Even with a huge home game, Bengals struggling to sell tickets

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One of the biggest games of the entire NFL regular season takes place on Sunday in Cincinnati, where the Bengals have a win-and-in-the-playoffs situation against the Ravens, who have plenty to play for themselves.

And yet the game may be blacked out on local television.

The Bengals have only sold out one home game this season, and that one — home against the Steelers — benefitted from thousands of Pittsburgh fans making the trip to cheer on the visiting team. The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the Bengals are offering two-for-one tickets to season-ticket holders who want to buy more tickets and bring their friends to the Ravens game in an effort to fill the stadium for the huge home game against the Ravens. That, however, may not be enough.

Even with discounted tickets, filling out Paul Brown Stadium will be a tall order. Saturday’s win over the Cardinals had an announced attendance of 41,273, and even that is an inflated figure — the announced attendance represents the number of tickets distributed, so with no-shows included the number of people in the stands was lower than that. Paul Brown Stadium seats more than 65,000 people, but announced attendance has been below 42,000 three times this year.

The bottom line for the Bengals is that last year’s miserable season turned off so many of the local fans that this year’s surprisingly successful campaign hasn’t been enough to bring the fans back. Maybe beating the Ravens and getting to the playoffs will be the start of a successful season-ticket sales campaign for 2012.

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  1. Haven’t we talked about this before? Do we really need to see an article about the Bengals attendance every 30 minutes?

    This game will sell out. Write your article when that happens.

  2. I am in AZ so it might be easy for me to say this, but you fans in Cincinnati need to get to that stadium on Sunday. I know the majority feeling on Mike Brown, and while I agree with that sentiment, don’t go there thinking you are supporting them. Go to the Jungle to support Andy, AJ, Geno, and Marvin. Those guys deserve it for the work they have put in. WhoDey

  3. “last year’s miserable season turned off so many of the local fans”…..well, yes, but once again a national commentator only gets a portion of the story. How many times has the same national media referred to the two decades of losing, the cheapness of ownership, the periodic clownish nature of the franchise, but then wonders “where are the fans”? I know December 26th is a slow news day and you need to stir up chatter, but the answer to all of this is simple — people are fed up with Mike Brown.

    Let’s see why the fans are fed up:
    — years of losing
    — incompetent ownership, few scouts, and nepotism out the a**
    — tone deaf, cheapskate as owner
    — horrible press conference last winter to announce return of Marvin as coach yet promising no changes
    — public battle with Carson Palmer

    Like a battered spouse, just because the abuser is nice one hour or one day does not mean all is forgiven. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!

  4. “The bottom line for the Bengals is that last year’s miserable season turned off so many of the local fans that this year’s surprisingly successful campaign hasn’t been enough to bring the fans back. ”

    Were that the case the Browns wouldn’t have anyone left watching in the stands. Face it, Bengals fans while there are a few of them don’t turn out like one would expect. For whatever reason they just don’t respond immediately to changes in their fortunes.

  5. I just don’t get it. Check any major ticket site, including the Bengals’, and you won’t find tickets to this game for less than 60 bucks. Does no one running the B’s understand supply-demand? If there are 25,000+ empties on game day, is it worth holding firm on your ticket prices? I guess Mike Brown really is as stubborn as they say.

  6. Fool us once, shame on… Fool me twice… Can’t get fooled again… Or something?
    Son of Paul has screwed the fans so many times most of us believe he has bought out the local papers and is making up game results… Our logical minds think we’re still a 4 win team and he’s just making this 10 win season up.

  7. 25,000 Steeler fan should go to Cincinnati and cheer on the Bengals all wearing black & gold. It’s one thing to take over a stadium when your team is on the road but to take over a stadium when your team isn’t there really makes a statement.

