Jets have a decision to make on Sanchez

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As the New York Jets begin to process the reality that there most likely will be no back-door path to the playoffs followed by a couple of unlikely road wins in the postseason, one of the factors the franchise will confront is the future of quarterback Mark Sanchez.

A league source tells PFT that the Jets are beginning to realize that Sanchez may not be the answer at the position.  That said, the Jets will not publicly acknowledge even the possibility that Sanchez is falling out of favor.

How could they acknowledge it?  Coach Rex Ryan already has declared that Sanchez will be the quarterback for as long as Ryan is the coach, a proclamation that could eventually turn out to be as reliable as pretty much every other guarantee Rex has made.

Still, we’re told that the Jets will quietly explore their options, refraining from dropping any hints until they’re ready to pull the trigger — if that’s what they decide to do.

Working against Sanchez is a base salary for 2012 that jumps to $8.5 million.  Though that’s less than half of what the top quarterbacks are paid, Sanchez arguably has performed far less than less than half of the top quarterbacks.

Regardless of whether the Jets decide to keep Sanchez in the short term, a long-term decision is looming.  Drafted in 2009, his five-year contract expires after the 2013 season.

And in the end, there’s a chance Ryan’s assessment of the situation will be accurate.  If the Jets keep Sanchez for one more year and if the Jets fail to make the postseason again, Sanchez possibly will end up being the quarterback for Ryan’s full tenure as coach because Ryan’s tenure as coach could end.

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  1. Never was a believer of Sanchez. All their playoff runs were a product of one of the best defenses in the NFL and one of the best run games. They set him up for success and he just never really materialized into the QB that they were expecting.

    I feel for the Jets organization. They’ve made so many moves to set themselves up for a Super Bowl and they were just never really able to grasp it.

  2. He has playoff wins, so you can’t deny that he has some talent. However, if he was half as good as some of the other young QBs in the league (Ryan, Stafford…) there would have been a SuperBowl win or two.

  3. It really is Christmas!

    How sweet would this be? No longer having to watch Sanchez OR listen to Fat Boy.

  4. Interesting dilemma for the Jets. While Sanchez may not be Brady or Manning, he’s a lot better than what a lot of teams have. Teams like the Redskins, Miami, etc. have real quarteback needs right now but there are no outstanding QBs to fill the bill. The Jets are right in keeping any thoughts to themselves of ditching Sanchez, but you have to wonder why a “league source” spilled any of the beans publicly. Where oh where is that vaunted “Year of the Quarterback” draft?

  5. From the perspective of a Giants fan.

    Sanchez is weird.

    You watch some Jets games and he makes some really accurate throws. He can make all the touch passes that Eli can make.

    But then you watch some games and he is just absolutely awful.

    Hes weird..

  6. In other words, we will know about it when it happens. The Jets are smart enough not to broadcast their intentions.

  7. When the media favorites proclaims one of their darling teams have the God given gift of a QB then they reluctantly have trouble admitting he is just a mortal below average poor excuse for a QB. They will have to turn on him and drum him out of town and that is what the brilliant reporters have decided.

  8. What you see with Mark Sanchez, is what you get.

    He’s clearly not the worst quarterback in the NFL, but he’s not the guy to lead you to a Super Bowl, either.

    Patriots fans everywhere realize that, despite being sick of these guys yapping about how great they are, they do have a lot of talent on that team; we are very fortunate that they have staked their future to Sanchez.

    People gave him far too much credit for getting to the AFC Championship two years in a row ……. for a three year veteran, Yets fans have a right to expect much more from the Prom King than they’ve gotten.

    He’s clearly not “that”guy, and deep down, Rex knows that. You can’t get away with a Mark Sanchez, in a Tom Brady division.

  9. Wait they just realized this now?
    They desperately need to:
    Fire Rex and the OC
    Cut/do something with Sanchez
    Sign a REAL backup quarterback
    Cut Hunter and Ducasse (self-explanatory)
    Cut Smith- the guy couldn’t outrun a starfish
    Sign a punter who can kick straight
    Move on from Scott and do something with Wilson
    (Scott’s aging and slow, Wilson is clearly a bust)

    This plan would seriously take some HEAVY weight off the team’s shoulders.

  10. This guy is more overrated, than can be explained. All he
    ever does is throw to his check downs. As soon as he tries to go downfield, is picked, over thrown, or under thrown. He sucked in college, and is worse as a “pro”. People will say he has lots of wins as a starter, and who really cares? Gotta win the big game, coming close is not good enough. This is a win now league, and he just don’t have what it takes.

  11. If the Jets had an Alex Smith type QB they’d be fighting with the Pats for the first seed. You can’t make the horrible mistakes he makes. He never makes midfield mistakes, he always makes mistakes inside his own town and the opponents own 10.

    Recipe for disaster, how can the defense stand up and be stout when they always gotta bail this guy out?

  12. Rex Ryan has done a really good job with the Jets team, and it stinks that he may be on his way out in a couple years. He’s made his team rally around him and try to prove that he is right about his guarantees. You’d want a coach who makes bold statements about the team.

    That being said, he seems to be living off the talent that Eric Mangini just couldn’t get going. He’s a great head coach in terms of coaching and getting a lot out of players, but after that, can he manage a roster? Besides Sanchez and Greene, the last 3 drafts (yes, I realize that 2011’s draft that you need to give them time, but still) have been bad. Even those two names I stated, are they really that good anyways?

    He’s a good coordinator. He’s a good motivator. But maybe he’s not suited to be a head coach.

  13. Whats this…? ANOTHER USC QB not worth the hype…

    This kid did nothing in College so why think the NFL would be any diff…? WAYYYY too much around him to not be doing better then he is… Just over rated just like Joe Flappo… DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE….

  14. So???? Why is anyone surprised here.

    Last 43 years, jets have 2 division titles…and nothing else…They ALWAYS have below par players, yet TALK [ and talk] like they are NFL’s elite.

