Mike Smith: Drew Brees is playing as well as any quarterback ever


Falcons coach Mike Smith thinks his team might be facing the best quarterback ever to play the game when they take on Drew Brees and the Saints tonight.

Drew is playing as well as anyone has played the quarterback position, in my mind,” Smith told Albert Breer of NFL Network. “He’s 72 percent for the season, and it’s not just dink-and-dunk -– he’s gonna break [Dan] Marino’s record –- it’s mind-boggling. So I think all our guys know they’ll have to have their best game.”

Marino’s record of 5,084 yards in a season, set in 1984, will be broken tonight if Brees throws for 305 or more yards against the Falcons. If Brees comes up short tonight, he’s highly likely to break the record in Week 17. Brees is also leading the league in completion percentage, at 71.5 percent, and he’s likely to break his own NFL record of 70.6 percent, set in 2009.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has played such exceptional football that Brees may not get any All-Pro votes this year, so it sounds a little overboard to say Brees is playing as well as anyone has ever played the quarterback position. And yet Brees will probably break the records for both passing yards in a season and completion percentage in a season. Maybe Smith is right.

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  1. By every measure except for raw yardage Rodgers is smoking Brees. This is simply a coach who’s motivating his team.

  2. Thanks, Mikey. Maybe little Tommy and Artie with their weird ‘staches can learn something from Drew and Sean tonight….by the way, how does it feel FAILCANTS to know you have ZERO chance at ever winning a SB ring with these clowns? What a failed franchise….

  3. Regarding the completion % stat, it’s fairly meaningless without knowing how long the attempts were. Rodgers leads the league in accuracy for downfield passes.

  4. Think mike knows football? 4th and 1 on your own 30 ring a bell. Brees is having a great year, no question about it. Rodgers is just better this year, 45 touchdowns this year is remarkable. I hate gb, but that guy is amazing. If you bash him, you are simple just a hater. Mike is just jealous because they got smoked by the packers in the playoffs.

  5. Yea…when a rookie comes into the league and posts back to back 300+ yard passing games you know there’s something wacky with the passing game. I usually roll my eyes when old folks start on their “back in my days” but in the case of Dan Marino it is true. Back in Dan’s days receivers got mugged all the way down the field, there was no such thing as a defenseless receiver or player, and teams could actually tackle the qb without fear of phantom roughing the passer penalties. Marino’s record is still far more impressive to me and I think he would have 6000+ passing yards in a season under today’s rules.

  6. Every year the rules on the Defense get tighter and tighter and every year someone calls an Offensive player the greatest ever at his position. Goodell’s reign as comish is quickly becoming the equivalent to the “live ball” era in baseball.

  7. Interesting how many greenbay trolls reading a story about Drew Brees. Methinks they’re getting nervous. We’ll see you on the heated tundra of Lambeau in late January where we will run up and down the field all night opening things up for Drew to torch that overrated defense of yours.

  8. Newsflash:

    Coaches heaping inordinate praise on the QB they are about to play against is NOT a newsflash.

    Someone needs a refresher course on Coach Speak 101.

  9. If Rodgers actually played in fourth quarters this year instead of running up scores like the Saints — it wouldn’t even be close. 9.2 ypa for Rodgers says it all.

  10. playing devils advocate here….defenses were not this big and fast “back in the day” either as they are now.

  11. rajuncajun28 says:
    Dec 26, 2011 9:47 AM
    Thanks, Mikey. Maybe little Tommy and Artie with their weird ‘staches can learn something from Drew and Sean tonight….by the way, how does it feel FAILCANTS to know you have ZERO chance at ever winning a SB ring with these clowns? What a failed franchise

    Why dont you just go drown in the middle of Lake S..t!

  12. So I don’t understand how people are considering Brees as having a better season than Rodgers when all they simply have to go on is the yardage. Considering that Brees has over 100 attempts more (and that’s even with one game played less) it’s no wonder he has more yards. Imagine if Rodgers had over 100 more attempts where his yardage would be….

    In every other category Rodgers smokes Brees.

  13. Die hard Saints fan right here. Aaron Rodgers is having a better season then Drew. Drew looked shaky to start the season. Interception after interception. He led the league with 11 at one point, but he hasn’t thrown an interception since. I’d say he’s having the best second half of a season, but this season as a whole belongs to Rodgers.

    As for the record losing legitimacy due to the changes in the NFL, that’s ludicrous. The record has been standing since 1984. The only person that has ever come remotely close to breaking this record is Drew Brees. Remember, he almost did it two or three years ago. Yeah, Rodgers and Brady had a chance, but it looks like Drew is the only one who is going to break this record. Why is that? Why isn’t everybody doing it since it’s so easy? Dan Marino can quite possibly be considered the greatest of all time, but I believe the reason he never won a ring is because he was just as prone to throwing interceptions as Brett Favre. He had four seasons with 20+ INT’s. I’ll take Drew.

  14. @Skippynj- I believe we beat the saints already, if they come to Lambeau in January its gonna be the same thing. our defense is slightly better bcuz we get turnovers, and I have respect for Brees but this is Rodgers ye.

  15. Here is the reason Aaron Rodgers is the MVP, Aaron has had NO multiple interception games whereas Brees has and I believe no pick sixes. Brees had that costly interception in the end zone against the Bucs when the game was on the line. And Aaron has an outrageous completion percentage on down the field throws, something over 73%. Aaron Rodgers is the MVP.

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