Cam Newton sets rookie passing mark


It seems like a long time ago that people were doubting the wisdom of making Cam Newton the first overall pick of the draft.

Newton added another bright spot to his rookie season in the first quarter against the Buccaneers when he set a new record for passing yards by a rookie. Newton hit Brandon LaFell with a seven-yard pass to break Peyton Manning’s record of 3,739 passing yards. The drive ended with a DeAngelo Williams touchdown and Newton now has 3,747 yards on the year.

The Panthers lead the Bucs 10-0 late in the first quarter.

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  1. For a guy that wasn’t expected to have NFL success persay.. I would say that is a pretty nice accomplishment.

    Even if he was expected to have success. Manning is pretty elite company.

  2. I never would have thought that Cam Newton would be a thrower and just and option type of QB, boy was I wrong, I am a Cam Newton fan from here on in. I will proudly eat crow for all the people I told that he would be what I thought he would he (College type of QB)


    Great job Cam

    GO LIONS!!!

  3. If this is any indication of his future, its very bright:

    Mannings rookie year: 3,793 yds on 575 attempts and a completion % of 56.7%. He threw for 26 TD’s and 28 INT’s.

    Newton through 14 games: 3722 yds on 475 attempts and a 59.6% completion percentage. 17 TD’s and 16 INT’s. (also 600 rush yds and 13 rush TD’s).

    With 100 less attempt, Cam has thrown for more yards, accounted for 600 more rushing, and has a combined 4 more TD’s with 2 games left. Crazy stats! And I was thinking it was ridiculous for him to go #1…but thats why I’m not an NFL scout!

  4. LOL at Mel Kiper and his unwarranted man love for Jimmy Clausen before last season. He swore up and down he was the next Montana. His play makes Blaine Gabbert look exciting. The Panthers are clearly a much better team with Newton and will certainly be playoff contenders for several years to come.

  5. It is fair to propose that the Panthers had a better team around Newton than Indianapolis did around Manning. The Panthers have 2 Pro Bowl caliber RBs, a Hall of Fame WR, plus several good (if not great) WRs and TEs. It is also true that Manning set that record back when the NFL actually let opposing defenses breathe on QBs and WRs … before all these spread offenses. So, throwing for 4000 yards now is about the same as throwing for 3500 yards back when Manning was a rookie.

    Still, Newton has had a great season for a guy who only started one season of major college football, and in a spread option offense at that. The lesson to learn from Newton and Tebow this season is that dual threat QBs can succeed if NFL teams play to their strengths early in their career. Vince Young would be a great player by now had Jeff Fisher done the same.

  6. tradeassociation says..

    It is fair to propose that the Panthers had a better team around Newton than Indianapolis did around Manning.

    That team had Marshall Faulk and Marvin Harrison. Yes, Harrison wasn’t great yet, but lets not act like Peyton had Joesho to throw to.

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