Ndamukong Suh named America’s most charitable athlete

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Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh isn’t only the dirtiest player in the NFL. He’s also the most charitable player in the NFL.

The Giving Back Fund, which advises people in the sports and entertainment industries on philanthropy, has released its annual list of the 30 celebrities who gave the largest charitable gifts, according to public records. Suh’s donation of $2.6 million to his alma mater, the University of Nebraska, made him the most generous athlete in America, and the sixth-most generous celebrity of any kind.

Suh was one of two NFL players in the Giving Back 30, joined by Giants quarterback Eli Manning and his wife Abby, who donated $1 million to their alma mater, the University of Mississippi. Also on the list was model Gisele Bundchen, wife of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who gave $1.5 million to the Red Cross for Haiti relief.

Since we’re Seinfeld fans around here, we’ll also note that Jerry Seinfeld checks in at No. 11 on the list with $1.8 million in donations. And actress Jami Gertz, who famously told Elaine Benes that she couldn’t spare a square, is considerably more generous with her money than she is with her toilet paper: She and her husband Tony Ressler, who runs an asset management firm, sit atop the list with $10.6 million in giving through their Ressler Gertz Foundation.

53 responses to “Ndamukong Suh named America’s most charitable athlete

  1. Yeah, but he gave the money to his university, which they probably spent on their football program. They should only include athletes who gave money to actual charities.

  2. What a scumbag! What a terrible human being! I condemn this man for doing his job way more passionately than anyone else!

    Oh this article isn’t about his dirty play? He donated more money to charity than most of us combined?

    Well then he’s alright I guess.

  3. giving to a college should not count. colleges have hundreds of millions in the dowry. give your money to a worthy cause that actually helps people that are in need.

  4. What better way to re-establish your imagine by fooling and conning people into believing your a good guy by buying a reputation through charity !

    There is no substance to this contribution other than to mis-lead sports fans in to thinking Nostradamakin Suh is a genuine, nice guy.. a kick to the stomach and an insult to those whom respect the sport…lame !

  5. He gave the money to help build a MORE high tech weight room.
    Not something that would help anybody other then the select few who get make the team.
    It not like it went to help general admission people or cancer patients.

  6. I agree with the first poster. Universities are not charities. Those donations shouldn’t be counted unless they specifically went toward a scholarship fund for underprivileged students.

  7. Since when is the university of Nebraska a charity? What a joke. Next we’ll hear that married Portland women and that green bay offensive lineman’s face are charities as well.

  8. Great job by all of these individuals.

    However, I bet many of these Top 30 are quite upset that their giving is publicly documented.

  9. have any of met or seen the owners of some of these ‘Charities.’ For the charities being so strapped for cash, they live lavish, wealthy lives. Some are so fat, they cant stand, but their ‘feed the hungry’ charity cant keep the poor fed. Its despicable, but accepted no less. And thats the real Christmas miracle.

  10. It’s Christmas Eve, so I’ll leave my usual cynicism at the door. A tip of the hat to Suh.

  11. I the money is used to provide scholarships for underprivileged students, then I consider that as good as charity. If it’s to build a new weight room, then that feels more like a booster.

  12. Imagine how much benefit that would have been to a place like St Jude Children’s Cancer Research hospital.

    Congrats to the Brady’s where the money is really needed.

  13. That’s great to hear about Suh!

    Of course I get the feeling he might just repaying a $2.6 million “loan” from a Sooner booster – but even then, it’s relative good news from Suh.

  14. And if Suh is such a great guy, why did he not make this contribution anonymously!

    What a car wreck, literally, dirty player on field, con off field.

    Hope he stays in Detroit, it wont be long before he is suspended again. Now that’s a contribution worth giving, it goes to retired NFL players.

    Keep on stompin, Nahdumbakin !

  15. “And now, because of the Ndamukong Suh Scholarship at the University of Nebraska, out of state students like the ones from Suh’s old high school, Grant High in Portland, have a real chance at an education at the UNL College of Engineering.”

  16. Suh does things in detroit, too. such as buy a whole set of football equip for a hs that either lost theirs or had it stolen, on the fly. people will hate becaue they will hate. doesnt matter if it is christmas…

  17. No ironhawk, the money did not just go to the football program. It also went to the engineering college for scholarships. Get your facts straight. The point is he gave his money away as did other athletes mentioned. He didn’t have to do it.

  18. He planned this donation before he was even drafted, how is that trying to save his image. And it was donated to academics and scholarship funds. Anybody who has a problem with his donation should ask themselves, “what have I donated this year?”

  19. Don’t take this the wrong way, Suh, and Eli, but giving $$ to a state u. especially an AD, is possibly the biggest waste of potential good that I can concieve of.

