Aaron Rodgers took advantage of Bears’ Zack Bowman

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Bears cornerback Zack Bowman got his first start of the season Christmas night against the Packers. It did not go well.

After the game, Bears coach Lovie Smith acknowledged that Bowman, who got picked on by Aaron Rodgers all night, had a rough game, although he also said Bowman and the secondary could have had more help.

“Coverage wise, Zack Bowman will be blamed for an awful lot, and he needed to make a couple plays, but we needed to get more pressure up front and didn’t make enough plays defensively,” Smith said.

Bowman talked after the game about the way the Bears’ season has fallen apart.

It’s very disappointing,” Bowman told the Chicago Tribune. “We were in good shape; we were 7-3. I don’t know how many we lost in a row, but it’s tough knowing we were [headed for] the playoffs and at the end of the season we’re not in the playoffs. Very frustrating.”

The Bears have lost five in a row (their longest losing streak since 2002) since Jay Cutler broke his thumb. Before Cutler’s injury the Bears had won five in a row and seemed headed to the playoffs. Now their playoff hopes have officially come to an end.

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  1. They should have forked over whatever it took to get a decent QB, IMO.

    They chose the cheap route and got what they deserved.

    No soup for you, Bears.

  2. Heartbreaking for Chicago and Bears’ fans.

    The Green Bay Cheese will not repeat in winning another Super Bowl since that is so hard to do.

  3. Sorry, Bears fans, but maybe you should root for a GM that won’t sit on the pot when he’s millions under the salary cap and very clearly ignoring a problem at qb depth. Or blame coaches who stuck by Hanie when it was clear he can’t play at this level. If McCown had started any two of the previous five games before GB, you probably wouldn’t have been on a losing skid and would still be battling for a wildcard slot.

    But as a Lions fan who caught all sorts of grief about how fragile our QB is, and how we can’t do a thing without him, you better believe I love seeing the Bears Nation brought to it’s knees.

    Karma is a b*tch.

  4. it would have been a waste of money for them to sign a mcnabb type free agent with this idiot and his offense. why don’t they just fire this clown whose offense has not worked since the greatest show on turf days came to a close in st. louis. when you can’t sign a quality back up because your playbook is to complicated then have problems. no other team in the nfl has that problem. and while Hanie sucked I will put alot of that on martz to. he never wanted him and never gave him any reps with the first team and then expected him to run the turf offense when Cutler went down. they need to hire someone who can run a balanced offense without having to be told to! someone who runs a offense based on the players he has and not a system!imagine Cutler being able to roll out and throw like he did with the broncos or being able to audible out of a play when he sees the defense is ready for it. maybe they will offer the job to norv after the chargers give him the boot,he can’t be worse than his brother can he?

  5. ” I don’t know how many we lost in a row”
    Yet, he is employed and paid by the team, but he doesn’t know…..unbelievable. I’m sure he had a nice dance planned if he even made one tackle in the playoffs….

  6. On the plus side for someone who threw eight passes in the last four years McCown looked damn good. You found your back up QB, if you’re not too cheap to sign him next year.

  7. Don’t feel too bad Zack, your not the first DB to be picked on by Rodgers and won’t be the last.

  8. I saw that one coming..Lovie Smith sticking with Hanie for so long, and then Forte going down..I dont know what percent of the offense Forte accounts for but hopefullfy the bears organization pays that man and get a quality back up qb..Bengals fan here but i think the whole country saw this coming..Bad choices blew this team up..i know this stings..

  9. Lovie is right, you can’t blame the DB. I don’t think Rodgers hit the ground once in the entire game other than the few times he ran. the ball. The Bears front 7 never touched him.

  10. Lots of talk about not signing a vet QB after Cutler went down but the Bears painted themselves into a corner with the Martz offense. It took Cutler over a year to get comfy with it and there’s not way a back up or a vet QB from the street was going to get it in time to be of help.

    This is simply one of the side effects of the Martz system.

