Chris Johnson needs 14 yards to save $300,000 in 2012 pay


CJ2k is still looking for 1k.

Chris Johnson is 14 rushing yards short of 1,000 on the season. As Florio has mentioned a few times on PFT, Johnson needs to reach 1,000 yards to avoid seeing his 2012 salary reduced by $300,000.

Gaining 14 yards would seem to be a sure thing for Johnson, but he’s not the same player he was a few years ago. Johnson rushed for only 13 yards against the Falcons in late November. Johnson has under 25 rushing yards in five games this year.

That’s a remarkable statistic and it’s not all because of Johnson’s slow start. Two of his worst games came in the second half of the year. For one-third of the games this season, Johnson has given the Titans virtually nothing on the ground.

Add it all up, and we still wonder if the Titans will reduce Johnson’s base salary all the way down to $0 by cutting him.

49 responses to “Chris Johnson needs 14 yards to save $300,000 in 2012 pay

  1. If I’m the Titans, I put him on IR to pay him back for the holdout which led to his lack of conditioning before the season.

  2. If I ran the Titans I would bench him. The way he played after getting his money was a giant f-u to the organization in my opinion.

    The Titans have a chance to give him one right back, and if I were them, I would.

  3. If the Titans allow him to play and earn the 300k for next year, I think it’s a pretty good sign that they actually intend to pay him nothing next year.

  4. If they bench him to prevent the $300K, the next step has to be to cut him. The $300K is a drop in the bucket to the cap and its not that much compared to his salary.

    If they are going to kick him for being a malcontent, doing this will only make him worse.

    So if TN feels they need to make a point, at this juncture, they need to let him go.

    The guy wants the glory of being spoken of as able to break the single season rushing record. TN needs to make him think that is possible again, and they will get the effort they want. They wont get it by getting pissy over $300K.

  5. I think any NFL team would love to have Chris Johnson. No chance he gets cut or benched. Look for a big bounce back in 2012 and a big game Sunday!

    You know you are a great back when 1k yards is viewed as a bad season.

  6. If you want proof of how meaningless getting 1,000 yards is in this day and age, look no further than Chris Johnson. Terrible all year and he’s still knocking on the door. Get the rock enough and the yards will come.

  7. You better believe the Texans defense wants to keep this little douche head under 14 yards. It’ll be tough to keep him that low all game, but it’s good motivation to stop him.

    How many gode toofs would 300K buy?

  8. the titans are still playing for something…..they should play him; then cut him next year. what sort of an idiot organization invests that much money at a position that is the most easily replaceable in the nfl?

  9. I refuse to believe that these players just start sucking after they get paid…particularly running backs. It’s GOT to be effort and their desire not to get hurt. They know they have a shorter football playing career than other positions do, and that factors in. Then again, there are those that just break down, like Brian Westbrook did.

  10. Johnson did What he needed to do to get paid. Titans should never have caved. But they, like most other teams, always do. Johnson shoulda showed his pride by showing up in shape. Now, the Titans should let him get his 14, but cut him in the off season. But, of course, they won’t.

  11. Johnson wanted to “Hold Out” the beginning of the season, okay. It’s the Titans turn now and they should “Hold” CJ “Out” of this game.

  12. You would need to be careful about benching him, as I am sure the little crybaby would file a complaint with the Players Union. We all know that they would be the first in line to file a grievance, not that they would listen to the Titans when this guy was holding out.

  13. I was really wondering why he had been talking so much about his goal of getting 1000 yards and why it meant so much to him… Wait, no I wasn’t.

    Cut this loser. I hope he becomes 2nd string on a horrible team.

  14. You all keep saying backs are replaceable. I’m going to wait until all the playoff teams are chosen and I want to see which great backs on those teams are replaceable. Wow, a guy has three pro bowl years and one off year and now he’s a bum because he held out for financial security for himself and his family. The logic of some of you all is insulting at best. Run the back into the ground for 3 or 4 years and then cut him. If he has 3 great years and holds out for more pay, he’s a disloyal bum.

