MRI confirms ACL tear for Peterson

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As expected, an MRI had confirmed that Vikings running back Adrian Peterson suffered a torn ACL during Saturday’s win over the Redskins.  The Vikings announced the results of the MRI tonight.

While the Vikings’ statement addressed no other damage in the knee, Tom Pelissero of reports that Peterson also has a torn MCL.  Though the degree of the MCL sprain isn’t identified, Pelissero writes that the MCL will heal without surgery.

There was no damage to the PCL and, presumably, the LCL.

So the news could have been worse for the Vikings.  After the injury and the initial evaluation, the Vikings believed the ACL was torn and feared more extensive damage elsewhere in the knee.

Peterson’s timetable for a return isn’t known.  His availability for 2012 will depend on various factors.

Fortunately for Peterson, the Vikings were willing to sign him to a long-term deal before the expiration of his rookie contract, which shifted the injury risk from the player and to the team.

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  1. Get better buddy, you are one of the most exciting players in the game to watch. You did, however, cause me to lose in my fantasy championship game, but no hard feelings.

  2. Adrian,
    No one cares if you are not as good next year as you were the last few. We just want you to rest and get well soon. You gotta make sure you heal all the way this time because I’m looking forward to seeing the best running back in the league work with a few new blockers next year. You are an animal and this injury is a test of your strength. Let’s remember you as the guy who came back from the brink and stunned the world with the best running in history. Come back with a vengeance baby!

  3. This is a first – me, Captain Triumph, the biggest Vikings homer on PFT…saying forget the stadium, let the Vikings move. I’ve had it. Them moving would save me a lot of aggravation. Frazier getting up there calling this a ”great victory” was the last straw for me.

  4. Man this sucks… Love the way you run and hope to see you competing again next year. Even if you cause me a few headaches playing against my Lions. Get well AP

  5. Horrible thing to happen to a great back. Im not at all a Vikings fan, but I hope returns to his pre injury form. A lot of running backs never seem to be the same after a acl tear.

  6. Never good for a running back. He may be signed with a long term deal. But, that doesn’t mean anything in the NFL.

  7. If anyone can come back strong from this, its AP. Some notes on torn ACLs:

    – Frank Gore tore his acl in 2001, returned in 2003 to start his NFL career
    -Jamal Lewis tore it in 2001, 02 he had 1327 w/4.3 and 03 2066 w/5.3
    -Willis Mcgahee tore it in college, before entering the league
    -Jerry Rice tore his in 1997, in 98 he had 1157 yds and put up two more 1000+ seasons (he was 34 in 98!)
    -Edgerrin James tore his in 2001, had about 1000 yds the next two years then went for 1500+ in 2004 and 2005

    Medicine today has made the rehab time for this injury about 9-12 mo, but NFL players like Roman Harper and Ronnie Brown have successfully done it in about 8 months. Don’t worry people, AP will be back, in two years he should be back to his old self.

  8. Several Weeks ago . I was called an Idiot . For saying the Vikings Should SHUT HIM DOWN FOR REST OF THE YEAR.. WELL GUESS WHO HAS THE LAST LAUGH ..

  9. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy/player. This guy plays 100% even when the rest of his team has checked out. Even when he himself isn’t fully healthy, he wants to play. Before and after his extension.

    You know he’ll be back by mid training camp at the latest and ready to play on week one next year. I would bet money on it.

  10. Ooh. I respect Peterson as a player. He is the best rb in the league. However, I have to say, the vikings are idiots for playing him with nothing to gain. Leave it to Minnesota though. They probably just ruined the career of the greatest running back that never as.

  11. I really feel bad for this guy. He’s obviously a great athlete and, by all accounts I’ve seen, a really good teammate. Best wishes for him.

  12. $36 million guaranteed, $32 million of which is guaranteed for skill and the other $4 million for injury. 2011: $8.25 million, 2012: $8 million, 2013: $11.25 million, 2014: $11.75 million, 2015-2017: Under Contract, 2018: Free Agent

    direct from rotoworld.

    Not sure if 32M is guaranteed for skill that it also means injury. Hope so. So even if this is the last play for AD (which I doubt) he should be set for life.

  13. I had this exact same injury. MCL should be healed in 4-6 weeks. If the surgery for the ACL occurs soon, AD should be back for the start of the 2012 season no problem.

    Good luck to Peterson with his surgery and subsequent physical therapy.

  14. Another RB bites the dust. As much as I dislike the Bears and dumbass Angelo they made the right decision on Forte. NEVER go crazy ass long term on a running back. Never.