  20. Why is everyone knocking Suh for donating to a university? It’s his money and he can do what he wants with it. He didn’t ask to be recognized for it.

  21. As far as I know, Suh didn’t ask to be on this list. If he felt the need to give money to his University that helped him get where he is, then so be it. I can’t criticize him for that. Yes I think it would have been more charitable for him to give it to the red cross or something of that nature, but it would also be more charitable for me to donate money instead of buying my high definition TV. The man can spend his money how he wants and as long as he’s not trying to act like he’s some kind of saint for it, then I have nothing to say about it. Well except for everything I said here.

  22. ‘Congrats to Suh, Eli and others who are on the list. But there should be lot more of them.’

    Um.. its a TOP 30 list. Plus, it is based on public records.

    Can’t do anything right on this site these people should do your research before commenting, he said he was going to give to his school over a year ago.
    A long time before The Thanksgiving Game

    The stuff he do around Detroit was not stated he kick a player how many time have he been kick on this site, it was a time that all that was talk about.
    San Diego………..24
    Detroit Lions …..35

  24. People are acting as if he just made this donation to repair his image when in reality he did this a year ago when he was still a hero and not the most hated man in football.

  25. Suh gave money to his alma mater. but he also has his own charities and other thingshis house of spears does for people..he isnt a scumbag, people need toi let go of a dumb mistake, he kicked a player out of frustation. When I was his age and mad or ticked at someone I did alot worse. He is a young man who deserves some slack..GO LIONS

  26. I didn’t realize donating money to organizations that already make millions and millions of dollars was considered charitable. I was under the impression charity was giving to those in need. It’s Christmas, why not give to the many needy families in this country?

  27. I believe only $1 Million of his $2.2 Million donation went towards the new weight room. The other $1.2 Million went towards Academics at the University.

  28. Two worst places to donate your money: Hospitals and Universities. Two BUSINESSES that have been screwing their “customers” (students and patients) for years. With costs skyrocketing much faster than inflation, and their profits likewise skyrocketing. Meanwhile, sick people going bankrupt or worse with overpriced healthcare and medicine. And kids leaving school with 10’s of thousands if not 100’s of thousands of dollars in student loan debt that most of them will never get out from under. Suh donating to a university is not charitable. It’s just stupid. Imagine how many people he could have actually helped if he had chosen to give his money to something worthwhile. Now, he has just helped line the pockets of the same people that have been lining their own pockets at our expense.

  29. There are some seriously miserable people on this site. The guy writes one check that will be more than just about anyone on this site donates in their entire life and people wanna rip the guy.

    No, a university isn’t a “charity” in the traditional sense, but if you look at the most important universities as far as research and all that, they usually have the highest endowments and alumni dontations and such.

    Seriously, i’m not a Lions or Nebraska fan, but instead of hating on how this guy spends his money, try to make some of your own and do something positive with it.

  30. Charles Woodson has given at least $2,000,000 to the University oif Michigan Children’s Hospital.

    Also, Tom Izzo has given $1,000,000 to the MSU football program. Say what?

  31. First of all Merry Christmas.

    Now, shame on all you for getting on Suh for his donation to Nebraska. How much have any of you pathetic lowlifes given back to the people and school that gave you the oppertunity to be who you are and the money you make. Suh has a heart of gold. That money goes for bettering the university. Scholarships for students that have great minds but no monitary means to better them. He donates more time and money in the play60 program. And he works harder then any player on the field. He plays passinate and when he messes up or someone takes a lazy cheapshot he is upset with himself. Just like any other human being. So take your idiotic jealous comments and shove it. Most of you are pennyless drunken wife beaters that can hold a job, so you take you anger, pity, and sorrow out on a man better then you in every way possible.

  32. I’d like to ask all of these Suh bashers what have they given to charity? I don’t care if it goes to the Capuchin Soup Kitchen. the University of Nebraska or the Salvation Army. It’s still your money or time that you donate. And that’s money or time that you’ll never be able to use for yourself.

    I find what Suh did to be very commendable. And he made a public commitment to that donation prior to signing his first NFL contract. Very commendable indeed.

  33. These university donations are tough to consider charity. A building with a name attached? Weight rooms? Consider these schools receive tax money, raise tuition at inflation rates not seen since the Weimer Republic, graduate students with degrees of limited social utility, have employees who cannot be fired, and have young athletes play in a state of indentured servitude.

  34. All fines to the NFL may go to charity, but the credit for the charitable contribution goes to the NFL, not the fined player.

    Suh’s a nice guy. He really is. But he’s an absolute demon on the football field.

  35. Santa just moved him from the naughty to the nice list. Looks like Suh won’t be getting coal for Christmas after all.

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