Another blowout loss moves Raheem Morris closer to brink

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The Bucs were within 10 points of the Panthers when the second half got underway, but it wasn’t a competitive game much beyond that.

Carolina scored four straight touchdowns and rolled to a 48-16 victory on Saturday in Charlotte. We’ve covered some of Cam Newton’s highlights from this one already, but he added two more passing touchdowns and a rushing touchdown in a completely dominant performance. The win guarantees the Panthers will finish in third place this season and will raise hopes of a bigger leap next season. They’ll need a better defense, but they’ve got quarterback taken care of and that’s a pretty nice place to be after last season.

As for the Bucs, it’s getting really hard to think that they won’t be starting over with a new quarterback next year. Tampa has regressed terribly this season under Raheem Morris and he doesn’t seem to have any clue about how to turn things back around. This was their ninth straight loss and the team hasn’t been competitive in far too many of those losses to make the case that Morris is on the right track.

That’s the track Carolina is on, thanks in large part to the guy they took first overall back in April.

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  1. I know it’s the Bucs and all but everything clicking like this for the Panthers is amazing. I love Cam and I love this new coaching staff, I just hope we can keep Chud through the offseason

  2. “As for the Bucs, it’s getting really hard to think that they won’t be starting over with a new quarterback next year. ”

    Josh Freeman is not the problem.

  3. Hey Alper, I’m assuming when you wrote “As for the Bucs, it’s getting really hard to think that they won’t be starting over with a new quarterback next year.”

    You meant “with a new coach” right? You aren’t suggesting it’s a foregone conclusion that the Bucs are going to release Josh Freeman are you?

  4. As for the Bucs, it’s getting really hard to think that they won’t be starting over with a new quarterback next year.


    Whatever happened to trying to develop a Quarterback?

    This the JaMarcus Russell syndrome? Give up on a QB based off of one bad year?

  5. “As for the Bucs, it’s getting really hard to think that they won’t be starting over with a new quarterback next year. ”

    This could not be more false. Yeah Freeman had a bad year, but he also showed great potential last year.

  6. I’m a Bucs fan and season ticket holder and I feel real bad for Raheem and the coaches.

    The players just are not very good. There are people who want to blame it on bad coaching. Bad coaching is not Winslow failing to put his head down and jumping like a fool, fumbling twice in Panthers Territory and a LB failing to stay in front of Cam Newton on a 49 yard TD run (I’m speaking to you #58).

    The Glazer’s HAVE to spend some jack this off-season. Because they have a bunch of circus clowns on the field and not a football team.

    A good young Coach Morris actually deserves better.

  7. What I find so funny is how bad the Ram are playing but no one in the media is calling for Sanford to be replace because you simply can’t replace a QB who is being pay so much, according to the so called experts but you can get rid of Josh Freeman. So if the QB is media chosen your job is safe.

    Look out Cam, as soon as you show an ounce of failure , you will be called to be replaced because you’re not a choosen QB.

  8. Raheem is a horrible head coach. He should be coaching college or high school, not pro athletes. He’s too friendly with the players and they obviously don’t respect him. Why would you want to play hard for a guy you think is your equal?

  9. He was supposed to be a prodigy. Youngest head coach ever, or some such garbage. I’m not sure he’s qualifed to be a coordinator.


  10. Good young coach? Please. This man has no control and has completely lost this team.

    Even if he was to get fired, I dont believe anyone would even consider hiring him as a defensive coordinator.

    Geez. Isnt the Panthers OC the guy who Morris sent packing? That sure came back to bite him.

  11. Raheem must be let go!
    Freeman “IS” part of the problem. It’s impossible to look at his stats and game management skills and not see that.
    Morris hung his hat on Freeman and both are going to be gone.
    This team is as lost as a short dog walkin’ in tall grass!
    What we need most of all is….NEW OWNER!!!…..That’s enthusiastic about winning in the NFL and has the dollars to invest in the team…….and wants to.

  12. Freeman did not play well last year! He had some 4th quarter combacks against some very bad teams. Bucs had one of the easiest schedules in the league.
    Most of the time his first 3 quarters weren’t worth a hoot. he got some lucky wins. As a result he ended up with an over-inflated evaluation.
    Freeman is not starting material. he has prototypical size but can’t read defenses. A lot of those guys have come and gone in the NFL.

  13. I’d keep Freeman. Morris is a knucklehead though. Too much chest bumpin’ and excuse makin’.

    Good young coach? Nah.
    Cheap? YEEEEESSSS!

    If the Bucs were to bring in any good DC to assist Morris, he would probably command more pay them the HC is getting.

    Just let this guy return to being a secondary coach somewhere.

  14. bigdawgy:

    Freeman can so read defenses. The problem with Freeman is the lack of talent on that team. The OL is mediocre, his starting tailback is a second year undrafted free agent, and his starting WRs and TEs are mostly a bunch of 1st and 2nd year guys. And the Bucs gave Freeman NO HELP in free agency this year or in the draft because the owner is broke, and they were trying to build this super great defense. Well surprise … their draft picks on defense the past 2 years haven’t panned out.

    Give Freeman the same talent around him that Matt Ryan has, Pro Bowlers at TE, WR and RB, and then we will see whether the guy can play or not.

  15. bearsrulepackdrool:

    The Raiders gave up on JaMarcus Russell for the same reason that his “life coach” did: Russell has a terrible work ethic, and a lack of grip on reality that borders on being self-delusional (meaning that nothing that is bad that happens to him is ever his fault, but instead is the result of people and events conspiring against him).

    Russell had a decent rookie year, but that was under Lane Kiffin. After Al Davis fired Lane Kiffin, the downward slide began. But Davis had legitimate reasons for firing Kiffin (insubordination) so you can’t blame Russell’s failures on Davis.

  16. To those who think Josh Freeman is not a good quaterback, look at some of the film from this game. The Carolina defense, especially the secondary, had no respect for any of the wide receivers. They dared Freeman to throw over the top because the receivers lack speed and separation. Yet Freeman still completed >60% of his passes. Although many of them were check-downs, kudos to Freeman for progressing through his reads. Boo to the Bucs receivers who have played poorly all season, and boo to the woeful defensive scheme (70/30 man-to-zone with an inconsistent pash rush) that has given up more big plays than any other team in the league. The inability of the linebackers to read their run fits, while consistently biting on play-action is a problem, as are the bad angles and poor tackling (Mr. Jones and Mr. Black). You can’t blame that on youth. That’s poor preparation and practice. And, this, falls to the coaching staff – from top to bottom.

  17. .

    There’s a way to get player’s attention (Belichick style) …..cut some of their teammates .

    Oh, my bad, they only have 28 million in cap space. They couldn’t afford the hit.

    If he doesn’t get the Chiefs job. Romeo Crennell might have the gravitas to change the losing culture.


  18. As for the Bucs, it’s getting really hard to think that they won’t be starting over with a new quarterback next year.

    So they’re getting rid of Freeman???? First I’ve heard of that.

  19. 1997-2008 Buccaneers longest losing streak : 4 games.

    2009-2011 : Morris has losing streaks of 5, 7 and 9 games…

    With Morris, only the draft position is getting better with time.

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