Jake Long reportedly tore biceps

An injury-plagued, surprisingly ineffective season from Dolphins tackle Jake Long has ended in painful fashion.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that Long tore his right biceps during Saturday’s loss to the Patriots.

The No. 1 pick of the 2008 draft, Long will enter the final year of his contract in 2012. It sounds like Long’s 2012 will begin with a long recovery from injury.

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  1. Franchise quarterbacks are more difficult to find than left tackles. Does anyone doubt that having Matt Ryan would have been better than Chad Henne who is not a franchise quarterback. The Dolphins are still looking for that number one quarterback and will likely use a number 4, 5 or 6 overall pick to that end.

  2. @Promickey

    Jake Long isn’t just a franchise LT, he’s arguably the best in the league (Top 2 at least). Matt Ryan isn’t (yet) a first tier QB. I’d rather have Jake Long and a great line to protect a young first round QB so they can step in and develop.

  3. More reason why Jeff Ireland should be fired. He’s been playing injured all year and should of been placed on IR a month ago. Just dumb. Now the beat player on that roster might not even be ready to go for the start of next year

  4. That guy when he is healthy he is a beast n he been playing injured for almost 2 seasons now, they need to get him fix cause when he at 100% he is the best at what he does

  5. @sikkcaden
    Ryan has had a winning record every year and now 3 trips to the playoffs. Is he top 5? No but certainly around the bottom of the top 10. A top 10 qb trumps any left tackle especially since the league is so pass happy and geared toward qb play now. No doubt Long has been a very good player but i would bet parcells would change that pick knowing what he knows now

  6. Tough luck. As a Dolphins fan, put him in a bubble until September. He’s had a down year because of injuries, but I can trust he’ll get back to form next season.

  7. Jake Long has been #2 for a couple years (behind Joe Thomas) but he is still definitely an elite LT and hopefully he put this year behind him.

  8. @sikkcaden

    Bill Parcells has admitted that he screwed up taking Long over Ryan. Long is a great LT, but a great LT doesn’t mean crap if the guy he’s blocking for can’t do anything with the time he’s given. Parcells went with the safe pick and regretted it.

  9. Sad. As a Dolphin fan, I hope Ireland doesn’t put Long as an injury prone player and not resign him next year or franchise him. Long is a class act and deserves the highest LT contract in the league. Possible league history

  10. andyo102 says:Dec 26, 2011 4:05 AM

    Sad. As a Dolphin fan, I hope Ireland doesn’t put Long as an injury prone player and not resign him next year or franchise him. Long is a class act and deserves the highest LT contract in the league. Possible league history
    Doesn’t he already have the highest LT contract in history? Great player but he’s being paid extremely well- he’s not outplaying his contract that’s for sure!

  11. Maybe Dolphin fans deserve getting mediocre season after mediocre season for denying the obvious facts like Matt Ryan>Jake Long. Having that franchise LT sure helps your team to win (rolls eyes).

  12. People seem to forget that Matt Ryan was an iffy choice for a franchise QB. The Falcons caught some criticism for drafting him so high at the time. The Dolphins have one of the top left tackles. There is no argument that Long is one of the top 3 LTs in the league. While Ryan is a good QB, he is not in the elite category, yet. He may get there eventually but at this point it is arguable whether he is even one of the top 7-10 QBs in the league. Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers, Manning and Roethlisberger are unquestionably above Ryan right now. Throw in guys like Romo, Rivers, Cutler, Vick, Stafford and the order gets murky when you add Ryan. Taking Long over Ryan was the right decision then and it still is now.

  13. Fin Fan68:

    You are 100% correct. Not to mention drafting Matt Ryan would have been terrible for both the Dolphins and Matt Ryan. At the time, we had no offensive line to protect him. Not to mention the number 1 receiver on the roster at the time was Ted Ginn Jr. Matt Ryan would have been a bust on the Dolphins. He is lucky to have landed where he is with a solid running game, o line and receiving core.

    Jake Long was and still is the best choice to be taken in that spot. I remeber, at the time, the “experts” were telling the Fins to take Chris Long. No one was talking about the Fins taking Matt Ryan. This is one draft pick we got right. Now, the Ted Ginn Jr. Pick………….

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