49ers waive Braylon Edwards

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Braylon Edwards revealed this morning that the San Francisco 49ers have waived him.

I was released today by the 49ers due to my injury that required more time to rehab and hasn’t allowed me to re-sync with the offense,” Edwards wrote in a statement on his web site. “I wish the 49ers organization the best of luck during the Playoffs. I will be working hard this off season to strengthen my knee and prepare for the 2012 season. Thanks for your continued support and for being such loyal fans.”

Although Edwards was viewed by some as one of the top free agents available after the lockout, it turned out that NFL teams were largely uninterested in his services. The 49ers acquired him but didn’t get much out of him: Edwards played in nine games and caught 15 passes for 181 yards, with no touchdowns.

If anyone wants Edwards for Week 17 or the playoffs, he’s now available to any team that puts in a waiver claim. His statement suggests, however, that he doesn’t plan on playing until 2012 — when the free agent market for him will not be hot.

78 responses to “49ers waive Braylon Edwards

  1. He would instantly be the #1 receiver for the Jags, we need to hire a coach and pick him up. He could give this franchise (with his head on straight- which I think he can get) a boot in the arse and can actually catch a pass….

  2. People need to let up on Braylon. Yes, he’s had some trouble in his past and he’s made some poor decisions. Who hasn’t?

    But what gets overlooked is that he’s given back to the community very significantly in each of the places he’s played. Even Cleveland (I’m a Browns fan), where really, he was hated on from day 1 for being from Michigan.

    I wish him the best. He got one of those nagging injuries and those are tough to overcome, but he’s a quality WR if he can keep his head on straight. I still remember him catching that pass in the playoff and dragging two Patriot CBs into the endzone.

    Like him or not, the man can make plays and some team’s gonna get him at a bargain price next year.

  3. He made $40M, I hope you saved, Braylon (he spent this year’s salary taking care of some Cleveland kids’ college money fulfilling a promise he made-very honorable)

  4. Guy did one heck a job changing him public persona. Aside from getting pulled over for tinted windows, which turned in to a DUI, in NY, he has been a model citizen since leaving Cleveland.

    I believe he donated basically all of his 2011 salary and some of his 2010 salary to HS kids heading to college.

    It’s easy (easier) to donate a cool 1mil when you’re making 10m a year. Not so much when you’re “only” making 1m though.

    Stand up guy.

  5. If he’s healthy I could see Philly getting him and dumping djax. As much as I’d like to keep djax, the financial position is to lock in McCoy and not djax.

  6. What a disappointment. The 49ers don’t have enough wide receivers and they felt that Edwards was more a liability than an asset. Kyle Williams will hopefully shine now.

  7. He has done some good this by paying for tuition for 79 Cleveland area kids to go to college. Shows he has a life outside of football.

  8. Woah. With injuries to Ted ginn, Kyle Williams, josh Morgan, and delanie walker, the 49ers only have four healthy pass catchers on the roster. Of those four, only two (Crabtree and davis) are legitimate targets. The other two (Brett swain and Justin peele) have a one pass each.

  9. WOW !!
    With as much need as we have for receivers…
    I was really hoping Braylon would turn it around in SF

    Harbaugh has made all the right calls this year

    Good Luck, Braylon !!

  10. Before you people continue to bash this guy .As a Cleveland Browns rookie in 2005, Braylon Edwards announced he’d give $10,000 in scholarships to 100 area eighth-graders if they could graduate high school with at least a 2.5 grade-point average and 15 hours’ community service.

    Six years later, 79 met the criteria and have begun their first year of college in campuses all across the country, including Harvard, reports the LA Times.

    “Without this scholarship, I probably wouldn’t be here,” Bowling Green freshman David Gholston told ESPN’s Rick Reilly.

    Now, most people would think writing $790,000 in checks would be enough, but Edwards went one step further. In addition to the $10,000, he provided each of the students with a laptop computer.

    “I’m supposed to give people a chance like I was given a chance,” Edwards said.

    But that’s not the only amazing part of the season. Edwards is now a member of the San Francisco 49ers. His salary for this season? $1 million. In other words, he has donated almost his entire salary this season to help those 79 kids.

  11. I was excited when we signed him but he did nothing. whether it was injuries or just his talent passing him up I don’t think he has much left to offer.

