Vikings closing in on deal for new stadium in Minnesota

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It’s Christmas, and it looks like Vikings fans are about to get a pretty big gift.

Peter King of Football Night In America reported earlier in the hour (I know this because I was standing right next to him) that the Vikings and Minnesota officials are close to a deal that would keep the team in the state it has called home since entering the league in 1961.

According to King, it’s no longer a question of “if” but “when.”

Time became a major factor in recent weeks, because the Vikings are poised to become free agents as of next Sunday, when the Metrodome lease expires following the final regular-season game of the 2011 season.  One or both groups hoping to build a new NFL stadium in Los Angeles were expected to make an aggressive push for the Vikings once the lease expired.  The team has indicated that another city was expected to make a push for the team, too.

It’s unknown whether the stadium will be built in the team’s preferred location of Arden Hills in Ramsey County, or whether the stadium will be constructed in Minneapolis.

84 responses to “Vikings closing in on deal for new stadium in Minnesota

  1. Adrian Peterson injured in a useless game. First Pick lost. Horrible season. Terrible coaches. Issues with Ponder. The only talent left are in Williams, Allen, Harvin, Rudolph, Greenway and possibly Raymond or Sherels or Gerhart. Now they are staying in Minnesota. This team needs to pack up and start all over, keeping the players listed above.

  2. Wonderful news. Hopefully a new stadium will also mean a new lease on winning too. As Vikings fans we have suffered for too long. Time to bring an NFL championship home to Minnesota! SKOL!

  3. I willl give Minny credit, they have wiated out the Vikes and called their bluff up until the last hour which should ensure that the team isn’t going to get everything they originally wanted. More NFL cities should handle it in the same manner instead of giving their team a blank check.

  4. That’s great new for the State of Minnesota. I’m a So Cal guy and I want pro football back in LA, but I don’t want to steal a Team. If its not a Expansion Team, ill stick to My team.

  5. Come on NFL, just force the team to leave. The league doesn’t need even more blackouts. Over 40% of NFL fans in Minnesota are Packer fans anyway.

  6. pack13queens0 says:
    Dec 25, 2011 8:37 PM
    Come on NFL, just force the team to leave. The league doesn’t need even more blackouts. Over 40% of NFL fans in Minnesota are Packer fans anyway.


    Trolling PFT to comment on Vikings news while The Packer and Bears are playing on Sunday night..

    No. Not pathetic at all. (Btw, The Vikings haven’t had a blacked out home game since 1997)

  7. Until it’s in writing there’s still a chance. Seems like Vikings fans have been tuning the team out though… An inordinate amount of blackouts… But if true, it would be bad news for Chargers fans in SD

  8. A stadium build by the lowly tax payers for millionaires and billionaires. Than they force the fans to buy a seat license if they want to attend a high priced game, which they can’t afford. Than they charge $6.00 for a hot dogs and $6.00 for a Coke and $8 for a beer. Of course they must pay $25 to park to get into their stadium. Just tell me, who the heck needs an NFL team and why?

  9. It’s been a long long torture filled season, but finally some good news. This has been on the fans minds for many years now. I want this resolved so we can keep our team. All the haters can suck it!

  10. I knew the vikings would get it done eventually. we have 1 of the best owners in the nfl. and we have the worst coaching staff I’ve ever freakin seen! it doesn’t matter if we build a new stadium every year we will never win with these coaches.

  11. ickky says:
    Dec 25, 2011 7:50 PM
    Aww man, IF the Vikes get a new stadium…they will never get the #1 pick…stupid Vikings
    Huh? What does this have to do with the #1 pick? They don’t have a shot at the #1 pick anyway but getting a stadium has nothing to do with it.

  12. pack13queens0 says:
    Dec 25, 2011 8:37 PM
    Come on NFL, just force the team to leave. The league doesn’t need even more blackouts. Over 40% of NFL fans in Minnesota are Packer fans anyway.
    Really???? What blackouts? Seems to me they still have sold out every game for the past 13 years so I’m not sure what you’re talking about there. I’d also like to call you out on your stat of over 40% of people in Minny being Packer fans. Care to share that link with us? As a matter of fact why don’t you count the number of Packer fans that became Viking fans when Favre came to Minny? Pretty sad when a fanbase takes a player over the team.

  13. It is really hurtful to see fans of the Vikes talking as if they don’t know our history and what it took for us to even get THIS far for a roster even after a lockout like we had. A REAL fan would NOT say such things . Hopefully we’re just expressing our anger….Vike fans!!!!!