  8. For the I-don’t-know-how-manyith time… Selling out a stadium has not so much to do with the success of a team that particular season as it has to do with the success of the previous season(s). This is because of the base of season ticket sells. Many fans in Cincinnati did not renew their season tickets last season due to the economy combined with their belief that owner Mike Brown continues to put out a mediocre product and were fed up supporting that.

    Now, if the Bengals were to beat the Ravens this week, that may bring back enough season ticket sells next year to impact sell outs in 2012.

  9. I don’t care if it’s just me and Mike in Paul Brown Stadium Sunday afternoon. I’m looking forward to a great game and hopefully a win.

    P.S. Ced, lets don’t have anymore drops.

  10. .

    On a positive note the Baltimore @ Cincinnati game will be the feature game in every barroom in America. The Bengals fans might not be interested in this game, but there’s a few people in places like Pittsburgh and New England who might be.


  11. I’m sorry, but true fans are there in the good times and the bad times. I’m a Broncos fan living in Seattle and as much as I hate the Seahawks, they sellout every game and the place sounds like a playoff game no matter how good or bad the team is doing. Pretty sad when Seattle has better sports’ fans than Cincy. I mean seriously.

  12. The Bengals inability to sell tickets has nothing to do with last season. It has everything to do with Mike Brown’s ownership for the last 21 years. He just clinched his astounding 3rd winning season in 21 years, no playoff wins, and years of futility. To make matters worse, he said the public needed to build him a stadium to be competetive. So the taxpayers gave him a $450Million stadium to which he responded by having the smallest front office in football, comprised mainly by his family. The top 5 decision makers in the franchise are members of the Brown family. Cincinnati is tired of giving Mike Brown money to run the worst franchise in sports. He is not hurting for money since he just bought out the remaining 30% of the Bengals for “Straight cash homey.” The strike against Mike Brown will continue until a true commitment is made to running a real NFL franchise. He takes the NFL’s profit sharing, spends no money on front office, and has a free stadium making the Bengals highly profitable (for his family). The fans are tired of supporting him, but they still support the team (players only) as evidenced by local TV ratings.

  13. Oh my gosh, no no no, please get this straight. I live in Cinci and used to be a huge Bengals fan. The reason we are not going to the stadium is NOT because “last year’s miserable season turned off so many of the local fans that this year’s surprisingly successful campaign hasn’t been enough to bring the fans back,” as you wrote. The reason for us is because Mike Brown still owns the team. It appears that this pro-money, anti-fan owner won’t get an indoor practice facility, won’t hire scouts, and he employs no GM because he pays himself the annual GM bonus. We, the fans, are just kind of sick of his attitude. He does not appear to care about the city of Cincinnati or the fans, or even about the team record, just as long as his family members are employed and he is making money (by spending incredibly little, and ok, by being a really good businessman). We really pretty much hate Mike Brown. We love watching our team on TV, rooting for everyone, especially Andy Dalton and AJ Green. We want our team to go to the playoffs (Playoffs?!). We just don’t want to give Mike Brown our money any more. Thank you for your time and who dey.

  14. If they had drafted Tebow selling out wouldn’t be a problem. Tebow is better then Dalton. Thumbs up if you agree.

  15. Unfortunately the ticket sales, or lack there of, has nothing to do with the Bengals, but everything to do with Mike Brown. People just do not want to give him anymore of there money. And until he changes his frugal ways, people can watch from their home blacked out or not.

  16. Mike Brown is dumb as a box of rocks and is cheaper than Scrooge ! No indoor practice facility, really!! I don’t blame the fans at all! 21 years without a playoff win is terrible!

  17. Mr. Smith, the only reason why the Bengals are not selling out the stadium is because of Mike Brown. If you were a billionaire who treated your players, coaches, fans, and taxpayers like crap, then you shouldn’t be surprised when only 41,237 fans show up at their last home game. Believe me, people love this team, but hate the owner. If you’re going to write something, at least be honest and lay the blame where it belongs.

