Titans win might be too little too late for playoffs

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The Titans’ loss to the Colts looks even worse after Saturday’s 23-17 over the Jaguars.

If the Titans had been able to win that game, all they’d need to do to make the playoffs is beat the Texans in Week 17. They are still alive, although the exact combination of things that need to happen takes a while to explain. They are ahead of the Jets, but need lots of help from other teams if they are going to grab the sixth spot. But they are alive and they have an aggressive offensive game plan to thank for their status.

The Titans attacked the Jaguars secondary early and often on Saturday, leading to 350 passing yards for Matt Hasselbeck and a huge day for tight end Jared Cook. Those two hooked up several times, but none of the completions was as big as the 29-yard third down play late in the fourth quarter after the Jags drew within six points. The play iced the game and made up for the fact that the Titans weren’t able to run the game out on the ground thanks to another ineffective performance from Chris Johnson.

Next week’s game with the Texans means something for the Titans, but what might have been will probably be haunting them once their offseason gets underway.

9 responses to “Titans win might be too little too late for playoffs

  1. the scenario for the titans is pretty complex, reminds me of a cpl years ago when they needed to win and 3 other games go their way…all 3 other games fell in place but they forgot to win

  2. Chris Johnson has no business pulling an NFL pay check.

    I told people not to get excited over a performance against the Bills inept run defense.

  3. ”Next week’s game with the Texans means something for the Titans, but what might have been will probably be haunting them once their offseason gets underway.”

    Huh? You just said it means something, and then say they’re done…. that makes no sense, they need a win and a Cinci loss, and they have a good shot.

    That was extremely poorly written, congratulations.

  4. well this story is completely un true the bengals own the tie breaker with the titans seeing as how they beat them, but dont let the facts get in the way

  5. Next time anybody at PFT wants to write about empty seats or possible blackouts in Jacksonville, make sure they cover how many empty seats there were at LP stadium in Nashville today…

  6. Hey mustache you may want to pay attention to what day it is when you talk about attendance. By the way the game was still a sell-out which the titans have had since they have been in Nashville. Jacksonville can’t even fill a stadium on a Monday night game.

  7. thebjones is right. Even if the Titans had beat the Colts, they still would have needed Cincinnati to lose next week to make the playoffs.

    Of course, that’s all they would’ve needed, versus the convuluted scenario they now require

  8. @trbowman
    I’m not going to debate the fact that CJ has had a bad year. But he’s still an elite player in this league. Pound for pound he’s one of the toughest guys around, not to mention one of the fastest. With a full offseason in this system, a new interior line as well as a new fullback…watch out people.

  9. The scores of the Titans games this year has been eerie to say the least. Seriously…what are the chances of this?

    This was their 4th game of the year with a score of 23-17.

    They’ve also had a 22-17 game and a 24-17 game.

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