    Sanchez is no different than any of the other clowns that have been their QB…yet Rex, players [ Cromartie] and like they are 2nd coming of 70’s Steelers…So keep him!

    On this Christmas day…may I be the 1st to offer my best wishes to jet fans & players…HAPPY 43RD ANNIVERSARY LOSERS.

  15. So if I’m understanding this correctly….a coach who took his team to the AFC champ. in his first two years and whos team is still alive for a playoff berth in week 17 of his third season is on the hot seat?? Only in NY kids, only in NY.

  16. As a Jets fan I am disappointed in Sanchez thus far but I’m anxious to see him next year with a new O-Cord.

  17. Sanchez is awful. Watching him play makes me thankful we have the toughest, clutch QB in the league. Big ben. Nobody’s defense is scared to play sanchez and that jets offense!

  18. 1. Rex needs to quit talking and do more coaching. Maybe his team will start playing more and talking less also.
    2. Brian Shottenheimer needs to go – a complete failure and bring in a proven quarterback coach and offensive coordinator to help with Sanchez assessment/coaching.
    3. Slauson needs to stop mouthing off (wonder where he got that idea) about N. Suh and start blocking.

  19. Pete Carroll told Sanchez, publicly, that he was not ready. He was not ready. Ego got the best of Sanchez, and the dollars.

  20. Wow, I just do not understand how a guy can get a team 2 years in a row to the AFC Championship game. Then plans could be made to go in another direction. Well what about Sanchez losing three receivers in their prime who were not resigned; Brad Smith, Braylon Edwards and Jericho Cotchery. The replacement a 34 year old who had spent 2 seasons in prison named Plaxico Burress. Plaxico is much slower than when he shot himself. You can not blame the lack of weapons on Sanchez. Somehow the decision to unload three receivers in their prime has to be a factor for an offense that seems to get the defense back on the field rather quickly.

  21. “…beginning to realize that Sanchez is not the answer…” ?


    Rexxy will drop that commitment to Sanchez about 5 minutes after they’ve got a new guy lined up….. because that’s the way off the NFL….

    that being said… Rex was a fool to make a job long commitment to Sanchez…..

  22. Teams like the Redskins, Miami, etc. have real quarteback needs right now but there are no outstanding QBs to fill the bill.


    Matt Moore >>>>>>>>>>> Santa Claus >>>>>>>>>> Sanchez

  23. the game that put the nail in the coffin for sanchez was the bronco game. if he didnt throw that pick a horrible throw they wouldve won that game. he had a running back against a linebacker and threw it to the opposite receiver. he has to know his mismatches on offense

  24. Mark Sanchez will never win a Super Bowl as a starting quarterback in the NFL, and Rex Ryan is the defensive coordinator who cried wolf.

    If the Jets seriously want to win a ring, they need to clean house with both of them. Rex Ryan will be like Wade Phillips and get a defensive coordinator somewhere. Mark Sanchez? Not so much.

  25. As an Eagles fan I watched his last two games closely and can draw only one conclusion, he is AWFUL. His decision making is at the high school level and the physical portion of his play is not much more evolved. He looks like a guy that thinks he’s capable of way more than he actually is. How many times could he have thrown the ball away yesterday but tried to out run a defender that is 10 times the athlete he is? Move on now or regret it later!!

  26. Sanchez has a shot in my eyes to be great. Look at the pressure he handled taking his team to 2 afc championship games. In my opinion it my have something to do with his arrogant loud mouth coach. Maybe if he spent time learning to be humble rather than flapping his big gums and help develop the kid they could get this thing rolling again. Just my opinion though.

  27. Soon sanchez and flacco will be found out for what they are. Incredibly extraordinarily average qb’s with some really bad games and some games where they’ll surprise you and show up.

    Bottom line? Not the guys to lead you to the lombardi.

  28. duanethomas says:
    Dec 25, 2011 8:31 AM
    Merry Christmas folks!

    Two people gave THIS a “thumbs down”??????


  29. The Jets have a lot more problems than just Sanchez.

    Their oline is horrible
    Their Pass rush is horrible
    They need an upgrade at RB
    (they need a real 3rd down and pass-catching RB)

  30. I do not see the big deal here. I have been screaming from the top of my lungs that Sanchez is no better than Chad Henne. Sanchez was just surrounded by a better team that picked up the slack. Compare both of their stats, they are mirror images of one another with the exception of playoff wins. But we all know measuring a QB by playoff wins is not a true indication of his production. It is about time the Jets realize the truth.

  31. aaronsevivas says:
    From the perspective of a Giants fan.

    Sanchez is weird.

    You watch some Jets games and he makes some really accurate throws. He can make all the touch passes that Eli can make.

    But then you watch some games and he is just absolutely awful.

    Hes weird..
    I’m sorry ….. are you decribing Eli Manning here, or Mark Sanchez?

    Sounds like the same thing.

  32. I just don’t understand why teams commit to the QB position so much. If someone can’t get it done, why not get someone who can? It’s common sense.

  33. #1 Tom Brady
    #2 Matt Moore
    #3 Ryan Fitzpatrick
    #4 Brad Smith
    #5 Mark Sanchez.

    Top 5 QB’s in the AFC East.

  34. Enough of this type of article! The Jets need to get rid of Schottenheimer first and foremost. Who the hell has a 3rd year QB throw 60+ times, consisting mostly of short routes, after the other team clearly couldn’t stop your running game? As of late Sanchez has done a fantastic job screwing up, but what can you expect when he is not set up to succeed? He’s been hard to watch, but when you make a Quarterback with 4 years of starting experience total shoulder an entire team, it’s never going to be pretty.

    The running game has been mediocre, the offensive line has been a turnstile, our OC couldn’t coordinate his way out of a wet cardboard box, teams know EXACTLY what we’re going to do, before we do it, our WR’s don’t get any separation, the lack of talent on defense has been exposed and Rex’s schemes can’t bail out the poor offense anymore, but yet, Sanchez has still improved over all previous years.