  18. I think its awesome that the bengals have finally once again become a competitve team in the NFL. … that being said, Mike Brown is hands down the WORST owner in the NFL..

  19. Don’t worry, the Jags don’t need their tarps until next season.

    You’ll have to buy your own then though.

  20. Mike Brown is the reason why ESPN ranked the Bengals franchise at dead last of all professional sports.
    For the past 15-20 years every decent player the Bengals have had has eventually wanted out of Cincinnati. Carl Pickens, Dan Wilkerson,Cory Dillon,Chad Johnson,Justin Smith, Takeo Spikes,Carson Palmer,etc All had to due with the way Mike Brown ran the franchise into the ground.
    I guarantee you the same will happen with AJ Green and Andy Dalton.
    Can anyone name the last decent free agent who wanted to come to Cincy ? Almost all the well known free agents that have come to cincy were players nobody else wanted.
    The Bengals have been horrible over the past 20 year and there has been only one thing that has been constant, Mike Brown

  21. duanethomas says:
    Dec 26, 2011 11:37 AM
    Tebow is better then Dalton.

    No comparison if you watch even a little NFL. If not for Newton, Dalton would be ROTY.

    As a longtime Steeler fan, I really do feel for Bengal fans. I’m glad so many came on here to speak the truth and set the author straight. You guys deserve an owner who supports what is shaping up to be a pretty damn good team in the years to come.

  22. P.S to my prior post. To you clowns claiming you don’t attend due to Browns ownership- William Clay Ford bought the Lions in 1963, and has watched them rot since. Lions successful now despite him. Next excuse please.

  23. If I lived within 100 miles of this game, as a neutral observer, I would take my 11 year old son and just go to this game because it would be interesting. It’s not very often that NFL tickets are available for a game between a team trying to get into the playoffs against a team trying to win a division title and get a first round bye.

    I understand all the animosity toward Mike Brown and how he has run this franchise. But, jeez, this is a marquee game and anyone who wants to can just walk up to the ticket booth and get in. Unbelievable.

  24. If Cincy fans actually want change they need to do a OccupyCincy type thing and boycott the games all together. No ticket buying, no game day merchandise, no concessions, protests in front of the stadium on game day. The thing Mike Brown hates more than anything is the public viewing him as a wimp or not in charge. TAKE ACTION CINCY!!

  25. duanethomas says: Dec 26, 2011 11:37 AM

    If they had drafted Tebow selling out wouldn’t be a problem. Tebow is better then Dalton. Thumbs up if you agree.


    You’ve become worse than a Steeler fan. You talk about Tebow in every single post on here.

  26. The average Joe can’t afford a couple hundred bucks to get in a game. Hell, why would you when it’s better watching it home anyway.

  27. One sure fire way to build a fan base is by NOT showing the game on local TV . Like millions of other people I have been affected by the economy so I don’t go to Packer games any more but I still buy Packer merchandise. That would surely end if I wasn’t able to watch the games on TV.

  28. Why does the league continue to blackout games? It’s supposed to help teams with problems selling tickets to encourage fans to pay instead of watching it for free. But it handicaps a team that is trying to rebuild a fanbase. If local fans had the opportunity to see how much better their team is this year, they would be much more open to going to the game. Television doesn’t compete against ticket sales in a healthy fan market – it supplements it. Blackouts are the biggest obstacle in the way of teams like the Bengals and Jaguars rebuilding their fanbase.

  29. Oh yeah and Lions fans…….you do realize that Detroit is nearly 3 times the size of cincy………………………bunch of subjective morons on this site…………wow…..any more arguments…..anyone…..that is what I thought

  30. A half price Bengals ticket is still $36.50

    That’s a higher starting price point than Kansas City, Cleveland, New Orleans, Denver, Detroit, Miami, Atlanta, Carolina, Tampa Bay, Oakland……. and the list goes on.

    Who wants to pay $80 for a crap seat? That’s why the Bengals aren’t selling out. Defending Detroit’s 0-16 season at 54,000 per game.

