Roy Williams wants to return to the Bears


Roy Williams has played for three teams in the last four years, going from the Lions to the Cowboys to the Bears. In 2012 he’d like to stay put.

Williams, who becomes an unrestricted free agent in March, told Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times that he wants to re-sign with the Bears.

“Most definitely,” Williams said. “I’m just trying to make plays. It’s a great group of guys, a great group of receivers. I think we all complement each other. But I don’t run this team. I do what they tell me to do. If they tell me to go home, I go home. If they tell me to sign this piece of paper, I’ll sign it.”

Williams has had a rocky first season in Chicago, mixing in some big plays with some bad drops. Among the Bears’ wide receivers, Williams is second only to Johnny Knox in both catches (33) and yards (447), although that says as much about the Bears’ struggling passing game as it does about Williams. If the Bears are serious about gearing up for a Super Bowl run with Jay Cutler next year, they’d be wise to improve the receiving corps, rather than bring back this year’s crew.

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  1. This is a good one to watch—-

    He is a Martz guy. If they do not re-sign him it says they most likely won’t retain Martz. And vice versa..

    Also it is a good test to see if the Bears are going to spend big bucks on a position that has needed an upgrade for many years. Do they go after a Vincent Jackson or Dwayne Bowe? Or Braylon Edwards?

  2. Retaining Martz has nothing to do with Roy (drop) Williams. Martz’s future with the Bears will be announced within a week, we wont know about Roy for a few months. But, if the Bears are smart (and I dount it with Angelo) they need to drop him and go after a reciever via free agency and a real good draft. A full compliment of pics after some busts and the Cutler deal -they really need to have a good draft. Williams looks like a top notch wide reciever until he is out on the field! He is slow and sloppy-his routes are very rounded and he just cant break coverage at all…I would like to see him go.

  3. I understand that Lions fans are very excited after a decade of futility (and you could argue the franchise existence has been futile too)but why are they so dam arrogant…like they have already won a couple of Superbowls with the young talent they have. The fact is they didnt even win there division…and 10 wins does not make you a champion. All I am saying is show some restraint and wait until your team actually wins something…the fans are taking on the personality of Suh and the Coach…very unsportsmanlike hot heads!

  4. “It’s a great group of guys, a great group of receivers.”- Roy Williams, Chicago Bears

    Great group of receivers?

    These guys couldn’t catch a nerf football if you threw it to them underhand.

    Besides, that whining, sniveling, spoiled little brat Cutler deserves receivers like this.

  5. God, get this guy out of Chicago! He loafs it on his routes, doesn’t come back to ball, and drops about every other pass that’s thrown his way. Please get Jay Cutler someone receivers that wouldn’t be 2’s or 3’s on almost anyother team.
    NO MORE COWBOY REJECTS (right Marion)!

  6. @denverdude7..let the Cutler hate go, let it go

    I’d bring Roy back but he wouldn’t start neither would Hester or Knox.

  7. What happened to this guy? He was an absolute beast on Detroit, and immediately turned awful. I mean I understand guys can digress over a period of time, but this seemed like it was an immediate 180. One day he’s a pro bowler, next day he’s second on the team to Johnny Knox, who only has 33 catches. Unreal…

  8. get rid of him and martz and his stupid playbook that has not worked since the show days in st. louis. pay whatever it takes to get a top corner and wide reciever and hire someone who can run a balanced offense that does not require a phd to run. give Turner a call after the chargers can him, he sucks as a head coach but his offenses are always good.

  9. He made the pro bowl in Detroit before we had a good QB! Classic caseof a guy getting a bunch of money and then not giving a damn. Thank Jerry Jones bears fans.

  10. Is this dude serious… Somebody needs to give him a drug test cause he is delusional. This is the same guy who cost us the game against the chiefs. We’re better off without him, but knowing Jerry Angelo he might bring him back. This guy also has some of the worst drops I ever seen from a WR. We’re better trying to draft one, but once again Angelo will find a way to screw it up…

  11. He had a good game against the Packers and had 5 1st down receptions against the Chargers, just needs to be more consistent. Oh ya they said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Maybe we should find someone who will have 3 or more good games in a season.

  12. Roy Williams is such a joke it’s ridiculous!!! He was pretty good as a UT Longhorn now he’s an under achieving excuse maker and promise maker! The Lions pulled a fast one on Jerry Jones when they traded him away, they couldn’t get him out of Detroit fast enough! Thank God Jerry saw straight thru him and cut him but it was way too late now it’s Chicago’s turn to drop him just like all the crucial passes he’s dropped throughout his entire “career” Roy should be thrown in jail for stealing money from the Lions and Cowboys and Bears OH MY!!!

  13. The problem is Angelo. He is a “the QB makes the WRs” guy. He will not pay a WR decent money because he doesn’t believe they make a difference… so Williams will probably be back.

    I can’t wait for the Angelo era to be over (and I hope Ruskell is NOT his replacement or it will probably be more of the same).

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