’09 is weak. This is the guy who brought the team Chilo Rachal over Desean Jackson because his philosophy is not draft WRs under a specific height and weight. That’s the kind of smarts that gets you in a sports bar tearing up over a 2-yard Frank Gore run. He also drafted winners like Kentwan Balmer and Glenn Coffee, the man who quit the league because Mike Singletary yelled at him too much.

    The 49ers are winning because of the coaching change and back-to-back strong drafts / off-seasons.

    Aldon Smith, Carlos Rogers, Donte Whitner, Mike Iupati, Johnathan Goodwin, Anthony Davis, Kyle Williams, Kendall Hunter, Navorro Bowman, David Akers, Chris Culliver, Ted Ginn, Bruce Miller, Larry Grant.

    There’s a hanful of guys who finished in the top 5 of pro bowl balloting this year all of whom were added in the past 2 years by his replacement. The man, Trent Baalke, who also played a major role in securing Jim Harbaugh, the biggest FA move the 49ers made.

    Yes, Smith, Gore, Davis & Willis came in under the McCloughan regime – but they never won anything until someone was able to plug in the right pieces around them.

    I wonder if Silver can stir up any other drunk Ex’s for Yahoo articles.

  17. The only thing he was ever good for was drafting middle of the road talent. His talent criteria were like his personality……neither hot nor cold.

    Go grab another whiskey Scott……just not during the combine good fella’.

  18. Completely taken out of context. If you read the whole interview, he’s glowing about how good his old team is doing, and then kinda makes this joke. It wasn’t at all like

    If I was one of those inbred, Tebow loving, hicks that believed in bulletin board material, I’d say this would be a bad example of it.

    Scot McCloughan was a decent executive for the 49ers and he often gets a little too much of the blame. He’ll probably be the GM in Oakland this time next year (now that it’s a real job).

  19. Wow. Considering the players he brought into SF, there are a lot of ungrateful & classless comments here – from the same fans that presumably cheer those same players. Well done.

  20. Does anybody know why Scotie left so abruptly??

    Was it really ‘immoral and unatural practices’ with large reptiles ??

    And, you’re right about Kentwan Balmer and Chilo Rachal in one year !!
    We could have had DeSean Jackson

    Oh, and Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers ??

    Doin’ a heckuva job, Scotie

  21. pencilmonkeymagic says:
    Dec 23, 2011 3:23 PM
    Wow. Considering the players he brought into SF, there are a lot of ungrateful & classless comments here – from the same fans that presumably cheer those same players. Well done.
    Have you read the comments in general from SF fans in this site? This should not come as a surprise to you.

  22. Marshawn Lynch runs hard. He is admirable, but I don’t see the 9ers giving up their first rushing score this weekend. If it does come down to kicks, I think SF is pretty well set too.

  23. Both teams need to win this game and they don’t really like each other. Nobody is getting blown out tomorrow. It’ll be close the best defene (Niners) will decide it.

    Go ‘Niners!

  24. Pencilmonkey,

    He did bring in some of the best players on the roster (Willis, Gore, V Davis, Justin Smith) but he also made some big mistakes (Jennings, Balmer, overpaying Clements). His history of player acquisition was very erratic.

    As far as the Alex Smith pick over Aaron Rodgers, if anybody thinks Rodgers would be the player he is now had he been picked by the 49ers, they are delusional. Tossed to the wolves as a rookie on a very weak team talent wise with an undermining Head Coach and musical chairs at Offensive Coordinator. I can’t think of any QB in the NFL now that could’ve succeeded under those conditions.

    I lay most of the blame for the previous decade on the primary decision maker at the time: John York.

  25. @lottsmissingfinger You do know the reason Aaron Rodgers is light years ahead of Alice Smith, is based on sheer TALENT, right? This isn’t about wins, or championships, or superbowls. It is simple. Aaron can actually throw the ball, and Alice can only do so, when a receiver is wide open. Alice couldn’t throw the deep ball if his Mother’s life depended on it. And you attain this to starting as a rookie in the NFL?

