Brandon Marshall thinks Revis is benefiting from “Jordan Rules”


When the Jets hosted the Dolphins earlier this year, cornerback Darrelle Revis caught a ball intended for receiver Brandon Marshall, returning it 100 yards for a touchdown.  It appeared that Revis pushed off, something that Mike Francesa of WFAN pointed out during a subsequent interview with Revis — which resulted in the interview abruptly and prematurely ending.

Marshall visited with the New York media on Wednesday in advance of the rematch between the two teams, and he has a theory regarding the ability of Revis to get away with a nudge on the play in question.

“You know what my technique could have been better, but at the same time I think they gave him the ‘Jordan Rule,'” Marshall said, via comments distributed by the team.  “Michael Jordan, you get a little close to Michael Jordan they are going to call a foul, it works that way in football.  Some guys you know they are scared to throw the flag on and he may be getting that rule.”

Marshall said that, nine out of 10 times, any other cornerback would have been flagged for interference.  “I have a little following behind me, I am one of the faces of football, but it’s not as big as Darrelle’s, so when they have to pick, they pick Darrelle,” Marshall said.

The Jets need to beat Marshall and the Dolphins in order to have a shot at the playoffs.  The Jets also need more help from other teams than whatever help Marshall thinks the refs give to Revis.

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  1. Marshall is correct. Against the Giants Revis would have his arm all the way around the Giants receivers til he was holding their arm down.

  2. zaggs says:Dec 28, 2011 11:00 PM

    Marshall is correct. Against the Giants Revis would have his arm all the way around the Giants receivers til he was holding their arm down.
    I concur!!! Though he did also make some real nice plays!!

  3. First of all Brandon was just as physical with Revis all game..physicality is just as much apart of his game as anybodys it was just a dogfight out there..I ain’t hear Andre Johnson or Calvin Johnson cry foul play..just give him his credit..or get open

  4. Revis is always very physical with receivers, he gets away with a lot of borderline interference and holding.

    Still a great CB.

  5. Marshall is absolutely correct. This is actually the first time I’ve ever seen a defensive back get away with stuff that would be called on a player of lower stature. Classically it’s something we’ve mostly seen with wide receivers (Michael Irvin could get away with anything and not get called for Offensive Pass Interference, it’s basically why he’s in the hall of fame.)

  6. A lot of people only like hearing what they want to hear. They dont like you telling them Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny dont exist. They’d like to think the suits that run the NFL are super humans that are indifferent on how rules are distributed from player to player. This describes how the same H2H hits occur every week but fines/suspensions are administered differently. Revis is the greatest corner in the league by far but he isnt above missed calls. I agree the play Brandon was referring to was a pass interference but I dont believe Revis is getting away with PI calls consistently. Revis has great technique but some will believe that Brandon is crying even though he has a legitimat point about the play he’s referring too…

  7. “Marshall said that, nine out of 10 times, any other cornerback would have been flagged for interference. “I have a little following behind me, I am one of the faces of football, but it’s not as big as Darrelle’s, so when they have to pick, they pick Darrelle,” Marshall said.”

    Haha, one of the faces of football?

    Dream on Brandon.

  8. Marshall’s right. And I’m a Jets fan. I don’t say this in a gloating way, I’m just saying that I’ve noticed it quite blatantly this season. He gets away with more than most other corners do, likely because the refs assume that he’s just got good technique. It’s like a guy in the NHL getting penalties called on them on reputation or a veteran pitcher getting a wider strikezone from an umpire than a rookie.

  9. Revis will be on his couch watching the playoffs and eating marshmallows while Rex sucks his toes. Let him push off all he wants–Rex will win that one every time.

  10. Not a fan or an anti-fan of the Jets or of Revis, here (they’re in the entire other conference from my Lions), but Marshall is totally right. On just about any iso-replay the broadcast shows of Revis, he is manhandling the receiver all the way down the field… many times after the ball is already in the air.

    It’s easy to be the best when you have more latitude in how they let you play.

  11. That is just silly. On the Revis INT return it was offensive PI if anything. Marshall intiated the contact falling into Revis. Revis used his arms to hold his ground.

  12. It’s so obvious the refs care about star power. A guy like Stanford Routt gets flagged for a tiny bump but Revis can tackle Nicks before the ball is there, resulting in a int, and not get flagged.

  13. Oh please don’t give me that Jordan rule garbage. All the punishment Mike went thru when the NBA was much more physical and hand checking was allowed. And they still couldn’t beat him. Come on Brandon, man up.

