John Elway on facing Orton: “We knew it was a possibility”

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When Broncos executive vice president John Elway released Kyle Orton in November, he knew this day might come.

Orton will head to Denver in Week 17 with a chance to potentially knock the Broncos out of the playoffs. Denver has lost two straight games by a combined score of 81-37.

“We knew obviously with the situation where some teams had quarterbacks go down – Kansas City being one of them and Chicago being one of them – that if he was gonna get claimed there was a chance we could play against him,” Elway told Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports last week. “It was like, ‘Well, we’ll take that chance …’”

When Elway spoke to Silver, the Hall of Famer talked hopefully that the Broncos clinch the division in Buffalo. But Saturday’s blowout loss to a team on a seven-game losing streak has raised doubts whether Denver is a good team or just a team that rode a lucky streak.

“We knew [facing Orton] was a possibility,” Elway said Saturday via Mike Klis of the Denver Post. “So, here it is. We have to go out there and play well. It was best for the team, bottom line. We made that decision knowing this was a possibility. Now we have to do it.”

The matchup has to make the Broncos brass a little nervous. Elway will be second guessed all offseason if cutting Orton blows up in his face. A third straight loss to end the season would raise new questions about Tim Tebow’s long-term viability.

Broncos coach John Fox was defiant when asked about Orton visiting.

“I think [the Chiefs] just did us a huge favor,” Fox said Saturday.

Fox is apparently referring to the fact that the Broncos could now lose in Week 17 and still make the playoffs. That’s a surprising angle for a head coach to take after his most embarrassing loss of the year.

Of course, this entire soap opera of a season for the Broncos has included one surprise after another.

Facing Orton is a worthy next episode.  Denver just hopes it’s not the finale.

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  1. Meanwhile, Tebow will spend Christmas riding through the streets of Denver on a one horse open sleigh. At least as long as Old John’s knees and back hold up.

  2. I think this game is going to be exciting match up. Great Divisional rivals. Chiefs are a dangerous team when they are clicking and the Broncos were tearing it up. I wouldn’t worry about the losses most teams go threw a funk and it hard to win week after week ask the packers.

    Another thing is they are playing in Denver the crowd will be in a frenzy and I think we will see the Tebow that has been winning not to long ago.

    Another note the Chiefs can take the game film of the Bills whooping Denver and I am sure they will see some of Denver’s holes.

    Also the blow out by Buffalo could of been a fluke win we see them all the time ask the chiefs vs packers.

    This will be a game to watch though because a lot is riding on this game which will define who is the AFC west champ.

  3. As much as I would like to see the Broncos in the playoffs instead of the Chargers — and I know I’m not alone — watching Tebowmania get crushed would be quite entertaining.

  4. I must say i’m looking forward to Orton tearing them up…but Denver’s defense is playing much better. Crennel should be able to draw up a plan to contain Tebow, so it could come down to who can run the ball and who makes the fewest mistakes.

    Denver was hot, and they rallied around Tim Tebow. Just goes to show you how one player can make a difference when he’s been doubted for most of his young NFL career.

    Hoping Chiefs win, so my Raiders win and get in, but Orton got done bad up there before the thing even started…he put up 300 yards but threw 2 ints last week, it’ll be interesting.

  5. People wonder if the Broncos are a good team or merely rode a lucky streak? Well, let me help the mentally challenged who think the Broncos are a good team. They won seven of eight during that streak, beating potentially seven non-playoff teams and five with losing records. The combined score in their three losses against the three teams (Packers, Lions, Patriots) that had made the playoffs? 135 – 56.

    They’ve won games they had no business winning (Miami) and have had the luxury of playing teams like the Bears, playing a guy who shouldn’t even be a third string (Hanie).

    Their three only wins against teams with winning records have come against the Bengals, Jets and Raiders – teams with their issues.

    Meanwhile Tebow’s QB rating is now 75.9, about identical to Orton’s 75.7 when he was a Bronco (and lower than Orton’s combined rating with the Broncos and Chiefs).