  35. As someoone stated, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Peyton ended up as the Jets QB. And remember, Tom Moore is waiting in the wings as the teams offensive “consultant.” Sanchez sucks. Manning would make most teams better, but would make the Jets remarkably better.

  36. As a Viking fan (with a HUGE hole at WR…among other positions), I never did understand how a QB with two potential stud WRs could be so damn inconsistent! I would love for the Vikes to come in and take Burress off your hands (for cheap cuz Sanchez only throws to him in the endzone)…

  37. Oh how this qb draft class has changed in one year. One healthy year and you see why the lions took Stafford with the number one pick.

  38. “As a Jets fan I am disappointed in Sanchez thus far but I’m anxious to see him next year with a new O-Cord.”
    Wow you are freakin delusional. I hope most jet fans aren’t as blind as you. He stinks out loud! He’s a draft bust. Cut your losses and go get someone that can play. He’s obviously regressing. The dude can’t make a decision and when he finally does he over or under throws the ball.

  39. Looks like Sanchez might have to troll for high school girls somewhere else next season.

  40. Not a Jets fan, but do admire the organization ever since Namath won SB III.The Jets changed pro football forever in that game by beating the Colts.I never thought that Sanchez was the QB the Jets thought he would be.He’s erratic,and really not all that moblie.Good arm, but doesn’t really read defenses all that well.I think he and possibly Brian Schottenheimer are the real problems here and Rex to some degree.I know there’s been talk of getting Peyton Manning from Indy,but they’ll probably give him another chance.

  41. Please Jets, do not fire Rex Ryan. If you do he will end up a talking head during Sunday football, and I’ll have no way to avoid him…

  42. i think everyone needs to calm down, so the jets didnt make the playoffs. under rex ryan the jets now lead every team in the league with suberbowl gaurantees!

    thye might not have shiny rings but they are going for there 4th consecutive suberbowl gaurantee this year.

  43. To me the Sanchez Litmus Test is “How many league starters when healthy could he unseat?”

    Considering the obvious accomplished season vets plus those who’ve done more with less like Alex Smith and Tavaris Jackson, as well as factoring in high potential rookies including Cam and Dalton while objectively excluding rookie disappointments and TBDs like Gabbert, Locker and Ponder, can anyone really see him replacing any more than 12 starting QBs, if that?

    That generously puts him in the bottom 40% of all QBs, most of whom require a superior team to compensate for their guy’s mediocrity

  44. When Mark Sanchez is required to throw 59 passes in a must win game, your asking for trouble. Poor game plan, poor coaching Rex.

    Merry xmas everyone.

  45. OK he is not the worst QB in the league. He is also not a guy who “won” some playoff games so that proves he is good. He was on a team that won some playoff games. They didn’t win those games because of him. This is a league where you need a QB who can carry a team to wins. He is not that guy.
    It’s not a decision staring the Jets in the face. After 2013 is not right around the corner. It’s easy to give him another year, then decide. The issue is does he deserve another year? Can they get a better option for 2012 or just end up like Minny, Seattle, Jax and Miami if they make a move too soon.

  46. THe kid is gamer. But he was riding the coattails of his defense.
    THe coaching staff, Ryan, failed him. Instead of letting him develop quietly. They put undo stress and presure on him by talking. Now his mechanics are off and he’s rushing every pass. As a Pats fan I’m not complaining. The decision should be about the coaches.

  47. The only NFL QB worse than Mark is Romo. He’s been destroying Dallas seasons longer than Sanchez has been disintegrating the Jets’.

  48. “thekiy says: Dec 25, 2011 8:28 AM

    He has playoff wins, so you can’t deny that he has some talent. ”

    Actually you can. How many of those wins were because the others team defense screwed up and left a guy wide open or committed some other critical error?

  49. Another USC QB bust. No wonder Barkely stayed in school. I just don’t get why he had a press conference to announce he’s staying in school. Does he think he’s Lebron? That people care about every decision he makes?

  50. No, no, we love Sanchez. He should be the Jets QB for the next ten years!

    Patriot Nation

  51. As an Eagles fan, I have watched Sanchez two weeks in a row now. I was never really a ‘fan’ before, but after the past 2 weeks, I can safely say he is not a good QB. He takes WAY too long to make decisions. I saw at least twice yesterday when Giant’s DE’s were closing in on him, he saw them, recognized they were coming, had enough time to throw the ball away, but somehow didn’t. He pumped once, twice, then bam… down he goes. He simply stood there and took the sack.

    I think its also worth stating that his receivers are NOT helping him out at all. Holmes seems to have no heart in him and isn’t trying as hard as he can to make catches that aren’t exactly on the money. I REALLY don’t like Plaxico, but he’s the only one that seems to go hard every play. Its just too bad he’s 34 years old and doesn’t have the speed he used to have to get separation.

    Sanchez is inaccurate, indecisive, and SOMEONE on the team, be it him or the receivers, don’t know the playcalls. They were consistently not in the right position to catch balls thrown to them. And seeing as it was more than 1 receiver out of position multiple times, I’m going with the culprit being Sanchez.

    I will say though that fumble in the end zone was not his fault. Mangold hit himself in the thigh with the ball and then let it go. It was no where NEAR Sanchez and he never laid a finger on it.

  52. Rex will trade for Peyton if Indy drafts luck. You heard it first here. Sanchez is terrible, for where he was drafted he’s a borderline BUST!

  53. The Jets are morons… Say what you will about Mangini he drafted: D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Nick Mangold, Darrelle Revis and Dustin Keller… who has Ryan drafted???… Sanchez, who most uneducated Jet fans feel is the problem with the Jets… the Jets are poorly coached from the top to the bottom, they have more talent than most teams, including the Giants and they continue to under achieve… the problem with this team is REX RYAN… he should go.

  54. What’s amazing is that it is taking Jets mgmt. several years to figure out what the fans knew in Sanchez’s first year………..neither Sanchez or the Big Bag of Wind is going to bring a title to the Jets.

