Cam Newton’s record half has the Panthers on top

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Cam Newton wasn’t done setting records when he passed Peyton Manning for the most passing yards by a rookie in NFL history.

Newton hooked up with Brandon LaFell on a 91-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter to set a new mark for the longest passing play in Panthers history. It’s just another feather in Newton’s cap, one that should be making room for a slew of Rookie of the Year awards when the year comes to an end. He finished the half with 124 passing yards and five of the team’s 110 rushing yards.

Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams combined for the other 105 against a Buccaneers defense that’s missing a bunch of players up front. Unless they find a way to slow down the Panthers on the ground, that’s going to make it difficult for them to turn around a 20-10 deficit in the second half.

That they’re alive in this one at all is a credit to a good half by Josh Freeman. After the Panthers scored on their first drive, LeGarrette Blount fumbled on the Bucs’ first offensive play and the Panthers were up 10-0 less than seven minutes into the game. But Freeman recovered and completed 13-of-14 passes the rest of the way to help get Tampa back in the game.

11 responses to “Cam Newton’s record half has the Panthers on top

  1. Bucs just can’t get anything going, seems like as soon as they get any momentem a turnover or a penalty just shuts them down

    Also enjoying Chad Pennington commentating more than I thought I would

  2. Cam Newton is seriously awesome… Franchise QB finally for Carolina. Watch out next year, if they add a few pieces to the defense and get Jon Beason and Thomas Davis back!!

  3. Very impressed with the play of this team – 17 guys on IR and they keep playing hard. I wasn’t sold on Rivera early on, but he kept this team focused. They’ve looked like a playoff team the last few weeks. Better win it all his year Who Dat Nation, b/c Cam and crew will be looking down at the rest NFC South next year.

  4. I thought it was going to take this guy 3 years and then MAYBE he will learn to be an nfl qb. He isnt very accurate and will have trouble adjusting to being under center. HA! Cam is better than me, I would be rubbing everybody’s face in it.

  5. Cam Newton is freakin’ awesome!! I wasn’t on the Newton hate bandwagon when he was drafted, but I certainly didn’t expect this level of play from him. The Panthers have the 5th ranked Offense in terms of total yards per game, if only that could have stayed healthier on Defense they might have won more games. I’m sure these guys will add some more talent and depth during the offseason with the Draft and Free Agency. Can’t wait until next season to see this team start fresh and be competitive in their division.

  6. Imitation is the best form of flattery. Folks, if the great Vince Lombardi came back, he would surely utter his catch-phrase, “what the h.e.l.l is going on out there?” The NFL has changed and we’re leading the movement. Expect more and more teams to try and copy what we’ve done on offense. The NFL will never be the same. The search begins for the next QB who can throw for 4,000 and run for 500. Pro football just became more exciting than ever before, thanks to Cameron Newton and a guy called Chud.

  7. What I am afraid of now is that Charlotte is not big enough for Cam Newton. QB like that need to play for the Cowboys,49ers or NY you know. I know that went can make him stay buy it is hard if he don’t what to be there because all the fans are talking about him crying and stuff

  8. Do and say whatever you want to, to try and discredit Cam. Change the whole paradigm by which you measure QB greatness if you want to. Cam will be back to conquer whatever hurdle you place in front of him. I am totally convinced.

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