The last “hot seat” of the 2011 season

Every week during the NFL season, we devote a portion of PFT Live to the coaching hot seat.  Since the season ends on Sunday, this will be the final hot seat of the season.

This time, I’ll not only list the names of the guys on the hot seat, but I’ll predict whether or not they’ll actually be fired.

For what it’s worth.  And, ultimately, it ain’t worth much, since only the owners of the teams know whether they’ll make a change.

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7 responses to “The last “hot seat” of the 2011 season

  1. Remove Coughlin from the hot-seat, the players obviously have grown to love that guy and they bust their butts for him.

    Place Kevin Gilbride on the hot-seat, instead.

  2. As a Raiders fan, it feels good (for once) to not have to worry about the HC getting canned after the season is over.

    It just feels good to have a CHANCE to make the playoffs.

    Hell, winning back-to-back games feels good.

    It gives me hope that next year may be even better than this season.

  3. The San Diego GM should go five minutes before Turner goes. This dolt (the GM) fired Marty Shottenheimer after Marty went 14-2 in his last season there. WTF? Any GM that stupid should have been long gone by now.

  4. Wait a minute, if you don’t think Jason Garret will be fired even if the Cowboys lose this week then why is he in the top 5?

  5. Anyone that thinks Coughlin or Reid should be on the hot seat they are crazy….

    They both are better than half the coaches in the league

    And yes, as a Cowboys fan I’d take Reid in a second.

  6. My 2012/13 Mock Coach Firing

    1. Rex Ryan – Jets

    2. Jason Garrett – Dallas

    3. Mike Smith – Atlanta

    4. Marvin Lewis – Cincinatti

    5. Lovie Smith -Chicago

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