Delanie Walker out “a period of time” for Niners


Delanie Walker isn’t the most famous tight end on the 49ers, but he’s been an important cog for the team this season.

So it’s a big deal that he’ll be out for a while. Walker injured his jaw when Seattle linebacker Leroy Hill unintentionally kicked him in the face while chasing Frank Gore on Saturday. Coach Jim Harbaugh said Monday that Walker’s prognosis isn’t known yet, but that the team is planning to be without him for “a period of time.”

Per Matt Maiocco of, the team will explore all of its options when it comes to replacing Walker but they won’t place him on injured reserve if there’s any chance he’d be ready to return before the Super Bowl. Walker only had 19 catches for 198 yards this season, including the game-winner against Detroit, but he played a big role in the team’s two tight end sets.

While Walker didn’t wind up with many catches, he was an option teams had to respect enough as a receiver that overloading against the run when he’s on the field wasn’t an option. Mike Sando of crunched some numbers and found Walker was on the field for 58.7 percent of the team’s snaps this season, including 40.4 percent of their third downs. The Niners gained 56 percent of their total yards with two tight ends on the field and got almost 64 percent of their rushing yards out of those formations.

The only other tight end currently on San Francisco’s roster is Justin Peelle and they have Konrad Reuland on the practice squad.

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  1. What Rex needs to realize is he isn’t the entire organization. He didn’t hire himself, there are others, ABOVE HIM, that also get to make decisions regarding the team.

    THOSE guys might decide to kick the OC to the curb and draft a QB and Rex will shut his trap and accept it.

    1. He doesn’t have the stones to say “If Sanchez goes, I go”,

    2. Even if he did have the guts to say it, he doesn’t have the CLOUT to make that any sort of real threat either. Not winning Superbowls or even divisional titles doesn’t garner a ton of political capital in most football organizations.

    3. Rex has to know that there are QB’s he’d rather have and with his track record – it might take bringing in a new QB for him to keep his job a bit longer. It’s an easy excuse that would most likely buy him another 2 years.

  2. Ginn , williams, morgan are also out..sheesh. hope someone comes back soon. Were running out of receivers.

  3. kingmj4891 says:Dec 26, 2011 5:49 PM

    Super Bowl??????????????



    YES, SUPERBOWL….you’lle be surprised how good this TEAM/DEFENSE is come playoff time

  4. My favorite Delanie Walker moments this season were watching him “ear hole” the interior defensive linemen on the Lions.

    We ran the same play over and over… Delanie would motion to one side or the other and instead of trying to reach block a DE or OLB, on the edge, he would crack down on N Suh or Nick Fairly on the inside.

    I haven’t seen that same blocking scheme since then this year, but I love his physicality and willingness to do whatever the team needs on a given week.

    Get well soon Delanie!

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