    One part of me wants the Broncos to win, just so the Steelers can come to town and get a free pass to the next round of playoffs.

  6. Every Raider fan is a HUGE Orton fan next Sunday!
    Orton is going to light up the Broncos, and the Cheifs D is way better than the Broncos D..
    Romeo should be the Cheifs coach and I hope he is for a long time.
    Come on Chiefs give the Raiders the best Xmas Gift ever!
    The AFC WEST Title!

  7. Seriously Gregg, we appreciate your postings today on Christmas day. But it’s Christmas! Stop being a hermit crab and take the rest of the day off!

  8. some interesting points of view in this thread…..

    yeah, Orton and Tebow have similar ratings…. but Orton is actually putting up realistic QB numbers in yards and TD’s

    Tebow is dead last in yards per game for QB’s with over 3 starts (!)

    if you average 128 yards and 1 TD per game… you aren’t a starting QB in the NFL….

    Regardless of the outcome of this game: Elway will take the planet Tebow heat and get a real passer in there this offseason.

    unless some team gets crazy desperate in the next couple of years, this will be Tebow’s last start in the NFL as a QB… guaranteed.

  9. crindal3000 says:

    Tebow is who they thought he was.
    Exactly right. He’s the guy who took a 1-4 team entrenched in the Suck For Luck sweepstakes to the playoffs his first year as a starter.
    Thank you for noticing

  10. I can’t remember a single NFL-caliber pass from Tebow. At least in the first half, and probably for the entire game, every pass was high, and it’s only because the Bills were crowding the box and going light in the defensive backfield that the Bronco receivers were open enough to make catches. Part of Tebow’s problem is that he doesn’t have NFL-caliber receivers, as far as I can tell. No one was fast or physical or elusive. But the biggest problem is that Tebow is just not accurate enough, or making enough good decisions. It looked like the Bills defenders figured out who the primary receiver was by watching Tebow’s eyes, and knew they didn’t need to cover anyone else because he just wasn’t throwing anywhere else, period. In this copycat league, every defensive coordinator learns by watching what the other guys do to defend against particular people, and it won’t take long to shut Tebow down completely. I think in two or three years Tebow will be the head coach at some Christian prep school, and his name will be the answer to trivia questions. He’s not an NFL QB, and never will be.

  11. John Elway has already stated that Tebow ‘is going nowhere’. Mr. Khan of Jacksonville would have to offer a 1st and a 2nd. BUT Tim Tebow will have competition in camp.
    I trust in EFX and believe that FA may bring us Peyton (scared ya huh) Hillis and Matt Flynn. Both would be BIG assets to the club. Yes Brady Quinn maybe re-signed.
    If Fox/McCoy run the read-option against KC, we have a chance. If they let him run the normal NFL offensive scheme “we are screwed’ (John Fox).

  12. Elway made a huge mistake in allowing Orton to leave, knowing he could join the Chiefs. It is bad management. Had he not waived him, the Chiefs would be out of the race and Denver would be facing Tyler Palko for a place in the tournament.

  13. What noise do you think is coming out of Elway’s mouth in the above picture? I’m thinking something like the hissing noise a cat makes when you back it in a corner.

  14. the only thing i have an issue with is when it says elway will be questioned all offseason if trading orton blows up in his face and he knocks off the broncos.. totally disagree, everybody knew orton was not our guy regardless and is maybe a midlevel qb at best. to say that would blow up in elways face as if hed made a huge mistake or something is ridiculous.. On a totally unrelated note, cant help but feel bad for adrian peterson, the nfl lost its best back saturday.. no way he comes back from a knee injury if both mcl and acl are torn…. ie terrell davis

  15. Tons of fans trash Tebow and the Broncos: Broncos 7-1.

    People start to believe: Broncos 0-2

    Trashing Tebow and the Broncos starts again: ???

    Personally, I think Elway needs to go back to undecided on Tebow. It’s the best way to win the game.

  16. Why can’t this game be on primetime instead of the usual NFCE crap?

    Please, NFL, less NFC East in primetime in 2012, time to start anew!

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