Brian Cushing and the Texans upset with Pro Bowl snub


Duane Brown isn’t the only player on the Houston Texans to be upset about a Pro Bowl snub.

Linebacker Brian Cushing told the Houston Chronicle he’s mad that he wasn’t picked for the Pro Bowl.

I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t,” Cushing said. “I play this game to be the best, and I’m never going to hide that. Obviously, [the voters] don’t think I’m good enough yet, and I’ll continue to [improve]. As far as motivation and a driving force, this is going to be a big one.”

Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips said people on the outside don’t realize the extent to which Cushing makes the Texans’ defense work.

“They don’t see how many plays [Cushing] makes that are unseen, unless you put the camera on it, slow it down and go in slow motion,” Phillips said. “I know a lot of people are deserving, but that guy’s a holy phenom now. He’s one of the best I’ve coached, and I’ve been at it a long time.”

Texans defensive end Antonio Smith said it’s a “travesty” that Cushing isn’t going to the Pro Bowl, but he also said it’s amusing to see the way the snub has lit a fire under Cushing.

“A total mockery of the game, but it’s also funny to watch Cushing be mad,” Smith said. “What they just did might have made this defense better. He’s going to kill everybody.”

The reality is that Cushing has had a good season, but so have the two AFC inside linebackers chosen for the Pro Bowl, Baltimore’s Ray Lewis and Kansas City’s Derrick Johnson. If the Texans feel that Cushing is deserving they may be right, but Cushing was far from the worst snub in this year’s Pro Bowl balloting.

UPDATE 12:04 p.m. ET: Rodney Harrison thinks Cushing was snubbed.

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74 responses to “Brian Cushing and the Texans upset with Pro Bowl snub

  1. You’re going to seriously tell me that Ray Lewis belongs in the pro bowl? He could be on IR and still make it based solely on his name. I also find it hilarious that the commenters are outraged that Cushing took PEDs but find it socially acceptable that Ray killed a guy.

  2. Lewis is an average LB now who makes a splash play every now and then but consistently jumps on piles to pad his stats

  3. Joe Flacco thinks Tiki gets too much press for being flabbergasted that Urlacher thinks Tebow is a good running back….

    Yea that should cover it.

  4. Texans should worry more about their very first playoff game than individual awards ……. They look like a team that is destined to be ‘one & done’ no matter who they play ……

  5. What I find funny is that people are still talking about how Ray Lewis killed somebody. Really? I will go out on a limb and say that 100 out of 100 of the trolls on here would take Ray on there team above any LB they ever had on their team. Has the guy slowed down at 36? Absolutely. But the fact that hes still one of the better MLBs in the league shows that when he was younger he played the position at a level that probably nobody will ever reach again. Timmons couldnt carry water for 52.

  6. pro bowl is a joke. God help me, Im a Jets fan. Mangold and Revis deserve the probowl nod, but D’brickshaw Ferguson has had a TERRIBLE year. They should be discussing if he is good enough to keep his job rather than giving him a trip to Hawaii.

  7. Typical Texans…..brag about being good when they aren’t and cry about awards when they aren’t deserved…..between McNair, the local media and the players it is really hard to be a fan!

  8. dont get me wrong, cushing is most def derserving to be on the pro bowl team and i understand that hes a lil ticked off but, he shouldnt let it be known. theres a lot of players that got snubbed and are more derserving than cushing and youre not hearing anything from them (londen fletcher, one of the most underrated players ever and on a losing team). hes going to the playoffs so he should be worried about that instead.

  9. I love the outrage over London Fletcher. It just goes to show you how this is the POP Bowl, not the PRO Bowl. Ray Lewis is a great leader, but Fletcher has clearly blown him out of the water this season.

    And like everybody else has pointed out, London Leads the LEAGUE in tackles! You can say he isn’t a “play maker” all you want, but you can’t deny talent.

  10. Wow. just look at the pic. Stick some bolts in dudes neck and call him Frankenstien. Cushing, bro, switch to ORANGE juice and ditch the other stuff. Good Lord.

  11. I’m not saying London Fletcher wasn’t snubbed, but please don’t use Tackles as a stat. It’s the most subjective statistic in football and it’s submitted by each team after film review.

  12. polo550 says: Dec 29, 2011 12:10 PM

    What I find funny is that people are still talking about how Ray Lewis killed somebody. Really? I will go out on a limb and say that 100 out of 100 of the trolls on here would take Ray on there team above any LB they ever had on their team. Has the guy slowed down at 36? Absolutely. But the fact that hes still one of the better MLBs in the league shows that when he was younger he played the position at a level that probably nobody will ever reach again. Timmons couldnt carry water for 52.

    And none of that changes the fact that he helped his friends get away with murdering someone….

