Mike Smith: Not the type of effort you want with so much on the line


Falcons coach Mike Smith was not happy with his team’s effort in their 45-16 loss to the Saints on Monday night.

“It’s not the type of effort you want to have when so much is on the line in terms of what the outcome could have meant to our football team,” Smith said after the game.

The Falcons would have stayed alive in the NFC South with a win. Instead they’re guaranteed a wild card, likely the No. 6 seed. That means Atlanta will have to win three road games in the postseason to get to the Super Bowl. Smith doesn’t think his team is peaking at the right time.

“We didn’t play well enough really in any phase of the game tonight to give us a chance to win,” Smith said. “We were not on the top of our game in any phase of our football team.”

There’s a very good chance the Falcons will be back in New Orleans for a playoff game in 11 or 12 days. They’re going to need a much, much better effort to avoid being one and done in the postseason.

14 responses to “Mike Smith: Not the type of effort you want with so much on the line

  1. For all the hype surrounding Drew Brees passing Dan Marino’s record for passing yardage, the Saints ran right up the middle for a zillion yards all night, like Atlanta wasn’t even there. They would have won if he never threw a pass…

  2. Smith was way too conservative last night.

    When you’re playing the Saints, especially in their house, you go for it on 4th and 1 on their side of the field.

    Kicking FG’s doesn’t cut it, Mike.

  3. I have a good idea Mike….lets trade a lot of draft choices to get Julio Jones….that one player will put us over the top…

  4. Falcons have several great individual players, but as a team, they’re a proverbial paper tiger, no one in the NFC is scared of that team, one and done again.

  5. What happened to the ESPN given nickname guy…Matty Ice? I guess they have Tebowmania now so no need.

  6. What was really “on the line”?


    Next week Giants-Cowboys, *that* is a game with a lot on the line.

    A slim-to-none chance to win the division vs a locked up WC spot = Virtually nothing on the line.

    Especially when you a playing a vastly superior team in a game you are expected to lose.

  7. This week the Falcons play the Bucs. The Falcons may not be playing well right now, but one game against the Bucs can fix EVERYTHING. Even if the Falcons play their starters for only a quarter or a half, the small amount of time they play against Tampa will go a long way to righting the Falcons ship (and further sinking Tampa’s).

  8. It is funny, there is an article talking about how the Falcons are mad because the Saints went for the record, and their coach is displeased with their effort.

    Maybe they should be worrying less about the Saints and more about their own play.

  9. Smith is garbage

    How about devising a game plan that can work. He comes out throwing the damn ball like you are Air Coryell or some other potent passing attack (19 passes in your 1st 27 plays). Matt Ryan is not that type of QB. How about playing some smash mouth football.

    Then you are two afraid to put any heat on Brees, by rushing four 90% of the time and giving him all day to throw. If nothing else you you turn the dogs loose and beat the crap out of Brees, so he will have something to remember you by (just in case you have to come back to NO in 2 weeks).

    This team has an identity crisis, they start the season wanting to be a high flying team led by an average Matt Ryan, after suffering several defeats, you then decide to be a power rushing team…..That is half atl’s problem…no identity. And that can be laid squarely at the feet of one Mike Smith.

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