  14. veence69 says:
    Dec 25, 2011 8:53 PM

    (Btw, The Vikings haven’t had a blacked out home game since 1997)
    And the other 31 NFL teams have NEVER had a home game blacked out.

  15. I love all the moronic posts about how the Vikings have had all these blackouts. When in reality they haven’t been blacked out in 100+ home games and it’s been since 1997 since they’ve been blacked out at home. Truth of the matter is is that Vikings fans show up to games. There will be another sellout next Sunday against the Bears and the streak will continue.

  16. This is great news. The NFL would not be the same without a franchise in Minnesota. I hope they play their games outdoors. Real football, not the indoor sissy stuff.

  17. What blackouts are you guys talking about? Pretty sure we haven’t had a blacked out game since 1997.

  18. Surprisingly no one here has even mentioned whether the new stadium will be indoors or outdoors and if it will be grass or artificial.

    Personally i think outdoors is what “real” football is all about and of course grass ….all these indoor stadiums and fake grass take away imho of “real” football.

  19. By the way..i meant that no one here has brought this important aspect of the new stadium..obviously we dont know if it will be indoor or outdoor yet nor if it will be grass or turf. I hope it will be outdoor and grass..i remember when my dad would tell me coming back from the vikings playoff games way back in the 70’s i believe..his mustache would be frozen lol

  20. I’ve learned to stop questioning when SI Peter King reports on anything NFL related…he’s usually right on the money.
    He was the only one saying McNabb to MN back in February when everyone else said no way in hell (including me)….well he wasn’t reporting what the Vikings should do, he was reporting what would do.
    Peter has sources no one else has, which is why he scoops most local reporters.
    So anyway, this is great news for the state of MN and Vikings fans long term. Only one state in the country that Vikings should call home.

  21. as a lions fan, i look forward to seeing green bay, chicago, and minnesota twice every year. if they would move, i don’t want to see st louis. that’s a hockey rivalry, not a football one. keep the vikings in minnesota where they belong

  22. great news for the vikes. i would never wish the pain of a team leaving on anyone, especially one with the history of this organization. long live the vikings.

  23. Who cares, team sucks, ownership doesn’t give a damn what should the people of Minnesota. The owner is only lineing his own pockets no matter
    how it is spun.

  24. From a business standpoint, this makes zero sense. Wilf can develop a lot more land in LA, and its a much bigger TV market, so next year MN and LA fans can still root for Barkley when the team is in LA and they are picking #1!!! WIN WIN WIN for the league and its all-important sponsors!!

  25. The vikes have always been a puppet of the nfl bc we have had bad ownership… First the 10 headed monster of mike lynn who had a dvalued team. Then nfl forces them to sell to reggie flowers, just so they could have a minority owner… Ooops reggie didnt have the money… Then they forced red mccombs whose only mission was to inflate the value… Then they pushed ziggi on us whose only mission is to build a new stadium… After ziggi does it makes his billions, will we finally get an owner who cares about creating a great long term team like the steelers, pats, packers or cowboys? Damn this franchise is just a joke puppet of the nfl… Why am i still bleeding purple?! Somone help me!

  26. That is right about the Viking sellouts. They haven’t been blacked out. Good thing for corporate buy outs and a few extensions to make the deadline. 🙂

    But of course that is how we are in MN. We won’t talk about the times we needed help to sell all those remaining tickets, we just point to the fact that we have all these sellouts.

  27. pack13queens0 says:
    Dec 25, 2011 9:27 PM
    veence69 says:
    Dec 25, 2011 8:53 PM

    (Btw, The Vikings haven’t had a blacked out home game since 1997)
    And the other 31 NFL teams have NEVER had a home game blacked out.

     That’s not true, the Bengals have had 6 or their 7 home games this year blacked out. Just because you say something doesn’t mean that it’s true.

  28. And by the way ejmat2. In case you don’t remember, those were not Packer fans that cheered for Favre, those were Favre fans first and Packer fans second. I think most Packer fans will tell you that McCarthy and Thompson knew what they were doing when they let the PrimaDonna go. He did great things for your franchise. Set you guys back what, 3 or 4 more years before you become relevant again.

  29. A true GB Packer fan (and not some product of too much PBR and Spotted Cow beer) will be happy that an old school rivarly is here to stay. Vikes will be back one day. Every team needs to rebuild at some point.