  55. Week after week, month after month and year after year we get to keep hearing from the “Ryan Twins” about how good their teams are and their defenses…………if it wouldn’t be for the media wanting every quote from these idiots, it would quickly become a non-story.

  56. Sanchez isn’t the problem…having him throw 59 times is the problem.

    I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again: SCHOTTY MUST GO! SCHOTTY MUST GO! SCHOTTY MUST GO!

  57. Steelers fans and their poor revisionist history can’t seem to recall they’ve been to the SB twice since Flacco came into the league. They won in his ROOKIE season,missed the playoffs (how quickly we forget),then made it again only to get smacked by the Packers. This year he’s beaten them twice and has his team ready for a first round bye. Flacco, even with his flaws is > Sanchez, Ryan,and Freeman.

  58. ‘Sanchez will be the quarterback for as long as Ryan is the coach’

    well, Rex might just be a short-termer, too.

    Sanchez dates Kate Upton, tho- so I wouldn’t feel too bad for him.

  59. Everyone keeps calling for Brian Schottenheimer to be fired, but in 2008 when Favre was QB for the Jets there was no problem getting the ball down the field then. The man is working with a QB that has limited abilities. Sanchez has reached his ceiling, time to look to other options.

  60. I think there was more pressure on Sanchez since the Jets traded up quite a bit in the draft to get him. If I recall they went from like the 17th pick to the 5th pick for him. Anytime a team makes that big of a jump for a player, it’s making a statement. And when said over-hyped player fails…usually people get fired.

  61. Billinva has it right mark sanchez is like Rex grossman but Sanchez has been given weapons to be successful, grossman never really had the offensive weapons. The jets changed their whole style to put it in the hands of the sanchise but he’s not that dude. Run the ball and play d got them to the afc championship game twice now they try to throw it around and miss the playoffs.

  62. Weeden from Oklahoma State could be available and with his age and maturity could make an immediate impact. Dayne Christ would have been great as well but stupid Brian Kelly did not want to play him because he thinks guys he did not recruit just do not get it. Notre Dame would of gone undefeated if Christ had started and finished all games. Brian Kelly is selfish and should be fired. Problem is as bad as Sanchez is might not get a chance to draft a guy that can be a great starter. If they could get their hands on Joe Webb that would be an upgrade and New Yorkers would love Joe Webb and he takes games over not manages them. If I were the Jets I would offer a first rounder for Webb and cut Sanchez or attempt to trade him maybe to the Browns for a second or third rounder.

  63. I bet Holmes and Plax wish they were playing with Ben again! Like him oir not, he is 100000 times better than sanchez.

    Hey raqaiw, not sure what you are trying to say, but to update your post. Big Ben>Flacco>Ryan>Freeman. already been to SB 3 times and has 2 rings. When Flacco gets there, lets talk. Until then, just staing the facts.

  64. Another option would be trade up with St Louis or Minnesota for Robert Griffin the third. Alot less risky just to get Joe Webb though without having to trade up.

  65. He’s certainly better than Alex Smith and Smith in the right system, playing within himself has been quite a surprise. When you put a guy in a system and tell him to play in it, without tailoring it to his talents, what can you expect? He has look awful this season, but Ryan it putting it all on the QB to win games. Play better defense and get Holmes and Burress on the same page and give it a go next season with a suitable scheme for Sanchez. The guy aint bad, but he in the end, he is just a guy.

  66. @raqaiw:

    Maybe I read your post wrong, but is you’re point the Steelers have been to 2 SB while Flacco has won nothing in balti? Congrats on FINALLY getting the reg season wins. Another delusional raven fan. In a year or two the ravens will be having the same discussion jets are having now. Also, I would bet big $ there isn’t one NFL GM that would take Flacco over Ryan.

  67. The problem with Sanchez is he works harder at getting women then at his craft. In today’s game all the great ones are like coaches on the field. Manning, Brady, and Breeze are the best for a reason.

  68. I think the Jets were working on plan b by bringing in Coach Moore from the colts.
    Its clear they are losing patience with coach Shotty.
    So now with sanchez showing hes not improving fast enough and the Front office looking to win now dont be suprised if the jets TRADE sanchez and work out a deal to get Peyton Manng.
    After all they did chase Brett Favre a few years ago.

    THis would be an excellent late christmas present! Imagine the talent on the offensive side of the ball with PEYTON throwing to them and the Defense not having to keep the game close! Then draft a Qb to sit for 3 years and take over when Maning retires.

    With sanchez there rex and tanny will surlely be looking for a job when Sanchez’s contract is up in 2013

  69. He’s no Brady, Breese, Rogers, etc., but when the O line was better the last two years, he was better. Our O line is the reason we struggled with the run as well.
    Wayne Hunter sucks and needs to go.
    Shotty sucks and needs to go.
    Do those two things, shore up the issues on the O line, give the running game more time to develop and I’ll bet we won’t be placing blame on Sanchez.

  70. mistrezzrachael says: Dec 25, 2011 8:46 AM
    Last 43 years, jets have 2 division titles…

    what are you talking about? they have 4. the same as the houston oilers have, oh and yes the jets pats and oilers were all in the same division at one point, look it up. The jets have the same amount of division titles as a team that hasnt been in that division in 40 years.

  71. I get it as far as Sanchez goes but it’s pretty ridiculous to say that Ryan may be fired. He has taken the team to the AFC Championship 2 years in a row.

  72. Life is good when you have Sean Payton and Drew Brees and not the dysfunctional tandem of Fat Boy and Sanchez…..AFC has ZERO chance to win the SB this year, so who gives a rats a.zz about the Yets…so irrelevant…next to the Raiders, Eagles and Falcons, they are one of the most classless teams in the league…fact..

  73. Sanchez sucks and Jets games are like watching paint dry. He never throws more than 20 yard passes. His longest in the Jint-Jet game was 15 yards! I know Rex thinks he has the “Ravens, Jr” game plan but he just doesn’t have the players even though he has a “great” player at every position according to his royal Fatness.

