Vikings will take “hard look” at Webb after big game

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The Vikings blew any chance for the No. 1 overall pick in next year’s draft by winning Saturday in Minnesota.

Coupled with Adrian Peterson’s injury, that made for a depressing day for most Vikings fans. The team looks likely to have the No. 3 overall pick in next year’s draft.

That raises the question: Would the team consider drafting another quarterback after taking Christian Ponder this year?

Head coach Leslie Frazier suggested that a potential alternative to Ponder is on the roster. Joe Webb looked great once again in relief of Ponder.

“Some of the things [Webb] does, man, and what it does to the rest of our team — you can’t ignore it,” Frazier said via “It’s something we’re going to take a real hard look at as we go forward. He definitely lifts our team. He’s done it. He did it a season ago as well.”

Webb was 4-for-5 on Saturday with two touchdowns. He also ran five times for 34 yards and another score. He has five touchdowns in limited action this year.

“Magic. He’s gifted, man,” receiver Percy Harvin said. “He’s one of the gifted players that you can’t describe. You can’t practice it. Not too many teams got quarterbacks that can do what he does.”

With Matt Barkley out of this draft and Andrew Luck likely to go No. 1 overall, the Vikings could have the option to take Robert Griffin III early.

That seems like an unlikely option at this stage with Ponder in place and Webb as another alternative.

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  1. They won in Washington not Minnesota. Hope they keep the qb’s they have, cuz my Redskins need one much worse. Every week Rex kills me.

  2. Good luck Adrian Peterson on your recovery, regardless of the team I respect a truly great player.

    As for the draft you select the player at the top of your board, regardless of position. The best available player.

    If you have two or three guys equal, then you go for position of need.

    I still think they way reached for Ponder last year.

  3. His play is very Tebow-like. Not sure how well it would work over a full season of teams having time to prepare for him but he probably deserves a shot.

  4. You get a guy like Griffin playing on a fast service like the dome or new place, with a healthy Peterson and a few quick receivers, some fast linebackers and some good tackling defensive backs and you’ve got a team.

    Unfortunately for the Vikes they don’t give you 30 draft picks and there is a cap.

    The Vikes need rebuilding and it will take a few years so you take Griffin, make Ponder or Webb the backup and one person plays odd man out.

  5. The writing is on the wall… Ponder is not the answer and Webster nearly brought them back from way behind against Detroilet and layed it on Washington yesterday… this is the obvious choice here and with their top 3 pick they need to address their o-line or secondary…

  6. Frist to say
    I seen him play at Alabama Birmingham he was good than and now he is the best QB the Viking have had all year why he not playing the coaches have to say the McNabb thing should never have happen the QB is sitting their waiting to be call.

  7. Really? A win over the Redskins makes Joe Webb a viable starter? He attempted 5 passes….when Tebow had stats like these the media crucified him for not being a real QB, but when Webb plays a similar fashion he’s the future of the franchise? They dropped a 1st round pick on Ponder, they owe it to him to give him a fair shake at developing into the starting QB.

  8. Bears, Lions and Packers fans hope Leslie Frazier and the current GM are in charge for the rest of their respective lives.

    Joe Webb and Christian Ponder over RGIII? lolololololololololol. The only reason the Viking were relevant was because they had to beg Favre to come out of retirement. That organization hasn’t had a QB since Culpepper and the love boat.

    But hey, keep using that horrible, soft Cover-2 defense and thinking Ponder and co. are good QB’s. If there wasn’t a lockout Ponder would have been a third rounder at best. Has the arm strength of my grandmother.

  9. I think the vikings will need to trade down a few slots and pick up some extra picks. They will def need to look for help at the RB position due to Peterson’s injury. QB should be the last thing on their mind unless they look to FA to fill the void.

  10. Frazier is the dumbest head coach I have ever seen. Webb has only played well in meaningless games WE WANTED TO LOSE. Last years late-season victory by Webb cost us 5 draft positions. This year, of course, everyone in the state wanted us to lose, except Frazier, Webb, and Peterson (who said it’s all about fantasy football). Well congratulations on your victory and your blown-out knee.