    Well, you’re drawing from 6 million detroiters vs. 2 million Cincinnatians.

    I’ve been to every regular season Bengals game. We don’t exactly have the lineage of Green Bay, Pittsburgh. I’d like to see what their stadium would look like after 2 decades of mediocrity.

    You ever wonder why the “great” fans live in cities with winning histories. Hmm, I wonder why that coorelates so well.

  31. I get what u Bengals fans are saying… How ppl aren’t going to the games to “stick it to the owner”…


    Ur fanbase is really just hurting the team/players cause they don’t have a real homefield advantage.

    Also, it just makes you-as fans look stupid, disloyal, and not worthy of having an NFL franchise.

    Again, I get it, you hate the owner. Guess what, that old stubborn horse’s a$$ ain’t going anywhere so u might as well support the young talented team that is put in front of you!

  32. Unfortunately people can hate the owner all they want, but if this keeps up Cincy wont have an NFL team… The billionaires win in this case as they can pack up and move somewhere else where they will sell tickets.

  33. The reason cincy doesn’t have relocation articles written about them is because they don’t tarp off their upper deck and claim their attendance is outstanding. Also cincinnati has been in the league for 40 or some odd years; Jacksonville has only been in the league 17 and the fans down there are already apathetic.

  34. agc99 says:
    Dec 26, 2011 11:27 AM
    25,000 Steeler fan should go to Cincinnati and cheer on the Bengals all wearing black & gold. It’s one thing to take over a stadium when your team is on the road but to take over a stadium when your team isn’t there really makes a statement.

    I’d even be impressed with that, and I hate the Steelers.

  35. dude, that stadium sold out 55 games in a row. This is a clear message to Mike Brown to turn over control to a GM or remove 20,000 seats. The bad part is I am kidding but given that choice Mikey Boy would break out wrenches. He is that stubborn and dim whitted.

  36. Thanks for sharing Bengals fans, I hear ya even though us Jets fans have a different set of problems (1. QB, 2. head coach, 3. safety) to name a few. Greedy and cheap owners are a nightmare. But I am just curious do you give Mike Brown any credit for turning an older Carson Palmer into 2 first round draft picks and for getting young players on the rise like the QB and AJ Green? Seems like a nice foundation for the next few years.

  37. To all the Bengal fans explaining that it’s about your disapproval of Mike Brown …….

    I get that, I really do. However, it’s very short-sighted.

    If Mike Brown gets tired of this lack of support and lack of income, he isn’t going to wake up one day and “get” it.

    He’s going to wake up one day and say “It’s time to move this team to a better city”.

    None of us will want to hear your crying on that day.

  38. This is very disturbing news. I live in Atl and our team stunk for many years and I don’t recall it this bad. Too bad for Bengals; they could use the love.

  39. Recent news – Brown family increases ownership stake in Bengals = to Putin stands by recent election results in Russia ; empty seats are protest & sign of long held resentment over poor ownership & stewardship – like North Korea , nothing will change there in foreseeable future. Best Ohio pro team will be on visitors sidelines ( the team Art Modell stole from Cleveland)

  40. JC! In the meantime, I’ve been on the season ticket waiting list for 18 years in Pittsburgh!?!?!?! I understand, Pittsburgh has among the best ownership and tradition in the NFL, but are you freaking kidding me?

    It’s a win and in game for God’s sake! And yet bungle fans will be warm and cozy in their living rooms catching updates during the Steelers-clowns game. In the meantime, the stadium will be half full of crows fans. I certainly hope Dalton and the crew can pull it out, for obvious reasons, but the city and fans certainly don’t deserve a winner.

    There had better be no whining when this team backs the trucks up and moves to LA!



  41. Hey MDS, please listen to what the Bengals followers are saying. There’s a very long history here that provides context to the multiple home blackouts in 2011.