  15. I wish people on here were as sympathetic toward real world problems as they are toward an famous athlete that cares nothing about them

  16. AP i love to watch you play so get better and get back to the show… BUT YOU SHOULD HAVE NEVER LET THEM PUT YOU ON THE COVER OF MADDEN….

  17. Not a Vikings fan, but it really sucks to see AP go down like that. He’s one of the few players I’d pay to see play that aren’t on the Lions. A total class act and the definition of a consummate professional.

    Knowing his work ethic and approach to the game, I’m sure he’ll be on his feet and back in action in no time. Good luck AP!

  18. You hate to see this happen to a guy like that. At least he will have a long time to recover from it, I see him playing in some role on opening day 2012, but probably not starting. I think that would be a little too ambitious.

  19. It’s fortunate for Peterson the vikes were stupid enough to sign him to a long term, guaranteed contract.

    If this franchise was a sick horse you’d euthanize it out of mercy!

  20. – Frank Gore tore his acl in 2001, returned in 2003 to start his NFL career
    -Jamal Lewis tore it in 2001, 02 he had 1327 w/4.3 and 03 2066 w/5.3
    -Willis Mcgahee tore it in college, before entering the league
    -Jerry Rice tore his in 1997, in 98 he had 1157 yds and put up two more 1000+ seasons (he was 34 in 98!)
    -Edgerrin James tore his in 2001, had about 1000 yds the next two years then went for 1500+ in 2004 and 2005

  21. Hate to see anybody’s career in jeopardy.

    Having said that, as a Saints fan, it has been very satisfying to watch the Vikings franchise completely fall apart piece by piece.

    Next stop, Los Angeles!

  22. Hey Adrian…remember when Texas was recruiting you, and you sold out and went to play for OU…

    Your words…I want to get a championship, and OU plays for championships…

    You never got a National Championship, while Texas did during those years…

    And you will never get a superbowl.

    Hook Em Horns

  23. I for one, am seriously appalled CBS interrupted the Raiders game to show the ‘highlight’ of AD getting injured (twice). Not cool.

    Godspeed AD, I hope you come back soon and with a vengeance.

  24. I think the Redskins played an incredibly dirty game today, lining up Christian Ponder when he was basically defenseless while being held up and yet, the Washington player gave it everything he had launching himself head first into Ponder helmet to helmet. The Play on Peterson was just as bad as the defender again launched himself flying in there to take out his knee’s… Plenty of other dirty play that wasn’t called either. While it kind of sucks that we won’t be in on the Suck for Luck Ransom with just 2 games left, but I can’t blame our boys, they played hard and they deserved to win! Way to go guys, I’m proud of you! Forever Minnesota Vikings!

  25. Willis McGahee had his knee turned to dust and came back and has had a pretty respectable career…AP will eventually get back. We’re all worse off for not being able to see him at 100% every week, get well AP.

  26. I had surgery last year to repair my torn meniscus and my ACL. Don’t wish that kinda pain on anybody. He’s gonna hate life for the next few months, but he’ll be ready to go next year as long he doesn’t have Peyton Manning’s doctor.

  27. – Frank Gore tore his acl in 2001, returned in 2003 to start his NFL career
    -Jamal Lewis tore it in 2001, 02 he had 1327 w/4.3 and 03 2066 w/5.3
    -Willis Mcgahee tore it in college, before entering the league
    -Jerry Rice tore his in 1997, in 98 he had 1157 yds and put up two more 1000+ seasons (he was 34 in 98!)
    -Edgerrin James tore his in 2001, had about 1000 yds the next two years then went for 1500+ in 2004 and 2005

    None approached Emmitt Smith numbers, (Rice was a receiver, and didnt nearly get the punishment as a RB gets, plus the shelf life of an RB is shorter, anyway.)

    It was fun while it lasted, maybe he comes back to regular form – but the way in which he runs? Probably not. – Wish him all the Best – he is one of the best, if not the best RB in the game.

  28. Good luck and speedy recovery. I love watching you run. The steelers fan that wrote that comment is a scumbag.

  29. @frankgarret…. Are you really happy one of the all time greats that we were all lucky enough to get to see may be done playing just because it proves you right? Wow, pathetic ……..

    This is really to bad. I am sure he won’t do it but I really hope AP stays out next year as well and comes back 100% for 2013. He’s only 26 and would only be arround 28 when he comes back and still mostly young because he would have a full season off. I just dont want to see happen to ap what happened caddy Williams. The guy came back to early and blew the knee out again, once again came back to quick and blew the other one out as well and is now just a shell of what he was.

    I also hate to say this but it was a bad year for running backs. The whole idea of long term deals for running backs may be over now. With the injury to ap and the bad play of Chris Johnson and high production of a ton of cheAper younger players. I think the running backs in the nfl may start getting much shorter contracts.

