Bengals won’t increase season ticket prices for 2012


The Cincinnati Bengals struggled to sell tickets in 2011.  For 2012, they’ll address that challenge by cutting prices on more than 14,000 season tickets.  For all general-admission season tickets, the price will not be higher in 2012.

The team announced today a new season-ticket pricing plan for general-admission seating.  The 2012 season tickets go on sale tomorrow.

“We have a young team trending in the right direction, and we are pleased to share this new price structure with our fans in an attempt to make some seats more affordable,” Bengals executive vice-president Katie Blackburn said in a team-issued release.  “We have a great home schedule in 2012 and look forward to it being an exciting season that builds upon this year’s success.”

The teams of the AFC North are scheduled to play the teams of the AFC West and NFC East in 2012.  Based on the 2008 schedule, both the Giants and the Cowboys will be coming to Cincinnati in 2012.  Also, the man who supposedly vowed to never set foot in Paul Brown Stadium again likely will be returning, along with the man whom some think could walk across the Ohio River to get to the game.

The Bengals, who have nailed down third place in the division, also will play the third-place team in the AFC East and the third-place team in the AFC South, along with two games each against the Steelers, Ravens, and Browns.

Regardless of the slate of games, the Bengals have a long way to go in order to sell out every home game of the 2012 season.  Cutting ticket prices helps, but it will take more than that to address the fact that several games were played before well over 20,000 empty seats.

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  1. I just started laughing!… Of course they wouldn’t raise the prices! They have to beg people to come and watch a game that has major playoff implications…. 7 Blackouts for them next season

  2. eigglesnosuperbowls says:
    Dec 29, 2011 6:43 PM
    Maybe they should sell fake stock like some teams we know ?
    Bengals fans are actually smarter than Packer fans so no this trick wont work.

  3. I know people think it’s shocking (sarcastically) that the Bengals cut ticket prices for next year.

    But let me tell you something about the Bengals fan base: based on Brown’s history, a majority of fans would not have predicted this. I had an idea it was coming, but I wasn’t sure about it. It is weird to see Brown changing his ways.

    Change is slowly but surely coming to Cincinnati. The examples: looking to build a practice bubble, currently sharing w/ UC; Bratkowski was fired; Palmer was traded; BOGO offer; Season Ticket Price decline; Jim Lippincott out as Midwest Scout; key players signed to extensions; and most importantly, Chad Ochocinco was traded.

    As a Bengals fan, hopefully Brown keeps it up. As a Bengals fan, I am also obligated to fully believe that Brown will somehow ruin all of this.

  4. The fans despise Mike Brown and all that he stands for – the ticket prices have nothing to do with that nor does team performance.

  5. Arthur Blank, owner of the Falcons, went to his fan base and asked what he could do to help his team become a winner. The fans replied’ ‘ cut ticket prices ! ‘ Guess what, he listened and the result was continued sell-outs…..go figure.

    Why is it so hard for a business owners to figure, when you have a product that is not selling, ( empty seats in your stadium ), lower prices and fill them.

    It works !

  6. rudwo says:
    Dec 29, 2011 7:02 PM
    The fans despise Mike Brown and all that he stands for – the ticket prices have nothing to do with that nor does team performance.
    This was proven incorrect the other day when the organization did a 2 for 1 deal and then sold out.

    It IS about money, honey.

  7. “…along with the man whom some think could walk across the Ohio River to get to the game.”

    Ya mean Tebow? Took me a while to figure that one out.

  8. I’m not a Benglas fan but when you look at the their body of work over their history since 1968: Two Super Bowl appearances (they were in both games, no blowouts), Seven division titles and some darn good offenses and players, it makes you wonder what this franchise could really be with just AVERAGE ownership and a typical NFL organizational setup and budget.

    The on-field product has actually been pretty good in spite of everything working against it.

    This team now has some quality young talent to build around along with some extra draft picks coming up, I hope they don’t screw it up.

  9. Surely Montgomery Burns had to sign off on this idea; a show of contrition? Or did Katie sneak this one in with the other paperwork?

  10. Steeler fans are always happy to take the extra seats off your hands one week each season. They’ve sold out every one of their home game since 1971 and have tens of thousands on the official waiting list for season tickets.

  11. @vincentbojackson The Steelers should really just claim their team history started in 1971. Before that time there were decades of sheer futility including a pair of seasons where things were so dire for them financially that they merged with the Eagles (aka the Steagles) and then the Cardinals (The notorious Carpets). They were the joke of the league for a long long time.

    My point is that the past is not always prologue and perhaps this really is the turning of the corner for my Who Deys and we can look back upon these bad old days of the 90s the way that surely Steelers fans reminisce about their first 4 decades – basically hardly at all.

    Who Dey!

  12. Capitalism at its best…… Congrats to the Bengals, Hamilton county taxpayers, the NFL and us fans.

  13. Love the negative spin on the headline.

    Instead of the real story which is Bengals lower prices on tickets for 2012 its Bengals dont raise prices for 2012.

    A big reason they dont sell out is the nosebleeds were overpriced. They’re now going to be $40 instead of $60. That 30% reduction should make a huge difference.

  14. I think its hysterical when someone makes fun of the Bengals, when their city has had a team that has left town… I am talking about you LA and Baltimore. Your team left town in the middle of the night, sort of like the way most guys have left your mom.

  15. With the economy the way it is, and unemployment much higher than the government wants to admit, it would be a @#$% of a move for any team to consider raising ticket prices for the foreseeable future. If anything, lower them, and balance the bottom line with lower player salaries, and profit margines. (God forbid these overpaid jocks take a pay cut, but sooner or later it’s going to have to happen.)

    The NFL will one day soon feel the effects the rest of the entertainment industry has already felt long ago. Supply and demand pricing is a cash cow, but eventually the cow heads back to the barn. You can’t price the average fan out, and NFL has already been doing so for years. It’s amazing how they’ve been getting away with it for so long as well. It more or less proves that bragging about sell outs and overall fan base dedication, is simultaneously praising our consumer stupidity. We just don’t have the self control to vote with our wallets just yet.

  16. Hey Quiz,

    You are mostly correct about the Steelers’ history. However, the joint teams came about mostly because of WWII, not financial. And, you are right on about 1971 and before. It was not until Dan Rooney took over that the Steelers improved as they did. Dan Rooney changed the same things that need changed in Bengaldom now. I had 17 season tickets in my name in the 1960’s and I doubt if there ever was 10,000 at any one game; we really did suffer as fans. But, just remember Mike Brown gets no credit for the early success of the Bengals; it was his Dad. We all know Mike’s record!

  17. Lets see if the tickets are 100 dollars and you offer buy one get one..yea that makes since don’t raise tickets or you may be forced to change offer to buy one get three. They can’t sell out now and they talk ticket prices.

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