ESPN says Gruden “remains committed” to Monday Night Football

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Last night, Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reported that Jon Gruden plans to return to coaching in 2012, and that ESPN is aware of his decision.

ESPN says otherwise.

“Jon signed a multi-year extension with ESPN this fall,” ESPN said in a statement provided to PFT.  “He remains committed to being a part of Monday Night Football for many years.”

Multiple industry sources have expressed to PFT a strong belief that Gruden will indeed return to ESPN in 2012.  He said nothing at the end of last night’s broadcast to suggest that it could be his final appearance.

And even though ESPN is taking a strong and clear position in this regard, let’s not forget that Gruden’s “exclusive” contract extension with ESPN most likely applies only to broadcasting and not to coaching.  (ESPN consistently has declined to comment on that specific detail.)  Thus, if he wants to leave for coaching, ESPN has no way to stop him.

Eventually, he will.  For now, ESPN says he’s staying put.  Gruden has yet to say anything on the matter.

60 responses to “ESPN says Gruden “remains committed” to Monday Night Football

  1. please return to coaching so I don’t have to listen to you say that everyone is so amazing and is the ablsolute best in the league at doing that one specific thing that you saw them do.

  2. If Gruden remains committed, then ESPN better get him a new pair of knee pads, I think the old ones are about worn out.

    Love Gruden the fiery coach with what appears to be a tooth ache, I hate Gruden the slurper on MNF, just saying

  3. “He remains committed to being a part of Monday Night Football for many years.”

    Technically it’s not a lie. He’ll remain a part of MNF by coaching a team that plays on Monday nights.

  4. John Gruden: You can’t coach effort. This guy? More goes on in his head before air time than any announcer in the league. He might be having the best year of an announcer I have ever heard. I don’t know how he does it. I want 22 of him on my team.

  5. Who cares about that a–hat? These guys get more overrated the further they are removed from their coaching careers.

  6. Thats too bad…i wish he would take another job so my ears dont have to ho thru hat torture every monday night…

  7. When is the last time ESPN said anything credible?


    ESPN is a sports fan’s bliss. I personally could not live without it.

  8. Pity. PLEASE get him out of the MNF booth. I genuinely watch with the volume turned down about 75% of the time as he is SO damned bad.

  9. .

    More posts about this lamebrain , or a high speed drill embedded into the side of my skull …pick- em.


  10. Once an analyst stops having REAL opinions on players, you know they are about to go back to coaching.

  11. Please Gruden change your mind. His bloviating last night got so nauseating I turned the sound down. Tirico is tolerable, barely, but Jaws and Chucky fighting it out every Mon night for the “most over hyped syntax award” is god awful.

  12. Gruden wouldn’t have signed a 5 year contract without an “out” clause for a head coaching job.

  13. Note to anyone spouting off about “Not honoring contracts” etc.

    If you sign a contract that has an out clause in it, like we have been told Gruden’s has, and you decide to exercise said out clause, then you are not in breach of contract.

    It’s baffling to see many post about “Remember when your signature meant something…or I wish I could break all my contracts like this!”

  14. I would advise Gruden to put in his contract the team will pay any fines the NFL may hand out for looking like he’s sucking on a 10 pound lemon.

  15. Yea,

    Like Gruden going to tell ESPN that he’s looking around for another job?

    Does anybody tell their current boss they’re looking elsewhere? Not too often.

    He’s has a high “splash for the buck” ratio.

    You’d make the big splash of hiring a SB winning coach, but not have to pay him like Billick or Cowher.

  16. Then I remain committed to watching NBA, NHL, or even whatever god-awful rom-com is on USA rather than hear him and Jaws fall over themselves to compliment some schmuck in between Tirico’s rambling in a blowout.

  17. Gruden belongs on a sideline. I count as many as 14 teams that are in need of a REAL HC.

    These stupid owners pay player salaries in excess of $100 million a year and then get cheap and hire an unproven AC to steer the ship.

    Harbaugh has shown that fortunes can be turned in one year. It’s time to get Cowher, Fisher, Billick and Gruden back in the game, for the sake of the fans…

  18. toegoat says:
    Dec 27, 2011 12:55 PM
    Joe Flacco thinks Gruden is getting too much press.


    Now that was funny 🙂

  19. I hope he never coaches another game for the rest of his life in the NFL. Because that way he stays on MNF- and we keep someone who actually knows what the hell he’s talking about in the booth. I don’t want to see another Dennis Miller or Tony Kornheiser experiment- I’d rather keep someone entertaining AND knowledgeable in the booth.