  13. Sorry Cush. The voters don’t trust you anymore after your ridiculous lies about having a tumor or your infamous “working out too hard” excuses. Liar liar, pants on fire.

  14. I am pissed Fletcher was snubbed but happy that fans, coaches, players and media are savvy enough to exclude roid freak like Cushing.

  15. Get over it. You play for the Texans. They are not as good as they think they are. …. And never will be.

  16. He deserved a pro bowl selection, he was a freak this year, he didnt test positive for ped’s this year, get over it people. If your only argument against him is ped’s then you agree with him.

  17. @ polo550

    I would take Ray Lewis IN HIS PRIME over EVERY linebacker in the league.
    Fact is Ray Lewis is well past his prime, so as of today I would rather have timmons.
    As for the murder charges brought against Ray, people need to let it go already, same with calling Ben a rapist.

  18. Polo550, WTF do you find “so funny” about people mentioning Ray Lewis and murder? Two men were stabbed to death and he was put at the secene of the murders. He was accused, indicted and sat in jail for a while. Charges were later dropped when Lewis took a plea deal of 1 year probation and agreed to testify against his two friends – and he even paid $250K to avoid a civil suit by the families. Loved how he got no suspension and the league swept it under the rug. It never happened I guess.

    Maybe if you put your hands over your ears and yell incessantly at the top of your lungs it will all go away and nobody will ever mention it.

  19. Stiller43 – crawl back into your little hole in the wall.

    londonfletcher – London Fletcher is the most over-rated player in the league. At least the Pro-Bowl Recognizes it. He makes a lot of tackles because his front is terrible and his team sucks.

    If Fletcher is so far better than Lewis, why is the Redskins always lose..and for the past 2 years, their defense has sucked??????

  20. I’m a Ravens fan and happier than a pig in mud that Ray Ray made it o the Pro Bowl, but hopefully he doesn’t have to play in it if the Ravens are still alive. That said, D’Qwell Jackson was a bigger snub than Cushing. He held up a Browns defense, which is no easy feat. He’s the AFC leading tackler and it’s not even close. If he wasn’t stuck in Cleveland, this guy would be famous. I hate the Browns but even I cam admit that Jackson should be starting in Hawaii this year

  21. London Fletcher has been a tackling machine. Cushing has played really well inside for a top defense in the league. Does anybody watch the games anymore that’s voting for the pro bowl? Ray Lewis although he is a legend but he’s an average linebacker now days and made the last 2 Pro Bowls off his name.

  22. I don’t know why Cushing is is just a poularity contest anymore. All he needs to do is sit at a comuter and press the vote button.

  23. You want to talk about probowl snubs; who is leading the league in all purpose yards? Some of ya’ll might find this funny, but, darren sproles should be in.

    those asking if hawaii has enough roids for cushing. The pro-bowl is no longer played in hawaii!

  24. FYI…Cushings was never busted for roids or any other PEDs. He was busted for slightly elevated levels of naturally occurring hormones that are detectible in every male, just not quite at the levels he tested at. As someone with a rare kidney disease that has few symptoms other than high levels of protein in my urine and elevated creatine levels (among other things) in my blood I understand there are several things that can mess with a person’s system. Having said all that I still think he took something just from all the rumors. in the past.

  25. dbones750 says: Dec 29, 2011 11:15 AM

    Did Cruz test positive for Roids and no one told me? Why was Cruz left out?


    Exactly. I’m not saying @TeamVic is better than Larry – but this year, his numbers are better, and his catches in big time moments are incomparable.

  26. @polo550

    Timmons couldn’t carry water for 52? He plays outside and inside linebacker. He’s faster, a better blitzer and just as solid of a tackler as Lewis. The only reason people don’t know about him is because he doesn’t tell people how good he is, like 52 had to.

    I’m not saying that Timmons will have a better overall career than Lewis because he probably won’t. Lewis was the best defender in the league for a years of his career, something that no one will say about Timmons. But after 2002, Lewis has simply not been as great as everyone wants.

    Right now, there’s simply not even a question–Timmons is better. Timmons isn’t as good as Lewis was in his prime, but he’s better than Lewis is now and by a wide margin.

  27. So if Timmons and Fletcher SOOOOOO much better the Ray Ray how is then even possible for Ray to be voted in????

    Since the Pro Bowl is just a popularity contest how in th wolrd can the few Raven fans vote Ray in, since both your fan bases ARE SO MUCH BIGGER and the greatest and everybdoy must thank you for visiting their team and filling their stadium?????

    You are all so full of it, check the company Ray is in, the top ten most selcted to Pro-Bowls.