  30. ACLs are typically a 5-6 month rehab time injury, the MCL involvement complicates it a little. Very fortunate to hear (the rumor) that nothing else is involved!

    Rumor also has it that AP wasn’t listed on the injury report this past week, which means he was deemed 100% healthy by the medical staff. Can’t really keep a player who is 100% healthy off the field. Ergo, can’t blame Frazier for playing him.

  31. 9 months to recover which will be plenty for him with his great work ethic. I dont think this will change the way he plays.

    there was no way he was going to let them sit him out for the rest of the season. Yes nothing to gain by playing but this is a game he loves and his profession. If he hit 1000 yards he would of hit some of the escalators in his contract as well. 30 yards short.

  32. Hey frank…even if he recovers, I say shut him down for a couple more years, just to be safe.I’m sure he’d be ok with that. DUMB.

  33. No matter who your team is this sucks for the NFL in general. Peterson is one of the league’s most exciting players and also a solid guy you don’t worry about getting into trouble off the field. Hopefully he recovers and can keep entertaining us “all day.”

  34. I’m starting to wonder if some of these packer fans here really know anything about football at all. gb4mn0 sounds like the most intelligent douche ever. As much as i don’t like your agenda, i could never bring myself to trash your team or qb the way you trash the vikings and AP, or wish injury on one of your best players. Your a true douche that probably doesn’t even know what position Aaron Rodgers plays. And i’m starting to wonder if you even know who he is.. But maybe for your sake, (so you have more fodder to trash the vikings) you should probably think about complaining about the helmet to helmet hits, and leading with the helmet now before some cheap shot player pulls a stunt like that on Rodgers, and he has another concussion. Because I, unlike you, would never want to see a rival teams best player go out from a possible career threatening injury. As much as i don’t like losing to the packers, i can give them props. They have one of the best GM’s in the league. And McCarthy, as smug as he can be at times (in my opinion, based off the way he handled favre and rodgers at the time, and the last two years he had to start his starters against our starters, which he could have beat us with their practice squad) He is one of the best coaches in the league, and his record backs it up.
    Some of the Packer faithful are classy fans. But you gb4mn0, i wouldn’t piss in your mouth if you were dying of thirst.

  35. Watching the video it was obvious that the ACL was torn at a minimum. At this point this is almost good news to know the PCL and LCL are presumably intact. Guys can come back from ACL’s and MCL’s but rarely ever do they come back well from the triple ligament injury.

    But either way this will hamper his abilities. Terrible season.

  36. I can’t believe some of you clowns are saying when he gets healthy trade him or some of u saying he will never be the same!! You are all WRONG, the man is a special human being & a great football player & with his mind set being what it is he will be back on top by next year!! He proved ALL you haters wrong coming out of college when you haters were saying he is injury prone & then came in & tore the NFL up!! This is his first serious injury & it will take some time to heal, but the dude is a speical person & will shut ALL you haters up again!!

  37. I see the hillbilly packer fans are busy posting comments on here about peter sons injury. I only can hope gay rodg can have this happen to him ad the bears win tonight.

  38. dtrb10… Come on dude, don’t wish this on another player. Don’t lower yourself to the ranks of SOME of the packer fans. And i do stress SOME! Not all packer fans wish this type of thing upon other players. But some do laugh about it.

  39. This is why the Titans didn’t want to break the bank on Chris Johnson. It’s far too easy for running backs to have too short a career.

    With the Vikings playing for nothing (not even Andrew Luck) if I were him and the team, I’d get any surgery done before the ball drops, if at all possible.

  40. As a Packers fan, I am sad to hear this, he is/was the best back in the league for some time now, hope he has a full recovery. To all the Idiot vikings fans that keep referring to him as AP, its AD, always has been always will be AD, as in ALL DAY. It never was AP.

  41. This is horrible news for the Vikings. AP is the majority of their offense. He is a hard worker and will return, but he will never be the same back he was early in his career. Why the Vikings were using him so much in meaningless games is beyond me.

  42. I hate to say I told you so……but I did.

    The Vikings were complete idiots to give an injury prone RB a massive contract. They should have traded him for multiple picks and come to their senses that this is a passing league. They are so far from sniffing a divisional title with Rodgers, Cutler and Stafford working against them. And it is pretty clear that Ponder was a mistake.

    If the Vikes were smart, they would draft RG3 and hope that he is their savior. Hell….Ponder is getting thoroughly outplayed by JOE WEBB.

    I almost feel bad for the Vikes…..with this sad state of affairs……almost. Actually….not really at all.

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