Teammates tell Cam Newton to be more positive

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Quarterbacks are often praised for never showing their emotions. For having the same approach all game long.

Cam Newton is not one of those quarterbacks. Like former Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme, Newton wears his emotions on his sleeves — good and bad. His teammates actually talked to Newton to stay more positive.

Tackle Jordan Gross and center Ryan Kalil talked to Newton about staying more upbeat.

“They always get on me – I have a bad tendency of showing my emotions on my face. I have to change it, and I’m trying to change it,” Newton said this week via Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer. “But those guys constantly stay in my ear, saying, ‘You’ve got to be that same leader from the first quarter to the last quarter.’

Newton is obviously a confident player, but we love how he listens to his veterans. He called Gross and Kalil “real heroes” for talking to him and said their words made an impact. He wants direction.

Last week, Newton reportedly stayed encouraging during the Texans game even when things went wrong. We suspect fewer things will go wrong on Saturday against the Bucs.

28 responses to “Teammates tell Cam Newton to be more positive

  1. I honestly thought this guy was going to be a bust.

    He has grown so much as a player, that I think the Panthers have found themselves a real leader. For the rookie to have the respect he does for the vets on the team like this is a HUGE sign for the future of this franchise.

    Congratulations Panthers fans! Bright days are coming your way.

    And, NO, I am not a Panthers fan.

  2. As this season has progressed, I’ve become more of a fan of this kid. I’m not one for “rah rah” hype of the next superstar, and Newton’s early season media histrionics have settled into a typical learning year for a solid rookie.

    He’s handled that well, as exhibited by this story.

  3. NFL Saturday on Christmas Eve, and this is the story we get?

    It can’t really be that slow of a day, can it?

  4. If you are going to have strong opinions, you have to be willing to admit when you are wrong.

    It’s not that I thought he would be a bust, but I had serious questions about his maturity and character and how well his game would translate. I said then that I would not have taken him #1.

    I was wrong. Not the first time, won’t be the last.

    Dude’s a beast.

  5. Thank god for Sunday Ticket. I live in NYC and have watched every game of Cam’s this year. I’ve been a pats fan my whole life and live and die each game on their play. However, I constantly find myself switching to Carolina games in between commercials. I think Cam us already one of the most exciting players in the league overall and he has the brightest of futures. Panthers will be the class of that division for years if they can keep this kid.

  6. I want to hate this guy for stupid reasons (not on my favorite team, jealous, being wrong about his talent, etc). But when you read stories like this you can’t help not liking him, at least a little bit. He’s showing a lot of maturity, class and leadership.

  7. Hold on there Rosenthal . The Panthers have some payback coming and the Bucs may just give it to them today. Newton may just have something to frown about .

  8. We’ve just had a rookie QB break passing records and anyone who thinks another rookie QB is going to come in next year and play as well or better is not a student of NFL history. It just doesn’t work like that. Don’t compare Luck to Newton. It’s really not fair.

    My guess is Luck’s first season is going to be closer to these Qb’s taken first overall. Releasing or trading Peyton before his replacement has taken one NFL snap would be the worst trade/transaction in the history of the NFL. There hasn’t been a franchise Qb taken #1 since Peyton and that was 20 years ago!

    2010 Sam Bradford
    2007 JaMarcus Russell
    2005 Alex Smith
    2004 Eli Manning
    2003 Carson Palmer
    2002 David Carr
    2001 Michael Vick
    1999 Tim Couch
    1998 Peyton Manning

  9. Am I the only who wished we could click on some of these screen names like @robigd and their predictions of Newton before last years draft.

  10. Kind of a double-standard actually. Peyton always wears his disgust on his face when something goes wrong. He is always shrugging the shoulders and giving the Manning-face. He is very negative in his body language when things aren’t going right. How come nobody ever called him out on it?

  11. The nation is being introduced to what we Carolina fans have seen all year. Cam is driven to succeed almost to obsession proportions. He does show his disappointment on his face, but ole Jake showed it in his body language and face. Cam was right about the team needing to play up to his level, he should not have said it. The kid is gifted and has all the ingredients of a champion except maturity and wisdom. Both those things come only with time.

    I am very anxious to witness his evolution.

  12. Whoa….be careful! Cam is not to be spoken about in a negative way – he is only to be referred to as greatest potential EVER.
    Sadly, all the positive press – not a hint of anything negative – is setting him up to fail.
    And he will, fail. Fail to live up to expectations, in the short term – 1-2 years, anyway.
    How he reacts to that is impooratnt to how his career goes, up or down.
    Given his ‘Superman’ TD celebrations whevever he scores – even when down by 3 scores, is not a good sign of maturity.
    I’m betting his career is going to underwhelm.
    The truth be told.

  13. Look, this kid was looked at as the #1 pick almost by default and I don’t think most people had high expectations for him.

    Clearly, since day 1 of the regular season he has exceeded expectations..actually, destroyed expectations and he looks to be a rare franchise changing player.

    He has done nothing but do and say all the things you want your prized rookie to say and I am completely happy for him. I wish he was on a more relevant team, but he may single handedly change our perception of the Panthers as a franchise.

  14. I am with most people….I thought he was going to be a bust…..but he must recognize that HE sets the tone….be a positive leader….all successful QBs use this formula

  15. Can someone please explain to me how anyone could have thought Cam would be a bust based on his actual football skills. The main criticisms i heard were ” I just don’t know how good he really wants to be” I watched every auburn game last year and this kid was the best player in every game he played in. I’m really curious as to why people thought he would suck when all he ever has done is dominate.

  16. this is how cam has been all season. and the article should note that this is one of the many instances when cam speaks about things unprompted. no one is framing questions for him to get him to discuss stuff like this, he says stuff like this openly.

    right now he is a great gamer and talented player. when he does get that leadership thing figured out (and he will) he’ll be the most transcendent player in the nfl.

  17. I’m positive they should have signed one Randolph J. Moss (the J stands for just throw it up) this season and the suspect d, and rookie picks would have been ignored and the Panthers would be in the playoffs.

  18. I don’t get how anybody could’ve doubted Cam’s football ability either. He didn’t win in the SEC by accident. And he didn’t win 2 national titles by accident either. So happy for the success he’s having and it once again makes draft pundits and armchair fans who think they know who’s gonna be a “bust” look completely ridiculous

  19. beastup22 says:
    Dec 24, 2011 12:17 PM
    Can someone please explain to me how anyone could have thought Cam would be a bust based on his actual football skills. The main criticisms i heard were ” I just don’t know how good he really wants to be” I watched every auburn game last year and this kid was the best player in every game he played in. I’m really curious as to why people thought he would suck when all he ever has done is dominate.
    A lot of players are “the man” in college and dominate. Sometimes that translates, sometimes it doesn’t. For me, my reservations (QB skill wise only) were based on the type of offense he ran. Same for any other QB who looks amazing in non- NFL type offenses like those Hawaii QBs etc. Again…doesn’t always mean success or failure but the only way to try to guess is to look at what’s BEEN shown & project it, not what may be there but hasn’t been exhibited yet. There’s a reason that 1st round QBs are basically 50/50 on whether they ever develop into even serviceable starters.

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