    Maybe you should read my username again and figure out what team I root for. You know a team that had the worst record last year, kinda like when Alice went to the 9ers. Except we didn’t even have an offseason like he did. And its a brand new coaching staff also. Yet my QB is on pace (17 yards away) from having the greatest rookie QB season in History.

    So ya, nice typical Alexsexual excuse, when comparing Alice to Rodgers. It doesn’t work outside the bay area, you know. We aren’t blinded by 1800 yards passing in a season, out here.

  26. The 49ers could very well lose this game because of the short week, letdown after Steelers and Qwest field is no picnic.

    All that said, there is little to no chance that Seattle “beats the hell out of them”. SF is the more physical team and hasn’t been close to blown out all year.

    All their losses (3) have been by a total of 15 points (3, 10, 2 pt. losses).

  27. Warning: This is going to be a long read…

    I will post about the comments later but I do want to talk about Scot’s performance in SF.

    From 2005-2008 McCloughan was the Vice President of Player Personnel and the team did not have a GM until 2009.

    Now it is hard to tell who built the foundation from 2005-2008 because everyone was told that Nolan had final say so it’s hard to tell who made the decisions and who didn’t. So McCloughan should get some credit for those years but it really is hard to tell due to the fact that no one ever said who truly deserved most of the credit.

    Now from 2008-2010 Scot was the GM which is an easier sample size.

    In 2008 the team signed Justin Smith as a FA which ended up being well worth the contract. They may have even underpaid considering his current production. As far as the Draft goes the first pick in that draft is no longer with the team and wasn’t good to begin with. Rachal is likely gone after this year too. But this draft did produce Josh Morgan and Larry Grant.

    In 2009 the only notable signings were Marvel Smith(who retired before the season) and Alex Boone(a UDFA who is showing promise still). The only players from the 2009 draft still on the team are Michael Crabtree and Ricky-Jean Francois. This also netted them an extra 1st rounder in 2010 but he was let go before that draft. You can’t really count Glen Coffee against Scot though because his retirement was a shock to everyone.

    Scot does deserve partial credit for the fact that he worked on the draftboard for the 2010 draft. But Baalke had final say and 3 of the first 4 picks are current starters, and he mined Kyle Williams, Anthony Dixon, and Nate Byham in the late rounds(Dixon is a solid backup, Williams has slot WR potential, and Byham before injury was excellent at blocking TE).

    Overall I am still trying to think of what to rate as far as McCloughan’s job with the 49ers until they actually tell us who had final say in the 2005, 2006, and 2007 drafts.

    As for his comments this week well good job Scot way to give your opponent some material to post up on the board to fire them up more. Wasn’t enough they are fighting for the first round bye and there is that Harbaugh/Carroll feud.

  28. In reply to my previous comment I might give McCloughan more credit for Willis because of the story that Singletary(at the time the 49ers LB coach) wasn’t sold on Patrick Willis because “He wasn’t knocking people out” and McCloughan talked him into wanting to coach Willis.

  29. @lottsmissingfinger: how dare you present a calm and reasoned argument! This is the Internet! 🙂 Fair points made, b though I would add ‘Which GM *hasn’t* missed on a player from time to time?’

    It just seems like there’s a lot of short-term memory spite for a guy that brought in Smith, Gore, Walker, Davis, Snyder, Haralson, Willis, Staley, Goldson and Crabtree. That’s the core of the team that the fans are praising right now.

    (But thanks for changing my rule that every 9er fan I’ve met in real life is ok and every online 9er fan is an idiot. I must be getting old)

  30. Nevis, San Francisco is not “the more physical team.” The Seahawks having been roughing people up on both sides of the ball all season long and especially of late.

  31. @klunge—-yes, klunge it’s strictly a 49ers fans event. Clearly no other fans have ever in the history of PFT ever said something negative.