  74. Wait, did someone say it was Sanchez fault they didn’t get to the Super Duper Bowl—err I mean “the Big Game”?

    Did I hear he isn’t up to par, to the likes of Matt Ryan & Matt Stafford.

    Well you have a point….. uhhh wait….. What?

    Exactly how many playoff games have those 2 guys won COMBINED? I’m not for sure, but ill bet it is less than what Sanchez has won.

    Oh and one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game, went to the Super Bowl once, where he lost and never went back. Another (this one current) greatest QB, has been to only 2 Super Bowls and is 1-1.

    I am a Chiefs fan, and I don’t care two craps about Sanchez, but id take that guy in KC, if he brought us as many playoff wins in KC over his first 2 years.

    Merry Christmas!

  75. Sanchez is a mediocre qb at best. Plaxico and Holmes are me first guys. Rexy has realized the worst case scenario of not having the ability to shut his trap for even one minute. He is the personnal trash talk bulletin board of the NFL. He sets his team up to fail, because no team could be as good as Rexy thinks his team is. Even now, I am sure the reality hasn’t sunk in to his cranial cavity and in fact it may never, even after he gets fired at some point. He talks about how great Coughlin and Belichek are, but he does not seem to learn from them.

    Brandon Jacobs, you are now a hero in my eyes. You would have been a super hero if you actually punched the “Mouth that never Quits”, but a Merry Christmas to ya.

  76. Not a Jets fan nor a Sanchez lover, but I can honestly say that there is very little out there to bring in that would be better than Sanchez. Jets are built to win now. They can’t wait to develop a new QB. What Sanchez really needs is an Offensive Coordinator who can call a game and also keep Sanchez accountable. Shottenheimer is a joke. Way too passive. Sanchez needs someone who will crawl up his arse instead of patting his head like a little kid. Rex needs to quit babying him as well in the media. My 2 cents.

  77. If his last name was Manning he’d be in no trouble at all.. in fact, the media would be calling him elite.

  78. Sanchez does have some talent, but he is working under the wrong head coach. Ryan’s trash talking creates distractions and influences his players to also trash talk instead of taking care of business, while what Sanchez needs is a firm, mature guiding hand to develop his talent. But still he probably never will be on the level of Brady, Brees or Manning, and maybe not even reach the tier below them.

  79. richm2256 says:
    Dec 25, 2011 9:03 AM
    aaronsevivas says:
    From the perspective of a Giants fan.

    Sanchez is weird.

    You watch some Jets games and he makes some really accurate throws. He can make all the touch passes that Eli can make.

    But then you watch some games and he is just absolutely awful.

    Hes weird..
    I’m sorry ….. are you decribing Eli Manning here, or Mark Sanchez?

    Sounds like the same thing.


    And you are obviously blind and deaf if you think they are the same thing.

  80. With their loss the 8-7 jets can say,

    J ust
    E nded
    T he
    S eason

    Time for Tanny & Ryan to start planning for the upcoming 44th Anniversary!

    At least Sanchez puts the jets with a decent backup QB next season !

  81. Okay. The post here is: Do the Jets pay $8M to Mark Sanchez next year?

    The answer is: Of course.

    The Jets don’t have a benchwarmer/caretaker QB on the roster. They don’t have a high enough draft choice to get a “sure thing” QB in the draft. Actually, they probably could draft a serviceable QB; Kellen Moore and a couple others might well drop to them, but Luck, RGIII and likely Landry Jones will all be long gone when the Jets’ name is called.

    So, the Jets’ options are limited. Right now, it looks like Shottenheimer will be the scapegoat, and the Jets will bring in a QB specialist of some kind to tutor Sanchez, while drafting what they hope will be some help for him.

    This isn’t as bleak a scenario as it seems. All you have to do is watch AJ Green play to realize how much one rookie can affect a team’s offense, and for all the vitriol posted here no one is saying Sanchez can’t make the throws, if his receivers are open.

    So there’ll be another year of mildly irritating but always entertaining Rex Ryan in NY, the Jets will try for one more year to find the ‘good’ Mark Sanchez, and life will go on.

    And in Detroit, Martin Mayhew woke up this morning, and said a silent prayer of thanks to the football gods, that he took Stafford, and not Sanchez.

  82. Just a word to Deion Sanders. Don’t you dare presume to speak for me when you say everyone loves Rex Ryan. I am not sure that people in NY love him anymore. He is hiding behind his inability to coach by putting his players on an impossible pedestal and hope that they are somehow compelled to live up to Rex’s Blabberwocky.

    Rex Ryan disgraces teams, sucks toes and gives the bird to fans. Ya, we all love Rexy, just about as much as we love you. Not!! When you are on NFL network I change the channel. You are so in love with yourself it’s not tolerable to me. I prefer grownups talking, coaching and playing the game.

  83. As a Giant fan living outside of the NY area, I haven’t really had much opportunity to see Sanchez. From what I have seen, his biggest problem is inconsistency. He has looked really good, and then really bad. You never know what to expect from him week to week. Reminds me of another NY QB named Eli Manning. Up until the ’07 season, Eli was practically run out of town because he didn’t seem to be able to grasp the game. He was good for a game or two, then he looked like a rookie making his first ever start for 2 or 3 games. Incredibly frustrating to watch.

    My point is, he eventually figured it out. He’s far from perfect, and he still has horrible games now and then, but he has improved greatly in the last few seasons, and is currently having his best season as an NFL QB. Sometimes it just takes a little longer for some of these guys to “get it”. Just ask Drew Brees, who was an embarrassment in SD until they drafted Rivers.

    Yesterday, Sanchez looked like absolute crap, but I feel for the kid, even though I despise the Jets, and particularly Rex. Personally, I think he’s in the wrong system, but thats just an opinion.