  12. godofwine330 says:
    Dec 27, 2011 10:34 AM
    He made $40M, I hope you saved, Braylon (he spent this year’s salary taking care of some Cleveland kids’ college money fulfilling a promise he made-very honorable)

    Very honorable indeed, he gave $10,000 scholarship + laptop and school supplies to 79 different students in Cleveland. Very classy.

  13. With Jerry Angelo, Bears GM, and all of his bone headed moves, I’m sure Edwards will wind up on the Bears !

    Then we can have the losing tandem of Edwards and Roy Williams. 1 step forward, 3 steps back !

  14. Before flaming Braylon for sub-par production, lets analyze the output of the rest of SanFran’s WR corps:
    *Only 1 WR has more than 241-yds
    *One has 3TDs, everyone else even fewer
    *Another WR still on the roster with 0 catches
    *45% of passing offense comes from TE/RB

    Perhaps the Niners finally just realized they don’t use WR’s anyways.

  15. Injuries happen. I wish the guy the best of luck, he wasn’t a bad influence in the locker room and he was better than people give him credit for. I wouldn’t have minded seeing him stay with the 9ers.

    Count me as one of his fans. Everyone is entitled to a mistake or two. It’s what you do after you make them that makes you the person you are in life.

  16. Someone will get this guy for a steal… Look at the guy who was throwing him the ball in Frisco before calling him washed up.. Alex Smith is a joke. It will show even more after the niners get smashed in the playoffs playing catchup.

  17. I would love for Braylon to come back to Cleveland because one I’m a browns fan and two I’m sick and tired of trying of browns taking receiver in second round

  18. fofofotey says: Dec 27, 2011 10:38 AM

    When handed his pink slip, he immediately dropped it.


    Haha that was pretty good.

    I watched the guy make some plays for the Jets the other year that were phenomenal. Some easy drops but TO did the same thing. So many teams need a receiver like him. I don’t think he’s a 1 but when healthy a pretty legit number 2.

  19. I did see the piece on him in the last couple of weeks where he is giving a large chunk of money annually to (I believe 10) high school kids which is basically a Braylon Edwards scholarship. This is very touching, especially considering he donated all of this year’s salary to the fund. I haven’t paid any attention to Braylon’s past and that’s good because usally I’m all over the karma aspect. I do like the comeback stories. Plaxico seems to be doing well. Vick seems to have really cleaned it up but in his case I still have terrible visions & memories of the dogs. I want to forgive those who make an honest effort to the people who clean up their act. At the end of the day they are human beings.

  20. Besides being a diva with an attitude, Braylon Scissorhands is wildly inconsistent. He was on good behavior just to sucker another team in to throwing big money at him in 2012. As soon as he gets the cash, the tude will reappear.

    Maybe Braylon and Haynesworth can get together in South Beach for the playoffs.

  21. So what if this clown funded 79 kids with college tuition help, that’s the least he can do! If you stay hurt how does that help the team? Business is business Braylon suck it up, get healthy, continue to stay out of trouble and if it’s meant to be you’ll be back in the league….

  22. BUST!

    Aside from the good he’s done in the community (which one has to wonder if its just to make up for his stupidity), dude has done nothing in the league. He had one good season in Cleveland. So did Derek Anderson. The way this dude talked about himself coming outta Michigan, you woulda thought he was gonna be great.

  23. so what exactly are the niners thinking here?? i like the move since edwards didnt help much and actually kinda hurt the team when he was in there not being 100% but, this is bad timing because delanie walker is likely out for the season and kyle williams may miss a few games. im scared to have ginn in as a wide out come playoff time. dont want a game to come down to ginn catching a go ahead td and drop it!! wow this sucks were losing men at the wrong time!!

  24. Regardless of some of his poor decisions in the past – have to tip your hat to the guy for keeping his word and giving back to those kids (his whole year’s pay!!).
    Wish him the best – not enough stand-up guys like this.
    Just my 2 cents………

  25. Braylon Who?

    Kyle Williams has earned those reps. Let alone a roster spot.

    We will miss Delanie Walker, he is under appreciated, and we need Ted Ginn back there returning punts, etc. so Kyle Williams doesn’t get killed.

