No Ben, no problem: Steelers run over Rams

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The Pittsburgh Steelers will need Ben Roethlisberger healthy in January to make another run to the Super Bowl. But they didn’t need him today to roll over the St. Louis Rams.

With Charlie Batch starting at quarterback, the Steelers beat the Rams with a ground-based attack and a stiff defense that forced quarterback Kellen Clemens into a miserable day, as the Steelers dominated, winning 27-0.

John Clay, Rashard Mendenhall and Isaac Redman all scored rushing touchdowns for the Steelers. Rams running back Steven Jackson ran hard all day and went over 100 yards, but it was a lost cause: The rest of the Rams’ offense was awful.

For the Rams, the loss means they remain alive for the first overall pick in the draft: If they lose next week and the Colts win, St. Louis will pick first, which opens up all kinds of fascinating possibilities regarding what they would do, just two years after drafting Sam Bradford first overall. Trading the first pick to a team that covets Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck could get the Rams a bounty of draft picks.

For the Steelers, the win means they remain alive for home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs, although they’re going to need to win next week and get some help. And whether they get that win and that help or not, they’re going to need Roethlisberger’s ankle to heal — in the playoffs, they’ll be playing teams a whole lot better than the Rams.

17 responses to “No Ben, no problem: Steelers run over Rams

  1. The rams will get the number one pick or I will run through the street naked. ha They will get (3) #1 picks yes 3, for andrew luck. Add that to bradford and they are off to the races. sorry vikes fans.

  2. They know how to suck for Luck. The Vikings, under the leadership of Frazier, would rather win one game this year instead of getting Luck for the next 10. What a joke.

  3. I hope the Steelers realize they will have to step it up in the playoffs. Believe it or not the playoff teams will be better than the Rams. I know : hard to believe. You heard it here first.

  4. I really feel bad for Steven Jackson. He has had over 1,000 yards for seven seasons and one playoff appearance in his rookie season. Hes a true professional.

  5. Cant wait til we win afc north next week! Bungles beat ravens. We take care of business in cleveland….oh this is gonna be so sweet!

  6. Wow those slow Steelers won with a 37 year old QB that would have been cut if the their other QB’s weren’t hurt. They did’t even have a true center and blew the Rams away.

  7. paulieorkid:

    Since jimmer’s sarcasm went far enough over your head to be sucked into a jet engine at 30,000 feet, here’s the hint that it was in fact sarcasm: “I know : hard to believe. You heard it here first.”

    You’re not only too damn dim to have picked up on the sarcasm, but you’re so astoundingly insecure that you felt the need to try and take him down with a comment that did nothing but reveal how unintelligent and insecure you are. Congrats.

  8. I’ve been a Steeler fan my whole life and didnt realize what other people were talking about. Anytime someone gives an honest critique of the Steelers, Steeler fans blindly come to their defense. What’s wrong with someone looking at the big picture and stating the obvious. Steelers do have to clean up a few things to make a strong run. Agreeing with the Steelers 100% doesnt make u a bigger fan of the team. It just means you drink the Kool Aid and close to being a groupie.

  9. Dachozen1…..sounds like youre a typical fair weather fan…you stick by your team no matter what. Doesnt make you a groupie. It makes you faithful..something you need to learn a lot about…bandwagon steeler fan!

  10. Heh read the article . The dim author made the point about the fact the Steelers meeting tougher competition in the playoff. Censor you are a friggin coward.

  11. @steelersownyou, I completely agree that I would LOVE to see the Steelers take the AFC North next week (with a Steelers win and a Ravens loss), but at the same time I don’t think I can feel good about the season until the Steelers beat the stinking Ratbirds. We have a better chance of doing that at home of course, but how SWEET would it be if we went to Baltimore and beat them in their own yard?!?!?! PLEASE TOMLIN MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

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