    Who is the most recent one, Reggie White or Rice?
    None of the players on your team will EVER make it there. It doesn’t matter if your guy had a better game or a better year here or there. Nobody has been as relevant in their position like Ray Lewis has been for so many years. No Brady, no Manning, no Farvre, nobody, for a long time … and it will take a long time until somebody else is.

    You have nobody on your team who even comes close to the achievements of Ray Lewis. All this nonsense about Harrison here and Foote there, Polamalo this and Timmons that, oh and don’t forget Woodley – Ravens six starters at the Pro-Bowl, Steelers 3 – how in the world is that possible with your GREATEST FAN BASE IN THE WORLD???

  28. scomibord December 29, 2011, 1:58 PM EST

    You want to talk about probowl snubs; who is leading the league in all purpose yards? Some of ya’ll might find this funny, but, darren sproles should be in.

    those asking if hawaii has enough roids for cushing. The pro-bowl is no longer played in hawaii!
    Actually Antonio Brown is leading the league in all purpose yards and the pro bowl is in Hawaii this yr…. Do u even watch Football?

  29. Pro Bowl is a joke. There’s always players that get in that shouldn’t have. And there’s always snubs too..

    This years class includes Matt Stafford, Marshawn Lynch, Victor Cruz, London Fletcher, Brian Cushing and Duane Brown, the only OL to not allow a single sack this season.

    Stafford was just a beast all season long except for a couple of bad games and it helps to have Megatron on your team. Lynch has arguably been a top 3 RB over the last few weeks and has 12 rushing TDs this season, plus he’s over the 1,000 yard plateau. Cruz is third in the NFL in receiving yards, including a 99-yard TD.. He could also break the Giants’ single season receiving yards record if he has a solid game against Dallas. Fletcher, an annual snub, leads the league in tackles and has been one of the most dominant LBs this year, and over the past decade. Cushing has had a brilliant season but the PED event hurt him. And of course, Brown has been one of the best OLs this season and deserves that recognition (at least he’s played better than Ferguson of NY)…

  30. Somesome- You’re an absolute idiot. Fletcher has made it 2 times, along with guys like Orakpo, and D-Hall. So to say “None of the players on your team will EVER make it there” makes you ignorant, at best. The fans don’t vote for the pro bowl only. Members of the AP and coaches around the league do. Try and understand the voting process before selling your soul to Joe Flacco and Ray Ray.

    Toegoat- Actually, you’re wrong. Sproles is leading the league by about 500 yards in total yards gained. Do YOU watch football?

  31. “But after 2002, Lewis has simply not been as great as everyone wants. ”

    Right, so he has been an average player playing on the top defense for the past decade???? you, my friend, are a moronic TOOL!

  32. Just to be clear Cush never tested positive for PEDs. And the test that he did fail was the preseason of his rookie year!!! If you seriously think the NFL hasn’t been checking him more then anybody else you are crazy!! So it’s almost 3 years since that test, get over it. He is a great inside linebacker.

  33. Haha, people make fun of Cushing for doing steroids and later missing a Pro Bowl selection. Please. Look at the list of players that WERE selected and tell me more than half of them aren’t on the program. Idiots.

  34. golonger

    I never said he was average. I said he hasn’t been as great as everyone says. Comprehension clearly isn’t your strong suit.

    Sue your high school; I’ll testify.

    Oh and the Steelers’ James Farrior has been on the number 1 overall defense 4 times since he came to Pittsburgh, while the Ravens have had the number 1 Defense only once in that same span.

    Yet every year, Farrior gets looked over in favor of Lewis.

    Last year, Timmons supplanted Farrior as the best inside linebacker on a defense that was better than Baltimore’s, and Lewis made it to the pro bowl above him.

    Hence my complaint–Lewis has made the pro bowl on name only for the last few years.

  35. somesome

    Just look at the numbers. Pitt’s D is better this year. The best offense that the Ravens played was San Diego and Rivers put 5 TDs on the board.

    The best offense that Pitt has played is New England. Tom Brady passed for 200 yards out of a 5000 year season.

    I think that says it all.

  36. @ golonger

    Shawne Merriman.

    Before getting caught–pro bowler

    After? No one voted for him, and then he got hurt and sucks.

  37. johntonioholmes – comprehension isn’t YOUR strong suit…..because you are a total tool………..Lewis is superior than any you mentioned……..just keep being a blind-homer loser squealer fan………and get back to pumpin’ gas!

  38. golonger

    All you have is ad hominem attacks. Since you don’t know how to argue, I’ll fill you in: Resorting to name-calling means that you lost because you can’t think of anything better to say.

    Here are the stats from last year.

    Timmons: 135 tackles, 3 sacks, 11 PDef, 2 int, 2 FF, 2 recoveries playing on the number 2 overall defense and a historically great run defense.

