Tim Tebow’s turnovers doom Denver, Bills beat Broncos

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So much for crunch time being Tebow Time.

Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow self destructed in the fourth quarter in Buffalo today, as the Bills cruised to an easy win. Tebow had four interceptions, all in the final 16 minutes of the game, as the Bills rolled 40-14. Two of Tebow’s fourth-quarter interceptions were returned for touchdowns.

The loss prevents the Broncos from clinching the AFC West, and after the Raiders beat the Chiefs in overtime, it means the Raiders and Broncos are tied atop the division, with the Chargers potentially joining them in a three-way tie with a win today.

Tebow engineered two touchdown drives, one to start the game and one to start the second half, but other than that he was terrible. He finished 13-for-30 for 185 yards, with a touchdown and four interceptions.

For Buffalo, C.J. Spiller had a big day, with 111 yards on 16 carries. The Bills turned in their best overall team effort in months, winning for the first time since October 30.

The Broncos turned in one of their worst efforts since Tebow took over as the starting quarterback, and now they head into a must-win Week 17 game against their old friend Kyle Orton and the Chiefs.

75 responses to “Tim Tebow’s turnovers doom Denver, Bills beat Broncos

  1. My boys were atrocious in all 3 phases! There is no defending today’s performance. I guess the playoffs start next week. C’mon boys, get it together!

  2. Can’t believe the Chiefs lost. Ugh.

    Kyle Orton can spoil it all next week.

    Of course, if the Giants win, there’s no question what the primetime game will be.

  3. The unthinkable has happened to the Bronco’s.

    They went all in with Tebow and now he’s not getting it done.

    Big trouble brewing in Denver.

  4. I’m sorry, Tebow is no different than the Dolphins wildcat offense… it’ll be over w/ in no time.

    How about that week 17 match-up w/ Orton & The Chiefs!?!?


    Do your thing Orton… put da’ team on your back doe.

  5. Playoffs on the line and they get blown out by my.Bills …they were on tv like.they were the superbowl defending champs and the Bills.missed two & kicked two field goals from inside.the ten…I could have been 60 pts…

  6. CJ Spiller is looking like a good pick by the Bills now. The Broncos are starting to look like a fraud. The defense isn’t as stout as previously thought, the way they played the last two games. And Tebow? Holy crap, you see what his overabundant self-confidence can do now. A few of his turnovers, the only reason why he still had the ball in his hands or threw it in the field of play is because he thinks what is statistically a 1% chance at success for anyone else is a 100% chance for him, no matter how many times it’s demonstrated to not be true.

  7. Tebow is not a NFL caliber Q/B, and needs to see this and move to another position more suited to his ability. He is a NFL type player, just not at the Q/B position………..

  8. Even with 1 TD and 4 ints it’s now clear to me why Tebow belongs in the pro-bowl…

    Wait, it’s for the best players, nevermind…

  9. Remember Bronco fan.. you wanted this. A QB that can’t throw.
    Yeah.. he was a great story winning those games. But objectively look back at those games and see exactly what was his part. The defense played out of this world, the RBs were running wild.. and you got some lucky breaks go your way.

    But, now that teams are figuring him out and he has to actually be a “quarterback”, things aren’t looking so rosy huh?

  10. Can we end the Tebow clown show stories now please? Everyone on the planet knows he is playing the wrong position. If it wasn’t for his religious beliefs, he never would have started .. and that is just SAD.

  11. What is ESPN gonna do now? No more “Tebowmania” as they call it. I love reality checks.

  12. “CJ Spiller is looking like a good pick by the Bills now”

    No. No he most certainly is not.

    People read stat lines and see a lot of rushing yards and a high YPC.

    Spiller busts out a big run or two a game and that’s nice, but the majority of his runs go nowhere or even for negative yards.

  13. I wonder what excuse Skip Bayless and the rest of the Tebow followers are going to come up with for this one. Cue the he has only had 13 starts argument in 3,2,1…….

  14. One has to love Michael David Smith when the Broncos win it is because of the defense, when they lose it is because of Tebow. Obviously, he didn’t watch the game. The score was 23-14 before Tebow’s interceptions and fumble. A high school team could have beaten the Broncos today. I’m starting to wonder if MDS is an anti-Christian bigot. I have read nothing where he commends Tebow.

