Jay Cutler, Matt Forte on injured reserve

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The season has officially ended for the Bears’ two best offensive players.

Quarterback Jay Cutler and running back Matt Forte were both placed on injured reserve today. It had long been suspected that the two would be unable to return to the field, although the Bears avoided officially ending their seasons until the Bears’ own playoff hopes were officially ended.

Cutler was having a very good season until he suffered a broken thumb on his passing hand in Week 11. The Bears have lost all five games since then.

Forte was having a brilliant season of his own before suffering a knee injury in Week 13. He’ll be a free agent in the offseason, and one of the questions facing the Bears is whether they’ll work out a long-term deal with Forte, use the franchise tag on him or let him test the free agent waters.

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  1. If I were the Bears, I would let him go and test the free agent waters. There are some RBs coming out, not to mention the asking prices of RBs will go down this year.

  2. Let him go. Hes no doubt a great back but you can find a good one in the draft…doesnt even have to be a very high pick.

    The money you save (~10 mil a year) could go towards a big new contract for roy williams…jk, but it can go towards a wr who’s actually good so you can get the great return man and former db (but not a quality wr) hester off the field.

  3. Its ok, Forte will get his money sooner than later, and Cutler will end up leaving the one last playoff game he plays in because he sneezed and hurt his groin

  4. Lovie will be getting a lot of crap for sticking with Hanie… I think he should have gone for a guy like McNabb or even a guy like Jeff Garcia with some playoff experience and familiar with what the Bear’s were going through. Stcking with Hanie the way he did was too much. 0-5 since Cutler was out tells you something about your decision Lovie. Pride only hurts you never makes you better

  5. Good for them. Save yourselves for next year… maybe we’ll get lucky and have them playing for a new GM and coach in Chicago… but I won’t hold my breath.
    It’s all about the buddy system for the Bears. They don’t go after the best talent, they go after people they’ve worked with before – both on and off the field.

  6. If Forte doesn’t get some scratch it’s borderline criminal. That being said the obvious play for the club is to tag him. How this plays out will have a great deal to do with what kind of players Chicago will be able to pursue in the future.

  7. Unless Angelo has some kind of epiphany, if Cutler remains a Bear or the rest of his career, they should put that picture on his tombstone.

  8. It’s funny how everyone is talking about Cutler getting hurt in a Martz offense or the Bears offensive line when in reality Jay got hurt on a freak play after he threw an interception and was tackling the guy returning it. Also it’s pretty incredible that there isn’t more heat on Lovie Smith. With McCown starting the Denver game the Bears would have been more then 10 points ahead. Same with the KC game, McKown starting and we win that one as well. The Seattle game was close at halftime, sucked that Hanie threw not 1, but 2 pick 6’s to kill that game. If Lovie doesn’t stick with Hanie they would be a victory over Minnesota away from going to the playoffs with Cutler coming back and possibly Forte.

  9. If the Bears let Forte walk, he will find a nice cozy home on another team who is willing to pay.

    Guy’s even better than his stats say, I think.

  10. I can hardly wait to see how Jerry Angelo wastes his first round draft pick this year. If my memory serves me right not one of Jerry’s first round draft picks will be on the active roster!!!! Fire Jerry now!!!

  11. You Bears fans are right on the money. The Bears should definitely let Forte walk based on Bell having one great game.

    Just look at all the money they saved by not getting a decent backup QB after Hanie had that great half in last year’s NFC championship game.

  12. Forte will get paid in the offseason, Cutler will get his new oline protection and true number 1 receiver. Shortly after pigs will start to fly.

    The Bears front office is very much predictable and without that special “umph”.

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