    For the past 20 years the Bengals have been the most spendthrift, most consistently lousy team in the entire league. Yet they have one of the best stadium leases and are now among the most profitable.

    Entire generations of fans have been conditioned to expect the worst. The team hasn’t had back-to-back winning seasons since 1981-82. They went 14 straight seasons without even one winning record. They haven’t won a playoff game since 1990.

    It goes on and on. The fans despise owner Mike Brown and I’m sure the feeling is mutual. Of course there are non-sellouts. The only surprise is that there haven’t been more. Many more.

  42. The NFL talks up the “fan experience”, nothing better to pay top dollar for tickets, food, drink, parking and have a drunk sitting next to you when these times are tough. I fully understand why fans stay at home and watch it in HD.

  43. The bottom line for the Bengals is that last year’s miserable season turned off so many of the local fans that this year’s surprisingly successful campaign hasn’t been enough to bring the fans back.
    This one sentence just shows the bias for all 8-9 teams with ticket issues and the hatred towards Jax even though Jax has averaged 62k per game with a team that is inept and boring offensively. Not one mention of L.A. But the Bengals get the economy and Mike Brown excuse. You can’t bash Jax attendance which is clearly blown out of proportion even with a pathetic team to watch and give excuses for every single other team with attendance problems. I mean Buffalo had 24k unsold tickets on Sat for goodness sake. All the media has to do is be consistent, that’s all.

  44. cags777 says:Dec 26, 2011 11:40 AM

    Mr. Smith, the only reason why the Bengals are not selling out the stadium is because of Mike Brown. If you were a billionaire who treated your players, coaches, fans, and taxpayers like crap, then you shouldn’t be surprised when only 41,237 fans show up at their last home game. Believe me, people love this team, but hate the owner. If you’re going to write something, at least be honest and lay the blame where it belongs.

    cags777 has hit the nail on the head! Smith is way off base, as usual. The attendance of Bengal fans show how much Brown is disliked, and the dislike has nothing to do with last years record.

  45. This franchise has a direct parallel to my beloved Chicago Blackhawks.

    Blackhawk fans as loyal as they are to their team finally (after decades) got tired of the way the Owner was running the franchise and just stopped going. This is what is happening in Cincy – Cincy fans are just tired of Mike Brown and how that family runs that franchise.

    Sad.. it’s actually a very nice stadium regardless of how big this game is.

  46. I’ve been a Bengal fan for 35 years. Let me tell you something; if Mike Brown WASN’T the owner of this team and the Bengals were NOT in the playoff hunt this year, they would sell out. My point is, Mike Brown will screw up the potential of this team. Sure, they MAY make the playoffs this year but you can be sure he will do things to see that this team goes back to ineptitude. The fans not going to line his greedy pockets, especially during a playoff run is making a huge statement. Mike Brown doesn’t deserve this team. If anyone else owned the team, they would sell out constantly.

    Also, Brown didn’t want Dalton. So he’s lucky that he listened to someone else (finally) and got his QB of the future. He’s also lucky the Raiders were desperate and needed a QB badly.

  47. At least Jacksonville puts 60000 in their stadium (and why they have a false reputation of having a ticket problem confuses me). Anyways buy a ticket cinci, jeez….awful fans. LA Bengals might have a better ring

  48. In 2009, the Jaguars went 5-11 with no shot in hell of going to the playoffs; The Nat’l media made it trendy to constantly bash our fans concerning the blackouts. The mortgage industry went in the crapper, esp in Northeast FL. That year Jacksonville (47th TV market) still managed to average 49,651.

  49. Perhaps the answer is to merge the Bengals and Browns and have them play half a season in each stadium. (First thing they do is hire an NFL Head Coach.)

    Then the NFL can put an expansion franchise in LA.

    This will work for about 5-6 years until the Bengals-Browns get bad again, and LA gets good. But the NFL can do what they always do – worry about it then they get there.