  15. If Elways hadn’t cut Orton, Broncos would still have a good shot at making the play-offs. That was a huge mistake that will likely come back to haunt them next week.

  16. I don’t know how anyone can be surprised… that was a normal Tebow backup qb game…. 13/30, 185 yards, 1 TD….

    he actually increased his avg passing yards per game slightly, so I guess some delusional Tebow fan will talk about he’s getting better any second….

  17. Even without the int’s the Broncos dont win this game. Im a Tebow and Broncos fan but I won alot of money today because I took the Bills. I figured the NFL wanted that Tebow vs Orton match up for all the marbles really bad for some nice publicity and ratings….follow the money and you will understand the business we call the NFL!

    O yeah, lock of the Millennium….Tebow will make the playoffs…

  18. I cannot wait to hear the endless list of excuses for Tebow’s performance. I also cannot wait until Kyle Orton shreds his former team apart next week and out of the playoffs. I would not be surprised for Elway to do a 360 from what he has been telling the media and draft a QB to replace Tebow.

  19. All the Tebow mania fans have to see what true football fans see, he may be a football player but doesn’t fit what an NFL QB SHOULD be.

  20. Prediction #1: Chiefs-Broncos will be moved to primetime next week.

    Prediction #2: This will be the #1 most commented-on story on PFT by the end of the day.

  21. Tebow was a great college QB… But how many great college QB’s have we seen not Pan out in the NFL that were strictly option QB’s.. Charlie ward , Erik Crouch, Scott Frost, chris leak , Dennis Dixon ( who still plays for the steelers by the way so story not complete on him). But the trend tells you that your chances at being a great QB is slim to none unless your Michael Vick and can win with your arm or legs than that’s a whole different argument… Vick is a one of a kind athlete!! Tebow is not!!

  22. If you guys were consistent with your armchair coach qb evaluations there wouldn’t be anybody left to play qb in the nfl. You can’t reasonably judge a young qb after 0, 2, 5, 10 starts. If you have a guy with excellent leadership skills and unique athletic ability and think that you can correct awful footwork (great job urban) then you take the good with the bad while he grows. There are no guarantees in this league and you can’t build your team around a gimmick but the kid is a hard worker with potential and a good person, so why not give him a chance while continuing to build your defense?

  23. raiderschris:

    Sorry for calling you a knucklehead. It was a personal attack, namecalling etc. and very immature on my part and uncalled for. Please consider me to be the knucklehead instead of you, and again I am sorry.

  24. If teams force Tebow to play QB, the Broncos will lose every time.

    Tebow looks like JaMarcus Russell when he’s shut in the pocket with no where to run.

  25. Wow look at everyone who’s been chomping at the bits for a bad game to finally reveal their “AH HA!” moments. Everyone can now relieve themselves of all their “I told you so’s!”

    The guy had a bad game. Really bad game.

    It happens.

    But in a league where Blaine Gabbert, Colt McCoy, Christian Ponder, Mark Sanchez, and Kevin Kolb can be starters, Tebow can be a starter.

    He’s not a top 10 QB. I don’t think any sane person would argue that. But he can be a starter.

  26. What a great job by the Bills. Too bad most of their fans couldn’t see it because of the blackout.

    Buffalo Bills: Loser team with loser fans who live in a loser city.

  27. Just so everyone knows, my mind hasn’t changed one bit! I still am on the Tebow wagon, til the very end! Just like he didn’t win by himself, he didn’t lose by himself either!

  28. I can’t remember a single NFL-caliber pass from Tebow. At least in the first half, and probably for the entire game, every pass was high, and it’s only because the Bills were crowding the box and going light in the defensive backfield that the Bronco receivers were open enough to make catches. Part of Tebow’s problem is that he doesn’t have NFL-caliber receivers, as far as I can tell. No one was fast or physical or elusive. But the biggest problem is that Tebow is just not accurate enough, or making enough good decisions. It looked like the Bills defenders figured out who the primary receiver was by watching Tebow’s eyes, and knew they didn’t need to cover anyone else because he just wasn’t throwing anywhere else, period. In this copycat league, every defensive coordinator learns by watching what the other guys do to defend against particular people, and it won’t take long to shut Tebow down completely. I think in two or three years Tebow will be the head coach at some Christian prep school, and his name will be the answer to trivia questions. He’s not an NFL QB, and never will be.