  84. the jets have a good starting qb, greg mcelroy. he was awesome in the preseason til he got hurt, they shouldnt have put him on ir.

    here is the thing about mcelroy. he wins. he has always won, everywhere he has ever played. dude has only lost two games in his entire life as a starting qb. he isnt hugh, he isnt speedy gonzalas, but he missed being a rhodes scholar by a hair and is truely a student of football.

    give the kid a chance

  85. Chadd Pennington will be available next year. Sign him and make up for the way you treated him by signing Brett Favre. Pennington is better than Sanchez.

  86. That way that the fans and media pile onto Sanchez is ridiculous to me. Has he been great? No. Has he shown some ability and had some success? Yes. The kid is 25 freaking years old playing in the toughest market.
    We want him to me joe Montana out of the gate. Qbs takes time to fullfill their potential. People were ready to run drew Brees out of the league by his third year. 11 Tds 18 ints. And Brees was a 4 year player. Sanchez came to the NFL with 16 starts! That means he was only 16 starts removed from high school!
    as a Jet fan I did not want to draft him because I knew that this process would take years. In his first 3 years we had more success Than I could ever imagined. I am glad we have him and I will remain patient because I think that the best is yet to come.

  87. promickey says: Dec 25, 2011 8:53 AM

    Wow, I just do not understand how a guy can get a team 2 years in a row to the AFC Championship game. Then plans could be made to go in another direction. Well what about Sanchez losing three receivers in their prime who were not resigned; Brad Smith, Braylon Edwards and Jericho Cotchery. The replacement a 34 year old who had spent 2 seasons in prison named Plaxico Burress. Plaxico is much slower than when he shot himself. You can not blame the lack of weapons on Sanchez. Somehow the decision to unload three receivers in their prime has to be a factor for an offense that seems to get the defense back on the field rather quickly.

    No offense, but do you even watch football? How on earth can you say those WR’s were in their prime? They are ALL injured and doing nothing this season. Cotch was an aging slot WR, and while he did provide a good security blanket, that was it. Smith was a wildcat toy and amazing KR, McKnight can fill his role well, and Braylon Edwards? He did play well in NY but was inconsistent and can’t even break the 49ers starting lineup right now.

    Holmes would be a 1000 yard WR every year on other teams, like he was in Pittsburgh. Keller is an above average TE, and Plax is a very reliable red zone target even though his speed isn’t great. They also have a decent line and a few RB’s who can all do different things.

    Sanchez had more than enough around him to succeed but he never really shown any growth after three full seasons. It’s time to move in a different direction because their SB window is closing and a QB who can win a game or two by himself may be all they need.

  88. Colts draft Luck
    Colts cut Manning
    Jets sign Manning & Wayne to reunite with Moore
    Jets trade Sanchez to Seahawks to reunite with Carroll

    Everybody wins

    NFL gets at least 2 Brady-Peyton matchups a year
    Jets get legit chance at a SB
    Sanchez & Carroll get to go hit on college chicks together again
    Indy gets to completely rebuild around Luck

    This has to be the plan that Archie & Ollie are working on behind the scenes

  89. No they don’t!!!!

    1. Put Mike Tannenbaum on the hot seat.

    2. Fire Brian Schottenheimer and hire Jim Fassel as the offensive coordinator.

    3. Add another wide receiver for the slot and/or deep ball.

    4. Dump ALL of the running backs.

    5. Dump Wayne Hunter and get a REAL right tackle.

    6. Get more linebackers: 1 more for the ILB position, 2 more for pass rushing, but keep Aaron Maybin for situational pass rushing!!!

    7. Get a successor to Jim Leonard because Eric Smith is NOT it!!!

    Wow!!! Let’s see if they’re anything else during the time of the draft!!!

  90. I think part of Sanchez’s problem is that he’s not hearing the plays being called in because he has nothing but Justin Bieber songs bouncing around in his head.

  91. 7to10for6allday says:

    Rex will trade for Peyton if Indy drafts luck. You heard it first here. Sanchez is terrible, for where he was drafted he’s a borderline BUST!


    Peyton’s playing days are over. You heard it first here.

  92. I have been a big critic of Sanchez in his young career. But to say the Jets need to make a decision on him soon is a little ridiculous. They need to draft young talent and develop it, and quit signing old receivers who are all talk. Their running game and defense is not that good, and Sanchez is just not good enough to win games on his own. But would I say they need to draft another QB yet? No. They need to get a coaching staff, especially offensive coordinator who can get on the same page with their quarterback. The teams that are successful in this league gameplan around their QB, and have an identity. The problem with the Jets is that their blowhard coach, not their play is their identity. Look at the successful teams in the NFL; Saints, Pats, Packers, even the Niners or crap ass Broncos, at least they have an identity and are all on the same page. Each week it seems like Ryan’s message is just getting old, how about developing some actual talent and getting a vision together with your GM and offensive coordinator.

  93. @ rajbais..

    You are making one giant assumption there…

    That a guys as classy as Peyton Manning who prides himself on image and has played for a first class organization and class acts such as Dungy and Caldwell will want to be associated with and hitch the end of his career to the likes of a low class organization such as the jets (tripping, sexual harrassment suits and feet) and their hot air ‘fatty chatty’ of a head coach.

    Somehow i dont see that as a match the Mannings are looking for. Manning to Miami, SF or Denver are far more likely unless of course Woody agrees to send the Rexasorous packing with his Sanchize in which case Manning could come together with a new coach and new Off coordinator…

    Would be the best move the Jets could ever hope to make

  94. yodelpoo says:
    And you are obviously blind and deaf if you think they are the same thing.
    Right ………… because Eli Manning is the very definition of “consistent”, right?

  95. @tedmurph:
    Not surprising that you missed the point entirely. A previous asinine Steelers fan ranted about Sanchez being better than Flacco and the Steelers supposed greatness. My point was that in his 4 years he’s gotten his team in position to get the trophy every year while having a real SB contender to deal with twice a season. Nor has he had half the receiving talent Sanchez or Ryan has had. My second point which again you missed is that Flacco, while not a finished product,has gotten his team to the postseason every year he’s played,but Roethelisberger hasn’t.