  50. Gee, I’d think Ravens fans would want to travel to Cincy and take over the stadium and celebrate a Div. crown. You do expect Ravens to win, right?

  51. Man up Ravens fan. Get off your wallets and travel to support your team. Bengal fans are counting on you to bail them out like Steelers fans always do.

  52. Get off Mike Brown already! Cincy fans have been pouting for years that he doesn’t do anything. In the last year he finally put together a great draft and then pulled off one of the most one-sided trades in NFL history. Seems like he’s listening to the fans.

    The guy isn’t selling or moving the team, so what else exactly do you want him to do?

  53. If the Browns dont get their crap straight,
    this is going to be a strictly a Buckeye state it looks like, well other than our pathetic MI posers running around.

    Ive followed the browns my entire life and this is the last regime im following. ooooh what we would do for the Bungles record

  54. Does anybody expect the Bengals to beat the Ravens?

    Maybe a little more suspense than Browns/Steelers, but c’mon……………

  55. Riddle me this…. I can now sympathize with the Bengals fan. I just logged on to the OFFICIAL team site to buy tickets and to my SURPRISE I am greeted with this pop-up….

    LOTS of fans are trying to buy tickets right now – you have a much better shot if we search the best available seats for you.
    Just tell us how many you want (and price, if applicable) and we’ll help you find seats faster than humanly possible!

    First of all LOTS?!?!?!
    Then of course it sure did find me the best seats at the highest price level. Nothing like a company trying to bait and switch and take away a customer friendly feature for a fanbase that you’re begging to buy your product.


  56. It’s a myth that Steelers fans “travel well.”

    the fact is, they’ve just been around so long that they have fans around the country. Sure, they have fans that travel. But the majority of their fans at away games are fans who live in those cities.

    As for Ravens… their fans definitely travel. And it should be no surprise to see plenty of Ravens fans at the game Sunday.

    The tickets will be much cheaper than the price it would cost to go to a home playoff game at M&T Bank Stadium(even with the added travel costs)… so this will probably be many fan’s last chance to go to a game this season.

    And with all that said, none of it really matters. This game will most likely be close, and come down to the last couple minutes… like it usually does between these teams.

  57. having a bad owner in baltimore (robert irsay) caused colt fans to stay away. it cost the fans a team. the government didn’t listen to irsays demands, that didn’t help. bengal fans should fill the stadium or brown could move. hopefully he will get hit by a truck soon.

  58. There has been a long line of people at the stadium today to buy tickets plus you can’t get through by telephone – if you do, it’s a 25 minute wait.
    They not only may sell out, they may sell out TODAY!!!

  59. I am not a Bengals fan. Love to see them lose. BUt the Bengals fans should not be criticized for not shwing up. Mike Brown is quite simply one of the greediest owners. He hires his own daughter.

    He has made a lot of money off of Cinci taxpayers. So why can’t Mike Brown for once, buy all the tickets and donate them to school and college kids? Maybe to poor families? Why not do it as a one time basis to prove that he actually gives a damn about the community. Here is a chance for his team to make the playoffs. Even if Mike Brown does not care about the fans, why not show some vision and ignite the team spirit and produce a full house on his own dime? Mike Brown owes his team that much.

  60. No one is talking about how the Bush economy is hurting many people, especially minorities, who can’t afford to go to the games because of Bush’s tax cuts for the rich and policies designed to hurt the average folk while enriching Halliburton and Big Oil. Instead, just blame the fans for their lack of support. Please. How can they support anything after what the Republicans did to their wallets?

  61. Just want to add that I do want to see them win this week. Just normally do not root for the Bengals. But they are a good story for the NFL. I would like to see the media take Mike Brown to task for being so ungrateful to his fans.