  29. Well, the Donkeys are finally realizing that their team belongs where it does when their defense can’t bail out their inept QB. It’s clear that his extremist religious fundamentalism was an issue when Sarah Palin on Fox News and the nutjob televangelist, who know nothing about football were defending him from critics.

  30. John Fox is running this team into the ground with his awful play calling! Run, run, pass, punt. Run, run, pass, punt!!! That’s what Denver does for the first 3 quarters of the game. Then in the 4th quarter like it’s some sort of surprise that nobody is expecting, they finally let Tim throw the ball hoping they’re close enough in the game to give Tim Tebow a shot to bring them back and win the game with whatever he has. If Tim Tebow is going to fail, let him fail. Don’t make a fool out of him by holding him back all game and then try to “surprise” defenses late in the game. Play for the lead from the beginning of the game. If we are going to throw this practically ROOKIE under the bus, we must not forget to question the incompetency at head coach. Let’s not forget that John Fox was just 1-15 last year. I think that says it all. His players don’t even want to play for him..

  31. Andre’s Johnson says:Dec 24, 2011 4:57 PM

    John Elway thinks this is great. He’s wondering if Jacksonville will take Tebow and Denver’s second-round pick to swap firsts and get a shot at one of the stud QB’s.


    As a Jaguar fan we’ll take that trade and then we would cut him the next day after the Gator Fans have given their 3 year commitments to our season ticket packages. lol. We as a fanbase want that extra second rounder you’re proposing under this trade scinerio and get rid of Tebow like he’s wrapping paper after opening a cool Christmas Gift.

  32. billsbillsbills716 says: Dec 24, 2011 9:39 PM

    @gmen1987, ouch that hurt so bad….lol.
    Dont worry the entire nation, even us Buffalo losers, wont miss your debacle in the first round. 🙂
    You Buffalo losers don’t even know what the playoffs are. You act like the playoffs were so last century (wait, they were).

    Giants: Two trips to the Super Bowl with one championship in the 21st century.

    Bills: No trips to the playoffs this century. Bills fans care more about good tailgating and why do fans of other NFL cities have two sets of grandparents instead of only one as many Bills fans do,

  33. gmen1987 says:
    Dec 24, 2011 8:39 PM
    What a great job by the Bills. Too bad most of their fans couldn’t see it because of the blackout.

    Buffalo Bills: Loser team with loser fans who live in a loser city.

    You are just pissed off that Buffalo is the only New York team in the NFL, ya New Jersey jerk!

    Buffalo Fans- Best in the nation- #BillsMafia Baby!! Go Bills!!!!

  34. egomaniac247 says:


    The guy had a bad game. Really bad game.

    It happens.

    But in a league where Blaine Gabbert, Colt McCoy, Christian Ponder, Mark Sanchez, and Kevin Kolb can be starters, Tebow can be a starter.

    He’s not a top 10 QB. I don’t think any sane person would argue that. But he can be a starter.


    none of the guys you named are likely to be a starter after next week if their teams can find replacements in the offseason….

    and Tebow is last among that list in completion %, yards per game, and rating… next week will be his last start….

  35. @gmen1987, once again, no Buffalo fan denies we need improvements and we havent made the playoffs this century. Thats ok, we are happy! And where the f@#* did the comment about grandparents come from. And yes, Buffalo fans are crazy tailgaters, because we are dedicated, something a Jersey jack@$% wouldnt understand. And for the record I would keep definitely keep the talent the Bills have over Tebow and the donkeys. Now…do you have any relevant arguements? #BillsMafia #FitzMagic

  36. guys, @gmen is a hilarious joke! all he does is make comedic statements that are obviously designed as satirical entertainment. lil guy is hilarious- i log all of his dumb comments together and go back for a read whenever i need a laugh.

  37. Jesus would never promote or wear anything honoring the name of the pagan goddess NIKE.

    God had me share this with Tim Tebow… but from what I can tell… he decided he could profit by honoring both the Name of God and the name of the pagan goddess NIKE.

    So we get to see who is right… God or Tim Tebow.

    I’ll go with God on this one.

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