    I don’t always agree with Gruden, and at times I want to reach through my screen and turkey-slap him to shut him up, but it’s a huge improvement still over what came before- or what could come after if he leaves.

  20. Why do you idiots keep saying “Derp, Urban Meyer, derp, derp”

    Gruden was FIRED! He was CANNED, sacked, axed, given his marching orders…

    Meyer saw Tebow leave and realized he hadn’t recruited for crap and slithered his way out the back door.

    There IS NO comparison.

  21. “Jon signed a multi-year extension with ESPN this fall,” ESPN said in a statement provided to PFT. “He remains committed to being a part of Monday Night Football for many years.”


    Thats the same press release they issued for Davey Johnson, Showalter, Urban Meyer, Avery Johnson, etc. Look it up-its true. They just change the name of the sport!!!!

  22. Let’s see if I got this straight you want the owners who have the option of paying Gruden, Fisher,Billick or Cowher $10 million. Or promote a coordinator with a 10% raise and pocket the rest….and you would do what?

  23. Who cares, Jay Gruden has passed Jon Gruden in relevancy in the NFL.

    What has Jon done anyway? Won a Super Bowl in his first year as Bucs coach with Tony Dungy’s team? Then absolutely nothing the next 7 years.

    Jay > Jon

    Can we please stop this Jon Gruden Mania about him coaching. His flair and rock star status passed.

  24. Pity the team that hires him.

    After winning the SB with Dungy’s team, he did nothing in Tampa and deserved to be fired. After 6 more years, he left the team with nothing to build on and no playoff wins.

    He was the HC and also the GM (Allen was just a mouthpiece-hand picked by Gruden) and his draft picks in 7 years were almost worthless, in hindsight.

    His unlimited ego is bigger than his scowl.

  25. If Gruden inherits a good QB, hires a really strong DC, and let’s AJ Smith handle the scouting and FA talent evaluations – he might have a shot at being pretty good.

    In other words…..He’s a good OC with some upside in a position of limited authority.

    When Monte Kiffen’s defense got old in Tampa….Gruden took the hit cause Kiffen is the guy who held things together.

  26. Gruden did a great job in Oakland. It was HIS team that Callahan took to the SB and then destroyed. The Raiders always competed and were tough…

    Of course there he had enthusiastic ownership, unlike those losers in TB.

    I think it may be unrealistic to expect any HC to succeed with the Bucs…

  27. I didn’t mind watching chucky on the sidelines but when he is behind the microphone he is unbearable. He always has some backhanded insult for Jaworski, he gushes about every player, his analysis is shaky and it looks as if he actually tries to make a scowl for some sort of marketing or “brand” reason. The segment on the bus is equally horrid every week.

  28. Please come back to Oakland Gruden. Hopefully Marc Davis hires various consultants who hire a smart GM who hires Gruden. Then we don’t trade away all our picks on 3 different quarterbacks, (owner and coach) and overpay for average talent.

  29. Let me tell you somethin Jaws. This guy can flat out announce a game. When you look up announcer in the dictionary, this kid Gruden’s name is next to it. Not only is he one of the greatest announcers of all time, this guy can coach too! Give me one of these guys Jaws, and I could announce a lot of games in the National. Football. League.

  30. Gruden was sacrifced by the owners of the Bucs. Gruden got by-and-large winning teams on a cheap budget. He got the most out of his players.
    Those not familiar with the owner’s financial situation as applied to Gruden and the Bucs would not understand.
    I’ll take Gruden as my coach ANY DAY!!!

  31. Gruden has one more year on his Bucs contract, if he takes a job that money goes away. I would guess he’ll wait another year and then go back into coaching.

  32. 1st of all, I like Gruden in the Booth. Sure hes a lil gushy but u gotta admit hes entertaining. Most of the time i actually agree with him. Though it would probably help if he didnt say “best ever” or “greatest ecer” so much.

    2nd of all, all of you saying Gruden is overrated, or he rode Dungy’s team to the superbowl…. think about who they played in the SuperBowl that year….Yes the raiders and who was the coach that put those raiders together a year before? yes Gruden So essentially he took a team to the SB and defeated another team he took to the SB

  33. ESPN STL interview with Kevin Carter, former Ram who played for Chucky and Fisher. He preferred Fisher, mostly based on personalities.

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