  62. See SI.com’s article on this. It talks about the 20 years of context for why Bengals fans are (rightfully) fed-up with Mike Brown’s ownership of the team. Michael David Smith notes that fans were disappointed with last year’s performance, but it goes way, way deeper than just one bad season. Mike Brown has no one else to blame for the poor turn-out except himself, so let’s not imply that Cincy just has “bad fans” or whatever.

  63. The previous comments about Mike Brown are on target. No question there. The issue is that this team is only 4-3 at home. Every win is hard fought even against the bad teams. Had the Bengals beaten the daylights out of the Texans or the Cardinals, the fans would be “sold”. What needs to happen is Cincy needs to beats the Ravens with buckle end of the belt 55-3. That will sell tickets.

  64. I didn’t get anything for christmas. I don’t care about any blackouts, or that money hungry jerk mike brown..All I want as my belated christmas present is for the bungles to beat the ravens! Heck I may be in a red rifle jersey screaming who dey all day on sunday! Hey try saying that 3 times fast…who dey all day on sunday! One time bungles, rise up & do something useful in your miserable nfl existence….Thank You…Signed…STEELER NATION

  65. Los Angeles will go from having no NFL team to having five when the Bengals, Chargers, Vikings, Jaguars and St Louis all relocate to the area for next season. The Raiders may also move to protect their territory.

  66. As a Steelers fan, I just can’t fathom a NFL team struggling so bad at the gate that it has to resort to selling two-for-one tickets to try and sell out a biug game. Wow.. That boggles my mind.

    However, as a long-suffering Pirates fan as well, in the words of Chris Rock: “I can understand.”

    Good luck Bengals on Sunday!!!

  67. Not surprised.

    We went to a midseason road game @ Cincy and the place was 1/3rd empty. Huge sections of the Upper Levels and even Lower Endzones were completely vacant.

    Bengals fans still ran their mouths as if perpetual Blackouts and a history of being one of the worst franchises in the NFL weren’t obvious to everyone but them, but hey they’re decent this year (by their standards) so let em talk I guess.

    How a team on the verge of the Playoffs can have such terrible fan support is a mystery.

  68. This is why I am against unconditional revenue sharing. As much as I dont like Jerry Jones and respect the Rooneys, Jerry does have a point about allowing revenue sharing but with conditions. Someone like Mike Brown underperforms for his market size in ratings and merchandise sales. I think the solution to non-sellouts should not be blackouts, but to fine owners who cannot sell the stadium. THis will force an owner to start buying empty seats and donating them because of their incompetence.

  69. One more suggestion on how Brown can reward local fans. You come dressed in a Bengals jersey, you get half off specially marked ticket at the gate and you need to have the jersey or T shirt/Cap on when you enter.

  70. In 2009 just before the playioffs, Mike Brown said publically that the team wasn’t making enough profit for the investors. It was funny at the time since it was revealed that Brown was paid over $20 million for being GM before any profits were determined and his family got 60 percent of the remaining profits.

    At that rate, it doesn’t take too long to save the $200 million to buy the next largest block of shares out. It also explains why Brown held on to the cap money this year that everyone assumed he was holding in case Carson Palmer showed up at Camp or anytime before he was traded. But no, he pocketed that money rather than pay for Jonathon Joseph or a top O lineman in FA. He had the opportunity to hire a good coach (Jeff Fisher comes to mind) but kept Marvin because he is ‘comfortable’ with him, even though Marvin’s conservative play and lack of team motivation and poor game management that costs the team at least two games a year. Mike could have plugged a hole by taking one of the Raiders starting guards, filling another hole in the team rather than take the picks for Carson.

    The fact is the team is only winning in spite of Marvin and Mike and you can see that Andy Dalton is already getting fed up.

    When a team wins in spite of the management and coaching, it is hard to support. I do by going to games in other cities.

    Also, to those questioning why there aren’t cheap tickets available on the aftermarket. It is supply and demand. Many of the prior season ticket holders let their tickets and COAs expire. The unsold tickets are held by the team, not the secondary market as in past years. So there are fewer tickets to resell at a cheap price. People have given up taking a loss on Bengals tickets.

