Yates isn’t getting yanked, yet

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With the Texans having lost two in a row and plenty of the team’s fans fearful of a one-and-done playoff appearance, the status of quarterback T.J. Yates is being questioned.  But not by the guy whose opinion counts the most.

Coach Gary Kubiak said Friday that Yates won’t be yanked.

“Oh yeah, he’s done a lot of good things,” Kubiak said as to whether Yates, a rookie fifth-round pick out of North Carolina, will remain the starter, after inheriting the job in the wake of season-ending injuries to Matt Schaub and Matt Leinart.

“I think T.J. continues to do some good things,” Kubiak said a day after the team’s 19-16 loss to the Colts.  “He did some good things last night.  You complete 13 out of 16 throws in this league, you’re doing something right. The issue last night, we didn’t protect him very well and gave up four sacks in 16 throws.  That’s about as poor as it gets, so we better address that first as we keep moving him forward.  But I think he continues to get better and like I said, for where we’re heading here, he needs to continue to get better and we just got to trust him and move forward.  But like I said, everybody’s got to do their job around him.”

Barring a dramatic change of heart, then, the Texans will roll with Yates — even if it means getting bounced in the wild-card round.

The alternatives are Jeff Garcia and Jake Delhomme.  At some point, it couldn’t hurt to give one or both of them a try, if and when the season seems to be circling the drain.

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  1. Why would he get yanked? He’s not the problem. The problem has been ultra-conservative play calling, garbage defensive play, and, in the case of the Colts game, abysmal officiating.

  2. If you take away the Hail Mary at the end of the game, he was really 13 of 15 (87%), but I’d take a lower completion percentage for at least one throw farther downfield than 15 yards, Kubes.

  3. Not Yates’ fault at all! The whole offense looks different w/o the down-field threat of Andre Johnson. Look at the Falcon game and see the variation in half’s when Dre went out. Sure wish the Texans had a true #2 receiver to step up in his absence. Texans look like certified one and done in the playoffs.

  4. Jeff Garcia could have should have been playing all this time he’s been away instead of Chad Henne, Colt McCoy, any Colts QB, Kevin Kolb, Alex Smith, arguably Ryan Fitzpatrick, Blaine ‘the migraine’ Gabbert, Donovan Ponder, etc. Last I checked, Garcia was straight killing it in Phila.

  5. Why should Yates get pulled? He went 13-16 that pretty good, only 3 misses. Why doesn’t the damn Texans let him pass more is the real question. Also they need to work Ben Tate in more he is getting wasted away riding the bench.

  6. As much as it pains me to say this, Houston screwed up by not calling Favre a few weeks ago. At least the “circus” would have taken some of the heat off from the other diversions that have plagued this team lately.

    The last two games, they would have probably lost anyway, but you would at least hope that he had the offense up to speed by January. Going into the playoffs with a third string QB who scares nobody smells of a one and out. Might (and most probably would) have ended the same with Favre, but if they hit the streak of the “good Favre” at the right time, their ceiling is a lot higher than with TJ Yates.

  7. Yates will be fine as long as:

    1) Kubiak lets him throw downfield.
    2) Andre Johnson is healthy.
    3) Arian Foster continues to impersonate Barry Sanders.
    4) the offiensive line protects for more than 1.5 seconds.
    5) the officiating crew isn’t on the take.*

    * That game last night was fixed. Period. The number of ball calls/no-calls was staggering. Jerome Boger had orders (or was strongly encouraged) to give the Colts a chance to win. Nothing else explains the ridiculous calls on JJ Watt. Orlovsky made one great play on that last drive. The rest of the time, Boger was holding the Colts’ hands and leading them down to the goal line. Too, Orlovsky was allowed to toss the ball out of the back of the end zone (to no intended WR) from the pocket. Once he realized he’d be allowed to do that, he did it a couple more times.

    Should the Texans have won anyway? Hell yes. The QB and WR’s looked terrible last night. And the O-line was crap.

    However, someone doesn’t want the Colts to have the first pick of the draft. The conspiracy theorist in me says the following guys would have the clout, cash, and motive to do so: Archie Manning, Roger Goodell, and Jim Irsay.

    Next week’s Jags/Colts game is going to be fascinating. Take the under.

  8. I think he means 4 out of 20 attempts. A QB can’t be sacked once he throws the ball, so it can’t be 4 out of 16 throws.

  9. I think that this is a good idea. He has been doing very well for a low round draft pick under a lot of pressure.

    Thursday night it wasn’t his fault that the defense allowed the Colts to go right down the field.

    As I recall, he had just taken the Texans down the field for a score.

    You don’t want to ruin his confidence.

  10. thats why kubiak hasnt won anything as a coach and wade philips has a longer contract than him right now as kubiak hasnt been extended.. you gotta play delhomme and garcia to see what they have left in the tank..its like they dont even care that they are in the playoffs….its like we are here ok mission accomplished!! its BS!!! whats next we are gonna see a ” we made the playoffs banner” hanging in reliant??? kubiak sucks and the only reason he made it this year is because of phillips. him and smith are still garbage and one good year isnt gonna make everyone forget the incompetence of the last few years!!!! good years dont win rings,great ones do!! the ring is the thing !!

  11. Lol….What happned to all the people who thought he was the next coming of Christ after 10 qtrs. of football and beating Atl. and Cin…..maybe nxt time we should all just sip the Kool-Aid a little instead of drinking the whole jug, no?

  12. You guys are saying one and done in the playoffs already? Come on people, they will host either the Jets or the Bengals. Both games would be a tossup, maybe with Texans having the slim edge because of home field advantage.

  13. there not going with another QB with 1 game left in the season. Now the conservative play calling is designed to protect Yates as they expected there strong defense and running game to dominate the Colts. Well that didnt happen. Expect a change in play calling next week and dont expect any changes at QB.

  14. This year the countdown for the only team to never make it to the playoffs ends. Next year the countdown for the only team to never return to the playoffs begins.

  15. LOL @ Texans fans being ‘annoying’. Try going to a Cowboy game.

    The NFL’s paranoia has taken the game and turned it into two hand touch. This makes for laughable ‘roughing’ calls and such. Crews can’t even agree from week to week what the rules mean. The officiating Thursday night was likely the worst I’ve ever seen. I watch a lot less football because of games like that.

  16. That game was not Yates’ fault……With Johnson out that receiving core is not very impressive, yeah you want more downfield throws, but to who?

  17. To everyone saying “they could have had a great season” or “they wasted an opportunity” by not having a better backup, I say this:

    Who exactly was expecting the Texans to go to the Super Bowl at the beginning of the season, before the injuries?

    If there were people out there thinking this was a championship team, I don’t remember hearing about it.

    This team’s goal, from everything I read, was to make the playoffs.

    Mission accomplished.

    It’s so pathetic how greedy fans get. I mean, seriously, you’ve been hoping and dreaming about your team finally making the playoffs, and now you’re pissed because they’re probably not going to make a deep run?

    Get over yourselves. A division title and a home playoff game is a great result for this team. Next year, demand more.

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