  30. Considering how the Vikings have assed up everything they’ve ever attempted, if they do manage to build a stadium, the playing field will probably end up a foot short.

    Skol Failure!

  31. I love all you unsuspecting vikequeef skolling dim wits who are all to willing to bend over and let both Ziggy and the MN legislature drill you. But then getting drilled is a standard daily occurrence for all you gender bending Helga hat wearers.

    Building a new stadium in MN would be like planting a rose bush in the middle of a manure pile.

    It’s equally hilarious to read all you queen rubes who just a few short weeks ago were all Ponder fellators that now want him gone. Pitiful disingenuous dolts!

  32. The NfL is freaking smart. Getting petty stadiums for out dated ones and throwing the threat of L.A. lurking in the background like the grim reaper LOL.

    And when it is all set and done L.A. probably get duped again lol. Thanks L.A. now go watch your 3 games a weekend on TV says Roger Goodell.


  33. pack13queens0 says:

    And the other 31 NFL teams have NEVER had a home game blacked out.


    Really?? I guess somebody forgot to tell that to the TV stations in western NY that broadcast the Bills games.

  34. and those who say Zigy doesnt care is completely stupid because zigy is the best owner and actually OFFERED TO GIVE THE MOST MONEY FOR A STADIUM then any other NFL owner and also give a lot more to the team then any other owner us Minnesotans have seen.

  35. Anybody on the site ever notice that the Packer fans spout off half-truths fairly consistently? Sell outs since 1997 and some guy mentions “every other team sells out every game”…except Cincy and Jacksonville … Packer fans truly are the most ignorant fans in the NFL

  36. You know what, I don’t CARE that Wilf gets money out of this thing, he bought the friggin team. If you want everybody to get a slice of the pie go be a packers fan. I love how the packets have it set up to be publicly owned, but the fact of the matter is that Wilf owns the team. What I’ve heard is that that man is donating over $400,000,000 to build this stadium. Yes, I would love to see him foot the whole damn bill, but what the hey that is far more 0’s than most of us will make in our lifetimes.
    This is great news for the Vikings, their fans, and the NFL. The story will continue for me to tell to my son when he’s born. SKOL VIKINGS!

  37. I bet you every city will get a new stadium and the Real deal is AEG wants San Diego to L.A.

    Later perhaps when the Stadium is thriving an NFC team such as the Rams might come home to L.A.

    Then there is My Raiders LOL. They will probably get a penalty flag thrown at them for trying to get a stadium LOL. Oh I love my raiders they will still be playing in the same 1960s stadium for another 30 years. Oh I kid but but not everyone can move to l.A. like the NFL want you to believe

  38. pack13queens0 says:
    Dec 25, 2011 9:27 PM
    veence69 says:
    Dec 25, 2011 8:53 PM

    (Btw, The Vikings haven’t had a blacked out home game since 1997)
    And the other 31 NFL teams have NEVER had a home game blacked out.

    Umm yes they have? Just off recent memory, I KNOW the Lions and Jags have.

  39. I do not even like the vikings, but I am against any team relocating from any city, let alone a team that has been there since ’61. Glad to hear they are staying…

  40. pack13queens0 says: Dec 25, 2011 9:27 PM

    And the other 31 NFL teams have NEVER had a home game blacked out.
    Really? Actually, 17 NFL teams have had blackouts since the Vikings in 1997, Including 4 teams this past season. (Bucs, Bills, Bengals, and Chargers). Do yourself a favor and know what you are talking about before you comment.

  41. “Come on NFL, just force the team to leave. The league doesn’t need even more blackouts. Over 40% of NFL fans in Minnesota are Packer fans anyway.”

    This guy obviously has no idea what he is talking about.

  42. My family has had season tickets for 40+ years I’ll bet the price skyrockets in the new stadium….sigh….I miss the old Met stadium….It was a dump…but at least the games were played outside on real grass………..

  43. Ziggy is not the greatest owner in the league. He is the slickest salesman in the league. Ziggy is not contributing $ 400 million to this stadium. Most of that $ 400 is money from the NFL. Ziggy is saving his money for all of the infrastructure around the stadium. That is where he will make his money as he gouges the football fans. And of course, we the people of MN will just bend over and ask for more.

  44. rcunningham says:Dec 25, 2011 9:59 PM

    What blackouts are you guys talking about? Pretty sure we haven’t had a blacked out game since 1997.