    @pencilmonkey. Get over yourself. SM was hit or miss on players where he clearly hit pay dirt on players like Willis and took a chance on Gore (I don’t put VD in there simply because VD was a consensus top 10 pick). The major issue with SM is that he has a plateau mentality meaning if players don’t fit into his preconceived notion of some kind of prototypical mold of his opinion then that player usually will be overlooked…..and therein is the issue because a player only needs to fit into a system (and Walsh overwhelmingly validated this paradigm) and not necessarily fit into certain categories. His type of thinking lends to too many conservative choices which in the end leads to average talent that can be competitive but not of a championship caliber.

  32. This coming from the guy who showed up at the combine drunk! Fits right in with the “classy” Pete Carroll!

    Gonna be fun watching the Seachickens get spanked this weekend!

  33. vahawker says:

    Dec 23, 2011 4:04 PM
    2difshoe…you do know he’s not the Seattle GM…right?


    Thank you for correcting me on his position with Seattle, I apologize for your perfectness !

    As I said, either way, the 49er’s will beat Seattle and I will take a refresher course in grammar/spelling so you can find find better things to do with your time rather than sitting on your computer correcting people with one hand on your keyboard and the other down your pants !

    Happy Holidays

  34. I think the Steelers had more to win than Seattle does this week. Everyone thought that the game on Monday night was going to be a tough, defensive struggle. In the end, the 9ers proved that they are THE BEST defense in football. Period.
    I feel sorry for T Jackson. He will probably not sleep well tonight with “visions of Aldon and Justin” dancing in his head. The fact that Paul McQuistan has allowed 42 sacks this year probably doesn’t make him sleep any better. Either. Sweet dreams!

  35. fwbrodie says:
    Dec 23, 2011 5:06 PM
    Nevis, San Francisco is not “the more physical team.” The Seahawks having been roughing people up on both sides of the ball all season long and especially of late.

    the niners been hurting teams week in and week out and the seachickens will be no different

  36. @rkab22 i can’t stand McDrunkie but Alex Smith was drafted before he was even hired. It was also at the request of McCarthy and with Bill Walsh’s reccomendation. At least get all the facts straight. Given the circumstance and how everything has turned out it’s a pretty big fact to miss. He had many duds and a few exceptional players. Then again those stars were also dead middle of everyone’s radar. Not really a good scouting move like they did with Aldon.

  37. some of you are a little off base. He was drunk during the draft, on the road, and at home as well. He was relieved of his position because he couldn’t put the bottle down. Those are the facts- I WAS related to him for quite some time!

  38. Can’t wait to see Mike Crabtree laying on his back with his hands up in the air frozen because he just got ROCKED by Killa Kam Chancellor. The 49ers are about to get ROLLED.

  39. fwbrodie says:
    Dec 23, 2011 5:06 PM
    Nevis, San Francisco is not “the more physical team.” The Seahawks having been roughing people up on both sides of the ball all season long and especially of late.


     Ehhhhhh…… The Seahawks superior record certainly backs up your claims. I’m not going to disrespect what the Seahawks have done as of late but to sit and make claims such as this is plain fanboy. How is losing to your opponents 7 x’s roughing up your opponent? that said I think tomorrow’s contest will be the best thing ing in the NFL this weekend that won’t be talked about. While the media overhypes Tebomania Manning/Luck Jets/Giants, there will be a playoff caliber game in the NFC West tomorrow. I look for the NFC West to be one of the toughest conferences in the NFL.

  40. im going to end marshon lynch talk right now. Skittles has in 3 games vs 49ers 0 (zero) touchdowns and an aveage of 65 yards per game. go eat more children food. getting diabetes from the sugar will be more productive than what ull do vs niners

  41. dachozen1 says:
    Dec 23, 2011 3:04 PM
    I can see that happening. Steelers wouldve beaten them with 2nd string. I dont believe 49ers are the real deal. Smith is definitely suspect.
    The only suspect here is you. I have a question for you: which of the 11 teams the niners beat the hell out of are you a fan of?