  96. The guys is a bust. Hard to blame the Jets for making the move to take him in the draft. It just didnt work out. If a young QB doesnt make the leap by now, hes just not going to. He still plays like a rookie out there at times. The Jets have a crazy defense but its not enough to overcome just how inept this guy is

  97. @raqaiw:

    If those were your points, I missed them because your writing is poor and unclear. As for the content, ravens are in position every year because of defense and running game. they win despite Flacco not because of him. When they play good teams in the playoffs, he can’t make a play when they need him to. At least Sanchez could do that the last few years. Make all the excuses you want about Flacco, the ravens will be having the same discussion the jets are in a year or 2. Forget the finished product BS too, he’s at the end of his 4th year. He is what he is. Ravens have got to the playoffs last 3 yrs and won nothing, while Roethlisberger wins SBs.

  98. @tedmurph:
    My writing is clear enough for those who don’t have their heads up Steely McBeam’s rectum. If they win in spite of Flacco as you say then I suppose the defense was on the field for both come from behind game winning drives in Pittsburgh the last 2 seasons. Roethelisberger played well in 1 SB,the refs came out and apologized for that “shebacle” in Detroit and he’s the main reason the Steelers lost against the Packers. That and Polamalu’s inability to cover anyone past 10 yards from the LOS. I could easily make the same assertion that Pittsburgh’s D wins despite Roethelisberger. Without Harrison’s pick 6 before the half you probably lose to the Cardinals too.

  99. I kind of feel bad for Sanchez. I have no idea why the Jets think he’s the kind of guy who can air it out 35+ times a game. If he ever has to do that, you’re probably going to lose. But he’s a good game manager and I’ll admit I’m impressed with how he’s dealt with criticism. I’d give him two years with a competent offensive coordinator (Norv Turner?) and see if that changes anything. People keep on forgetting that he only had roughly a season of starting experience in college.

  100. @raqaiw:

    Perfect example of the most delusional, obnoxious fans in sports. First of all, I’m a Pats fan. Secondly, the reason the Steelers are better than the Ravens(I have no axe to grind) is because of the QB position. That’s the difference. Here are Flacco’s postseason numbers:

    2008: 9-23 135 yds 0 TDS 0 INTS
    11-22 148 1-0
    13-30 141 0-3 INT
    2009: 4-10 34 YDS 0-1 INT
    20-35 188 yds 0-2 INT
    2010: 25-34 265 2TD(only game over 200 yds, against the Chiefs).
    16-30 125 1 TD 1INT 2 fumbles. Blew big lead to the Steelers.

    4-3 postseason. 4TDs 7INTs. QB rating around 60.

    Even Sanchez would be ashamed of those numbers, it’s laughable. No one makes better BS excuses and lives in fantasy world like raven fans. It’s always about the refs or luck or something. How about the QB sucks. If you want to compare Flacco to Sanchez, go ahead, they both suck. But you’re really trying to compare Flacco to BBen? You must be joking.

  101. @raqaiw

    Comparing Flacco to Big Ben is ridiculous. This coming from a Ravens fan. Big Ben is definitely better. No question. But I think you’re selling Flacco a bit short. I’m not saying he’s elite. But he definitely doesn’t suck.

    His performance in the playoffs in 2008, he was a rookie. He had to go into two hostile environments (Tennessee and Pittsburgh), didn’t have a home playoff game, and he came up huge when he needed to in the Titans game. Against the Steelers, the Ravens were just physically dead. They had their bye week unexpectedly switched to Week 2, so that game was their 17th straight game. The entire O-Line was pretty much dead at that point. Suggs was playing with one arm. I’m amazed the Ravens even stayed in that game period.

    2009, he was injured pretty badly (I believe it was his hip). If any man other than Troy Smith was the backup, the backup would have probably been in there. I can’t really fault him for not playing well with a dead hip. Joe actually played a pretty big part of the Ravens even making the playoffs that year. That was the year that the Ravens defense was about as well disciplined as this year’s Detroit Lions.

    2010, two plays changed that game. Both of them involved the Ravens forgetting to watch guys who they really should be watching: Polamalu and Harrison. Also, Cam Cameron’s offensive game plan for the Steelers game was a joke.

    This year, Joe lost his two biggest security blankets in Mason and Heap. Any time he needed a big play, he’d go to those guys because he knew he could trust him. Also, to say Cam Cameron’s play calling this year has been horrible is an understatement. Puts way too much pressure on Joe.

    So in short, no Joe is not elite. But at worst, he’s still in the top 50% of QBs. Right now, I think the problem is Cam Cameron. I say the Ravens should fire him and hire Norv Turner. And for the love of God, get Flacco a slot receiver. He does best when he has that underneath option.

    To anyone who thinks the Ravens should be done with Flacco, I’d like to hear how the Ravens could reasonably upgrade at the position. Keep in mind if your answer is “Tyrod Taylor”, I will immediately judge you.

  102. I’d like to hear how the Ravens could reasonably upgrade at the position.
    Here’s how. Trade the whole draft for PManning. If they did that, who could beat them? Great balti D players are getting old. Go all in. Flacco will never get you there. Like the Jets w/Sanchez, sometimes you have to cut your losses and move on, instead of dragging it out. Rebuild after SB win.

  103. @tedmurph

    I know it’s tough to do with the way the site is presented as one long scrolling comment section, but try to keep up. The comparison I made was “Flacco, even with his flaws is > Sanchez, Ryan,and Freeman”
    with an aside that Roethlisberger who HAS been to a SB and DOES have an elite defense hasn’t played well in said SBs and his team HAS had to drag him along kicking and screaming at several points, a la’ most Steeler fans common argument about Flacco.