    He meant the way the Vikings play INDUCES blackouts. For the lucky ones at least, large portions of recent Vikings games are simply missing. A repressed memory of a horrible event too gruesome to be thought of again.

  45. This Lions fan is glad the Vikes are staying. I like the old rivalries.

    BTW, all Packer fans can’t be as dumb as some that have posted here-it would be an evolutionary impossibility.

  46. To all packer fans : to bad your state sucks and you have to come to minnesota to work and make a desent living and have a nice place to raise your family! thats why you got fans every where because no one can stand to live in your state!

  47. i love how some Packer “fans” have to come on a Vikings story and spew their cheese and and booze induced vomit. True fans of the team and of the rivalry would not want the team to leave. Those that have nothing better to do than continue to hit F5 on their computer, waiting for a Vikings story to add stupid comments to, are not real fans. They are alcohol induced morons that probably jumped on the packer bandwagon after the superbowl. its people like that that give ANY fan base a bad name. I despise the packers with every fabric of my being, but always respect the rivalry (also the ones with the Bears and Lions). The Vikes belong in MN, they belong in the NFC North, and they need to keep the rivalries with the Packers, Bears, and Lions intact. what would you haters (and you’re not fans, you are haters), do if the Vikings did move? You’d look pretty stupid making comments on a LA team blog. Oh wait… you already do.

  48. goforthanddie:

    The Twin Cities are a Vikings town. Heck, it’s a Vikings state. It’s not even close, not even with the Twins. The minority crowds are usually the loudest. That’s why it’s always a mere 3-4 people getting in the way of a stadium plan.

  49. To the person who said that the rest of the 31 teams didn’t have blackouts.

    Detroit- 9 out of 16 games in 2008-2009
    Jacksonville- 7 out of 8 in 2009
    KC-1 game in 2009
    Oakland- 7 out of 8 in 2009
    ST Louis 3 out of 8 in 2009

    MN last blackout 1997

    At least if you comment take the time to know what you are commenting on.

    Disclaimor- the data as I interpret it was in response for a survey for 2010 with the blackouts occurring the preceding years.

  50. Remember Viking fans, they have not been to the big game since they have moved indoors. Gophers have a new outdoor stadium, the owner right should be outdoors..

  51. @packercpa

    And you know what the funniest thing is. You are going help pay for it in one way or another. Lol. Go back to hillbilly land. Punk!

  52. That goes for any hillbilly who posts on here because they care enough about our team to read the posts and comment so I’d be willing to bet they are all residents of our great state and all of them will be helping to fund our great purple and gold stadium. Or at least 40 percent of all minnesotans are packer fans right gb13mn0? Lolololololololol. Thanks for the help fudge packers.

  53. For the guy that said all other 31 teams have never had a blackout. That is an easy one to shoot holes in. I know from experience being down here close to Jacksonville the last 10 years, but just to put some facts to it here is what I could find quickly. 13 home games have been blacked out this season alone (encompassing 4 different teams) they are as follows:

    9/11 Lions at Bucs
    9/25 49ers at Bengals
    9/25 Falcons at Bucs
    10/02 Dolphins at Chargers
    10/02 Bills at Bengals
    10/16 Colts at Bengals
    10/16 Saints at Bucs
    11/13 Texans at Bucs
    11/27 Browns at Bengals
    12/04 Panthers at Bucs
    12/04 Titans at Bills
    12/11 Texans at Bengals
    12/11 Bills at Chargers

    Again I am sure if you go back and look at the last 10 years you will find other franchises that have had the same situation. So overall the Vikings have been very well supported by the local fans. When you consider the population base that MPLS has to draw on 3.2M (including the surrounding counties of WI which are notably occupied by Cheeseheads) compared to San Diego at 4M, Buffalo 1.2M (but 8.1M in the golden horseshoe of Canada not far over the border) it is even more impressive.

    Go Vikes, and long live the MINNESOTA Vikings!!! Thanks for getting a stadium deal done if it does finally get done…

  54. If I was a Packer fan, I’d have to spend a good portion of my day apologizing for the bunch of lame idiots that troll this forum 24/7, because I’d hope most fans of any team have more class.

  55. I took the time to read this story because I am a Viking fan all the way. It’s very good news and I’m hoping that it will maybe a little oophm into the team and get some winning seasons going.
    What I can’t figure out, is the people on here that are NOT Viking fans. Why would you read this article? I would imagine that whatever team you cheer for has their own site and articles for you to read and comment on. If you’re not a fan, get the hell off this page and go somewhere else!

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