    I think Morgan, Crabtree and Williams could rival just about any group of receivers out there. Then you put Vernon in the mix and it gets lethal. Not a bad group for a Run First team.

  26. Yeah New England if he doesnt get picked up first. It would bother the Jets and give the offense a guy who can move outside a little. Worst case he can just play defensive back for awhile.
    Man I wish I was kidding.

  27. brownsfan4407 says:
    Hes not hurt they released him because he went to michigan
    Coach Harbaugh went to Michigan as well. Try again.

  28. Being a Pittsburgh Steelers fan for 40 of my 47 years has been a real honor to my family and I. I have spent a great deal of my families recreational spending on Pittsburgh Steelers novelties, Northern California Steelers games and postage trying for a chance to purchase Super Bowl tickets. This year my wife and I purchased 49ers season tickets just to ensure we could get tickets for the Steelers vs. 49ers game. I also attended my very first Pittsburg Steelers football game in Pittsburg Heinz Field. As soon as I depart the plane I knew that I was home with the Franco Harris statue in the airport, it was a dream come true. I enjoyed this game very much and bragged to my friends when I returned home.

    My wife and I attend the Raiders vs. 49ers game (see enclosed photo I’m wearing the Blue Stanford Shirt with wife standing behind me for cover) the same week and we were traumatized at the amount of violence at that game. I felt a need to let the 49ers know that I was deeply concerned regarding the safety of my wife or family attending future games. Tyson Lamps phoned me right away to reassure me that measures were being taken to rectify my concerns. Then came the most disconcerting moment in my life as a California Pittsburgh Steelers Fan. My wife and I were able to upgrade our tickets to the Pittsburg Steelers vs. the 49ers game to a luxury Suite. At approximately 5:12PM I was returning back to the Luxury Suite when I noticed a man whom I spent years admiring. He was being escorted by two men one in front of him and one behind him with each being equally spaced distances between them.

    It was Dan Rooney, to my delight I started to tell him how long I had been a Steelers Fan and about my first trip to Pittsburgh to see a Steelers Home game earlier this year. That I thought the Steelers were a extraordinary organization and I was proud to support them. The whole time Mr Rooney never broke stride while walking to his Luxury Suite # 80. What I happen next has left me heavyhearted regarding my support for the Pittsburgh Steelers organization. I asked Mr Rooney if I could take his picture he quickly replied NO and kept on walking. I could not believe my ears and was totally astonished. It seems that there are double standards for the owners and players.

    The players are encouraged to socialize with the fans and sign autographs as this is a great marketing tool, and protect the shield. But as an owner who has reaped the rewards of dedicated fans like me his entire life and you don’t have 30 seconds to take a picture (Really Shame on you Mr Rooney) you have left me confused and a bitter taste in my mouth regarding my continual support of an organization that your father has built to what it is today. I think the Mr Dan Rooney should refresh and re-read his own mission statement.

    Steelers Community Relations Mission Statement

    The Pittsburgh Steelers are proud to be a part of the western Pennsylvania community. The organization’s strong commitment to this area dates back to 1933 when Arthur J. Rooney first founded the team. Steelers chairman emeritus Dan Rooney and president Art Rooney II are known as two of the most active NFL owners and are some of Pittsburgh’s most involved executives in civic affairs. Steelers players, coaches and front office staff are involved in appearances, charitable donations and outreach programs with nonprofit and community groups. It’s our way of giving back to the community that has given us so much for more than 75 years!

    Terry Smith

  29. I’ve yet to see anyone bring up the fact that Edwards was once being considered by the 49ers with their #1 pick in 2005 and when he didn’t get selected he vowed to make the 49ers pay for passing on him.

    Well 15 catches in 9 games I’d say is payback enough. Thank you for reminding us why we passed on you the first time six years ago.

  30. My honest opinion is that this move has more to do with Delanie Walker than Braylon Edwards.

    Edwars has been hurt all year. Its pretty obvious. Not only is he not catching the ball, he just hasn’t been moving well. He’s on a different page than Alex. He’s constantly in the wrong spot and has ZERO explosion.

    Its not his age or anything. He looked great in preseason and in the first game, but when he hurt his knee against Dallas he was never the same. Kyle Williams passed him on the depth chart weeks ago.

