Vikings lose Ponder, too


As the Vikings possibly slide into position for the first overall pick in the 2012 draft, they’ll be seeking their third win of the season without the services of running back Adrian Peterson, or quarterback Christian Ponder.

Peterson, as previously noted, suffered an apparent knee injury in the third quarter of Sunday’s game at FedEx Field.  Ponder also has been ruled out with a concussion.

Despite losing two of their top offensive players, the Vikings are very much alive.  They held a 17-13 lead until just a few moments ago, when Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman found receiver Jabar Gaffney for a four-yard touchdown pass.

The Redskins are up, 20-17, with fewer than six minutes left in the third quarter.

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  1. And people say the fines are too much. The Redskin player clearly led with his helmet. Obviously he wasn’t concerned about paying a fine. Keep jacking up the fines until they get it. You simply can’t use your helmet to take someone out.

  2. i wonder if webb should start now
    webb kinda reminds me of randal cunningham
    great running and throwing ability

  3. I’m so tired of these biased referees. All year they’ve been screwing the Vikings out of games, and do they get in trouble? Nope, just send a formal apology and everythings peachy! It’s almost like the NFL is getting back at the Vikings for something, is it Favre? How many flags would have been on the field if Rodgers or Brees took a helmet to helmet hit? I bet there wouldn’t be one yellow flag in a refs pocket. But of course when Ponder gets hit, the refs “didn’t see it” even though most of them should be watching where the ball is.

  4. I wanted to smack that player for gooning ponder too. It’s over, just lose these last 2 and hope for the #1 pick then keep luck or trade like jimmy johnson said for 3, yes 3, #1 picks! The vikes and us deserve 3 #1’s. Get better ponder and adrian and I hope adrian get play the same again and I hope ponder doesn’t end up like the QB trent green with his 2 severe concussions coming from hits to the head while sliding or after sliding. Peace out, merry christmas evrybody!

  5. AP is an offensive weapon but the verdict is still out on Ponder. It is unfortunate about the injuries though. Get well soon guys.

  6. Ponder seems like a decent kid but when you look at Cam Newtons of the world, you cannot win big time with someone like him. He is smallish and his arm isn’t strong.
    I would not be shocked to see the Vikes go for a QB.
    The Vikes have clearly understood you need quality qb’s to win consistently.

  7. 2012 draft order: #1 Rams(they won’t beat the steelers or 49ers), #2 Colts(they may beat the jags who are 4-10) and #3 Vikings (they may win today and possibly beat the bears if webb is hot). Give me a thumbs up or down on this guys, I wanna know your opinion.

  8. The vikequeens win should cost Frazier his job. He wanted McNabb and drafted Christine Pondexter neither of which are as good as Webb has shown to be. Ponder will never be any more than a lower 2nd tier QB or a solid backup. Peterson might have shortened his career by not sitting out the rest of the year and now suffering another injury. That would be a shame.

  9. Rex Grossman…if the Redskins had a QB they’d be heading to the playoffs. Stupid turnovers have cost them 5 games this season. Easily they could have beat Dallas twice, maybe the Philly loss, and Miami was winnable. Could have won 1 or maybe 2 of Beck’s 3 starts….

  10. Tyler Mathieu? His name is Tyrann. The fact that you know so little about the best defensive player in d1 ncaa fb shows how much you do not deserve him. Maybe you can get Adam* Luck or Troy* Richardson instead.

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