Seahawks running everywhere but end zone in first half


The Seahawks have a 10-3 lead over the 49ers at halftime thanks to their run game, but they learned the same lesson as every other Niners opponent on a drive near the goal line.

That lesson? You can’t run the ball into the end zone against San Francisco.

The Niners stopped three Seattle rushing attempts after the Seahawks got the ball to the seven-yard line and forced a short Steve Hauschka field goal instead of giving up six. That means their streak without allowing a rushing touchdown remains intact with 90 minutes left in the regular season.

Still, it hasn’t been a good half for the 49ers run defense. Marshawn Lynch has 83 yards and the team has 97 yards rushing, six more than the 49ers have allowed per game this season. That’s allowed them to control the ball and use a strong defensive performance to make an early Tarvaris Jackson-to-Doug Baldwin touchdown stand up for a lead heading into the second half.