    @flavadave10 It’s not ridiculous to compare Roethlisberger and Flacco, it makes plenty sense as their teams are closely contested, in the same division, and are always battling neck and neck. I NEVER said Ben wasn’t better, you and the Pats fan made that assumption on your own. Ben is clearly better, but leaps and bounds better I’d disagree. The difference in most Ravens/Steelers games as you know is about 3-4 points. The ONLY thing Ben’s done that Flacco hasn’t is win the whole thing, but he had a 4 year head start to do so. They’ve only won 1 since Flacco has been on the team. It took Rothelisberger 4 years to be a factor in the SB(the Detroit shebacle is an affront to any reasonable football-watching person) Flacco’s in his 4th year, about to get the 2nd seed, and unlike Ben(gasp! ANOTHER comparison) he’s played every game he’s been in the league.

  104. @tedmurph

    Since you love stats I looked them up, Ben has played 2 great games his ENTIRE playoff career,versus CIN and the NYJ-the rest were all average to below average. He also has a game where he had a 35.5 passer rating but still won. His “HOF” career postseason statistics read as follows:

    Games: 13
    QB Rating:84.5

    Yet he’s a 2 time SB champ. 19/16? C’mon man.
    Dude is good, but he’s benefited from that great D every bit as much as Flacco. He’s just made that one extra play up to this point.

  105. raqaiw says:

    Ben is clearly better.
    The ONLY thing Ben’s done that Flacco hasn’t is win the whole thing.
    Yet he’s a 2 time SB champ.
    Games: 13
    QB Rating:84.5
    Thanks for making my point, nutjob. Once again, for the hearing impaired: Flacco postseason;
    4-3 4TDs 7INTs 2 fumbles. QB rating around 60. Not even a good try. Also, Flacco isn’t fit to carry Matt Ryan’s shoulder pads after practice. So what if Flacco’s better than Sanchez and Freeman, so are about 18 other QB’s. BBen is considered an elite QB by EVERYONE. Flacco is a middle of the road JAG. This would not even be a discussion amongst knowlegable FB fans outside of Balti. If Balti had BBen, they have the SB wins.

  106. Uh, can we at least wait until Rex has one losing season as head coach of THE JETS before we start talking about firing him?

    As a lifelong Jets fan, I’ve seen a lot of bad coaches. Rex isn’t one of them.

    You don’t fire a coach with a career 28-19 record that is 4-2 in the playoffs. Especially when he has that record with the NY Jets.

    Does he have a loud-mouth? Sure. Is he obnoxious? Sure. Is he a pretty good coach? Absolutely.

  107. @tedmurph

    I’m done explaining football to you,its about as productive as explaining astrophysics to a wino.
    For you to say Ryan is better than Flacco invalidates anything you may’ve said. At least Sanchez can win a playoff game. Ryan’s been twice,once as the best seed in the conference and STILL couldn’t get a win at home. Instead of spouting foolishness on here save your meager brainpower for coming up with excuses for yet another 1 & done season in Foxboro. It’d be the ultimate poetic justice if Tebow comes to Foxboro and wins after losing in Denver.Before you scoff,remember just how bad that swiss cheese D of the Patriots is.

  108. When I was a kid and I got blown up in an argument, I would also change the subject and start calling the other guy names. When I was a kid. Also, I repeat, I’d bet big $ not one NFL GM would take Flacco over Ryan. At least Ryan is an NFL caliber passer and decision maker. The difference is, Ryan is the least of Atlanta’s probs, while Flacco IS Balti’s prob, just as Sanchez is in NY. They have everything else. I’ve forgotten more about FB than you’ll ever know. You’re just a blind homer, setting himself up for anther disappointing end to the seson.

  109. @tedmurph
    My last comment,because its painful reading the stupidity in your posts. The Falcons nor Jets have “everything else” as you’ve put it. The Jets o-line,receivers,d-line,and safeties have all deteriorated. The Falcons defense is far from finished and their o-line has regressed partly due to injury and losses to FA. I love know nothings like you,the proof you fail to grasp is always in the final scores. Flacco > Ryan. 4/7 playoff W’s > 0/2. Being a Pats fan you should know all about being a homer and disappointing ends to seasons,being as my team ended yours emphatically,in Foxboro. Enjoy your 3rd straight 1 & done son.

  110. Its kinda hard for a qb to do good when his o line cant block for ne thin put Eli behind that line and i gurantee he wont have as much yards its only hos third year give the kid an friggin break

  111. Joe montana had 3 straight one and dones..

    So it’s okay to lose in the first round, you idiot.

    At least the patriots will make the playoffs every year. You’re just mad that the jets will never get a real QB.

  112. @raqaiw:

    Wow, you can’t even read, I said Balti and the Jets have everything else. If you’re older than 13yrs old you should be ashamed. Jets O-line has 2 Pro Bowlers. Got rid of BEdwards, signed Burress and paid SHolmes at WR. Who’d they lose @ safety and DL?. Who’d the Falcons lose to FA on the OL? You just make it up as you go along. Yeah, Balti beat the Pats@home 2yrs ago, so what? Then what happened? What’s it been, 12 yrs since your only SB? Hope you win another one someday. We’ll see what happens.

  113. I’ve been saying for a while now that he is not an NFL level QB. He is too small and too scared. All of my friends are Jets fans and I find myself pulling for Sanchez, but he just doesn’t have it.

    Food for thought: If Brett Favre dropped back 64 times against the crappy NYG secondary, he would’ve put 50+ points on the board, not 14.

  114. REXY RYAN= Overated ,loudmouthed underachieving blowhard……. I hope he gets a chicken wing permanently lodged in his throat so we dont have to listen to his full of crap guarantees!!! Hey Rexy how many guarantees do we get till your held accountable for them?????
    Schottenheimer= Lousy coordinator, only has job because of underachieving father who never met a big game he couldn’t lose…way to go Marty , you produced a son who lets down millions every sunday with awful playcalling!!
    SANCHEZ= Laughably bad, as a J-E-T hater I personally hope this clown continues the Jets run of average QB’s!
    JOE NAMATH= Just shut up you miserable drunk, your career stats are not impressive at all, nice interception to touchdown ratio bud!!! Your not relevant and nobody cares about your opinions on the JETS!!

  115. I can’t wait to here what Sanchez says after we lose to Miami. He always says the right thing. Its his fault. Yes it is.

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