Vikings lose Adrian Peterson, again

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Vikings running back Adrian Peterson worked his way through an ankle injury to return to action last week.  The ankle had since progressed to the point at which Peterson wasn’t even on the injury report for Week 16.

He’ll most likely be on the injury report for Week 17.

Peterson has left his team’s game against the Redskins early in the third quarter, with an apparent knee. after the joint buckled inward on a low hit during a tackle.  Peterson was helped off the field, putting no weight on the left leg.  He was writhing in pain on the field after the play ended.

Peterson has 970 yards rushing this year, and he undoubtedly won’t be back in 2011.  The only question now is whether and to what extent he’ll be unavailable during the 2012 offseason.

The game currently is tied at 10.  If the Vikings win, they’ll lose any shot at the first pick in the 2012 draft.

31 responses to “Vikings lose Adrian Peterson, again

  1. Done.. anyone who seen his left leg, hes done, season, probably until next year but, they had to have Peterson in there! All those fantasy football owners were really getting on him, pathetic. Ponder got a concussion, another poor job by a coaching staff, he got hit right in his head!! Helmet to Helmet why cant these people see this happening??? They didn’t even bring it up until he left the game. NFL is a joke, seeing this pisses me off and I am a packer fan. Fire everyone in the Vikings organization jesus, where do they get these idiots??

  2. The Vikings are stupid for not shutting AP down for the season after the ankle injury a few weeks ago. They should have just put him on IR and called it a day.

  3. OUCH!!!! 🙁
    I saw that and it had to hurt bad
    Im just worried if he’ll play the same way again

  4. Cheap shot to the knee then a head to head on Ponder !!!! What the hell going on here !!!!!!

  5. Gotta feel bad for All Day. Dont waste him in this craptastic season for the Vikes this year

  6. 24 is a goon i wanted to smack him! cheap shot then the dumb ass is congratulated for it. Never fails to stun me when some of these morons get congratulaed for hurting somebody. They need mental help. I hope the vikes lose out and get the #1 pick. really. Jimmy johnson said some teams may give up 3, yes 3, #1 picks for luck. MN should finally benefit for being so hapless.

  7. Get well soon AP. You and MJD are to classy guys for playing hard each week for two bad teams and you guys never complain.
    For you lifeless idiots who asked him to play these two games for your fantasty teams need to get a life or a pet or a companion to occupy the empty space you have in your life. Truthfully, you need Jesus.

  8. Just because he got hurt, doesn’t make it a cheap shot or dirty play. He has been hit that way many times before. Just this time, his knee couldn’t take it. Sucks to see such a great back and person go down like that. Looked like the Willis McGahee injury at Miami.

  9. Thanx God this young man signed a long-term contract with a large amount guaranteed before these knee injuries he’s endured this year. He earned it.

  10. Has a franchise ever had a worse day on a day which they won?

    LA…you can have the curse. Enjoy it.

  11. ‘Merry Christmas, Green Bay.

    Merry Christmas, New Orleans.’

    If you are suggesting fans in GB or NO were wanting AP (or any player) to be injured like that, then you are an idiot. Yes, there are people that are happy player’s get injured and they are idiots too.. but the bulk of people do not wish for this.

    But, if it helps in your bitter little pity party to think all fans wish this, then Merry Christmas to you too Grinch.

  12. Hope the best for AP. I hate the Vikings, but even more I hate seeing a great player (or any player) get hurt. Definitely wasn’t pretty. I hope he’s back 100% for next season.

  13. The AP injury was a mechanism similar to an MCL. The ACL can tear if the knee is buckled too far in that direction though. NOTHING like McGahee’s injury in college. His knee was hit on the low leg from the front, essentially dislocating the knee.

  14. I love all these 20/20 hindsight people who say AP should have been benched for the rest of the year. He clearly wanted to play, because he loves the game and making him inactive for the rest of the year would have caused animosity with the coaches. It already was.

    You play to win the game. I guess next week Percy shouldn’t even suit up. Same as the best guy on the o-line sullivan. Throw in Jared Allen too. Who cares that people spend BIG money to watch a game.

    Now the same people will be upset the Vikings even won, because it means a worse draft spot.

    You make me sick.

  15. dailynorseman says: Dec 24, 2011 3:26 PM

    Merry Christmas, Green Bay.

    Merry Christmas, New Orleans.
    Why would this be a Merry Christmas for GB? I like AP but Minnesota is no threat to anyone let alone GB.

  16. I think you mean “apparent knee INJURY”. If he didn’t have two apparent knees he probably would never have played football in the first place. Great journalism.

  17. @athleticmedia

    That is a great explanation. I had this same thing happen to my knee in a game. The trainers thought it was just an MCL sprain, but an MRI showed it was a torn ACL.

    Praying its no more than a sprain for All Day. He’s one of the best players in the game right now…nobody wanted to see this.

  18. firethorn1001 says: Dec 24, 2011 3:53 PM

    If you are suggesting fans in GB or NO were wanting AP (or any player) to be injured like that
    I’m not suggesting anything.

    I’m outright saying it.

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