Niners’ decision to dump Braylon seems odd

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Earlier today, MDS pointed out that 49ers receiver Braylon Edwards had announced on his official website that he had been waived by the team.  Edwards blamed the move on a knee injury that required additional rehab, and that kept him from properly fitting in with the offense.

Still, the move makes little sense, coming with only one regular-season game remaining.  If Edwards was still injured, the 49ers could have put him on injured reserve.  If he isn’t injured, the 49ers could have just kept him around for one more week.

Since he signed a one-year deal, Edwards would have been a free agent in March.  And if/when he would have signed with a new team as a free agent, Edwards’ departure would have factored in to the compensatory pick formula.

As it now stands, the Niners could have to pay Edwards, if he files a successful injury grievance — or if he chooses to take the final game check as termination pay.  (Of course, if another team claims Edwards on waivers, the 49ers will be off the hook.)  Either way, it seems odd that the 49ers wouldn’t have kept him around for just a few more weeks, given that it could have .

Unless, of course, the 49ers decided that Edwards was, for example, a major pain in the butt and no longer wanted him around.

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  1. My initial thought is they don’t want him around because he’s a jack wagon. I bet Cleveland fans would be shocked to hear that.

  2. In other words, Braylon did SOMETHING. Given his track record…I bet it was something involving alcohol, a car, and women. He probably wasn’t arrested. Believe it or not, most pro players don’t actually get arrested when the police show up. Someone always gives them a break. My brothers are cops, and have been ordered to let a few stars go. Not naming any names, since that will get this post deleted. Like the last time I mentioned that a player was released by police.

  3. if you had watched the Niners game in which he was involved, it seemed as if he was either still injured(what’s the point of putting a one year guy on IR ??) or doing his best impersonation of Randy Moss(the I don’t give a frak version not the 20 something tds one) …

  4. They didnt want to put Walker on the IR holding out hope for his return and Braylon simply wasnt contributing so watch a practice squad TE join the active roster

  5. Golly, he took his essence to North Beach and look what happened.

    “Unless, of course, the 49ers decided that Edwards was, for example, a major pain in the butt and no longer wanted him around.”

    Score one for the 49’s management!

    You don’t want this guy in the locker room or anywhere near your players when the playoffs start.

    This may well prove to be one of the best moves in the NFL this season.

  6. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a positive article with this guy’s name in the title. Perfect karma, gets a chance to win a ring and make the playoffs and gets cut a couple of weeks before it starts. Braylon has always been an arrogant diva for no apparent reason, the talent doesn’t match the attitude join the CFL dude.

  7. I remember when Peter King told WFAN’s “Joe & Evan” that the Giants should have picked up Braylon Edwards back in 2009!!!!

    This shows you that many football writers don’t know much about football!!!

  8. tashkalucy says:
    Dec 27, 2011 11:02 PM
    “Score one for the 49′s management!

    You don’t want this guy in the locker room or anywhere near your players when the playoffs start.

    This may well prove to be one of the best moves in the NFL this season.

    Except they waited to do it before the last game of the season, while the rest of the league knew it before signing him.

    The 9ers have made solid moves, but they whiffed on this one. Don’t try to talk it up, the best thing they did was hire Harbaugh.

  9. He saw the writing on the wall and decided to get a head start on free agency and finding his next team…?

  10. Sure, an obscure blog has every right to question an organization that’s made one of the best 1yr turnarounds of the last 10 yrs.

  11. Not odd at all:

    a) The Niners need his roster spot to sign a temporary replacement for the injured Delanie Walker.

    b) Edward has been showing bad attitude & practice habits and contributing nothing in games. They don’t want him around the facility rehabbing on IR.

    Bleedin’ obvious really.

  12. The first thing I thought when I read his “statement” was that he was trying to set himself up for an injury grievance, in order to attempt to collect all of his salary.

  13. This would have proven to be a good move had he not been injured but one thing the new regime doesn’t seem to tolerate at all is talking to them (the coaches and staff) through the media. Not sure if this was really what caused them to jettison him, but it sure sounds like he fell out of favor toward the end of his tenure with the niners.