    The Niners still hope Walker can come back if the Niners get deep into the playoffs. I think they hope to sign a TE in the short-term but needed Edwards roster spot to keep Walker off IR.

  31. “Even Cleveland (I’m a Browns fan), where really, he was hated on from day 1 for being from Michigan.”

    You’re clearly not a Browns fan if you believe that myth. He was hated in Cleveland because he dropped passes, gave up on plays, and acted like a general d-bag when he was supposed to be an “elite” player. Michigan had nothing to do with it.

  32. No need to worry Braylon.

    The Chicago Bears are always looking for wide receivers who can’t catch a ball. Funny how the Bears always manage to find them isn’t it?

    By the way Mr. Cutler, how are you enjoying getting your rear end kicked every weekend? I heard the Bears were considering bringing in another QB. Isn’t it time to go into your pouting, sniveling, spoiled little brat act and demand a trade again?

  33. Terrman ….wtf are you saying…..this is the NFL. I am a fan of football not philanthropy. Get your kudos on the field. Also all that money. “Spent” on those kids is a tax write off.stand up move though but I care about on field production. Also harbaugh is a “Michigan” man why would they cut him cuz of that(of ur not talking about Cleveland )

  34. As a Browns fan, Edwards was a major PITA, but he (and Winslow, the other ego) were the best playmakers since the return in 99. The Browns best season, 10-6 in 07, was primarily because of those two guys and some beginner’s luck from Derek Anderson. Mangini hurt the franchise big-time by getting rid of those guys and not replacing them with comparable playmakers. His idea of replacements were Robiskie and Massaquoi. Yikes.

  35. The fact Edwards just got cut from a team with clear needs in the WR department speaks volumes about the level he’s played at throughout the season.

  36. When they threw him the pen to sign the waver form he dropped it and blamed the guy who threw it to him.

  37. I totally agree with @hikohadon who said to totallyuselessme
    You’re clearly not a Browns fan if you believe that myth. He was hated in Cleveland because he dropped passes, gave up on plays, and acted like a general d-bag when he was supposed to be an “elite” player. Michigan had nothing to do with it.

    If you are truly a Browns fan you might remember a Browns player Steve Everitt, also was from Michigan, he was beloved and to this day is a welcome sight by any true Browns fan. Why? Because he didnt’ act like a d-bag or a diva like Braylon did.
    Talent is God given what you do with it is determined by the individual.

  38. The fact the Niners have so many injuries at WR and they STILL cut Edwards speaks volumes. It wasn’t his injuries per se, it was his propensity to drop passes, run bad routes and get called for penalties. His contributions were NEGATIVE and he was hurting the team rather than helping. He had become a growing cancer so the organization was smart cutting him lose.

    Good riddance you underachieving, no-effort LOSER!

  39. Let’s face it…

    Any receiver going to SF in hopes of catching passes is sorely misdirected.

    Go somewhere where the QB is capable of throwing the ball down the field on a consistent basis.

  40. Which of you keyboard commandos can say you’ve just spent your entire year’s salary on college scholarships for 79 kids you’ve been working with for 4 years to encourage them to finish high school? And you have the nerve to speak so insultingly about a guy like Edwards, whose only offense to you is playing a game inconsistently.

    Please take your fantasy football and go home. It’s just a game, and a guy dropping balls but working magic in the lives of 79 kids who’d otherwise be in trouble is worth more than the NFL MVP.

  41. @kevpft

    Well said man. I dont know why so many people are hating on him. Dude is just trying to make a living…hes pretty talented. And hes giving back. The guy gave away a million bucks. thats more than he made this year. lets see you give away your yearly salary.

  42. “I was released today by the 49ers due to my injury that required more time to rehab and hasn’t allowed me to re-sync with the offense,”

    A couple of clarifications are in order here…..

    1. I hope he is refering to the injury that destroyed all feeling in has hands, rendering him incapable of catching anything (footballs, cabs, buses, colds).

    2. He refers to his ‘fans’. Would it not be more effective to send emails to both of them instead of wasting valuable space on profootballtalk.com?

    I say “yo, bring your popcorn” to those two. It will give them a chance to watch the playoffs, in the comfort of their family room, with a legend. (allbeit a legend in his own mind).

    And for next year, this ex-clown will be a #4 receiver on a loosing team; a position he has earned and richly deserves with his body of work!

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