    Any great rookie back who does not hold out after 3 years is not very smart. Chris Johnson is a genius compared to those who didn’t hold out.
    Chris Johnson (heldout), Adrian peterson( agent demanded new contract) paid 50 mil
    Matt Fourte, Fred Jackson, Ray Rice, Adrian Foster. 600k

  15. Why are you all so concerned about football players pay when average baseball and basketball players make 6 to 8 million, entertainers and singers make 20 mil and sportscasters make 1 to 2 million? The fact is that no one would pay you even 50k to play and no you would watch. Getoverit. America wants to see elite athletes pay football. Athletes have a talent that very few can do and are paid accordingly. It’s called capitalism supply and demand.

  16. wow… cut him! are u guys kidding me?
    please don’t be a GM of any team…

    MJD has 1400 yards and is the league leader…

    agreed he hasn’t played nearly as well as he was supposed to but he is still 16 ranked in total yards and has 4 yp att…

    give him another year and see how he plays…

  17. chris johnson wasnt an idiot for holding out…..the titans were idiots for caving.

    it might not sound nice, but rb’s have a very short shelf life in the nfl, even the great ones. with a salary cap in place, you shouldnt be breaking the bank on that position.

    and maybe stud lb’s

    those are the positions you pay.

  18. KIR says:
    Dec 28, 2011 12:51 PM
    Why are you all so concerned about football players pay when average baseball and basketball players make 6 to 8 million, entertainers and singers make 20 mil and sportscasters make 1 to 2 million?

    I agree with the idea that we for some reason begrudge athletes in general and football players specifically the money they make when people in other professions make as much or more.

    I never begrudge anyone making as much money as the market will pay them.

    However, I think it is fair to criticize someone who holds out for that money, get it, and all of the sudden can’t outrun a three toed tree sloth.


  19. Some of you posters are completely misguided…. The man had every right to hold out, players have to honor a contract that management can rip up at anytime. However, he got his money and quit. I know the titans oline didn’t play as well but There’s a reason he stopped playing…. He got paid

  20. @nakedcowboy:

    If you think you can’t get 62 yards a game (which is what 1000 yards average out to over 16 games) for a hell of a lot less than $13.4 million per year (the new-money average of his new deal) than I don’t see much future for you as a GM either.

  21. If he doesn’t get the yardage and there is any sign of intent by the team to deny him the opportunity, you can bet the NFLPA would be up their arse. There’s no way he doesn’t get it unless he injures himself, or has another incredibly crappy game.

  22. CJ shooting for 1,000 yds? It seems like only last year he was shooting for 2,000 yds. How quickly one begins to fade.

  23. Maybe the Titans should have paid CJ at the START of training camp — like they promised him they would in 2010 — instead of the eve of the season. Poor negotiating strategy by the team. (Read the Tennessean every day if you’re going to spout an opinion on this issue.)

  24. I think u ppl that say you should sit him to keep him from making HIS money r as dumb as it gets. And the ppl that think he should b cut r even dumber. I am no Titans fan by no means but to suggest that his career is done from one season is just retarded. So if u cut him who u gonna sign? Javon Ringer ya he’s a proven player! HA! CJ2K avg. 4.0 yds a carry on over 200 carries and all the focus from the defenses. Javon Ringer avg 3.1 yds with less carries and alot less attention from the defense! Good call. Thats why dumb ppl usually dont run football teams!!!!

  25. To say he is not the same player as a few years ago is laughable. You will see what he does in upcoming years to shut up all the people who blindly judge players and teams they don’t even watch.

  26. Whoever approved a 54 million dollar contract for this bum should be fired. Hes got his 10 million dollar signing bonus and 3 million for this year. Let him sit on the bench next week and save 300,000 and then release him and cut your losses. Youll be out 13 million but thats better than a 54 million mistake.

  27. Did you see him standing around last week and then getting absolutely leveled lol. Id of took him off the field and cut him right there.

  28. Listen he knows hes gonna get released at the end of the year so he might fake an injury if they play him. Bench him.

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