Colt McCoy plays good soldier, won’t criticize Browns

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The Cleveland Browns’ medical staff failed to recognize that Colt McCoy had suffered a concussion before sending him back onto the field in a loss to the Steelers on December 8, but McCoy is declining to criticize them.

Instead, in his first public comments since then, McCoy played the good soldier and defended the team for its handling of the situation.

Our medical staff does an outstanding job and that should never be in question,” McCoy said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

What we can’t know is whether McCoy’s praise of the Browns’ “outstanding” medical staff is a candid assessment, or a calculated decision not to ruffle any feathers in Cleveland, where McCoy knows the Browns will have a major decision to make this offseason about whether to keep him in place as the team’s No. 1 quarterback, or sign or draft a quarterback who would push McCoy out of the starting job. But what we do know is that McCoy’s characterization of the Browns’ medical staff stands in stark contrast to his father’s opinion: McCoy’s dad blasted the Browns for putting his son in harm’s way after a helmet-to-helmet hit from James Harrison gave him brain damage.

McCoy wouldn’t address what he and his father have discussed privately, but he did say that he’s confident that the Browns’ front office won’t hold his dad’s comments against him. And he said he hopes to be with the Browns for the long haul.

“I love this place,” McCoy said. “I want to be part of the resurrection with the Browns.”

30 responses to “Colt McCoy plays good soldier, won’t criticize Browns

  1. “Our medical staff does an outstanding job and that should never be in question,” McCoy said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.


    Poor guy is obviously still suffering from his concussion.

  2. “I love this place,” McCoy said. “I want to be part of the resurrection with the Browns.”

    I’m sure he won’t be playing this Sunday as it sounds to me like his thought process is still not right.

  3. Mike: Hey Sam Francisco, whatcha thinkin about?

    Sam: oh you know, the 49ers. I’ll call your show later today and you can put me directly through 4 days a week.

    Mike: ohhh Sam, you’re my favorite caller.

  4. McCoy is going to regret those words when the Browns flush him down the toilet after this season, and again during his lawsuit against the Brown’s medical staff:

    “Mr. McCoy, did you not publicly state; ‘our medical staff did an outstanding job’?”

    “But ….. but ….. but … I was CONCUSSED when I said that!!!!”

  5. Why are we talking about the browns this late in the season? Not to single out the browns, there are plenty of irrelevant teams at this point, but you get the point

  6. The Browns medical staff has some serious issues dating back to Joe Jureviscious, the Browns better figure out how to propular treat and or evaluate medical issues before they are hit with one major lawsuit!!!

  7. Ya we’ll see how good you think seneca wallace is after this week. steelers are gonna knock him into next week also. What a pathetic organization. My high school team from pittsburgh could beat your sorry team! How can you be this bad year in & year out?! Wow!

  8. The more I see the hit – the more it looks like it was a cheap shot, and unnecessary and excessive, etc.

    As for McCoy – I would give him one more season, but not hut the door on drafting a QB with one of the first 3 picks for CLE

    As for Shurmur – he’s in over his head, and not HC material – I say go after Gruden for 2013 season

  9. Resurrection usually comes after a death.

    Keep relying on the team’s medical staff and it could be yours. They’re the Monty Python Black Knight of medical teams – sucking chest wound? Tis but a bruise – get in there. GSW to the temple? You’re just confused – get in there….

    Diagnosing a concussion right after a dude takes a monster hit is something a 1st year med student should be able to handle in their sleep after a 30 hour cram session fueled by red bull and gummy bears.

  10. playing “good soldier”??

    When you go to the doctor complaining about the flu, do they give you a prostate exam?

    The dude was complaining about his HAND after the hit.

    And paleandpasty? The staph humor is long past. When was the last staph problem in cleveland? (yes, it’s now a staff problem). But seriously, the staph comments are about as relevant as the “pats are cheaters” comments. move on and get a life.

  11. Not having a team around him is the cause of the concussion. Harrison just made a cheap shot while Colt was running for his life without blockers, receivers and running backs. It’s obvious the team and the medical staff don’t care about any future in Cleveland. He would be better off going to a team with any kind of talent to show he is a winner on a terrible team.

  12. Attaboy Colt…protect the very ones that left you to get a permanent disability. At least, you’ll get another job with another team after the ungrateful Browns unceremoniously dispose of you. For you and your career, it’s wise to be a company man.

  13. The medical staff does a great job,,you know when they watch the game….oh yeah, and when they prevent staph infections

  14. I still have belief that Big Mike Holmgren knows what he’s doing but, after his hiring of Shurmur, I started having my doubts.

    Yes, I had some beef with Mangenius but at least he had the team playing as a team…and for 60 minutes. Shurmur may be an adequate OC but he sure is “in over his head” as a Head Coach…and too arrogant to admit it.

    Colt is a good kid and deserves better than this. Even Peyton Manning cannot throw TD’s while eating turf. The Browns need to get some protection for Colt, some targets for him to throw at, and GOD, we need some coaches that know what they’re doing.

    How is that the same teams win year after year while drafting near the bottom each year? How do these same teams “groom” surprise RoY and ProBowl players…even with walk-ons? It’s the coaching that brings out the best in those players.

    I hope can Colt can be the QB that leads the Browns back to the playoffs. It would be a nice change for the fans!

  15. Of course he’s not going to criticize them. He knows his chances of being a pro bowl QB in Cleveland are already slim. If he goes to another team, the chances shrink further.

  16. The medical staff does a great job,,you know when they watch the game….oh yeah, and when they prevent staph infections


    Can you get a staph infection from a concussion, cuz if you can he’s in big trouble.

  17. @steelersownyou: You ask the question, how can the Browns continually be so bad, year in and year out? That’s exactly the question that we Browns fans are asking, too. Exactly how many decades does it take, anyway, to turn a football team around? I notice that the Lions were able to turn it around, and the 49ers, and the Texans, and the Broncos, and so on. Meanwhile the Browns remain locked in the cellar, year after year after dreary year. It’s getting mighty tiresome. Holmgren was supposed to turn things around, but no sign of that happening yet. I guess we’re just supposed to be patient for another 12 years, right? I think I speak for a lot of Browns fans when I say that the supply of patience is running pretty low.

  18. LOVE what the Browns and Mike Holmgren are doing!

    Finally playing young guys and letting them make rookie mistakes so they learn to play in the NFL.

    Nice not getting a bunch of over-the-hill 2nd stringers because they’e “veterans” and losing with them. Mangini left a roster that had oldest and slowest players in the NFL on it.

    Gee, to think the Browns couldn’t turn the 53 man roster around in two years – like all those other teams have……such as [ ] and [ ].

    The Cleveland Browns have won 4 playoff games since 1968 – WON FOUR PLAYOFF GAMES IN FORTY-THREE YEARS!!! Yet their ever complaining fans know how to build a winning NFL team – more so then a guy that has played major roles with 3 organizations that all were constant contenders and all made the Super Bowl.

    Cleveland fans don’t deserve it – but they’re going to get a winner whether they like it or not. And even if the team goes 16-0, sweeps the playoffs and wins the Super Bowl 64-0, Cleveland fans will be complaining all over the Internet.

  19. Peyton Hillis is gonna run all over the steelers. Polamalu will get another concussion that will be labeled “concussion-like symptoms”. Cant wait for the Steelers excuses come Monday morning. There is definately going to be retaliation for the hit that Harrison put on McCoy. Ben’s ankle might fall off come Sunday.

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