  14. As a chiefs fan who hated Marshall when he was with the broncos, I have to agree with him. Revis is the defensive version of Tom Brady. He gets away with a lot of unfair plays. I hate the jets as much as everyone else and I would love to see the fins knock Rex and revis out of the playoffs. I hope Marshall takes revis to the woodshed

  15. @zaggs:


    I also couldnt believe how many times I heard about how “impeccable” his timing was from the guys on TV……..even when it was clear he was holding onto the receivers arm in the end zone.

  16. true. against the Pats he was holding and mugging welker repeatedly. they flagged revis once in two games and that was it. he ocnstantly holds and pushes past the 5 yards but almost never gets called on it.

  17. Interference is called too often as is, but Marshall is right – Revis definitely gets the benefit of star treatment.

  18. Revis does seem to get the benefit of the doubt (and then some) on many calls, but he’s still the best corner in football, and I am a Pats fan.

  19. Finally someone says this. Why do you think so many WR’s have spoken out against Revis? It is because refs let him get away with physicality others are not able to.

  20. He’s right. Anyone who’s ever watched the Jets knows that Revis gets away with more holding and DPI calls than all other cornerbacks combined.

  21. That’s what makes him a great corner!!! Being able to break the rules without getting in trouble So I guess he’s right in a sense, After all Jordan is the best basketball player ever….

  22. He was hanging and holding all over Welker when he faced the pats both times this season. He definitely gets the calls.

  23. Too bad that’s not what “Jordan rules” means. Jordan rules is the pistons term for roughing up Jordan to throw him off his game, not Jordan getting special treatment from refs.

  24. Marshall is indeed one of the faces of football. Sadly for him, that face is pretty much tied to petulant teen-speak, off-field asshattery and on-field ineptitude.

  25. He does pull, grab and hold, but if he’s still whining about the goal line play where he was going to initiate contact on Revis and FELL, then he’s more pathetic than I originally thought.

    He held and tugged at Nicks’ jersey all game last weekend and got away with it.

  26. When I watch Revis, I get confused as to what illegal contact is or what pass interference is.
    He plays the way CBs used to play back in the days though.
    Anyway, Marshall gets props for bring this up

  27. Even though he is right that Revis gets called based on his reputation, that is not what the “Jordan Rules” are. What that is just Revis getting the superstar treatment.
    The “Jordan Rules” were rules by the Chuck Daly and the Detroit Pistons to stop Jordan from scoring by any means that includes beating and roughing him up.

  28. Marshall is correct. And by the way Revis, you’re allowed to make a tackle. You’re not limited to just defending against the pass.

  29. Revis is the best, but he gets away with clutching and grabbing well past the given five yards. It looks like he is playing the game from ten years ago, when the Pats were mugging the Rams receivers in the Super Bowl, or any of Peyton’s in the ’03 playoffs.

  30. Marshall runs sloppy routes and doesn’t concentrate hard enough. Has dropped at least 4 touchdown passes this year. If only our CBs could return an INT for 100 yards but VD and Smith couldn’t catch a disease in a brothel!!!

  31. Revis holds and pulls on jerseys after 5 yards more than any other DB.
    He gets away with it because he’s good.
    Star players get away with more, it’s like that in every sport.

  32. The Jordan Rules were a defensive scheme Chuck Daly invented for the one dimensional Jordan led Bulls. Basically it was hack Jordan when he came into the paint.

    Jordan countered by lifting weights to build his upper torso. Then the Bulls fired Collins, made Big Chief Triangle the coach and the rest is history.

  33. He’s right but he gets that same treatment just like every other star. If you touch a big named player in this league, the flag is thrown(Brady)

  34. That certainly happens in the NFL. Especially for certain qb’s, and against certain defenders….

  35. He is correct! That IS one of the benefits of Rexy’s hype…officials read papers too.

    There is no such thing as the 5 yard rule w/revis…and yes he gets away w/murder.

    But,,,ever see Revis make a tackle when RB past line of scrimmage??? Not a chance…How do you spell..O-Lay?

  36. I hate it when phrases get skewed. The term gets used for superstar calls all the time, when the “Jordan Rules” were a strategy of borderline assault employed by the Pistons against MJ.

  37. Marshall is taking the Phil Jackson approach to this weekend’s matchup against the Jets. Before pivotal yet physical playoff games, Phil would call out the opposing team’s physical play so that the refs would pay close attention to the physicality. I think Marshall’s strategy is hopefully one of his smarter moves.

  38. Marshall needs to learn what the “Jordan Rules” really were.

    It wasn’t getting superstar calls.

    It was the defensive system that the Detroit Pistons of the “Bad Boy” era employed to slow Jordan down and knock the Bulls out of the playoffs three years in a row.