  11. People were saying Webb could cut it in the NFL long before Ponder was drafted.

    Should have stuck with him in the first place instead of wasting the pick.

  12. I was still confused why they didn’t give Joe a more serious look especially afdter that tuesday night game vs Philly last year. And why the hell they didnt trade back and draft Ponder. He was not going to be a top 20 pick until Minny took him. They should have got more picks then frafted Ponder. Pondder blows though. Id way rather Webb

  13. Us Packers fans have been suggesting that to Vikings fans on this site for at least a year and all we ever get back is abuse.

  14. Its a true failing of the NFL that you only get a year before you’re canned as a QB now. Just as you can look bad for a year then look pretty good(Matt Moore),you can also look good for a year then look pretty bad(Josh Freeman). What happened to giving dudes time to develop some game? Overreacting to a little good play can get you caught(Fitzpatrick) just like overreacting to bad play(Hillis). The NFL badly needs a developmental league.

  15. Vikes will be fine with either QB next year, we don’t need to draft one. What we need is Matt Kalil or another stud LT if at all possible. If not then we go Claibourne at CB…

  16. Why is everyone gushing over Joe freaking Webb? Because he was a QB on a Tuesday night game in Philly and won? He couldn’t even throw a TD pass in the games that he played last year. Only reason Vikings won that game was because their defense held McCoy to under 45 yards rushing, put a tell the NFL now knows that if you blitz Vick he’s prone to mistakes. Also having Winfield return a Vick fumble for a TD doesn’t hurt either.

    Webb is not the answer.

  17. Vikes won’t take RG3 with their 1st round pick. They will either take Kalil if he’s available or they’ll trade down to accumulate more picks.

    Next training camp/preseason will probably be an open competition for the starter spot between Ponder and Webb, which isn’t really that bad of an idea. Competition is always good.

  18. You could see last year that Webb was a great athlete and a good QB.
    Had the coaches realized that, they would have never pooped the bed with McNabb.

  19. Hard to imagine that they’d go for Griffin. He’s a great talent, and you don’t pass up a chance to get a franchise QB if what you have isn’t looking extremely promising. That said, between Ponder and Webb, I think the Vikes’ QB issues aren’t going to be for lack of talent, but rather coaching.

  20. Been saying all year why Webb wasn’t the starter from day one. He did a good job in relief of Brett last year. He should of been the starter over McNabb it Ponder…..I feel would of had a better record. He is a Vick type QB…good arm and ability to scramble.

  21. The fact of the matter for the Vikings is this. They took Ponder way to early in the draft and now it’s almost like they want to convince themselves they made the right decision by sticking with him when he clearly doesn’t look as though he’s fully ready to take on the responsibility of being a starter full time. I was actually more impressed with Joe Webb yesterday then I have been with Ponder at any point this season and that includes the Broncos game when his #’s were great. The Vikings need to seriously sit down and think about the QB decision. Unlike in the past where you paid first round QB’s so much money you were stuck with them no matter what, the Vikings aren’t stuck with Ponder with the new pay structure drafted players are currently under. If they aren’t sure about him, they can’t pass on RGIII or shouldn’t keep Joe Webb behind him on the depth chart just because they reached for Ponder and don’t want to look stupid going in another direction at QB. Sometimes you just have to swallow your pride!

  22. I am a Vikings fan and as upset when Ponder got hurt because I had a feeling Webb would come in and our #1 pick chance would disappear. Please please let Webb start the last game and next year. I can take another year like this with Ponder.

  23. When they drafted ponder last year i said it would be dumb cause if mcnabb busts then they most likely will be picking in the top 5, where they could get a real franchise qb

  24. There’s no point in them taking another QB, Ponder has looked good at times and shows he’s not afraid to throw the ball down the field and score points. Why draft RG3 when you have joe Webb, he’s bigger anyway and they could use their first rounder on a CB or WR, remember this team almost went to the Super Bowl with Favre so with some pieces this team can compete and become a playoff contender in my mind!

