Kevin Kolb expected to miss finale


Kevin Kolb hasn’t just struggled in his first year in Arizona; he hasn’t been available.

Kolb is expected to miss his second straight start because of post-concussion symptoms. This is his second concussion in as many years, although this one has taken longer to recover from.

“[The trainer] thinks with some rest and getting away from the game a little bit, probably within two to three weeks, I’ll feel a lot better,” Kolb said on Wednesday via Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic.

It looks like John Skelton will start for the seventh time this season against the Seahawks in the NFC West’s Second Place Bowl on Sunday.

Kolb has only appeared in two games with a total of 26 pass attempts since October because of a toe injury and now this concussion. He has to play better next year to stick in Arizona. He also has to play more.

19 responses to “Kevin Kolb expected to miss finale

  1. SURPRISE! You already had a better QB on your roster than the one you gave up a 2nd and DRC for.

    Hmmm….this is gonna be awkward…

  2. Kolb wins the award for the NFL player laughing his hardest on the way to the bank…
    2010 Eagles…12.25 million
    2011 Cards…63 million…21 million guaranteed

    So, thats at least, 33.25 million for a career that has put up 16 td’s 18 pics and 3,131 yards…

  3. Kolb hasn’t produced, but he hasn’t really had much of a chance to develop as a starter. In 2010 he got benched for Vick after two quarters b/c he had a concussion. This year he’s been learning a new offense, doesn’t have much of a team around him other than LF, and has been hurt. I still think he can be a good or even great QB.

    -An Eagles Fan

  4. Wow, and I look at the production of Chris Johnson and you all think he didn’t deserve a new contract. 2011 Down year and now he’s a bum because he held out? These quarterbacks are laughing all the way to the bank.

    UnProven Contracts
    Ryan Fitzpatrick, 6-year, $59 million
    Matt Cassel 6-year, $62.7 million
    Kevin Kolb 5-year, $63 million contract

    Chris Johnson 6-year $53.5 million
    2008 1,228 yards second in AP rookie of the year
    2009 2,006 yards one of only six player in NFL history 2010 1364 yards 3 PRO BOWLS

    Proven unpaid 600k
    Adrian Foster, Fred Jackson, Ray Rice, Matt Forte. Expected them to holdout next year. Can you blame them?

  5. The player laughing the hardest all the way to the bank is Levi Brown the left tackle. The dude with the teflon hands hasn’t blocked anybody in 4 years and was chosen 5th overall ahead of Patrick Willis and Adrian Petersen. Thank God he is a free agent. If they resign him they better sign Usain Bolt to be the 3rd string QB because the other two will get hurt. It’s hard to evaluate either QB because the line (OT) play has been so aweful. Give Kolb protection if he still sucks then cut him. Skelton at this point is inconsistent but he doesn’t get any protection either. He just takes the beating better.

  6. I like KK as a person but all those people who ridiculed the Eagles for trading have become mum (weird, eh?). Though I can’t say the Eagles won out on the deal because DRC’s game is still in Arizona and they will find some way to mess up the 2nd round draft pick.

  7. Cardinals shouldn’t play him against Seattle in final game. None of the fans in AZ care about this game — means nothing, other than whoever loses it just moved one slot ahead of the winner in next year’s draft.

  8. Excited to see this team next year, after an offseason. This defense is going to be stout. Toler coming back, adding to a pretty good secondary. Add a pass rusher thru draft or FA to add to Schofield and Acho. Tough.

  9. And there were a bunch of idiots here in Carolina that actually thought Kolb or Blaine Gabbert would be a better QB choice than Cam Newton. Hateful, know-nothing’s.

  10. There is something wrong with anyone who can’t see that Kevin Kolb is nothing more than a bum. The excuses of not knowing the system, not having offseason, knowing the playbook are just that excuses. This guy sat behind McNabb for three or four years doing nothing, he finally gets the starting position and only plays two quarters, and he’s out standing on the sidelines again. He cries he wants to be a starter for a team, he gets the opportunity again, plays a few games, guess what he’s out again. Missing at least eight weeks, he doesn’t even have any pride. He is suppose to be a starting quarterback, he’s not a rookie. It seems that Kolb has done nothing more than learn to work the system by using some injury as an excuse to stay off the field, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is faking these concussions. He’s a big joke, next year will be no different than all the other years he has been in the league. Face it the guy is a bum, if the Cardinal continue to pay him then they are the fools.

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