  11. For all these lioness fans talking crap, your garbage franchise has a LONG way to go before even coming close to the Bears success. Your pathetic team hasn’t sniffed the post season in over a decade, and has never been to the superbowl…ever. You have the only team that went 0-16. And, if our QB doesn’t go down, to be replaced by a total idiot,the lions wouldn’t be in the playoffs this year either. So stop trying to make it sound like things just evened out with the “karma” nonsense. Historically, the lions are still fighting with the browns for league title in incompetence and failure.

  12. It didnt matter who Rodgers threw to that game, there was no way the Bears had any chance. Im sorry Bears fans, but when your team loses its starting QB this is what happens. It would happen to any team out there. The QB is the most important player on the field and when you are forced to start a backup or some journeyman, its never going to be pretty.

    that being said, The Packers have an awful offensive line. Where was Julius Peppers? Zero sacks on Rodgers is exactly the reason why they got blown out

  13. Except for Jordys TD, wasn’t all of GBs TDs thrown to the left side where Bowman was. Then why won’t you give the poor basturd some help after the first two TDs over there.

  14. The funny thing is that after Hanie played many in the championship the people on here were saying he should compete to start. Now the same people are stating the Bears should of gotten a back up. Hanie does such but the only way to know how he would do in a game is let him play. There is not one person who thought he would play that bad after watching the championship game last year.. Any way d sucked at all three levels. By the way what team in the NFL would win games after losing their qb, starting rb, starting wr, and three offensive lineman

  15. Let’s give some credit where credit is due. Aaron Rodgers is have a great year. He’s going to get his touchdown passes no matter who’s defending.

    BTW, it’s not McCown’s fault that Bowman got picked on.

  16. Well yeah it sucks we’re out but Packers fans shouldn’t be rejoicing too much.

    A guy that was working in a high school a few weeks ago orchestrated 441 yards against your crappy Dom Capers defense. 19-28-2 (one pick not his fault) for 242 yards plus another 199, yes 199, yards on the ground isn’t bad for a guy picked up off the street after being considered a turd in the punch bowl for other teams.

    When you play against a far more disciplined team in the playoffs you will get your heads handed to you. Sure, Rodgers will get his stats but KC exposed your offense to the league. To allow an offense like the Bears to churn up that much yardage speaks volumes about your defense going into the playoffs.

    The Pack will not be back this year.

  17. Monsters — the NFCCG where Hanie threw two INTs? Yeah, he didn’t surprise anyone this year except Bears fans who couldnt see the trees from the forest.

  18. Angelo and Martz need to follow the Yellow Brick Road. Suffering form ‘ Scarecrowitis ‘ cost them a wildcard. The Wizard may be generous this holiday season and find a few extra brains hanging around.

    Lord knows they could use a back-up !

  19. Aaron Rodgers is so frigging overrated, he’s no Brett Favre thats for sure. Take away those receivers, who are just a shade above mediocre themselves, and the Packers are down in the slime with the classless, dirty, also overrated Detroit Lions. Plus, the Packers D couldn’t stop my grandma!

  20. It is really ironic in that the way Hanie played in the NFC championship game ultimately ended up dooming the Bears season this year. Had Hanie not played well enough to make a game of it, the Bears surely would have looked harder for a #2 QB, and may have pulled the trigger on McNabb as soon as Cutler went down. As it was, they believed the best route was to go with Hanie as the #2. Angelo is getting a lot of heat for that move, but a fair number of GM’s would have played it the same way.

    As far as what I’ve seen this year, I think the Bears best bet for next year is to stay the course with Martz because Cutler made a lot of progress this year and they would have been dangerous had he and Forte stayed healthy. They need to add talent everywhere on offense except running back and hope their aging defense can put together another solid season.

  21. please stop talking about cutler for mvp, it a disgrace and shows ignorance on your part. if it was an award for person who didnt play peyton manning would get it anyway.

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