    Lewis: 139 tackles, 2 sacks, 6 PDef, 2 int, 2 FF, 3 recoveries playing on the number 10 overall defense and 5th ranked run defense.

    The stats don’t lie. Timmons season was better last year–not by a ton, but it was better. And he was on a better defense, which means he was probably part of more big plays than Lewis was.

    Why else was Pitt’s D so much better than Balt’s D? If Lewis is better than Timmons, than Pitt must have better players in other positions, like safety and OLB. Everyone says it’s a wash between Harrison and Suggs (it’s not) Ngata is better than any of Pitt’s D lineman.

    So where did the better play come from? Pitt’s run D was good because of better linebacker play or better safety play. You decide.

    Of course, that’s only if you’re willing to argue logically.

    And pumping gas? I’m a grad student, hence why I can formulate a logically coherent argument, without resorting to name-calling.

  39. For some of you to say that Cushing should have a lifetime ban because of his previous violation on substances, and to think its ok for Ray Lewis to go, is ridiculous. I seem to recall a little incident with Mr Lewis where someone was killed.
    The probowl should be on performance.

  40. “I’m a grad student”

    johntonioholmes – great, thanks for pointing that out….just proves what I already knew….you know NOTHING about life, football……..OR debating.

    Throwing facts out their on Timmons is meaningless…..nobody is ever going to side with you. Lewis is a leader far beyond what he could EVER be…which is one of the reasons he makes it to the Pro Bowl every year.

    ..and the Squealers defense has never been “far superior” to the Ravens sorry…….you are a total idiot.

    Get back to putting your nose in your little books school boy….when you get your degree….and another Master’s….have a few decades of life experience…and have played football beyond the grade-school level……..please come back so we can argue on the same plane…

    Sorry…right now….you know nothing!

  41. golonger

    You really don’t understand anything, do you? Do you really believe that Lewis is as good now as he was in 2000?

    I’m not saying that Timmons is a better player than Lewis ever was; I’m saying that he’s better NOW. Because Lewis has lost a step.

    Why else was Pittsburgh’s run defense so good last year? Every one of their D lineman got injured, so it wasn’t them. It was because the inside linebacker play was better than what Baltimore had.

    That’s logic. That’s how it works. If Pittsburgh’s defense was better, then they got better play out of certain positions–logically speaking, of course.

    Go ahead an insult me for being educated. Only a true know-nothing would think that ignorance was a virtue.

    Last year Pittsburgh’s defense was 9 slots higher than Baltimore’s defense. That’s called being far superior. Can you count to nine? I’ll help: Hold up all but one of your fingers. That’s 9!

    Are you understanding this?

    By the way, I helped design the History of American Sports program for Youngstown State University. I went to the Library of Congress and researched the investigation of corruption in the NFL as conducted under the Kefauver Committee.

    The records of the investigation were not released because Jimmy Carter was suffering politically. He knew that people would be upset if they found out that their favorite sport was fixed. But at least 70 games were fixed from the 1958 Colts/Giants championship game up to the conclusion of the investigation.

    I’m getting my Ph.D in political science. But I have an undergraduate degree in history. I wrote my senior thesis on corruption in the NFL, pal.

    I’m only telling you this so you’ll understand: everything that you know about football, I know more. When I wrote my thesis in 2007, I had to learn every rule in the book so that I could apply those rules to the game. Then I had to watch a ton of game film.

    I watched Ray Lewis dominate in 2000. I watched him be average in 2007. And then I watched him become pretty good again in 2008; he was good, but not the best in the game anymore.

    So, I’m done writing to you. Because you just can’t compete. It’s clear that your brain is just not capable of processing reality, or arguing on the same level as someone who essentially gets paid to argue.

    Please, enjoy your watered-down beer during the next Ravens game…

  42. johntonioholmes

    1) No Ray isn’t as good as he was in 2000, but he is still better than most (mind/body). And he is still better than anything the Steelers have to offer
    2) No, Timmons is not better now nor has he ever been…sorry
    3) Your analogy regarding the line is totally incorrect….
    4) ignorance is not a virtue..unfortunately, you still possess it
    5) great, get your PhD. when you are out in the real world for a few years, you might understand how useless your undergrad and PhD really is
    6) Knowing rules and knowing information about football does not mean you know football… has to play to really know it…something you obviously never have done by your naive comments. You are the typical know-it-all who thinks knowing stats means something…it doesn’t. Do you think the NFL players look at stats when they vote??? You are also the typical know-it-all who graduates and thinks he knows everything. Guess what, in about 15 years, you will look back at yourself and realize how ignorant you really right now!
    7) you are the typical ignorant Steelers fan who knows nothing about football….get back to your books and get educated loser

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