  71. I was wondering when the follow up article was going to be written about the surge in ticket sales today (Monday). There was a line a mile long at the stadium and the you couldn’t get through on the phones. Its being widely reported at USA Today and Cincinnati.com; where you hack information from all the time.

    Whats wrong? That story isn’t as juicy and you can’t imply the Bengals move to LA in 2014?

    WHO DEY!

  72. “gmen1987 says:
    Dec 27, 2011 8:59 AM
    Why are fans so stupid that they boycott at the time when the stadium lease is close to ending?”

    The lease doesn’t expire until 2026. That’s not exactly “close.”

  73. The stadium lease is not ending. The Bengals are not going anywhere. AEG wants control over an NFL team in LA and if there’s one thing I know with 100% certainty it’s that Mike Brown is not giving up an ounce of control. In fact he just bought himself 30% more control last week.

    The team will NEVER move to LA and the only way it moves anywhere is if the Lease is up (Mike would never dream of paying an exit fee) and the team goes somewhere to fill the vacancy left by the team that AEG does poach. In that case Cincinnati fans will have to find a new team to cheer for. As a Bengals fan that has been alive for exactly 3 playoff wins, I can’t say I’d be particularly upset to say goodbye to Mike Brown and the mediocrity that is expected.

    You can all say Cincinnati fans are miserable and don’t deserve a team. And I’ll say go back to Pittsburgh or Green Bay and watch your teams that have been hugely successful throughout their entire existence. Be thankful you were born in a city with competent ownership. Or if you’re one of the Lions fans that supported an 0-16 team, pat yourself on the back for throwing money at an owner that wanted nothing to do with providing you with quality football. Giving Ford $70 to go to a game and wear those paper bags on your face makes a ton of sense, right?

    It was said best on here in an earlier comment, the “great” fans live in cities with winning histories. The correlation isn’t a coincidence.

  74. One last thing…the goodwill that could be earned by just hiring a competent PR person would be incredible here in Cincinnati.

    Yesterday the half price ticket sales were a success. Players met with buyers in line and thanked them for coming out to support the team. The bengals gave away hot dogs and cotton candy. It really felt like something the Reds would do. When the reds need to sell tickets they do give-aways, honor past great players (Granted they have a lot more great players than the Bengals), and other game day promotions. It works, like it worked yesterday for the bengals.

    The Bengals give the image that they would prefer 20,000 empty seats over promotions that might bring more casual fans (made into casual fans by the lack of success). Bengals fans would swarm to the games to see a few numbers get retired, or to honor one of the 2 Super Bowl teams. But Mike Brown just hides as the fan base continues to stay home. Combine some nostalgia with the quality product they’re actually putting on the field this year and the season ticket sales would take care of the rest for awhile.

    Most of us like to believe he’s just sitting in his office counting cash, occasionally flipping a switch that shuts down the escalator at the stadium that he didn’t have to pay for. A good PR firm could fix that image and possibly lift some of these blackouts as long as the team continues to perform.

  75. I plan on being in the Baltimore area for New Years, no way I flying to Cincy to watch the game and being an accomplice to bailing out the bungles fans who won’t go.

  76. “Most of us like to believe he’s just sitting in his office counting cash, occasionally flipping a switch that shuts down the escalator at the stadium that he didn’t have to pay for. A good PR firm could fix that image and possibly lift some of these blackouts as long as the team continues to perform.”

    I SO agree about the PR. And I think a big step would be for him to start putting Katie out more as the face of the team, because I think his reputation is basically beyond repair.

  77. Maybe beating the Ravens and getting to the playoffs will be the start of a successful season-ticket sales campaign for 2012.

    No….. maybe WINNING for a few CONSECUTIVE SEASONS will be the start of a successful season-ticket sales campaign, but I seriously doubt it will be enough for 2012

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