    McLoughan did draft some talent here but it’s not a smart thing to give bulletin board material.
    However, the drafts after he left (2010 and 2011) have been just as impressive if not more so (several starters: Davis, Iupati, Bowman, Miller and several players first off the bench: Kyle Williams, Culliver, Hunter and Potential DROY: Aldon Smith).
    I think they’ve done well with Harbaugh/Baalke.

  42. McCloughan was ONLY the head scout until 2008 when he became GM. He had no say and no scouting work on Alex Smith. He had no authority in the drafting of Willis, Gore, or Vernon Davis. All he did was his scouting, and inform them who they should look at. Nolan and McCarthy take blame for Smith. Willis was highly regarded league wide, as was Davis. He put some ok talent in. He got Justin Smith signed which by far is the best move he was actually responsible for making. Balmer, Rachal, Lawson…. the list can go on for days for his bad moves.

  43. @chrismatthewsucks —-that’s all you could creatively establish was a reference to a *former* coach that you tried to affix to a current coach who has owned your current coach both in college and the pros?? At some point embrace the irrelevance of your franchise to the collective history of the NFL and begin to wonder when at SOME point you will actually win a Lombardi trophy. We had 8 years of irrelevance while your franchise has a collective history of it. You no longer have the Bucs to point to as irrelevant and even the Cardinals put up a better fight than you guys did in the SB against the Steelers.

  44. Smith, Gore, staley, Walker, Davis, Snyder, Haralson, Willis, Staley, Goldson,

    You guys all forget that most of those picks were actually Mike Nolans Picks not scott’s. Scott only had 2 drafts, one was a disaster, picking balmer and rachal on the first 2 rounds over D JAckson.. and the 2nd was in 2009 where he picked Crabs in the first round and then he got the following:
    Coffee -retired after 1 season
    scott mckilop – no longer with the team
    Bear Pasco – didnt make the team in his rookie season
    nate davis – no longer in the league i believe
    Ricky jean – best value pick he had

    So you see.. this guy did nothing to make this team better!!!

  45. 2difshoe u are a moron, he didn’t correct ur grammar or spelling he corrected your football knowledge ans being that this is a football website he had every right to do so, but as a whiners fan I don’t expect you to know anything outside of Joe Montana. Expand ur football knowledge beyond 1988 and get back to the rest of us. Seattle wins this game btw. We will discuss the outcome on Monday I expect every whiners fan to be back so they can cry and whine over losing!
    Go Hawks!! Playoffs 2011 here we come! The whiners haven’t been relevant since 94

  46. @dirtyjersey9er:

    Ey, dirtyjersey, see the thing is…in order to even blame the refs for a Super Bowl loss, first and foremost, you have had to BE IN ONE!

    Not sitting in–as you put it–dirty Jersey rancidly rotting, while hatin on us for making it there.


    Steve and Jerry been hung em up, homie! And T.O. been left town on yall. Those days are gone!

    And yall haven’t had a clue since.

    As many times as we CONSISTENTLY ran through yall in the recent millenium, one good season doesn’t qualify you to talk.

    We’ll see when we strap it up come Saturday afternoon who can talk trash and back it up!

  47. That’s it now!

    The man done said it and ain’t no turning back now!

    Let’s strap it up on the field and let’s back it up!

    Time to go now baby!

    Let’s Go Hawks!

  48. shanehawks says:
    Dec 24, 2011 1:53 AM
    2difshoe u are a moron, he didn’t correct ur grammar or spelling he corrected your football knowledge ans being that this is a football website he had every right to do so, but as a whiners fan I don’t expect you to know anything outside of Joe Montana. Expand ur football knowledge beyond 1988 and get back to the rest of us. Seattle wins this game btw. We will discuss the outcome on Monday I expect every whiners fan to be back so they can cry and whine over losing!
    Go Hawks!! Playoffs 2011 here we come! The whiners haven’t been relevant since 94
    At least we have Montana. Who do you have, Rick Mirer?

    As to whining, I have never seen as much as we saw out of seabag fans after steelers superbowl.

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