  25. Both Ponder and Webb seem to have question marks surrounding them but both seem at least to be serviceable(a la Kyle Orton). Minnesota seems to be a team that probably could greatly benefit from trading back in the draft. Maybe even more than once. Stock pile picks for this year and next to make a real strong run at a SB in a few years.

    Don’t let the record fool you. The talent is there.

  26. RG3 is Joe Webb but on steroids. I think RG3 is going to be a good NFL qb, just where should you take him is the question. At number 3 might be a stretch but i’m sure we’ll know more once these guys get to the combine.

  27. Webb has done well but I would like to see him throw the ball more, he is big, fast so let the Vikings see what he can do in the off season. It will be fun to watch him against the Bears next week.

  28. Dont be stupid somebody has to go. If u look at the history of mobile strong arm qbs in minn., that bodes well for Webb but if rg3 is there get him and try to trade ponder to the cards, jets, or jags (they’re dumb and desperate enuff.who the he’ll said ponder was good anyway?he’s more concussion prone than aikman at this point

  29. This team (that I have cheered for most of my life), has so many other needs, and should not invest their 1st round pick on another QB.
    They have (for a lot of years now) needed help in the secondary.
    They have (for at least 3 years now) needed help along the offensive line (does anyone else remember how N.O. beat Brett Farve like a pinata, in the NFC Championship game 2 years ago?)
    They have (for a while now) needed a supplemental threat to Percy Harvin.
    Finally, and I pray that I am wrong….they really need to take a little time, and see how bad Adrian Peterson’s injury is, and a prognosis for recovery. I believe that it is a given, that he wont ever be the dynamic offensive weapon, he was prior. Now, that is not to say he cannot be effective, but….
    The team really hasn’t given Ponder (outside of AP, and Harvin) the offensive support that he (or any good QB) needs to perfrom effectively. It has also been demonstrated, that a starting rookie QB, developes most between seasons 1 & 2. Not to mention the fact that this upcoming off season, will be unlike last year. This off season, the coaching staff will have the FULL off season, to work w/the offense.
    If the Vikings still feel that a change at QB is a possibility, go out in free agency, and pick up a veteran, and while your at it….fire those worthless Offensive, and Defensive coordinators that you hired last year. But do quickly, so that this team can get started on implementation of new systems. There was to much talent, and they were so close in so many games to have a 3-13 record.

  30. Webb’s resurgence at the end of the last 2 years can be attributed to one thing only: teams not being able to plan for him. He might look great moving around, but he’s mostly a horrible passer

  31. The Panthers drafted QB’s in back to back years. If its the right move then you make it happen.

    Lions drafted a WR first for at least 3 years before they picked Calvin Johnson. Everyone said not a another WR before that pick.

  32. What a mess of an organization.

    Sorry about the AP injury – I never want to see that happen. But this situation is just one in a long line of mass screwups by the front office.

  33. If the Vikings are picking third, and RGIII is available, they better trade down to one of the many teams in dire need of a QB. They need to stockpile picks to fill the many holes on their roster. He’s the only remaining QB definately rated in the top half of the draft, so he’ll have a higher value.

    This won’t happen of course because, just like last year against Philadelphia and yesterday against Washington, they will win a meaningless game against Chicago next week. Besides, just like last year they’ll be too scared to pull the trigger on trading down, even though it could mean improving their ream even more.

    Oh well…

  34. If RG3 is there, the Vikes need to take him. Its the same story for them every year. They passed on Rodgers twice because, “Pepper was ok.” Well just because Webb is “ok” and Ponder is “ok” does not mean anything. Both of these guys have had a chance in the past and have not come through. The Vikes need a franchise qb. End of story. Ask any real viking fan and they will tell you that.

