Munchak makes it clear: “No interest” in Penn State job

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Penn State may have Titans coach Mike Munchak atop their wish list, but that doesn’t mean the interest is mutual.

“I love my alma mater, but I have no interest in being the head coach at Penn St,” Munchak said Wednesday via Jim Wyatt of the Tennesesean. “I never want to leave Tennessee.”

That should end the speculation. Munchak said he hasn’t spoken to anyone at the school.

“It is not like I’m saying I want nothing to do with Penn State. My point is I have no interest in being the head coach there,” Munchak said. “Hopefully this will be the end of all the speculation. Most of it never comes true anyway.”

Munchak put in 14 hard years as an NFL assistant, all with the Titans, to get to this position. He’s done a nice job with an overachieving Titans team this year.

It would have made no sense for Munchak to go back to his alma matter and clean up the mess there.

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  1. if i had a NFL head coaching job, i wouldnt take a college job over it, even if it was my alma mater.

  2. I don’t think that they are going to take a hit from the NCAA as they haven’t broken any rules for the NCAA, go figure right.

    However I can understand him not wanting to come back there after all of the work to get a NFL head coaching gig. 14 years and to finally get your opportunity, then just dump it?

    I think he wants to stay in TN, where he played as a player and coached as a coach, that is a more important loyalty I would think.

  3. I don’t understand why any current coach/coordinator at the NCAA or NFL level that has a solid career would take this job.

  4. Penn st fans are truly in denial if they think this “scandal” will go away and won’t effect their football program & University for years to come.

    It’s not just the crime of 1evil predator it’s the cover up and/or turning the other cheek that’s going to haunt this program for a long long time. Coaches & players will be reluctant to choose Penn st. in all sports. I would wager that even enrollment will be hurt.

  5. I was hoping he’d be irrationally interested in it, just so the Titans might slip up this weekend. Oh well…

  6. Lots of people are really enjoying watching Penn State go through these terrible times. I think a guy with some intestinal fortitude can bring the program back. It will take time but its a great opportunity for someone. There are still a great many players who want to play there, regardless of the scandal.

  7. @mvp43 so you’re saying Rick Neuheisel is set to become their next coach? Penn State is going to go through what would amount to the death penalty it will never be the same.

  8. This makes me like Munchak more. How often does anyone in a public position, let alone coaches, speak in definitive terms anymore? Most coaches would say something like, “it’s just unfounded speculation,” without really revealing anything. This guy says straight up that he “has no interest”.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean he couldn’t “develop” interest. There’s always wiggle room, these days especially. But kudos to him for not muddying the waters for his team, which is his real responsibility right now.

  9. derekjetersmansion says:
    Dec 28, 2011 1:42 PM
    @ bigjdve

    The NCAA can say there was a “lack of institutional control”, probably more than USC.

    “Lack of Institutional Control” is not some blanket charge that can used to cover anything the NCAA wants it to.

    I only applies to what parts of a program the NCAA controls- recruitment, benefits and academic progress of student athletes.

    I would be extremely surprised if they get NCAA penalties.

    However, I still wouldn’t touch this job with a ten foot pole if I were a coach that had other options.

  10. In the immortal words of Nick Saban “I have no interest in the Alabama coaching job”…
    The difference is that Saban is a weasel whereas Munch is an honest man until proven otherwise.

  11. The NCAA will definitely come down on Penn State. People within the NCAA have made statements referring to morality within their bylaws. Turning a blind eye to child abuse is certainly immoral.

    Admittedly, it’s a gray area but they will do something because they have to, its by far the biggest scandal in college football history.

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