  39. So glad the media is finally bursting the ‘Revis Island’ myth. Marshall may be loony, but he’s correct; Revis gets away with more holding than ANY defensive back in the league.

    If you don’t believe, just watch to game if its available in your region.

    If he played in say, Cincinnati or Jacksonville there would be no way he gets away with all the holding…NFL loves to pump up players in large markets.

  40. If you watch replays of his good defense, he pushes or hits receivers all down the field. Isn’t there a 5 yrd rule. But he’s DARRELLE REVIS and the king of NY.

  41. With two guys on the cusp of breaking Dan Marino’s passing record and one that already has, I don’t feel like an offensive player has any room to complain. If Revis is getting these non-calls, it’s a step in the right direction… hopefully, the rest of the league will start to benefit from the “Jordan Rule.”

  42. @dachozen1

    Than you are not watching Revis each game. The more I watch of the guy, the more I feel that he’s overrated. Any corner back could be a shutdown corner if they could mug WR’s the way that he does. Seriously, watch him vs some of the speed receivers. They go to fly by him and he will arm bar them or wrap his arms around them.

  43. beast, your my dog, but please dont mention revis in the same sentence as jordan, its an insult to jordan.

  44. Good move by Marshall. Hopefully his comments, which are valid will generate sufficient attention that Goodell will either instruct his zebra lackeys to call more legitimate penalties on Revis or tell the network to not isolate its cameras on him.

    Typical jets: the only way they get ever make it into the playoffs is by cheating their way through the back door.

  45. jf203 says:
    Dec 28, 2011 11:04 PM
    He owned the Giant receivers..Cruz caught his on the other side..learn the game son…


    He owned us? PLEASE. He defended passes that Eli waited too long to throw. The Giants dominated your pathetic defense.

    I would love to see Revis play in the NFC East, against actual good receivers. Yes, I said that.
    While he faces Brady twice, he also faces Matt Moore and Fitzpatrick twice.

    I would love to see him compete against Nicks, Cruz, Dez, Moss, Jackson, Maclin, etc twice per year. The results would NOT be the same. Revis is overrated – get over him.

  46. What is the deal with the thumbs down when people who know what they are talking about describe what the “Jordan Rules” really are?

  47. The steelers entire team benefits from the Jordan rules…and their opponents get the “bill wennington” rules. Their games are completely rigged, and will continue to be in the playoffs. They are your afc ”champion.” Solely because of cheating.

  48. Brandon Marshall actually had a pretty solid game earlier this year while matched up against Revis pretty much the entire night. Marshall should’ve had about two touchdowns, but didn’t because of drops — something he’s done a lot of this year. That pick six was definitely defensive PI, but as a Dolphins fan, it was kind of deserving since I remember Matt Moore throwing at Revis way too often before the INT. You throw at Revis too much, he’s going to eventually make a big play.

  49. jf203 says: Dec 28, 2011 11:04 PM

    He owned the Giant receivers..Cruz caught his on the other side..learn the game son…


    He also wanted nothing to do with tackling Bradshaw after Bradshaw plated Pool on his TD run.

    good cover corner, but man is he soft.

  50. vincentbojackson says: Dec 29, 2011 8:30 AM

    Hey Brandon, It’s now called the Brady rule. Been that way for the last 6-7 years.


    Meaning Brady gets more calls or preferential treatment?? See below for ‘roughing the passer’ calls 2010- start of 2011 season. Facts seem to contradict your argument.

    Quarterback Calls per
    100 passes
    J. Campbell 1.46
    J. Cutler 1.28
    C. McCoy 1.20
    J. Clausen 1.00
    S. Bradford 1.00
    K. Orton 0.99
    M. Stafford 0.93
    R. Fitzpatrick 0.91
    M. Vick 0.88
    M. Cassel 0.75
    D. McNabb 0.72
    S. Hill 0.72
    C. Palmer 0.68
    C. Henne 0.67
    D. Anderson 0.61
    J. Kitna 0.61
    P. Rivers 0.60
    M. Ryan 0.58
    K. Collins 0.53
    A. Rodgers 0.52
    D. Brees 0.51
    A. Smith 0.48
    R. Grossman 0.40
    M. Sanchez 0.32
    B. Favre 0.28
    B. Roethlisberger 0.20
    M. Hasselbeck 0.18
    J. Freeman 0.17
    E. Manning 0.16
    T. Brady 0.16
    M. Schaub 0.15
    P. Manning 0.15
    D. Garrard 0.00
    J. Flacco 0.00
    K. Kolb 0.00
    T. Romo 0.00

  51. The difference between Revis and other corners is his ability to hide the little things that make the difference. He is a MASTER at the little tugs of the jersey and slaps on the arms that throw receivers off.