    This is a pretty cagey move but they’ve made a number of unorthodox moves this past season/offseason and it seems to have worked out ok for them so far.

  14. “Niners’ decision to dump Braylon seems odd”

    I thought it was odd when the signed him, what did they think they were going to get?

  15. ..not nearly as odd as their decision to sign him in the first place. This guy has been a bust everywhere he’s gone, how many teams does he have to wash out of?

  16. Let’s see…

    He’s a diva, can’t catch the ball, runs poor routes, doesn’t block, is high maintenance, and has a poor attitude. He always seems to be in trouble with the law and is currently injured.

    Whats odd about getting rid of a jerk like that?

  17. hendeeze says:Dec 28, 2011 1:25 AM

    15 catches 181 yards 0 TD’s. If his name wasnt Braylon Edwards this wouldn’t be odd at all.

    In case no one was aware, it’s worth mentioning that only one wide receiver on the Niners has over 241 yards. Considering the amount of time Braylon has missed, he was actually performing better than everone on the roster except Crabtree. They still kept a WR on the team who has 0 catches. None have more than 3TDs.

    When will people conclude that if all the receivers stats blow, it’s not them who suck it’s the person charged with getting them the ball? Longest pass play is 56yds, only 5 plays longer than 40yds. No big-play capability in this offense unless Gore tears one off.

  18. The headline to this should be “Releasing Braylon makes a lot of sense”

    His contract was for only 1 million for 1 year. The incentives were unattainable even if he was healthy he would not have made them in this offense.

    Further, I dont care if there is only one game left hes been a headache for the coaches with his penalties, lack of catching ability and poor attitude.

  19. tedmurph says:
    Dec 28, 2011 12:41 AM
    Sure, an obscure blog has every right to question an organization that’s made one of the best 1yr turnarounds of the last 10 yrs.
    When did the Niners become the New Orleans Saints?

  20. oscojoe says:
    Dec 28, 2011 1:05 AM
    He is a former Jet, why would you want him around when you are about to make a Superbowl run!


    Look who his QB’s were; Mark Sanchez, Alex Smith and Derek Anderson.

    He’s had his share of problems, but he can put numbers up. That being said, maybe he “finds himself” after this offseason.

  21. Now he can grow his beard back and preen in front of mirrors in upscale men’s clothing stores, the way he did in Hard Knocks when he was with the Jets. That little scene said it all for me… another toxic guy who’s all about ME and little else. I wouldn’t want him in my locker room, especially for a playoff run. Good riddance.

  22. @klunge…

    You’re gonna blame Alex Smith for the low Stats? You ain’t been watchin the games have you? Go look at how many DROPS our Receivers have before you clock the QB for low stats.

    In fact don’t just look at the QB and claim it’s him when in fact the Offense is more RUN than Pass oriented. More often than not when in the Red Zone Roman has been calling Run plays. Not that it’s really gonna matter too much in the Playoffs because the teams that they’ll face there don’t have good Run Defenses anyway. If the Bears hadn’t lost Forte earlier in the season I think they would have given Green Bay all they could handle. The Lions DON’T have a Run game.

    Playoffs are outdoors this season so New Orleans could be slowed down fairly well playing on a Sloppy Candlestick surface and throwing the ball in the cold is gonna be like throwing a frozen brick. It’s going to take the RUN game to win games. We’ll see how these high powered Offenses fare when they’re hindered by the field conditions.

    9ers ain’t overrated til their opponents show them to be. They beat Philly in their own house. Dallas beat them but it wasn’t a rout and they needed divine zebra intervention to win. Beat the Lions in their house. The Lions if they make it past the 1st round get to travel to a well rested team’s house. Don’t know who yet since the NFC East isn’t settled. I figure they’re goin to the Stick and the Saints will be going to Lambeau however.

    So let’s see how things shake out before saying that it’s all the QB. Personally, I think it’s more the play calling because that’s Harbaugh’s Offense and that’s what he’s done when He coached in San Diego AND Stanford. 😉

  23. Hey id love to see the niners pull a falcons trade and trade up to get justin blackmon cause ne need a big time threat at wide reciever crabtree is good but mot same kind of reciever blackmon is

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