Jim Schwartz is down on resting players this week


The Lions haven’t been to the playoffs since 1999, but coach Jim Schwartz has been paying attention to the teams that have gone to the postseason in recent years.

When asked about resting players for Week 17, Schwartz pointed out the way the 2007 Giants and last year’s Packers played right down to the wire before embarking on runs to Super Bowl titles. It sounds like he’s planning to do the same thing, at least the playing everyone in Week 17 part.

“I think a lot of that starts this week. You look at those teams; it wasn’t just what they did when they got into the playoffs, it’s where they were at the end of the season. . . .  You certainly want to go in with momentum. You want to go in with wins, you want to go in healthy. To be in is, obviously, the most important thing. After that, then everybody has a chance.”

Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press points to defensive tackle Nick Fairley and running back Kevin Smith as players who might benefit from time off next weekend. Whatever Schwartz decides to do in general, he could be planning to limit Smith’s workload. The team signed running back Joique Bell off of New Orleans’ practice squad on Monday.

The Lions still don’t know whether or not they will be the fifth or sixth seed. To move up to fifth, they need to beat Green Bay and have the Falcons lose to either the Saints or the Buccaneers. That’s significant as the sixth seed would mean a trip to New Orleans or San Francisco instead of a game against the NFC East champs, and Schwartz sounds like he’s thinking that’s worth fighting for.

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  1. Wrong. Moving up to 5th would put them in line to play the NFC East champs not NO or SF. 3(NO or SF)vs. 6 seed & 4(NFCE champs) vs. 5 seed

  2. But he is in favor of over exuberance by him and his players/coaching staff after every positive play. (Just dont be excited if you are on the opposite sideline…looking at you Harbaugh, lol)

  3. I think you may want to be more careful on how you choose to word your titles in the future. “down” can mean different things in different contexts. For instance, with the hip kids of today, being “down” with something means you agree with it.

  4. I think sitting players who are nursing injuries and who are banged up is a must! With that said, if he has a chance to avoid the Saints in the 1st round, he must do it. We all saw what happened when the Lions showed up last time in New Orleans. Don’t expect it to be much different in 2 weeks!

  5. Schwartz pointed out the way the 2007 Giants and last year’s Packers played right down to the wire before embarking on runs to Super Bowl titles. It sounds like he’s planning to do the same thing, at least the playing everyone in Week 17 part.

    What? Why wouldn’t Schwartz be planning on making a Super Bowl run? I think everyone in the playoffs is PLANNING on making a Super Bowl run.

    Anyways welcome home Joique. To bad you couldn’t be on Wayne States team against Pittsburg State. They could have used you.

  6. This is a very successful season so far for the lions. I think that makes them very dangerous. I know its crazy but i think the lions beat the saints if it happens. Stafford is rolling and brees carved up a lions defense missing 3 starters that all will be back. On top of that they showed they can clean up the penalties last week something like 3 for 8 yards. If the lions play the saints they should have lojack suh and fairley all in the mix. And if you watched that game fairley got his first sack and had 1 other TFL and a big no gain stop. Hopefully K Smith rests this week bc if the lions have all those pieces they can beat the saints.

  7. .

    Even though the 2007 NYG lost their regular season finale to the Patriots, I still believe that game was the impetus for the Giants to get to the rematch in the super bowl. Somehow, Tom Coughlin got a team with absolutely nothing to play for, to compete like their lives depended on the outcome.


  8. The lions won the second half of the saints game. Stafford moved the ball with ease and some rarely called offensive pi calls stalled some scoring opportunities so i don’t think the lions are scared going to the saints. Being a 5 seed means the slim possibility of playing a home game in the NFC championship game. It’s not impossible to think Atlanta and Detroit could win a couple of games from the wild card spots. The 5 spot could mean a home playoff game and should be considered worth fighting for.

  9. Hey Bischof 21,

    Read the last paragraph of the article and then read Ryan6’s comment. Everyone is giving his comment a “thumbs down” because he is an idiot.

  10. Golions26,

    When he originally made the comment the last paragraph was wrong. It has since been edited with the correct information. I didn’t realize it had been corrected until you said something.

  11. I see that there are a few Bears fans here who are bad-mouthing the Lions. Lions can win in Green Bay, especially if the Packers rest their key starters. That would set up a first round game against the Cowboys or Giants. And both are winnable games for the Lions.

  12. I’ll say this, my 2 cents, as an iggles fan w/ an unbiased opinion… Good for the Lions! Can’t hate on ’em, unless I guess, if ur a Chic/Minny fan… n ur 2 teams w/ aging D’s & porous O’s.. Got some glaring ground to make up! Detroit’s Lions are exciting, explosive, fast & mean. FUN = Highlights. Schwartz is great fit… Winner longterm (see: his response to Clavin-rule game).
    Lions = playoffs 4 of next 6 seasons

  13. Congrats to the Lions and their fans. However, let’s just slow down and be realistic here. When the Lions beat my Packers (No chance McCarthy plays his starters past the first half), they get the pleasure of going to play the Giants (No way Dallas wins Sunday). Stafford is playing great, but last I checked, the Giants had a pretty good QB themselves. Also, the Lions have no running game which will allow the Giants to tee off on Stafford. I just don’t see them winning against a better Giants team.

  14. packrulzm,

    do you think teams will just now figure out that detroit has no running game and tee off on stafford. i bet they have all season. giants have a good qb, who can also be slowed by detroits pass rush. they do have a running game, but detroit has won games and allowed teams to run all over them. you cant just count them out for that. its what they as a team have dealt with all year. detroit will have more key players returning on defense, thus improving the unit. and stafford has outplayed eli this year, in my eyes anyways. i hate reading posts from people who are still stuck in detroits past. they arent that 0-16 team anymore. they dont have harrington anymore. they do have a decent team.

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