    Jets fans – swallow your pride and actually watch the tape. I grew up in a Jets family as the only Giants fan – I have no reason to hate on the Jets, as they were never a threat to Big Blue.

    The tape doesn’t lie – he gets away with more than other DBs.

  52. I agree with Marshall on this one. Not taking anything away from Revis because he is a top level CB, obviously. But he does het away with a TON of jersey grabbing and overall mugging of WR. Other guys would get called for that stuff all day.

  53. I will openly state that I am a Pats fan and that Marshall is right. Ty Law got away with a lot when he played, too. Thing is, when Law was doing it, you were allowed to do it. Ever since the rules emphasis put in to place after Bill Polian whined like a little girl that the big, bad Pats DB’s were mugging his prissy Colts, you can’t touch a WR anymore….unless you are Revis.

    Sorry, that guy gets away with more crap than any other DB in the league. That pick Marshall is talking about was so bad. The problem isn’t Revis, though. He IS a great corner. The problem is the AWFUL officials we have in the NFL. How can a league that makes this much cash NOT have full time professional refs? There is no consistency across crews and even in most games. If the refs aren’t flagging Revis for what he is doing, shame on them and shame on the NFL for not addressing it to their crews.

    I can’t fault Revis for getting away with the penalties. My team used to mug WR’s in that 5 yard space, too. It is up to the officials to do THEIR job.

  54. While I agree with Marshall on this, I also think this is a 2 way street. Revis definitely gets away with his share of contact downfield, that is for sure. At the same time, watch any “elite” WR play for an entire game, and tell me how many times they get away with offensive PI. In the NFL, pushing off is OK as long as you don’t knock the CB down or your name is Plaxico Burress.

  55. You are allow to be physical and make contact as long as doing so does not discourse the receiver.

    So feel free to hold the jersey, as long as you dont hold the receiver.

    Cromartie does this to, the difference is Cromartie discourses the receiver and ALWAYS gets a flag, Revis really did master the art of shadowing, while holding a bit, but he doesnt “interfere” so to speak on every occassion.

  56. “eddieapoc says:
    I’m a big Charles Woodson fan but I’ve seen a lot of calls go his way too.”


    Then you sure didn’t see him when he played for the Raiders. He was a Raider.
    Isn’t it interesting when these same guys change jerseys, play the same way for another team, and the refs leave them alone?
    Now, how could that be? (hint of sarcasm)

  57. There’s not even a question that he does. Antonio Cromartie gets away with murder too.

    Look I’m fine with corners playing that way; I like the old rules better.

    But I expect the officials to let the cornerbacks from my favorite team to get away with the same, and they never do–it gets called 90% of the time.

  58. havok82

    Your comment is mostly right. Revis gets away with PI more than any corner in the league.

    Ty Law used to play like that too.

    The only area where you’re wrong is where you said it was legal when Law played like that–it was not.

    Playing corner like that has been illegal since Mel Blount. They call it ‘the Ty Law rule” only because they decided to start enforcing it, but really, it’s still “the Mel Blount Rule.”

    It would be like calling illegal helmet to helmet hits “the James Harrison Rule.”

    Law used to get the same preferential treatment.

    Of course, that has nothing to do with today’s game. Regardless of what Law was allowed to get away with, Revis should be subject to the rules as well.

    I watched Ike Taylor get called on 3 back to back PIs while playing against Larry Fitzgerald, and on one of them, he wasn’t even touching Fitz. All I could think about was how Revis would have had praise poured onto him after playing a big physical receiver the way Ike was playing Fitz.

    All I want is consistency. If Revis gets away with it, let other corners get away with it too.

  59. Revis is no doubt a very good CB, however, he holds/interferes on 75% or more of the plays. It has been obvious to fans of teams that play the Jets for the last couple of years. I think Marshall is right. The refs let some things slide because it is Revis.

  60. Hey someone needs to ask Mike Pereira why Revis pass interference is tolerated/allowed? Is it because he’s a special needs CB, who has tremendous hype surrounding him. Also, you may want to look at the video replay of the first TD run by A.Bradshaw. It appears that D.Revis slowed up to avoid the tackling of A.Bradshaw. The video doesn’t lie.

  61. The reason for the thumbs down is because he is not talking about the Pistons defensive scheme but the way the refs allowed Jordan to get away with mugging, traveling and various other things in order to inflate his stardom. I grew up watching those late 80s Bulls and Pistons matchups so I know the original usage of the term.

    CONTEXT PEOPLE, CONTEXT. Instead of nitpicking, try FIRST to understand what the man is saying.

    Loved Jordan and love Revis now. They got/get away with more than anyone.

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