  35. You guys all seem to forget…at the beginning of the season Plan A was for Joe Webb to backup…Donovan McNabb. Ponder was supposed to hold a clipboard and spend a year with his ball cap on.

    Well, that obviously didn’t go well, and your fan base is screaming that your #1 draft choice QB needs to be on the field, McNabb is playing like Joe Pisarchik against the Giants, and Webb is hobbled by an injury.

    So Ponder starts and predictably gets pretty much creamed. Your coaching staff KNOWS the reason he’s getting creamed is not because he’s truly awful, but because the guys protecting him ARE truly awful, plus the defense, Jared Allen excepted, aren’t really stopping anyone.

    So the season is over, and amidst the wreckage, solutions need to be found. Fire Frazier? Prolly not. It’s expensive, and Don Shula plus Vince Lombardi’s ghost couldn’t have gotten this team to the playoffs, even with Bobby Layne as the starter.

    So the Vikes will go into rebuild mode, much like the Lions did three years ago, but with a few more tools to work with. Joe Webb is a decent answer for a team with such a poor offensive line, so he’ll get a good, long look at QB, and Ponder will hunt around and find his baseball cap.

    The Vikes will spend a year or two reloading, and eventually, by some magical osmosis, who starts at QB will become apparent. If Joe Webb is the second coming of Fran Tarkington, fine. Otherwise, who knows?

  36. Im a niner fan and i only seen this guy play once and that was laat yr in preseason. He played against the niner first string d. And he did great. I would start him. He can run and hes very athletic. Go with webb!

  37. Yep, that’s right. Go ahead and give up on a 1st round rookie QB after what, 9 games? It’s not like he’s been horrible or has a lot of help. This is why the Vikings are laughable

  38. Bull. He showed great promise last year in the midst of total chaos and collapse, and was rewarded by being made fourth string in training camp. He will have to go elsewhere to get a chance to play. Don’t bs a bs’er, Leslie.

  39. It is too early to give up on either Ponder or Webb. Ponder has regressed and will never be a star IMO. The Vikings will be worse next year without AP. It is hard to imagine a worse team than the Vikings next season. If the QBs fail next year they may have the opportunity to draft Barkely.

  40. Everyone remember that Webb was drafted as a wide receiver but was so good throwing in practice and pre-season that he made the team move him back to qb. So he definitely should get the start next week to see what he can do. Too bad he wont have AP but gerhart not terrible.

  41. I thought Webb had “it” the first time I saw him on that mnf game in the preseason two years ago. I remember him passing well and running 50 yards for a td.

  42. The Vikings need to spend the majority of their upcoming draft picks upgrading their defense from the back end going forward, if not expect the same results next season.

  43. all this man does is score TDs. we have to take a look at him. running a lot of double/triple option with this guy, AD (when he gets healthy) and percy is just brutal to try to stop. its not like webb has a terrible arm either. he struggles with accuracy at times but has a strong arm and has made some nice throws in the pocket and rolling out as well.

  44. Those ripping Ponder are stupid and incredibly impatient. Sure, he’s made mistakes, but Ponder is a rookie QB who didn’t have the opportunity to learn in training camp and OTAs, is under constant pressure due to a crappy O-line and has no quality WRs other than Harvin. Any rookie QB thrown to the wolves in those circumstances, even if his name was Manning or Rodgers, would not play much better than Ponder has played. Ponder is obviously intelligent, has a decent arm and is mobile enough to keep plays alive. So, I have no doubt that, with a better O-line and WRs and a little more experience, he’ll do well.

  45. If the rumors of Singletary taking over as DC and switching them to a 3-4 are true…. Allen would seem to be, at the very least, not best utilized. While still an asset as a OLB, he wouldn’t offer the same value as if they were to trade him, and after this season, his value will not likely get any higher. The Vikings could trade the 3rd pick to a team that wants Griffin, trade Allen, and possibly end up with 8-9 of the first 100 picks in this draft. That would go a long way towards fixing this thing.

    Maybe they could draft the entire LSU secondary….

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